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June 7, 2011

Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet June 25, 2011

Last year I attended my first Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet and was I ever glad I did.

This year's date: June 25, 2011


Not only did I get the opportunity to meet AllEars® fans from the west coast......


......but I got to meet and hear some amazing Disney Celebrities too. Here I am with Bob Gurr!


The event takes place over the course of one full day and it sure is jammed packed.

There are about 30 tickets still available for this year's event so I want to clue you in on some of the fun to be had at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet!

There is one huge room where there are tables and chairs for everyone and vendor/collector/celebrity tables are around the perimeter. In another room, a stage and theater seating to hear from Disney celebrities.


The Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet is run by Don Morin and his planning committee! Having done my share of events in the past, I know how important a strong committee is to the success of the event.


I recently asked Don how the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet event got started:

Don Morin: "As Disney Fans here in the Pacific Northwest, we would read about all of these great fan events happening around the country and at or near the Disney parks. Our idea developed from the desire to have an event closer to home that we could attend and not have to travel a long distance to participate.

Our first plans were for the event to be in a small Community Center with a few tables and grand hopes of 30 or 40 guests attending. It quickly transformed into a sold out 150 guest celebration of all things Disney. The event went well beyond our wildest dreams and we are now finalizing plans for our third year event! During those early days of planning and hoping that there were at least 30 Disney fans in the PNW, it is surreal to be here preparing for our third event to include two Disney Legends, numerous other celebrities and 400 amazing Disney Fans."


I thought I'd give you my TOP FIVE reasons to attend the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet in 2011!

#5 Swag -- swag? You know all that cool free merchandise that folks give away! In addition to what you get as a registered attendee, the AllEars® table will have an assortment of goodies for you PLUS I'll be having a silent auction (items from Club 33, Walt Disney Imagineering....) to raise funds in the fight against breast cancer!


#4 Incredible Collector Displays - like this Lego exhibit from 2010! Uber Disney fans set up displays of their special collectables for everyone to enjoy!


#3 The Return of the 501st Star Wars Team

Great photo ops with these folks!



I hear Darth Vader is a Disney fan too :)


#2 Special Celebrity Guests

This year Disney Legend and author Jack Lindquist - first president of Disneyland (he'll be signing his book In Service to the Mouse!)

And yet another Disney Legend, Floyd Norman who has worked on films from Disney's Sleeping Beauty to Pixar's Monster's Inc and Toy Story2!

Returning this year, is Disney Historian, author and former Imagineer, Jeff Kurtti (author of over 25 books).


and the #1 Reason --- DOLE WHIP!


But you don't have to take it just from me.

Here's what has Don jazzed about 2011's event!

"I am so excited for this year's event as it becomes bigger, more interactive and "plussed up". We are so honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to bring TWO Disney Legends, Jack Lindquist and Floyd Norman, to the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Guests will be taken on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Walt Disney Family Museum by Jeff Kurtti who was a driving force in the creation and design of this magnificent institution. New this year is an expansion of our incredible themed displays and more interactive events such as a live Trivia Contest, expanded Pin & Vinylmation trading, Main Street Magic and a Children's story time."

blue line

Here are some folks I met at the 2010 event who wanted to share their excitement and anticipation about 2011 with you.

Lori and Michael


We are making the 3 hour drive from Portland again this year to attend our second PNWMM! Last year Michael and I both enjoyed listening to all of the speakers including the original inspiration for Tinkerbell, Margaret Kerry! After corresponding for several years, we got to meet Deb Wills in person for the first time! We are looking forward to seeing her again and reconnecting with other new Disney friends. Oh, and how could I forget! Last year we had our picture taken in an original vehicle from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!!

blue line

Anna Burch

Anna Burch

My first Mousemeet was in 2010. Being from the Seattle area, I was SO excited to have something Disney so close to home. The event is only 15 minutes from my house, so it was REALLY close to home for me! There is such a huge Disney fan-base here in our area and the Mousemeet is the perfect event for all of us who just can't get enough Disney.

