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July 30, 2014

An Afternoon at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Hidden Mickeys

I'm debating a few Questionable Hidden Mickey images at Disney's Animal Kingdom, so I'd like to ask for some opinions. Like these two in DinoLand, U.S.A. at the photo posing spot at the rear of the Fossil Fun Games area. They're both in the smoke or clouds of the drawings on the poster boards; one three-circle image is on the front poster behind and below the rear red fin of the car. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

and the second is in front of the left rear knee of the green dinosaur on the rear poster. What do you think? (Thanks to Rich, Diane, Andrew and James Stangle).

How about this image in the Aviary section of the Maharajah Jungle Trek? It's in the swirls and circles of the carved relief design on a stone pillar along the walking trail. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

And finally, this three-circle image in the clouds, on the right wall rear corner, as you face the food order counters inside Pizzafari Restaurant. Look in the middle of the photo below. (Thanks to the Bodmann Family).

Of course, I like to check on old favorite Hidden Mickeys, like this one with an orange "head" and green leaves for "ears" on a rear wall of the Elds Deer Exhibit of the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

I love the music at Disney! The Burudika Band performs several times daily in Harambe Village in Africa. Before you know it, you'll be dancing to the beat of their engaging songs!

Happy Hunting!

July 19, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and the Beach Club

I enjoy summer for many reasons, not the least of which is that summer is a season when many folks visit Florida! I generally meet up with family and friends at different times during the summer months, and recently I cruised around Walt Disney World with some fellow Disney fans.

At Hollywood Studios. we checked out the theater show in the Magic of Disney Animation Building with scenes from "Frozen" mixed in with the comedic performance of Mushu (from the movie "Mulan"). I finally snapped a fairly decent photo of the Mickey coffee mug in the video. It's at the top middle of the photo below.

Mickey's face is peeking out from near the front corner of a high shelf at the far right side of the theater stage.

My sister Donna (on the left in the photo) stands with her friend Trish over Mickey Mouse traced in Ward Kimball's cement square outside the theater. It was Trish's first visit to Walt Disney World; how fun is that!

Over at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Cast Members usually maintain a classic (three-circle) Mickey shape in the fur of one of the animals in the Affection Section petting zoo area of Rafiki's Planet Watch. Here's the lucky animal on that day!

Check out this cool image that Joe and Diane Franceschino spotted! It's Mickey's face drawn in the sand in a large painting hanging in the Breezeway of the Beach Club Villas. You can see Mickey's ears (two people are standing above his right ear) and his smiling mouth (another two folks stand in the middle of the photo at the right corner of his mouth). Mickey's eyes and nose seem a bit distorted.

Happy Hunting! You never know what you'll find at Disney!

July 8, 2014

Searching for Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

As I wandered the Magic Kingdom one afternoon to find some Hidden Mickeys, I stopped first to admire the awesome dragon (Maleficent) in the Disney Festival of Fantasy parade.

In the Briar Patch Shop near Splash Mountain, logs are piled in front of a fireplace that greets you as you enter the shop. On the left side of the logs, do log ends at the left of the pile form a classic (three-circle) upright Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Matthew Skazick).

Study this image on a wall outside Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, along the walkway from Frontierland to Adventureland. Is there a side profile of Winnie the Pooh looking to the left in the light brown stucco, along the left side of the roundish bit of stucco jutting up in the middle of the brick wall? (Thanks to Alena White.)

Speaking of Adventureland, what about these large holes in the rock border in the smoking area near Swiss Family Treehouse and across from Aloha Isle Dole Whip stand. This image is at the rear of the farthest rock-seat island away from the Treehouse. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Let me know what you think. I never tire of searching for Hidden Mickeys!


June 27, 2014

Looking for Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

One of my real joys is having fun at the Disney Parks with friends and relatives who enjoy Disney as much as I do! Here's a fun group standing over the classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey in the pavement across from TriceraTop Spin at Disney's Animal Kingdom (right to left in the photo: Lindsay, Lane age 6, my son Steven, and Christine).

Lane and Steven point to the classic Hidden Mickey formed by a utility cover with pebbles for "ears" just outside Mombasa Marketplace store in Africa's Harambe Village.

