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    • tink1970

      Registered: October 2012
      Posts: 10
      Review Date: Tue July 15, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): location, decor,lounge offerings

      My DH and I spent our anniversary here for the 2nd year in a row in the Honeymoon Suite.

      The room was clean, the bathtub is amazing (jetted and deep), there were welcome chocolates on the bed, as well a comfy robes.

      The lounge offerings were bountiful-hot and cold appetizers which made me regret our later dinner reservations!

      The staff ensured we understood our magic bands and that they were activated for our room. Since it was our first time using them, that was much appreciated.

      Overall, would definitely return. The lodge is beautiful and the service was excellent.
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      Registered: January 2006
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Mon November 4, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Home feel, Staff, Food
      Cons: None "really"

      All in all a great stay - arrived on 10/22/2014 about 10AM - room was not ready - but that was OK we hit the parks after they offered to store our belongings for us. Received a text within an hour that our room was ready. Room was nice but a bit small for club level. Guess you have to get the "Deluxe" room for more space, and of course that is more $$$ Everything about the room was clean & fresh!! Only drawback, if you can call it one, was the balcony - you almost have to stand on tippy toes to see the view - not sure why they have one - you can not sit and look out over the pool and courtyard like all the other floors. So much so, they even have the chairs set looking back into the room - what is the point? Ha, we would just go out there for a minute in the morning to check the weather. Club level food was great and the staff was "super" they could not do enough for us - wish I would have gotten names. All in all a wonderful time, BUT Boardwalk is still our favorite - we also took advantage of the "bounce Back" = Free Dinning again next year YEA!!
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      Registered: February 2007
      Posts: 54
      Review Date: Fri August 30, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Serenity , jacuzzis , staff,
      Cons: Small counter service restaurant

      I actually feel relaxed after a WDW vacation ! Usually I am exhausted afterwards but this trip was different. WL was much calmer than the Moderates we are use to. Had woods view and could see Wishes above and through the trees ( Room 6064). It was such a pleasure to have everything under one roof as opposed to walking and walking to refill a mug. Never waited more than 30 seconds for an elevator.

      Mousekeeping was great and amused my daughter with towel animals every day. Pool area was nicely landscaped and the 2 jacuzzis were heavenly.

      My only gripe - and it's a small one - was the variety of foods and small size of Roaring Fork quick serve . Hard to navigate the beverage area when even a handful of people were around. Again - a minor gripe that certainly wouldn't prevent me from giving WL a 10 rating.

      Chose WL because of a highly discounted rate but I can't foresee going back to a moderate after this experience.
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      Registered: July 2013
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Thu July 11, 2013 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food in club level, cast members, club level lounge
      Cons: View from balcony

      For years I've been hearing about the concierge rooms at WDW and have always wanted to experience them. Unfortunately, my travel budget hasn't made that possible. On my last trip however, my friend and I decided to splurge and check out the WL concierge level for one night. I guess I have mixed feelings about it.

      From the time we arrived, we felt "special", being met at the door, greeted by name, and escorted directly to the concierge dest on the top level of the resort. The Cast Members were great and treated us fabulously.

      The room was nice, though I'm not sure that it was any nicer than any other WL room. I've only stayed in the villas at that resort so I can't be sure. Because it was on the top floor, the ceiling was sloped, which I kind of liked because it added to the character. I didn't like the balcony though. It is closed in and hard to see from. I suppose if you like privacy it's good but I prefer a nice view. Otherwise, there was nothing special about the room. Oh, except the chocolate totem pole on the bed!

      I did really enjoy the food that was offered in the lounge - it was quite good and there was always something available. I also really liked sitting at the tables and lounge areas that were all around the upper level of the lobby. It was a fantastic view looking down. I spent the whole day on that level, catching up on work I had to do.

      While I enjoyed the concierge level quite a bit, I don't think I'd recommend it to someone who wasn't planning to spend the whole day taking it in. For the money, a DVC room is nicer I think. It was fun to check it out but I wouldn't do it again.
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      Registered: November 2012
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Tue November 13, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Atmosphere, Location, Free Food/Alcohol
      Cons: 7th Floor location with open balcony.

      We just returned from a 6 night stay at the Wilderness Lodge in a Junior Suite (formerly Deluxe Room, I believe). We stayed Club Level for the entire time, but were not on the 7th floor.

      Staying in the suite gave us a very peaceful and quiet view on the third floor next to the Villas. While the room was great, it was a long way from the actual Old Faithful Club itself, but considering it as a suite we had requested, I cannot give the location a negative report.

