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Walking through the Outpost on our way to Italy

You've heard the drums, you've seen the colorful African items for sale and maybe even stopped and got some refreshments at the "Coolpost" but where are you?

Well you are in the Outpost which is located between the China and Germany pavilions in Epcot. It's believed that this was to be the location of an Africa pavilion that never materialized. Now it's a fun place to stop get an ice cream or a quick bite to eat and let the kids bang on the drums or have their face painted. And there are a number of tables with umbrellas where you can sit and rest your tired feet. For me, I love to look around at the many beautiful and authentic African items for sale. Also, there is always an artisan there demonstrating the skill and talent that goes into those incredible items.

So, come along as we walk through the very interesting part of the World Showcase.

Walking into the Outpost from China.

Walking into the Outpost

Walking into the Outpost

You can tell you're not in China anymore.

African pole

Cleverly disguised speaker.


Very colorful display on the top of this building.

Top of building

Those famous drums.



Have you every walked behind the drums to see the old truck and a lot of Coca Cola artifacts?

Old Coke

Coke Truck

Coke Truck

The "Coolpost" refreshment stand.

Coolpost refreshments

Here's the what you can buy if you're hungry.

Coolpost menu

The Coolpost queue and counter.

Coolpost counter

Coolpost queue

Here's where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs

Want to have your face painted?

Face painting

Face painting

The Village Traders shop.

Village Traders sign

Did you notice that roof as we walked in?

Village Traders roof

Feel free to browse the shop awhile. There's lots of nice things to buy here.

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

Village Traders shop

More shopping at the Mdundo Kibanda kiosk.

Mdundo Kibanda kiok

Mdundo Kibanda sign

Mdundo Kibanda shopping

Looking back as we leave the Outpost

Looking back

Looking back

Looking back

OK, which way do we go now?


Oh, I know, on to Italy.

On to Italy

Thanks for coming along with me! I hope to see you all when I we tour Italy.

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Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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Comments (9)

sandra shaw:

Mike this is a wonderful place to stop and rest awhile We have many pictures of the kids banging the drums.I didn't realize that there was so much in the back of the shop! You enlighten us many times and create new places for us to go.Thanks again for a great article

DizneyMike replies: Sandra, thanks for the great comment! It is amazing how many hidden gems there are in WDW. I'm glad to be able to share some of them with everyone....Mike

Andree Godin:

Wow! thx Mike for showing us what's actually there! Passed by it but never stopped cause it didn't look like alot, boy was I fooled! But in dec. I'll be sure to take a better look around thx to you! Great articles, please keep 'em coming.

DizneyMike replies: Andree, thanks for taking the time to comment. As you know, December is a great time to visit so enjoy that trip....Mike



Those are some awesome pics you got of the Outpost. The park is so empty! When did you take them...five minutes before the park opened?
I must have past by the Outpost over a hundred times over the years, but I can remember walking behind the drums to see the Coke machine and truck only once because usually there are so many kids banging on the drums that it's almost impossible to get back there.
I, also, enjoy stopping to watch the artisan working on a creation. It's a very nice way to take a break in the day or to kill off time while waiting for a showtime.

I must say that I pride myself on always remembering to Look Up while at Disney...but after viewing your wonderful pics of the ceiling inside the Village Traders, I now realize that I missed this one and I'll have to remember to catch it next time (hopefully this Tues.)

Great blog and thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to seeing ya in Italy...bye!

DisneyMike replies: Johnny, I try to get my pictures as soon as World Showcase opens. Usually at that time I can get my pictures before the crowds build. Thanks for the great comment and enjoy that visit on Tuesday....Mike

Connie L:

I enjoyed the article too. I never noticed this before. However, next time I visit I will check it out. I want to add that during my early December visit I had the opportunity to walk thru EPCOT before it opened. What a wonderful & peaceful experience.

DizneyMike replies: Connie, wouldn't it be nice if you could have the parks all to yourself? Disney wouldn't like that; but it would be fun! Thanks for the comment...Mike


Whenever I see this area, I think of two separate visits when my husband wanted an African mask and thought he would come back later in the week. For several years, I heard about him wishing he had bought one. The third visit I took him there and made him buy one immediately. Last year he bought a rhino from an artisan. On Friday my two-year-old broke it. Fortunately, we will be back at WDW next month. I will make sure we stop there so he can get a mask, another rhino, and anything else he wants to add to his collection.
Thank you for your very interesting posts in your series around World Showcase! I hope you finish them by our trip next month. If not, I may just see you there! Thanks again.

DizneyMike replies: Great story! I think you're going to have to make sure that Epcot and the World Showcase is first on your plans. You cannot go home with that mask and rhino! Thanks for the comment...Mike


Nice article Mike :) - although it's not officially a pavillion, you point out many hidden details at the outpost!

I like to think Disney will add some more countries to World Showcase in this location, one day!
My suggestions would be Greece, Spain, Australia or Egypt.

Just wondered if you had any thoughts on additional pavillions you'd like added to the lagoon!?

Emma :)

DizneyMike replies: Emma, I believe that they have space for two or three new pavilions. And I would love to see Disney update the World Showcase by adding them. I think that your list is a really great one. The only country that I would add to that list would be Russia. Thanks for the comment....Mike


We've been to WDW twice, in 2002 and 2005. On both trips, I took a picture of my daughter sitting on the edge of truck loaded with Coke supplies. Of course, whenever we happen to get there again, I'll make her pose in the same spot! We did the same thing with the ant in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area at Hollywood Studios. Fun to see the changes. Thanks for bringing back Disney memories!

DizneyMike replies: Laura, I hope you get to visit WDW again soon and take that picture! Thanks for sharing that...Mike


Love these blogs. Keep them coming. But are we skipping Germany? That is my favorite pavilion...especially the oktoberfest buffet!

DizneyMike replies: Scott, actually Germany was the first "walking tour" blog that I did. Here's a link to that blog:
Italy and the American Adventure are the only two left to do. Thanks for the comment...Mike


We love browsing through the Outpost and always take time to talk with the artisan working! Fun hint: open the Coca-Cola coolers! It's especially wonderful on a hot day! :)

DizneyMike replies: Amy, thanks for the tip. I've never opened the coolers but will on my next trip....Mike

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