Over at Epcot, a Goofy has appeared in the rocks at the bottom of The Seas with Nemo & Friends aquarium! Look for it through the windows on the right as you walk along the corridor toward the circular observation area on the upper floor. I hope this image sticks around for a while! (Thanks to Denise Morelli).

When you're queued up to Meet Mickey in Town Square Theater, don't miss Mickey's mailbox. It's in the large group of mail cubbyholes along the wall in the room just before you're escorted into the next room to meet Mickey.

In the Grand Floridian Villa guest rooms, a classic Hidden Mickey cloud is near Dumbo along the perimeter of a plate in a wall decoration.

Happy Hunting!

June 8, 2014

Some Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom's Mine Train and Tomorrowland

Vickie and I got FASTPASSES for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in Fantasyland.

The ride's exit walkway parallels the FASTPASS queue in front of the dwarfs' cottage.

Along the FASTPASS queue, just before the inside part of the queue, three rocks in the short wall seem to create an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey. What do you think?

Along the ride, the witch with her basket of apples makes an appearance behind the dwarfs' cottage.

Check out these subtle Hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland!

Along the FASTPASS queue of Tomorrowland Speedway, a map of the course is on the left wall. Look for two three-circle (classic) Hidden Mickeys formed of blue "heads" with two faint white "ears." One is at the right middle of the map (a red object points to this Hidden Mickey).

The second Hidden Mickey is in the right lower corner of the map, next to an angle in the blue field. (Thanks to Maya Perez).

You have to stand right next to the map to spot these Hidden Mickeys!

May 28, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at Art of Animation and Port Orleans Riverside Resorts

On a quest to check out a few sightings of Hidden Images, I visited two Walt Disney World Resorts: Art of Animation and Port Orleans Riverside. Both resorts are filled with interesting Disney detail, including the occasional Hidden Mickey. At Art of Animation, I stopped first in the main lobby and looked up at the imposing chandelier just inside the entrance doors.


On a drawing in the chandelier, what do you think of the head and ears on Simba and Nala? Are they Hidden Mickeys?


Walk out of the rear doors of Animation Hall (where the main lobby is) and turn left. Take the sidewalk left along the fence that encircles the Big Blue Pool until you spot a green fish perched in the grass near the fence. You'll find the fish before you reach the Finding Nemo Guest Room Building on the left side of the pool. A decent sideways classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is on each side of the fish, below each eye and near each corner of the mouth. (Thanks to Doug Means and Max Kirkpatrick.)



What do you think of this image made of three purple corals stuck to the rear side of the blue coral reef play area behind the Big Blue Pool? It's near the bottom and close to the sidewalk. Do you think it's a sideways Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to The Family Edmondson.)


Now over to Port Orleans Riverside. A subtle classic Hidden Mickey is in the sidewalk in front of the Acadian House Building. Walk across Ol' Man Island and around the right side of the pool, cross the first bridge on the right over the waterway and then turn left on the sidewalk. Just before you reach the white benches in front of Acadian House (Rooms 8001-8432), spot this Hidden Mickey made of light coloration in the stone walkway. (It's just below the midpoint of the photo.) A nearby guest told me it looked more like a Hidden Oswald to him. This image is difficult to spot, but it seems to be purposeful, and it's been there for a while! (Thanks to Amber, and Werner Grundlingh.)


Happy Hunting!



May 16, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at Downtown Disney Marketplace

I strolled through the Marketplace on a fine sunny afternoon to check on Hidden Mickeys. I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy music from a High School concert band playing at the Waterside Stage.


On a wall inside Disney's Pin Traders store, Russell from the movie 'Up' has a few classic Mickey-shaped badges on his sash. (Thanks to Alena White, and Kolding Rasmussen.)


On a large statue of Donald Duck inside Disney's Pin Traders store, the red, white and blue classic Mickey pin is still on the upper right side of Donald's green duffel bag. (Thanks to Katie Slater.)


Another classic Hidden Mickey is on the Donald statue, at the front of his suitcase. Here's a photo of his suitcase.


A red Hidden Mickey is on the inside of one of the black Mickey-shaped pins spilling out of the suitcase. (Thanks to Denise Morelli.)