      We stayed a week at the Polynesian Club level earlier this summer, so I was constantly comparing the Wilderness Lodge club level to the Poly club level. In my view, the Polynesian is hands down the better overall club level experience due to view, location, staff, and quality of food. That's not to say that we thought the Wilderness Lodge club was bad by any means; had we stayed first at Wilderness we would have been happy.

      The food was very hearty but greasy. It was okay for the cooler weather in November, but perhaps maybe too much for the summer. Breakfast was fairly typically muffins and cereals; dinner was okay, lunch was just snacks only. Our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 little ones) easily ate breakfast and dinner there, but found lunch offerings very lacking. Again, not unexpected.

      The main issue I had with the Old Faithful Club is the physical location. It's on the 7th floor of the Wilderness Lodge, and the Lodge itself is designed with a large open lobby in the main building. (think Embassy Suites or something). It's beautiful, awe-inspiring, and impressive, but for the Club dining purposes, all the tables and chairs are against the railing looking down from the 7th floor into the lobby. This was a complete nerve-racking experience when dining with 3 active and curious children under the age of 7. Again, you're right on the railings; the tables are lined in a row along the sides. It caught us by surprise but luckily, we all made it back home safely.

      As far as staff, they were neither bad nor outstanding. Bonnie was the exception, as she was attentive, wonderful and helpful. Most of the other staff did their jobs, but just didn't seem as happy to be there as the staff in the Polynesian Club.

      Nothing we experienced during our stay was bad, but it just wasn't as pleasant as the Polynesian experience for the club. The location and along the railings is probably not an issue for most folks without young children (and paranoid parents). Overall, we enjoyed our stay and had a good experience. I would stay at the Wilderness Lodge again but probably would not spend the extra for the Club level access. I would at the Polynesian though.
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      Registered: June 2006
      Posts: 22
      Review Date: Tue June 12, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): CMS, atmosphere
      Cons: view looking down from rm, buses

      CMs were very good, and I complimented a mgr about them. I asked for a rehabbed room and got it on 7th floor, was told they were still doing details of rehabs as they saw what they looked like in rooms. The rm looked down on smokehouse, but looking across I could see the Contemporary, Some of MK and Wishes. The color scheme seemed a little dim as did the lighting esp in bathroom. the toilet did not flush well. The tiles in shower were nice. WIFI didn't work that well.

      The food supplanted some of my meals, breakfast was ok, croissant one day seemed dry. Bagels, mini muffins, mini sticky. Snacks were trail mix, goldfish, sodas, cookies,juice. Apps were 4 cheese, wine, bread, crackers, salad and something hot like chili, venison spring rolls, sushi or such, beer. desserts were cobbler, cookies, magic cookie bar, Grand Marnier, Courvassier, wine..I saved a lot on the alcohol by drinking that there and could take beer to room. Sitting at tables overlooking the lobby was nice. They offer dvds to watch on player in rm, will help w ADRs, food offsite delivery, etc. I don't know if i would stay CL again due to cost, if I had the $ I would, but I would stay at WL again.

      Buses are sometimes a wait, but boat is nice.
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      Registered: December 2008
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Thu June 7, 2012 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 3 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food in club, Whispering Canyon, Lobby
      Cons: Roaring Forks, small pool, poor service, bad view from room,

      Over the last several years we have stayed at All Star twice, Pop Century 4 or 5 times, Port Orleans once, Caribean Beach twice, Animal Kingdom Lodge (once or twice standard level and club level two or 3 times), and Wilderness Lodge twice. The last couple of summers we have stayed at AKL club level, but the food is not very good, with their odd African taste, so we decided to try WL. WL's club level food has gotten good reviews.

      After staying club level at AKL, we came to expect the same level of service and luxury. WL was a very big disappointment and we will probably never stay there again. First, the club level rooms have almost no view whatsoever. The rooms are on the 7th floor, and the architecture of the building gives the rooms an enclosed balcony. Our youngest is 12 and short, so for him to even see out of the balcony he would need to stand on a chair. From the room we could see a little sky, but no courtyard, trees, or anything else. The concierge desk is tiny compared to AKL, and the club seating is spread out along the walkway of the 7th floor. We were moved to a room on the 6th floor, which gave us a great view, but now we were away from the club level and had to ask, several times in several cases, for the basic amenities that we had paid for with the club level room. Half of our packages were delivered to the room, the others we had to track down in the gift shop.

