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    • Mirner77

      Registered: January 2014
      Posts: 18
      Review Date: Thu January 9, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food

      We had breakfast here on January 2nd, 2014. We all had the scrambled egg platter with the eggs, bacon, potato casserole (which was AMAZING!) and coffee. This was a really great breakfast! Biscuit was super good too! Quick service and we had a seat outside on a little balcony which was very nice, quiet and relaxing. Yummy coffee and just a little walk to Epcot.
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      Registered: July 2010
      Location: FL
      Posts: 31
      Review Date: Sun September 8, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): CM
      Cons: small size, limited selection

      We were very disappointed with breakfast on 9/1. Very small selection and the quality of the food-breakfast platter was poor. The pastries were great They had just started the rapid-fill cups and people were still having problems - not going to the register and getting the cups scanned before trying to use them; not following the directions. I agree this is a very small quick-serve area for such a big resort.
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      Registered: October 2009
      Posts: 7
      Review Date: Sat July 20, 2013 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 2 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Friendly Staff
      Cons: Small, Slow, Awkward Layout, Slow, Selection

      First I have to say the staff was very friendly and helpful.

      After that....

      This has got to be one of the worst counter service locations at any Disney Resort. The layout is small and cramped. Not nearly enough room to fill the demand of two Deluxe Resorts. The food selections were good but pretty limited. We ended up only trying the pizza and flatbreads because each time we tried waiting to get a sandwich we gave up after at least a half hour wait. The food prep area is about as big as subway store and set up the same way but we found the staff to be incredibly slow. Each flatbread and pizza was hand prepared as you ordered it and then had to be cooked in a small oven the size of the ones they use to toast a sub at Subway. This basically takes FOREVER when you have 20-30 people lined up from dinner time till close and the same at lunch time when we stayed there in June.

      Once you get you food you have to navigate over to a circular register area that is shared with the gift shop and has no organized line set-up. Not bad if you catch the place when it is empty but if you actually want to go there for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an evening snack it is basically chaos. There is not much seating so you have to then walk your food either to the Solarium, the pool or your room.

      The drink machines are small and too few again to handle the capacity of two Deluxe resorts. They were constantly out of ice and had way too little room to fix your drink and/or replace the lid if you were lucky enough to get ice and the beverage you wanted instead of just water.

      We were there at a busier time of year, but I would say the Marketplace is a complete embarrassment to an otherwise great resort.
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      Registered: May 2013
      Posts: 6
      Review Date: Wed May 29, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good Choices

      Upon arriving at Beach Club our 1st stop is Marketplace for sandwiches for lunch and to purchase a refillable mug.
      The menu has a good variety of choices for meals. My favorite breakfast snack among the many choices is a chocolate croissant or a speciality muffin.
      The merchandise section also has a very nice selection of Disney merchandise...
      My husband is often first customer of day enjoying a full breakfast at one of the many tables and chairs surrounding the Marketplace.
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      Registered: November 2007
      Location: UK
      Posts: 80
      Review Date: Tue November 13, 2012 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 2 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): chocolate croissant
      Cons: cooked breakfast, seating, size, value for money

      The breakfast was awful. Rubbery eggs, dry sandwich, leftover cheese potatoes that should have been thrown away hours ago. The checkout is shared with the store so can be very slow and very long even in slow season. About four tables inside and another four outside when shared by such two big deluxe resorts is ridiculous and doesn't compare to anything like the other deluxe resort counter service outlets. The only edible food was the pastries which were nice but nothing out of the ordinary.
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      Registered: December 2007
      Posts: 27
      Review Date: Thu August 23, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good for a quick snack
      Cons: selection, no ice in drink machine, layout

      The layout and selection here is not the greatest. The Wilderness Lodge has a better setup for quick service. This is just a hodge podge approach. Its good for a quick snack or quick breakfast. The soda machine was always out of ice and I could see why as kids were like uncontrolled animals at it just wasting soda and ice. If you hit it right its not bad. The shopping side of it was very limited in selection compared to other Delux resorts like Wilderness lodge. The should rethink and expand this area with more food and shopping selections.
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      Registered: June 2012
      Location: Central Illinois
      Posts: 14
      Review Date: Thu June 7, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Much Improved

      We were pleasantly surprised at the changes in menu items from July of last year. Much better. Service overall is a two thumbs up.
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      Registered: May 2009
      Location: 1,194 Miles from Disney World
      Posts: 220
      Review Date: Tue October 11, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good food, friendly staff
      Cons: Sometimes drinks were out

