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Archery Experience Review

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Normally when I use the word "shoot" in my blogs I'm speaking about photography but this time I'm talking about archery. Stand back kids because I've got a bow and a handful of arrows and I know how to use them (again).

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground offers archery lessons every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to everyone 6 years old and older. You don't need to have previous experience playing Robin Hood or taken home any trophies from camp as a young teenager like I did. All you need to have is $25.00 (plus tax) and a desire to learn.

If you're unfamiliar with this resort as I am, the first thing you need to know is after you park at Fort Wilderness' parking lot, hop on an internal route bus. You can either take the Yellow or the Orange route. They'll drop you off on opposite sides of the Bike Barn but the walk is about the same distance and you'll need to cross a small bridge.

Next, you'll check-in at the Bike Barn, sign a release form in case of injury, and pay for your lesson. Afterwards you'll be directed around the back and over to where your archery lesson will take place.


There are 2 Cast Members who will teach you everything from how to hold your bow and shoot to safety precautions. The 2 guys I met had a great sense of humor. I'm left-handed and so was one of the guys which made learning even easier.

Little compound bows are available for kids and big ones for adults. Bright, vibrant colors make them fun. Arrows have rounded tips, making them safe for everybody except Inspector Clouseau. Equipment use is included in the cost.


This was my bow, designed specifically for left-handed folks.

During your lesson one of the instructors will use a drum to indicate what your next move is.



Most of the 90 minute class is spent shooting arrows. For every turn you'll shoot 5 arrows, wait for your fellow archers to finish and when it's safe you'll be directed to retrieve them.

Starting out relatively close to the padded bullseye allows you to work on your aim and power. So many attempts later, you'll move back making it a bit more of a challenge. After shooting from that location, you'll move even further away from the target making it even harder. I missed the target twice from that position. The non-pointed arrows just bounced off a heavy sheet that's hung up behind the targets. Mine frightened off men in tights who were making shadow puppets.


It's great fun for the whole family. My class included a boy who was 7 or 8 and a 15 year old who'd taken the course before. Your friends can cheer for you from a bench positioned at a safe distance away from archers. Observing is free and hopefully painless.

The proper pose for someone right-handed.

Are you ready to give archery a try? Instructions can be booked up to 90 days in advance. Walk-ups are welcome if space permits. 10 students is the maximum per class. Call 407/939-7529 to reserve space. Credit card information is due at the time of booking. Remember, it's only available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and takes place from 2:45pm-4:15pm.

I strongly suggest giving yourself 45 minutes from the time you park until the class begins. It's very easy to have to wait in line at the Bike Barn as people are borrowing and returning athletic equipment all day.

There's a restroom at the pool which is a quick walk from the Bike Barn.


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Comments (6)

Andree Godin:

Cool article. This is great information to know for our next trip. Love ALL of your photo blogs! Thanks for my Disney fix today!


We did this on our last trip in November as a surprise for our 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son. We all had a great time and one instructor took a lot of time to help my kids with their shooting. It did take a lot of time waiting for the bus. We waited so long for a bus to take us back to the main gate that we eventually flagged down some cast members on their golf cart and they drove us right to our car. What service!

Very cool, Lisa. I didn't know they did that there! Thanks for sharing!


I am so glad you wrote about this experience. I was looking for something at WDW this time that would be "different" for my 13 year old son to enjoy and I think this is going to be perfect! Thanks again!

Lisa responds: Wonderful, I hope he has fun.

Charlie G.:

This is great information. My family is always looking for new things to do together at Disney, and this seems like a lot of fun and it won't break the bank! Thanks for the info.

Lisa reponds: Glad I could help. Have a good time.

Kevin Taziar:

This is a great offer I will be booking a lesson for my 2 boys 7 and 11, for our trip in December. Thank you for the information it sounds like a lot of fun.

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