My favorite part of the meet was meeting like-minded people. To my friends and family, I'm a bit extreme. To everyone at the PNW Mousemeet, I am completely normal. I love it. I can't wait to see my new friends again and be immersed in a day of Disney. Since the economy has not been too kind to my family, we haven't gotten to go to the parks lately and this event helps ease my ache to go visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Thanks to Don and his team for providing us with laughs, trivia, wonderful people and DOLE WHIPS!

blue line

Kayla Boe


My name is Kayla Boe and I reside in beautiful Lake Stevens, Washington. I was lucky enough to have attended the inaugural Pacific NW Mouse Meet in August 2009 and I was hooked!

After having an amazing time in 2009, I absolutely had to come back for 2010 and will be there for 2011! While I enjoyed every aspect of the meet, I think my favorite part is meeting new friends who share the same Disney passion. I have developed many new friendships and love any opportunity to get together and talk Disney!

The whole conference is an event to remember. From the guest speakers to the Dole Whip, it is truly a magical experience!

blue line

And finally a few words from Don pictured here with his wife Michele:


A few days before the very first PNW Mouse Meet, I was speaking to Margaret Kerry on the phone. I told her I didn't know if I could pull off the event, that I can't create the Magic that Disney creates.

Margaret, in her remarkable Tink wisdom replied, "Don, you've done everything you can for the event and you have created place, you don't have to create the magic. Each and every Guest will bring a little bit of Pixie Dust in their pocket; THEY will bring the magic..."

"My hope is that each and every Guest at the end of the day leaves with a little more Pixie Dust in their pocket than they came with".

If you'll be in the Seattle, WA area on June 25th - come join the fun and purchase your ticket today! (no tickets at the door)

Photographs courtesy of Barrie Brewer!

June 14, 2011

Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet June 25, 2011 - Part 2

Last week I shared with you why I am excited to be returning to the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet later this month. I also mentioned that just like last year, I will be having a silent auction at the AllEars table to raise funds for my charity, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Here is a look at what will be auctioned: Items from Club 33, Walt Disney Imagineering and limited edition Vinylmations from the Disney Dream. All Items are new!

blue line

Club 33 Ladies XL V-neck Polo Shirt with "gold" trim and emblem

Club 33 Ladies XL V-neck Polo Shirt

blue line

Men's Large Black WED Imagineering Polo Shirt

Men's Large Black WED Imagineering Polo Shir

blue line

Black WDI cap with WDI on front and the castle on front and Walt Disney Imagineering on back

Black WDI ca

Black WDI ca

blue line

Club 33 Mickey Mouse Ears

Club 33 Mickey Mouse Ears

blue line

9 Inch Disney Dream Cruise Ship Vinylmation
Limited Edition of 750

Sold on the Disney Dream Maiden Voyage and Sold Out.

9 Inch Disney Dream Cruise Ship Vinylmation

9 Inch Disney Dream Cruise Ship Vinylmation

blue line

Disney Cruise Line Series 1 Vinylmation Set

Two 3inch vinyls and 1 vinyl junior.
Limited Edition of 1000

Sold on the Disney Dream Maiden Voyage and Sold Out.

Disney Cruise Line Series 1 Vinylmation Set

Disney Cruise Line Series 1 Vinylmation Set

Disney Cruise Line Series 1 Vinylmation Set

1) check made out to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
2) Online with CreditCard via laptop
3) cash.

These items are for auction ONLY at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet on June 25, 2011.

Very reasonable opening bids!

June 19, 2011

Magic Kingdom Guides

Hi Everyone - My name is Deb and I collect Disney ephemera. In other words, I have boxes and boxes of old Disney pamphlets, maps, guidebooks, old tickets, advertising sleeves, Eyes and Ears, press kits and who knows what else!

Some of my friends call me obsessed -- with Disney, with collecting... but I just smile, knowing I am not alone!


