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April 23, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland and Splash Mountain

I've been wondering about a few images that folks have let me know about. This first image is on the steampunk dragon (Maleficent) in the Festival of Fantasy parade. Find it on the plate just below the right shoulder joint. Three faint circles in the metal might form a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Andy Webb).

As you know, lots of potential Hidden Mickeys are scattered through the newer areas of Fantasyland. Here's a collection of circle depressions in a rock wall that comes close to forming a classic Mickey, maybe? As you approach Be Our Guest Restaurant, look over the left side of the bridge at a wall of the restaurant. The image is at the lower left of a block in the fourth row of blocks from the top of the wall and not far to the left of the pillar at the end of the bridge. (Thanks to Anthony Flynn).

Walk to the restrooms located near Fairytale Garden. In the wall between the restrooms is a green "Fire Hose" door. Indentations are hammered into the horizontal black metal strips that cross the doors. Three indentations near the middle of the bottom right strip might resemble a classic Mickey, tilted to the left? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez).

On the ceiling about halfway along the entrance queue for Splash Mountain, and near a wall picture of Brer Fox, you'll walk under this image made of the ceiling mount for a lantern and two nearby rocks. Is it close enough? (Thanks to Terry Berringer).

Keep up the search!

December 19, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Japan, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and Tren-D

Stop by the Mitsukoshi Store in Epcot's Japan Pavilion and look for Hidden Mickeys in the oyster-pearl display. Sometimes, you can find pearls arranged as a classic three-circle Mickey, and other times Cast Members arrange the oyster shells into a classic Mickey in the water. I arrived right after store opening and watched the CM form the familiar image with shells. It's a cool Hidden Mickey! (Thanks to Sarah Ridgway-Rees, Katie Kushnier, and Alan Harrison).

Inside Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, a couple of images are suggestive of Hidden Mickeys. In the elaborate ceiling mural over the main Ballroom dining area, search for an opening in the clouds that might resemble Minnie Mouse. Is this a Hidden Minnie at the top middle of the photo? (Thanks to Luke Urso).

Vines of roses encircle some of the posts in the Rose Gallery seating area of Be Our Guest Restaurant. Does this group of roses form a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo, and Mary Jo Collins).

Minnie Mouse is painted in various sassy poses around the Tren-D store in Disney Springs Marketplace. In this image, are her lips pursed into a red classic Mickey? (Thanks to The Skazick Family from the UK, and Jenny Horn).

Keep searching!

December 9, 2016

Hidden Mickeys and other Hidden Images around Disney World

Many intriguing images are scattered here and there inside AbracadaBar on the BoardWalk. Like this photo of Walt Disney pulling a rabbit out of a hat! Look in the room to your right as you enter the Bar from the outside promenade. This photo of Walt is in the right lower corner of a huge display case next to an exit door at the opposite side of the room. (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

In Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, many folks have spotted this image: it's Captain Hook's nemesis - the crocodile - walking upright on the rooftop above Peter Pan's Flight.

While touring France in Epcot, stop by L'Artisan Des Glaces and admire (and taste!) the ice cream. In one of the display cases inside the shop, scoops of ice cream are arranged as classic Mickeys! (Thanks to Tyler and Brandie Bolton).

Stroll over to Germany and consider the following images. Inside the Karamell-Kuche shop, one image is part of the sculpted wood relief design on the wall over a window display facing outside. What do you think? A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Andrew Painter).

Also in Germany, find this image inside the Kunstarbeit in Kristall shop. Gauges that are part of the glassworker's equipment might form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Helen Vaterlaws-Whiteside).

Keep searching!

November 24, 2016

Possible Hidden Mickeys at the Magic Kingdom and in Epcot's Norway

For years, folks have been spotting the following two images in the Magic Kingdom. The question is: are they legitimate Hidden Mickeys? The first image is in the first room, which is the children's bedroom, along Peter Pan's Flight. Chocolate chip cookies are on a plate on a small tea table to your right. Do the three cookies form a decent classic Mickey? (The size and arrangement of the cookies change at times.)

Another image that folks notice is this one along the Haunted Mansion ride. Near the end of the attic room on your right, three top hats hang on a hat stand. A Hidden Mickey? (A good photo is difficult to get since flash is not allowed on the ride).

