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July 23, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I'm updating the Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys book, so I'm visiting frequently. I check out potential new Hidden Mickeys and verify if old ones are still in place. Here are some images that I'll add to the book.

This first Hidden Mickey has stayed around a while, thankfully. At America Gardens Theatre, classic Hidden Mickeys are stuck on both sides of the stage apron / forestage, near the short brick wall that borders the front of the main stage. (Thanks to James Hansen).

What do you think about this image at Typhoon Lagoon? It's in a painting on the right wall inside the Board Room, which is a shed on a small deck that faces the front of the surfing lagoon. Imprints in the middle of a sand dune resemble a classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Jonathan Hoyle).

Deb discovered this great Hidden Mickey (actually two Hidden Mickeys), and they've stuck around for a good while. Find them in Fort Wilderness, across the walkway in front of the Bike Barn in the Meadow Depot area. (Thanks to Deb Wills).

This image is subtle and difficult to photograph! A tiny classic Mickey is indented in the lower right leg of the first letter "A" in "Trattoria al Forno." These words are engraved on the wall behind the check-in counter for the restaurant. (Thanks to Areyna).

Inside the Intermission Food Court at Disney's All Star Music Resort, a painting of an animal orchestra, with Mickey conducting, is on the wall to the right as you enter the food order area. Classic Mickey notes are on three of the music sheets in the painting. Here's one of them. (Thanks to Riley Swanson, and Scott Trask).

Have fun with the search!

July 27, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Fort Wilderness

Mickey images are spread throughout the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground at Walt Disney World. For example, the Disney Navy decorates the front of some of the Sea Raycer display boats with classic Mickey coils of rope. You can often spot this Hidden Mickey at the marinas of various WDW Resorts, including Fort Wilderness. (Thanks to The Lindberg Family).

Look for the following classic Hidden Mickey images inside the Tri-Circle-D Ranch Horse Barn. In the room to the right as you enter the barn, Hidden Mickeys decorate the horse bridle gear hanging in a display.

Horse stalls inside the barn are identified by numbers, which are posted on Mickey-shaped labels above the stall gates. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

At the Campfire Program area near the Meadow Trading Post in the middle of Fort Wilderness, large signs on a wagon advertise "Doctor Terminus," the con artist from the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon." (Thanks to Todd Perlmutter).

Do circles on some of the letters on the sign form Mickey ears?

Many of the Mickey images at Fort Wilderness are decorative and not hidden. Like these classic Mickeys on a building at the Campfire Program area.

And this large decor image on a gate near the Horse Barn.

Decorative or Hidden, Mickey is everywhere at Disney!

May 17, 2008

Fort Wilderness Hidden Mickeys

Recently, I stayed in a cabin at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. The best way to research Hidden Mickeys is to stay in the middle of the magic! I like the cabins; they're spacious and well-maintained, and you can park your car right in front of your cabin.

Disney has been placing more and more Hidden Mickeys in guest rooms at their on-property resorts, in the carpets, wallpaper, wall paintings, curtains, and elsewhere.

Here are two Hidden Mickeys I found in my cabin:

One on the Bedspread

Bedspread Hidden Mickey Fort Wilderness Cabin

One on the Door Curtain

Curtain Hidden Mickey Fort Wilderness Disney World

Guests can enjoy many activities at Fort Wilderness, including

Carriage Rides

Ft. Wilderness Carriage Ride Sign

Pony Rides for the Kids

Ft. Wildernes Pony Ride Sign Disney World

and Trail Rides on Larger Horses

Ft. Wilderness Trail Rides Sign

Now for some Mickey images.

Many of the classic Mickey forms at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch are decorative, in my opinion, and not hidden. The sign for the Trail Rides in the photo above has decorative Mickeys.

These images on the fences and gates in the pony ride area are too obvious to qualify as Hidden Mickeys, as is the three-circle logo under the sign for the Tri-Circle-D Farm (where the pony rides take place).

Ft. Wilderness Tri Circle D Farm Mickeys

Ft. Wilderness Tri Circle D Farm Sign

However, this sign for the Blacksmith Shop has a hidden classic Mickey between the "L" and "A" of Blacksmith. If you're not actively hunting for Mickey, it's easy to overlook this image.

Ft. Wilderness Blacksmith Shop HIdden Mickey

In the evening, I enjoyed Chip 'n Dale's campfire program near the Meadow Trading Post in the middle of Fort Wilderness.

Folks roasted marshmallows over the campfire as a guitarist serenaded the guests with sing-a-long songs and Chip and Dale wandered around greeting everyone. A Disney movie was then displayed on a large screen.

This evening program has been a staple at Fort Wilderness for many years, and I hope it sticks around for many more!

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Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

June 25, 2007

I broke one of my own rules!

I had a day off work and, naturally, I wanted to spend the day at WDW looking for Hidden Mickeys! The day was really special because I had a dinner meeting with my publisher, Kelly Monaghan, at Raglan Road in Pleasure Island at 6 pm.

Carousel of Progress
I studied my file of Hidden Mickey posts that needed verifying and planned my day. I arrived to the Wilderness Lodge at about 1 pm and located a HM on the lamps on the upper floors. (It's a good one; I think it's the same lamp cover that's in the Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach.) I took a boat to the Magic Kingdom. There might be a decent tiny classic Mickey on the moon to your left on Peter Pan's Flight. But the FASTPASS return time was already after 5:30 pm.

So I headed over to the Carousel of Progress. Someone thought one of the Grandmas had a Mickey-shaped broach; I'll have to study my photos on that one. I walked over to the Contemporary Resort to get a cappuccino at the small coffee bar on the lobby level (as it turned out, a big mistake!).

Photo of Minnie Moo

I hopped a boat to Fort Wilderness. Someone thought that a few of the horses or ponies at the Tri-Circle D Ranch had classic Mickeys shaved into their coats. I didn't find any, and a cast member there told me they haven't maintained those Hidden Mickeys for a while.

It was after 5 pm by now, so I decided to walk the trail from FW to the Wilderness Lodge. Actually I walked and jogged the trail so I wouldn't be late to Raglan Road.

There's a common thread here that I haven't mentioned. It was a hot day. I was zipping around nonstop like I normally do when I'm on a mission to find HM's. I know where every water fountain is at WDW, and I usually stop frequently to drink. Today, I broke that rule. I didn't drink nearly enough.

By the time I walked up to Raglan Road, I was feeling lightheaded and queasy. I couldn't eat any food or even keep down liquids. I would have to excuse myself to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. Thankfully, Kelly was understanding. I returned to my car, slept about 90 minutes in my back seat, then somehow made the 40 minute drive home. I was able to put ice cubes in my mouth and begin to rehydrate myself.

I'm an ER doctor, and I frequently treat patients in Florida with heat exhaustion! I should know better! Anyway, this experience will stay with me a long time. When at WDW, drink before you're thirsty! (And cappuccino is not a thirst-quencher).

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Read more about Steve's Hidden Mickey finds on

Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

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