My good friend and AllEars® colleague Jack Marshall collects Disney Tickets! In fact, he has developed a very comprehensive guide to Walt Disney World Ticket History!

So what exactly is Ephemera? According to Wikipedia: Ephemera is transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved. In other words, what I collect!

I don't profess to be an expert on Disney Ephemera, far from it! But, I am a collector and have decided I will periodically share with you some of my "collection". And, why do I collect all these items? Well, I like to think of myself as a Walt Disney World history buff. I want to learn all I can about the theme parks and ephemera is a great way to "Step Back in Time".


These are Magic Kingdom guides from the 70's and early 80's. One interesting thing is that the 1976 and 1977 ones are compliments of the GAF Corporation, while the others are compliments of Polaroid.

In my next blog, I'll share with you some of the details and why I really liked these guides!

June 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom Guides 1976

Following up on my last blog.. today we'll look at the 1976 Magic Kingdom guide which is compliments of GAF. My copy is worn, but you'll be able to see the pages.


32 pages plus the front and back cover make up this treasure trove of information. Remember back then, no internet, cell phones or much of anything other than print and broadcast media, so the guide had to sell it all.

There is a table of contents (so you can locate the information you want) as well as a page of helpful information. Here are a couple of interesting tidbits from the information page:

** Locker Service - is available for checking purchases and garments -- GARMENTS?? Can you image today someone asking to check a garment?

** Travel Service -- car-map routing service and information provided, Gulf Hospitality House, Town Square

blue line


Now we get to see not only what types of tickets were available in 1976 but the cost as well! Attractions were still utilizing lettered tickets A-E.

One bargain was the $9 adult ticket for a guided tour of the Magic Kingdom. You not only got admission ($6) but a 3.5 hour guided walking tour that included 5 attractions plus 2 more of your choice!

Another page offered Tips on Your Visit. It was suggested you visit the following before noon or after 4pm at these popular attractions:

Skyway in Fantasyland/Tomorrowland (D Ticket)

Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square (E Ticket)

Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland (E Ticket)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Fantasyland (E Ticket)

Grand Prix Raceway in Tomorrowland (C Ticket)

One page is a special guide for guests in wheelchairs. You could rent a wheelchair for $1 per day.

blue line


Each land then had it's own page or 2 with a listing of the attractions(short description and ticket value), restaurants and shops. Later versions of the guide would also include a small map of the land as well.

Can you name the "free" attractions from 1976?

According to this pamphlet:

Main Street USA - Walt Disney Story
Frontierland's Diamond Horseshoe Revue
Tomorrowland the Carousel of Progress, If You Had Wings and the Circle-Vision 360.

blue line


And what guide wouldn't be complete without lots of photo tips for you to take pictures and buy more film! Look at the way the folks are dressed to visit a theme park! I'll say one thing though, the photo tips really are timeless!

And all this is just the first half of the guidebook!

blue line


The center section is a two-page map of the Magic Kingdom. You can see there was plenty of room for expansion. Look at the huge area on the left side where you can now find Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!

And those blue dots on the map? That's the GAF photo trail - the best locations for taking your still or movie pictures!

blue line

You can even find 2 pages called "How Do I Go From Here?" It was a lot simpler back then LOL. The map even showed the Magic Kingdom parking lot sections by "name". Lake Buena Vista was described as " a world of boutiques, country club dining...."

And there there are the Special Attractions!


Yes, the Electric Water Pageant has been around a VERY long time. Folks have been enjoying this simple light and sound show for decades.

blue line


Each resort had its own section too!

You can even see a photo of the short-lived Fort Wilderness Railroad! "Travel around Fort Wilderness aboard the Wilderness Live steam train attraction."

blue line


I couldn't resist including the ad for the Shaggy DA movie!

That about concludes our look at the Magic Kingdom Guide for 1976.

Hope you enjoyed the journey back in time.

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