      The food was very good- venison chili, beef stew, meat balls, etc... breakfast had cereal, pastries, and lots of fresh fruit. So the food was everything we had read about. You could easily eat breakfast and dinner at the club. The cobler in the evening was also very good. Unfortunately, the food was all that was very deluxe.

      The pool is undersized for a deluxe resort, especially compared to AKL. There is a second, much smaller pool, between the lodge and villas. The lobby is beautiful, and the dinner that we had at Whispering Canyons Restaurant was a lot of fun.

      Basically, my wife and I had to put aside the fact that we had paid several thousand dollars for a deluxe resort, but were getting much, much less of an experience then we would have at AKL. Once we put that aside, we had a fair time. Our sons have a good time anywhere, so they loved the tetherball, pool slide, surrey bike rental, boat rentals, and pool. We were able to see some of the fireworks from the beach. They have the 7 pm marshmallow roast and 9 pm movie on the beach.

      We had a decent time, but will never stay there again. If we had paid for a moderate resort, and had expected a moderate resort, then we would have been satisfied. But we paid AKL club level prices for a resort that offered nothing different from Port Orleans or Caribean beach.

      If AKL could have WL's food, we would never stay anywhere but AKL. Next year we will probably be back at AKL and just put up with the weird food.
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      Registered: May 2012
      Location: Jupiter, Fl
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Wed May 30, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): The Old Faithful Club
      Cons: None

      We just returned from a 4 day visit to the Wilderness Lodge at Club Level. The food was wonderful and the staff treats you like royalty. The money you pay is worth every penny. We actually cancelled dinner reservations because we ate too many snacks. We got to stay in one of the newly renovated rooms and it has much brighter decor. Made return reservations while we were there. Can't wait to return!
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      Registered: August 2008
      Location: NoVA
      Posts: 3
      Review Date: Sun April 15, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): SERVICE, MANAGEMENT, STAFF, VALUE, THEMING

      We last stayed club level at Wilderness Lodge for six nights over spring break. We have stayed at all the Deluxe Resorts except GF and BC, and have stayed club level at BoardWalk Inn, Contemporary and Yacht Club.

      I can't recommend the Old Faithful Club enough! From the attentive, friendly and efficient staff, to the warm and hard-working manager, Randy S., to the immaculate and roomy lounge and food service area, club level at Wilderness Lodge is an absolute joy!

      Old Faithful Club amenities include:

      ~Exclusive KTTW card access to the 7th floor. All WL standard club level rooms, four Honeymoon Suites and both the Yellowstone and Yosemite Suites are located on the 7th (top) floor. The entire floor is dedicated to club level/concierge. Additionally, there are 25 Deluxe club level rooms that are located on floors 1-6. Standard club level rooms at WDW are the same size/configuration as non-club level rooms. Though club level views can't be guaranteed, they include: Woods, VWL Courtyard and WL Courtyard views. WL balconies on the club level floor (and part of the 6th floor) are enclosed balconies, meaning you have to be standing to see out and below. While this is architecturally pleasing, it's not ideal for those who want to sit while taking in the beautiful views.

      ~Pre-arrival itinerary planning: The Itinerary Planning Office is actually located at the Poly. They will assist you prior to your arrival, generally via email, but you can also call them. After arrival, on-site concierges at the Old Faithful Club will assist you.

      ~On-site concierge assistance: The staff are available to assist guests from 0700 - 10:00 daily. They are located on the club level floor next to the main elevators and are always happy to help answer questions, make or change dining, recreation or resort reservations, give directions, ask about your day and offer a friendly smile. It's especially nice knowing that if you have a problem you can call directly to the OFC concierges for help, rather than calling a call center elsewhere in Florida in order to contact the front desk.

      ~Automatic nightly turn-down service: Housekeeping will turn-down your bedding, leave WL chocolate mints, empty the trash cans, remove used towels and replace them, replenish toiletries/amenities as needed, and close the curtains.

      ~Two robes, though more can be requested.

      ~Old Faithful Club "welcome box" of two delicious truffles, a piece of chocolate with the WL logo on it and a delicious solid chocolate totem pole modeled after the one in the lobby near the Mercantile.

      ~Access to the club level lounge. It's so convenient eating breakfast in the lounge and having access to drinks throughout the day/night. We usually eat our biggest meal late in the afternoon and then go back to the resort for appetizers and dessert in the evening. You can even take food or drinks back to your room and store them in your fridge or take them outside to the pool or beach. There are "to-go" cups with lids that can be filled with tea, beer, coffee, water, milk, etc… WDW club levels no longer provide individual bottles of water.