As part of the renovation of Downtown Disney, Team Mickey Athletic Club has closed and will be replaced, so its Hidden Mickeys may have been Lost. We'll wait and check out the new shop.


Starbucks is coming soon to Downtown Disney!


Happy Hunting!



April 19, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at The Seas with Nemo & Friends and around World Showcase

I visited The Seas with Nemo & Friends and then the Morocco and Japan Pavilions at Epcot to search for Hidden Mickeys. As you'll see, a few of these images are questionable. Whenever I visit an area, I also check to verify existing Hidden Mickeys, as they change or even disappear at times (as you well know!).

Along the queue of The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, circles in the sand to the left of the lifeguard stand might form a classic (three-circle) Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Stacy and Jenna and Barry Berger, Todd Grasley, and Jared Tavernari).

Just past the circles in the sand are these starfish stuck on the rock wall to the right along the entrance queue. Again, does this image look like a Hidden Mickey to you? (Thanks to Michael Walsh).

One final questionable image. Near the large classic Mickey made of small rocks on the floor of the aquarium is this collection of rocks. Find it at the far end of the circular observation deck on the upper level. Do you think this qualifies as a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jason Gall, and Jean).

Two of our standard Hidden Mickeys have changed. At the Morocco Pavilion, different plates have appeared on the shop door along the World Showcase promenade. (They disappeared for a while, but thankfully, Disney has created the image again.) This current image isn't as compelling a Hidden Mickey as the previous one, but I'll take it!

Another changed Hidden Mickey is at the Japan Pavilion. It's been one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World. The landscaping was recently altered a bit, and the specific rocks and location have changed, but this great image is still there! Find it on the right side of the pavilion, next to the far right sidewalk to the Mitsukoshi store.

Happy Hunting!


March 30, 2014

Orlando International Airport Disney Store Hidden Mickeys

I recently visited the Orlando International Airport (unencumbered by luggage!) and its two Disney Stores: Disney's EarPort and The Magic of Disney. Each store contains compelling Hidden Mickeys! Like this one in Disney's Earport. As you enter the store past the Goofy statue outside, walk to the far corner of the wall to your left to spot this classic three-circle Hidden Mickey high on the wall. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Crazy blueprints line the upper inside walls of the store, and you can make out Hidden Mickeys on a few of them. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Across the airport at The Magic of Disney store, study the outside walls. Each wall design has a Hidden Mickey. This wall is at the far right near an exit area for passengers.

On this wall, a classic Hidden Mickey is in the stars above Mickey's hand, and Mickey appears to be looking right at it!

The next outside wall design to the left, at the front of the store, has another Hidden Mickey in the stars. Mickey is pointing toward it. (Thanks to Rich Kordalski).

Inside The Magic of Disney, Hidden Mickey markings are on a few of the books on shelves that line the upper walls of the store. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

While you're shopping at Orlando International Airport, look around the Disney stores to find some great Hidden Mickeys!


March 19, 2014

Hidden Mickeys and other Hidden Images in the Magic Kingdom

The recent expansion area of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is filled with compelling Hidden Images. Disney Imagineers put much thought into these great creations, and I'm still stumbling across ones I didn't know about! Like this one. To find it, walk to the Disney Vacation Club sign across from Ariel's Grotto.

Embedded in the cement walkway in front of the Disney Vacation Club is this classic Hidden Mickey formed of a survey marker and two adjacent pebbles. It's near a cart track indented in the cement. (Thanks to Brian Henry and Suzanne Perez).

Walk across Fantasyland to the "Tangled" area between "it's a small world" and Haunted Mansion. Check out this poster on an outside wall near the restrooms.

Do you think the lipstick on this mime is a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to JG).DSC05816.JPG

One of my favorite Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom is visible again after the outside window winter displays of the Emporium shop on Main Street, U.S.A. have been retired until next Holiday season. It's the amazing recessed window Mickey in the Aladdin display!

On my way out of the Magic Kingdom, I crouched by (a "Hidden Surprise") the tracing of a heart with the paw prints of Lady and the Tramp (and Cupid's arrow) in the cement walkway in front of Tony's Town Square Restaurant. (Thanks to Alena White).

Enjoy the search!


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