Get in line to meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Summerhus in Norway. Along the inside entrance queue, images at the bottom of several pillar designs on the doorways of the first rooms resemble classic Mickeys. What do you think? (Thanks to The Skazick Family, and Shane G.)

When you meet Elsa, study the white circles that ring the edge of the large circle in the middle of her carpet. Any sideways Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Tyler).

Always searching!

August 14, 2016

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I want to take you around Walt Disney World to find various images that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. Let me know what you think.

On "it's a small world," a scene of Great Britain is in the first room to the left of your boat. In the architectural design of one of the buildings, do you see an "M M" design that might represent the first letters of "Mickey Mouse"? (Thanks to Kimberly Rosati).

As an aside, you know that Hidden Mickeys disappear from time to time. While enjoying "Living with the Land" at Epcot, I was quite disappointed to discover that the great wire mesh Hidden Minnie in the shrimp tubes was gone! I hope she returns, but at least the Hidden Mickey was still there.

This next one is certainly not a purposeful image, but we do look for Hidden Mickeys everywhere, don't we? This television sits in the Tune-In Lounge next to 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Do the dials and screen make a Mickey? (Thanks to the Hade Family).

Over at the Grand Floridian Resort, this painting on the wall behind the cashier's counter at the front of the M. Mouse Mercantile shop changes at times. Look for two Mickey images in the current painting: one is a shadow of Mickey hat ears on the ground, and the second image is a classic Mickey formed by bushes at the shore line across the water. I hope this painting sticks around! (Thanks to Annie P.).

Also at the Grand Floridian, find this mural on the lower level of the lobby to the left of the scenic elevator doors. A trio of leaves hangs just below the right side of the rim of the vase. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

The hunt for Hidden Mickeys lives on!

February 14, 2016

Questionable Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the Wilderness Lodge

I'm debating on a few Hidden Images around Walt Disney World. What do you think about the ones below? Let's start in Fantasyland. This first image is in the women's restroom in the Tangled area. Three purple spots are at the lower right corner of a mural painted on the left wall as you enter the restroom. (You can actually spot this wall from outside the restroom, but I recommend that guys not stand and stare!) (Thanks to Lauren Schell, Lindsey Stephens, Jordyn Freiermuth, Martha Tischler, and Kelsey Knee).

Inside Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant, look for a design with a circle and two arcs that might form a classic Hidden Mickey. This design is repeated around the middle of a pillar at the rear of the last seating room to the right, near the exit to the restrooms. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

In Storybook Circus, stroll to the exit of the WDW Railroad Train Station and locate a pile of tubs, trash cans, and luggage. The lower of two silver trash cans sitting upright has some suspicious indentations near the top of the can? (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Over in Frontierland, depressions in the rock wall to the right of the entrance to the Briar Patch store might look like a classic Mickey. This image is difficult to photograph. (It's in the middle of the photo). (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Visit Morimoto Asia Restaurant in Disney Springs and scan the walls for this image. As you enter the restaurant, study the walls to your left. Three dark circles are painted high on a wall behind the right side of the drink bar. (Thanks to Linda Eckwerth).

Our final stop is the Wilderness Lodge Resort. A tall totem pole stands at the front middle of the long reservations counter on the right side of the main lobby. Under the beak of the bird at the top of the pole are black semicircles. Do they form an upside-down Mickey? (Thanks to Lizzie Cochran).

Enjoy the search!

June 8, 2014

Some Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom's Mine Train and Tomorrowland

Vickie and I got FASTPASSES for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in Fantasyland.

The ride's exit walkway parallels the FASTPASS queue in front of the dwarfs' cottage.

Along the FASTPASS queue, just before the inside part of the queue, three rocks in the short wall seem to create an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey. What do you think?

Along the ride, the witch with her basket of apples makes an appearance behind the dwarfs' cottage.

Check out these subtle Hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland!

Along the FASTPASS queue of Tomorrowland Speedway, a map of the course is on the left wall. Look for two three-circle (classic) Hidden Mickeys formed of blue "heads" with two faint white "ears." One is at the right middle of the map (a red object points to this Hidden Mickey).

The second Hidden Mickey is in the right lower corner of the map, next to an angle in the blue field. (Thanks to Maya Perez).

You have to stand right next to the map to spot these Hidden Mickeys!