      The Old Faithful Club lounge:

      Coffee service: 0630-0700.
      Breakfast: 0700-1030.
      Snacks: 1130-4:00.
      Appetizers: 5:00-7:00.
      Desserts and cordials: 8:00-10:00.

      The Old Faithful Club has an amazing variety of food and drinks. We love that the delicious appetizers change nightly and usually 2-3 hot items are available, such as:

      Chicken skewers, ancho chili chicken skewers, salmon chowder, satay, venison meatballs, venison spring rolls, duck pot stickers, pulled-pork shooters, bacon-wrapped scallops, crab rangoon… They also always have a tasty variety of cold items such as arugula salad, potato and bean salad, buffalo salad, tomato caprese, antipasto platter, crudités, cheeses (the bleu is delicious), hummus, baba ganoush, sun dried tomato pesto, bleu ranch dip, turkey and cheese roll-ups, PBJ shooters, breads…

      Breakfast is the same everyday. They have cut-up fresh fruit, including delicious fresh pineapple every morning. Apples and bananas are also out all the time. They also have fresh chocolate chip and blueberry muffins, croissants, pastries such as cinnamon buns, cereals, bagels (with cream cheese, jelly and peanut butter), yogurt, and oatmeal (only seasonally). Unlike the Epcot resorts, they don't have hard boiled eggs. There is brewed coffee in a pitcher from from 0630 - 1030 and there are two coffee machines which offer a variety of plain and specialty, regular and decaf. coffees. In the fridge there are cartons of skim and 1% milk, canned tomato juice and sometimes apple juice boxes. There is also 2% milk and cream, apple juice, cranberry juice and OJ.

      Snacks consist of gummies, a sesame cracker mix, goldfish crackers and cookies. They also have sodas in the refrigerator and water, iced tea, lemonade, coffee and tea bags. If you'd like beer or wine, but it's not out yet, just ask one of the friendly Cast Members. About four different bottled beers are put in the fridge at 5:00 and three different wines, usually a cabernet, merlot and white. At 8:00 cordials are available, too.

      Dessert time means it's time for cobbler! Every evening a delicious cobbler is available. Usually it's an apple, peach or berry cobbler. There are also Magic Bars, brownies and cookies and the portion sizes are generous. Milk is always out, unlike some lounges where you have to ask for it.

      The staff work tirelessly to ensure that the food and drinks are always replenished, that the serving area is always clean and that utensils, cups and dishes are always available. They bus the tables quickly after guests leave or guests have the option of bussing their own table. There is a set of trash cans and a tray where guests can throw out their trash and leave their dishes. We really like that this option is still available to guests as some WDW lounges no longer have trash cans.

      We love that at the OFC the food area is in a separate room from the lounge seating area. It makes the seating area so much more cozy and tranquil. The food area even has a sink for guests to wash their hands. The lounge seating area is shaped like a "U" and wraps around the lobby below. The views down to the lobby are breathtaking and in our experience, there is always a place to sit.

      There are tables near the food area, offering views down to the lobby. At the end of this area there is a child-sized table and chairs where kids can watch the Disney Channel and/or color and adults can sit nearby on a comfy sofa. On the opposite side of the "U" is more seating and a TV with usually a news program or ESPN on. The volume on the TVs is always low and never disturbs guests. There are many comfy love seats and chairs in this area. It's nice to relax here in the evening with an adult beverage. At the top of the "U" are more tables, most of which have a view of beautiful Bay Lake, the geyser and WL courtyard. You can even watch the Electric Water Pageant here nightly at 9:35.

      WL just started a room rehab that is slated to be completed by the end of September 2012. All rooms will be updated with new flooring, bathroom fixtures, bedding, curtains and paint and fabric will be replaced on the existing furniture. All carpeted areas will receive new carpeting. WiFi is now free and available throughout the resort. In my experience, it was very reliable outdoors and in most interior areas.

      We've already booked our next stay at the Old Faithful Club. The resort's theming, amenities, location and value combined with the Old Faithful Club's excellent service and staff, make it our overall favorite WDW Resort.
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      Registered: February 2012
      Location: Savannah, GA
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Wed February 15, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Location, Concierge Staff, View, Food Offerings
      Cons: None

      Stayed there Feb 10-13, first time Concierge. We were greeted as we walked in and promptly taken up stairs and checked in. Quick tour of the amenities by our host and a walk through of our room to make sure everything was in order. We will definitely be doing this again.

      Food offerings I recall were oatmeal, various cereals, fresh fruit(whole and cut), venison meatballs, bbq pork, bacon wrapped scallops, fresh deli meats and cheeses.
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