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Muppets Most Wanted - El Capitan Screening

Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from a screening of the Muppets Most Wanted on Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

The El Capitan is Disney's theater in the heart of Hollywood. It hosts many Hollywood premieres including the Muppets Most Wanted as well as Captain America this past week. It is on Hollywood Blvd. across the street from the Hollywood & Highland complex that includes the Dolby Theater (where the academy awards were) and the Chinese Theater.

The Muppets will be taking over the theater from March 21 to April 17 for the Muppets Most Wanted. Before every movie there will be a live stage show with Kermit & Miss Piggy. There are props and costumes from the film on display in the lower lounge. Below are some pictures from my trip showing the outside of the theater, as well as some of the display inside. After the pictures I have included some of my first impressions of the film.

Here is a picture from across Hollywood Blvd.

The Muppets on the main marquee

A Muppets billboard nearby.

Passed by Mickey's star on the Walk of Fame on the way over.

Also walked by the Chinese Theater on the way. Here is a picture similar to the ones you are able to take in Orlando nowadays.

A random picture of the hand and footprints in the cement before I moved on.

From across the street a better view of the building.

The Studio Store features a lot of Muppet merchandise right now.

The Disneyland star is right at the entrance to the store.

Ghirardelli has taken over since my last visit, the Disney soda fountain is gone.

Some of the Muppet Merchandise.

Oops. I should have mentioned up front.. this trip I only had my cell phone with me so indoor pictures were a challenge. A Muppet World Tour poster.

Since I showed Mickey Mouse I needed to include Donald Duck

And the reason for my trip -- the Muppets.

Time to head into the theater.

As soon as you enter the theater Miss Piggy's Wedding Gown is on display. This is a Vivienne Westwood Original worn in the Muppets Most Wanted film and part of Miss Piggy's Couture Collection.

The lower lounge featured props and costumes from the Muppets Most Wanted.

The centerpiece of the exhibit was this Yamaha Grand Piano that was used in a photo shoot for the film. It was custom wrapped in green vinyl and features signatures of the cast and filmmakers from the premiere night.

A closer look at the signatures.

A clip of the Piano in action

Sam Eagle's badge

Animal's drum set

The crown from the gulag

The Key and Locket that are needed for the Crown Jewels heist. If you go to this theater, I recommend seeing the props after the film -- they make a lot more sense than if you see them beforehand (which is when I saw them).

A large portion of the display are Miss Piggy's Couture Collection gowns that she loaned the theatre.

First up the Flamingo Flamenco!

Three Legends! No Waiting! Vivienne Westwood design worn during Something So Right.

Ariel has nothing on Moi!

(I did not get a legible picture of the sign for this one thanks to my cell phone!)

Worn in the opening of the film, the Showstopping Sequel Starter!

Found a seat and the organist rose to the stage and performed a medley of Disney songs for about half an hour.

Time for the film to begin and the camera to go away....

Party Central - a short featuring the gang from Monsters University is shown before the film. It was great to see this again (I first saw it last year at the D23 Expo). Just as fun the second time.

If you have seen any of the promotional material for the Muppets Most Wanted you are given the basic story line. The World's Number One Criminal - Constantine -- escapes from a Russian gulag and assumes Kermit's identity. He uses the Muppets World Tour as a cover for his crime caper. Sam Eagle and Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell) from Interpol are in pursuit.

If you are a fan of the Muppets you will enjoy the film. I thought the movie opened strong with a show stopping "We're Doing a Sequel" number and plenty of Statler and Waldorf moments (whom I really enjoy).

Here is the We're Doing a Sequel Trailer:

Beaker, one of my favorite Muppets, plays a minor role, only a couple of times on screen, but very key. The rest of the film had some fun and entertaining moments but it did not have the big bang like the opening and seemed to drag a bit in the middle. If you are looking to spend some time with the Muppets then you will enjoy the film, but if you are expecting something more you may walk out disappointed. "Muppets Most Wanted" does not have the same feel/heart as the 2011 "The Muppets" film did.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @disneygeekcom for pictures from the parks and other travels.

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