December 27, 2013

More Hidden Mickeys in Fantasyland

Folks continue to unearth Hidden Images in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. What do you think about this depression in the rock ceiling? Is it a side profile of Mickey Mouse? Find it on the left upper part of an archway, as you first walk into the cavern part of the entrance queue of the "Under the Sea" attraction. (Thanks to Wesley Snyder).

Another questionable image is at the middle right of a painting on a wall inside Gaston's Tavern. Look to a right wall in the first seating room to your right as you enter. A clearing in the snow on a slope at the right side of a mountain resembles a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Alena White).

Fantasyland is filled with loose rocks, embedded rocks, and images on rocks. This plentiful supply of rocks and stones enabled the Imagineers to have a field day with Hidden Images! At the bottom of a pond, three rocks seem to form a classic Mickey. Walk to the middle right of the bridge walkway entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant and search the middle of a creek to your right. Is this a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Denise Hoffman).

I've been debating this next image for years. It's the shape of the sign outside "it's a small world." Do you think it's a sideways classic Mickey, or maybe a Hidden Stitch? The shape of the "ears" is different on the sign at the left side compared to the sign at the right side of the outer railing of the attraction. This photo is of the sign at the right. (Thanks to Meradith McGee-Hale and Carter, Robert Anschuetz, Jeff Love, Nancy Ahlsen, and Christine Peruski).

Happy Hunting; the search for Hidden Mickeys never ends!

November 20, 2013

More Hidden Mickeys from Under the Sea in the Magic Kingdom

The Disney Imagineers unleashed their creative forces when they designed and built the New Fantasyland in WDW's Magic Kingdom. For example, we continue to discover new Hidden Mickey images in Ariel's Under the Sea attraction! The ornate rock formations lend themselves to Hidden Mickeys galore, so it's likely that even more Hidden Mickeys await discovery!


Along the right side of the outside queue, look to the rear right of the small lagoon to spot this interesting image in the rock wall. It's behind the rock (with the Hidden Mickey impressions that we know about) jutting out of the middle of the lagoon. There may be two classic Hidden Mickeys in the wall, one upright and another sideways image just above the first one.


After you've spotted these images at the lagoon, look to the right and high up on the rock hill to locate this beautifully proportioned classic Hidden Mickey impression in the rock surface. It's above left of a crevice and near the top of the rock wall and to the right of the edge of the large opening into the cavern inside queue. It's just left of the center of the photo below. (Thanks to Mark Fowle.)


It took me a while to spot this gem of a Hidden Mickey. Walk further along the outside queue and stare up to your right to find an arch of rock. On the right side of a small waterfall, a tiny classic Mickey impression in the rock is in the upper middle of the arch. (Thanks to Ashley Fayett).


Great job by the Disney Imagineers and architects!

September 20, 2013

Checking out Hidden Mickeys at Splitsville and the Magic Kingdom

I started my day at Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney West Side. I was expected to bowl at a charity event for Give Kids the World. I say "expected" because I haven't bowled seriously for many, many years, so I was a bit nervous. I didn't need to be; the event was a blast, and I even bowled a strike or two! Our lane was next to the large orange with the classic Mickey holes on the upper level wall mural near the escalator.

Mayor Clayton from Give Kids the World greeted everyone!

I toured Give Kids the World several years ago, and if you've never visited this awesome resort not far from Walt Disney World, schedule a tour during your next visit to Orlando. You'll never forget it! Over the years, many children with life-threatening illnesses and their families have been sponsored to stay and enjoy this resort along with all the other terrific attractions in central Florida.

My next stop was the Magic Kingdom, where the Princess Fairytale Hall is slated to open soon in Fantasyland. I hope a Hidden Mickey or two will be waiting for us inside!

From time to time over the years, someone writes to me that the Hidden Mickey dishes are gone at the Haunted Mansion. I had that message recently, so I had to check out the banquet table. Thankfully, the plates are back in place where they usually are, at the bottom left corner of the table! (This dish image vanishes at times, but it seems to magically reappear later!)

What do you think about this image? A cart wheel and two barrels outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction seem to form a classic Hidden Mickey image. To spot it, you have to walk behind the cart away from the main Adventureland path. Let me know if you give it a thumbs up or down! (Thanks to Fred Bastien, Bonnie Smith, Bob and Liz and Robert and Liam and Cailin, Len Reeves, and Martha Tischler).

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