      We got breakfast here most mornings, and several other snacks. We purchased the refillable mugs as soon as we arrived. We did not use them as often as anticipated, and sometimes several of the drinks would be out and simply dispensing water (ie, citrus tea and hot chocolate). All of the food items we sampled were good: Lemon Cranberry Scone, Ham and Cheese Croissant, French Toast, Blueberry Muffin, fruit cups.
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      Registered: October 2010
      Location: NH
      Posts: 33
      Review Date: Fri October 7, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): yummy sandwiches
      Cons: walk from the Yacht Club

      We had two great meals here. The only problem I wish it wasn't that far of a walk to Yacht Club. It wasn't that far but it would be nice to have it closer to the middle of the two resorts.
      Make sure you check out the Solarium, that is where we ate. We had it all to ourselves and the kids watched the Disney Channel on our check out day.
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      Wendy Writes

      Registered: May 2010
      Posts: 34
      Review Date: Tue September 13, 2011 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 3 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): CASHIERS

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      Registered: July 2006
      Location: CT
      Posts: 25
      Review Date: Tue August 9, 2011 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 4 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Staff
      Cons: Drink layout, Put the sugar, straws and flavored shots somewhere else.

      They still don't get it here. Make the Solarium a gift shop. Keep all food and food related items in the Marketplace. Make a stand alone location for covers, napkins, straws, and flavored shots. Its a fire drill every morning. Also, stuck up. They ran out of food by 10:00 a couple mornings last week. Once you move the gifts out place some chairs and tables back in there like years ago.
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      Registered: July 2011
      Location: Slatington, PA
      Posts: 3
      Review Date: Sat July 30, 2011 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): beverage frig had a decent selection; friendly cashier; great spot for shopping (just not for lunch!)
      Cons: tiny, no seating indoors, very little food variety

      We stopped by here on our way from Epcot to the Studios, hoping to catch a quick bite on the cheap and sit for a spell in the air conditioning. I guess we really should have done our homework first!
      Somehow we were under the impression that this was more than a nook in the gift shop. It's perfectly suited for grabbing an apple or a sandwich on your way to the parks, but not at all close to a standard qsl or food court. I guess we were looking for something more like the WL or Poly grab and go fare.
      On the up-side, it was clean, and the staff were friendly. We had a bottled beverage and a banana each while perched on the hallway windowsill. This would be a nice spot to hit prior to checking out of the resort...grab a few last-minute gifts, drinks, fruit, a magazine, candy or chips, etc.
      There were some tables set up outside, but few were brave enough to sit there in the scorching noon sun.
      We were surprised that there weren't any other qsl's here, considering the volume of guests between the YC, BC, and BC Villas. I guess many guests would set aside time for a proper table lunch, or simply prepare one in their villa? Beaches and Cream looked really inviting, but we were told that they were a table service dining option.
      We had been considering staying at the BC for our next summer trip, but now we're not too sure that the amazing theme pool would balance out our limited qsl dining options. It really is a very beautiful resort, though!
      Ah, well; live and learn!
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      Registered: June 2006
      Posts: 20
      Review Date: Sat March 12, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): convenient
      Cons: cashiers aren't always attentive, crowded at the coffee/soda machines

      I think it was great to be able to have a quick little spot to grab a few food items in a hurry. We got one of the refillable mugs and was able to get coffee through out the day. Also got a few take items (hard boiled eggs, pastries, etc). I didn't order anything from the cooks but it never seemed super busy, only the coffee machines/soda machines were a bit congested at times and the cashiers were sometimes busy talking to one another and not servicing guests (oops!).
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      Registered: March 2006
      Location: Randallstown, MD
      Posts: 136
      Review Date: Fri January 28, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Convenient location; freshly prepared
      Cons: Limited selection

      My daughter and I had dinner here on 01/03 and breakfast here on 01/07. Both meals were very good. They had a limited selection, but what they had was very good (and we didn't plan to eat here on many occasions with the proximity to so many other restaurants and EPCOT World Showcase). We had very large sandwiches on good bread for dinner and we had large breakfast sandwiches for our other meal. No complaints from us - it met our expectations.
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      Registered: September 2008
      Location: North Carolina
      Posts: 75
      Review Date: Mon January 24, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Quality is ok
      Cons: Not many choices

      The problem with many DVC resorts is the LACK of a good food court/counter service. Beach Club is no exception. The marketplace doubles as the small food area/resort store. Options are very limited but quality is fine. Hubby, mother-in-law and father-in-law and I ate here for dinner on 1/24/11. Father-in-law was less than thrilled with the options and decided not to eat. Hubby and mother in law got the Italian sub sandwich - both enjoyed. I got the typical cheese pizza - was fine. Nothing special. Just wish Beach Club and other DVC resorts had better quick service options. Would go back if we were in need of a quick meal - in this case, we were - having got back later than expected from the Magic Kingdom and too tired to go anywhere else.
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