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Is it the Disneyland Resort or WDW? -- A Quiz - Questions

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Today's quiz will test your knowledge of the two American Disney resorts. The game is really quite simple. I will show you a picture and you will have to determine if it was taken at the Disneyland Resort or at Walt Disney World. That's all there is to it.

Since you have a 50-50 chance on each question, I expect you to get at least half of them correct. But try to do better than that. Try to figure out "why" the subject matter belongs to one resort and not the other.

Like all of my quizzes, no winner will be announced and no prizes awarded. The answers will appear in tomorrow's column.

Good luck!

1. Let's start with this picture of Schweitzer Falls. Is it located at Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom?

Schweitzer Falls

2. While riding Thunder Mountain we see the remains of a dinosaur. At which park is this petrified monster located?

Thunder Mountain Dinosaur

3. While we're on the subject of dinosaurs, where can these fellows be found, Disneyland or Epcot?


4. Here we have Mr. Potato Head. What do you think, Disney's Hollywood Studios or Disney California Adventure?

Mr. Potato Head

5. Where do you think Lightning McQueen was touring about on this fine day?

Lightning McQueen

6. Who do you think this judge is sentencing for grievous wrongdoings?


7. Prince Eric lives bicoastal. Where can we find this home of his?

Prince Eric Castle

8. The Rivers of America plays home to both the Mark Twain and the Liberty Belle. Which do we have here?


9. While circling the Rivers of America, we come across a tribe of Native Americans. Do the people in the next picture call Anaheim or Orlando home?

Native Americans

10. Which park do we find this sign advertising the Hollywood Tower Hotel?

Tower of Terror Sign

11. Here we have the Cozy Cone Motel located in Radiator Springs. But which Radiator Springs?

Cozy Cone Motel

12. Where is this restaurant that is bathed in perpetual nightfall?

Cozy Cone Motel

13. Where can these lovely hula dancers be found?

Hula Dancer

14. Here we have a picture of me ready to blast off on Space Mountain. At what park was I taking this journey?

Space Mountain

15. Here we see me riding Splash Mountain. Once again, at what park am I taking this journey?

Splash Mountain

16. This is a back alley I'd rather not find myself in after dark. So which resort offers this less than friendly venue?

Back Alley

17. At what pet cemetery can we find this dearly departed pig?


18. Obviously, this next picture was taken on "it's a small world." This picture offers a blatant clue as to which park it is located in, Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. Which is it?

it's a small world

19. Where can you play this carnival game?

Carnival Game

20. Where can we find this vehicle?


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Comments (6)

Another great quiz idea Jack. I think I got a fair amount right - but there were some tricky ones in there as well. I look forward to the answers tomorrow.


tom mangano:

well there were some that was not sure i hope the back round in the picture helped, well we'll see


hey Jack
Another great quiz in the books. It was simple yet effective. There were a few that I had to think about and others i knew right away. can't wait to see how I did and as always keep up the great work.

Clay Anthony:

Cannot get the "dark restaurant." Lighting McQueen has a blatant clue as well. Its wrapped around the columns and on the buildings behind him. Just saw the lights last week. WOW!

vanessa gordon:

you're trying to trick us by using some "old" photos ! LOL....
I think I got most of them right...Only because I've got so many, many, yrs of annual passes to WDW and have never never been to DL...
We'll find out when you post the answers ! Thanks for the memories ! Love your column as always !

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! Welcome back! I hope you had a great time in Disneyland! This quiz was a lot of fun. I think I scored 100%. It is making me crave the 2 trips I have planned for WDW this year. 90 days to go until the first one...

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