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May 22, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Africa and Rafiki's Planet Watch, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Ride the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch and enjoy a few Hidden Mickeys. Like this one made of insect nets hanging on a rear wall of the Veterinary Treatment room at the back of Conservation Station. The nets are next to the doors to the Treatment/Prep Room. Thankfully, this image has been maintained for a while! (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison, and Joe).

As you probably remember, Cast Members often shave a classic Hidden Mickey image in the fur of one of the animals in Affection Section. I spotted this guy recently.

In Affection Section, I watched a Cast Member training a goat to hop on and off a tree stump. She had lots of yummy snacks in her hand!

Back in Africa, what do you think of this image on the rear wall of the seating area behind Tamu Tamu Refreshments? At the top right of the wall, some folks see an animal (a lion?) running to the right.

Happy Hunting!

May 7, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

One fine, sunny Florida afternoon, I visited Disney's Animal Kingdom to check out a few Hidden Images in Africa. As you know, new Hidden Mickeys can appear from time to time, especially in refurbished areas. Like this striped Mickey Mouse figurine inside Zuri's Sweets Shop, which is across from Harambe Market. Look high to your right for this Mickey in a small display on a shelf opposite the entrance door to the shop. (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Ponder the next two images. Are they Hidden Mickeys? The first image is made of tires hanging on a fence across from the entrance to Harambe Market. This collection of tires is to the right of a "Bi-Cycle Land" sign. Do you see Mickey? (Thanks to Isabel and Jeff Blank).

The following image is on a leopard painted high on a water tower behind Chef Mwanga's Ribs Shop in Harambe Market. Do some of the groups of leopard spots form one or more classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

Back in Harambe village, walk up to the Harambe Fruit Market. A tiny, colorful Mickey Mouse doll is hiding on support poles halfway to the top of the ceiling. A Cast Member told me that Mickey has been perched there high above her for a while. (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

Enjoy the Search!

April 18, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs

I'm wondering about a few questionable Hidden Mickey images at Disney Springs. First, let's drop in for sweets at Disney's Candy Cauldron at Disney Springs West Side. I've struggled with the following image for a while. Study the left and front sides of the top of a pillar at the center of the rear wall of the store. You have to stand right in front of the cash register to get the proper angle to spot it. Is that Mickey's face on the left side (looking left) with one ear on the front side of the pillar? (Thanks to Gwen Orilio).

Now, it's on to Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop in Disney Springs Marketplace for more sweets! This image is near the upper corners of the huge mural on an outside wall at the right side of the store and on the inside left rear wall. Do the small, brown circles on the pillar simulate a sideways classic Mickey tilted down to the left? (Thanks to Riley Swanson).

I need to mention that the side-profile Mickey silhouette in the streetcar (in the second window from the left) is on both Ghirardelli murals. This photo is from the outside mural of the store.

In the high-ceilinged central room of the World of Disney store, check out this group of lily pads at the lower right side of a stained-glass painting on the rear wall. Look behind the long check-out counter. Is it a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jeremiah Good).

What about this image of light green circles in the carpet of several rooms in the World of Disney store; is it close enough? (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

Happy Hunting!

April 10, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

Look for this big spoon standing upright just before you meet Tinker Bell at her Meet 'n' Greet in Town Square Theater on Main Street, U.S.A. Do the three round flowers on the handle form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey?

Folks continue to wonder about this image in the second scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. In the right half of the rectangular painting on the rear wall of the kitchen, three flowers or fruits might form a classic Hidden Mickey. Is it close enough? (Thanks to Brian A. Leong).

Near the end of the South Pacific room on "it's a small world," several koala bears hang on a tree to the left of your boat. I've liked the back of the blue bear's head and ears as a classic Hidden Mickey.

The back of the brown koala bear's head and ears might be just as convincing. What do you think?

Near the end of "it's a small world," a dancing boy holds a doll in his right hand. Is the doll a character that you recognize? (Pinocchio usually wears red shorts, a yellow shirt, and a yellow hat). (Thanks to Nick Rosa).

Enjoy Hidden Mickeys!

March 21, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in and near the Magic Kingdom

The quest for Hidden Mickeys is ongoing - I hope it never ends! Folks continue to spot new images, like this one from the M. Mouse Mercantile shop in the Grand Floridian Resort. Behind the check-out counter, a classic Hidden Mickey is on the right lower edge of a picture frame. I wonder if this image will last. (Thanks to Annie P.)

I receive messages about this clock and gears above the entrance/exit of the Space Mountain gift shop. Do you see a Hidden Mickey in the clock, or anywhere in the various circles? (Thanks to Julie Millan and Matthew Lounds and Emily Lounds)

You know that Hidden Mickeys disappear from time to time. It saddens me when this happens, but that's (Disney) life! For the first time in many years, I didn't find the baggage ticket with the Hidden Mickey inside the faux ticket office window on the second level of the Main Street Train Station! Bummer! There were no tickets at all on the front counter, and the ones hanging on a rung on the rear wall of the office had no Hidden Mickeys. Sad.

Don't fret. The Hidden Mickey lock is still hanging on the wall to the right inside the faux ticket office. Sorry, in the photo, you have to look behind the glare and reflection on the ticket office window to spot the gold lock.

I'm truly in mourning today. As you know, Disney has generously displayed my Hidden Mickey books on property for over 10 years. As of this summer, that will no longer happen. (Remember, I don't work for Disney). So, before they disappear from the Disney parks and shops, I'm gathering photos of my books currently on property so I can remember these magical years forever! This photo is from M. Mouse Mercantile shop in the Grand Floridian Resort.

March 5, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs and at Epcot Future World

Let's study some possible Hidden Mickey images. On the Fantasy Fare Food Truck at Disney Springs West Side, does the group of swirls above the word "Culinary" or the repeated red design on the yellow stripe resemble a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

This new image recently appeared in the walkway between Lefty's "The Left Hand Store" and Disney's Pin Traders store in Disney Springs Marketplace. Is it Hidden or Decorative? (Thanks to John Bruederle, and Orlando Attractions Magazine).

This image inside Tren-D store seems legitimate to me. It's a yellow side profile of Mickey Mouse at the top (maybe the clasp?) of Minnie's handbag. Minnie is painted on a "Cast Members Only" door at the rear of the store. Let's hope it sticks around a while! (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

Glass window paintings are behind a check-out counter in the Princess Room of the World of Disney store. In the leftmost set of windows, look for two groups of flowers, one orange and one red. Does either group form a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

In Epcot's Innoventions East, stop by Spinning Spectrums, which is on a wall inside Colortopia. Several of the wall designs that spin seem to have yellow and orange classic Mickeys. What do you think? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Enjoy the search!

February 24, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs and World Showcase

Take a look at some images around Walt Disney World that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. Let's start in Disney Springs, at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. In a display case in the middle of the bar seating area, holes in the side of a silver piston bookend resemble a classic Mickey, or do they? (Thanks to AJ).

Walk toward the restrooms of the Hangar Bar and study a "Lost & Found" display case along the wall between the restrooms. In the middle of the display case, do these copper circles (lenses?) form a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Attractions Magazine).

At the left lower part of the same "Lost & Found" display case, sunglasses over a circle (the lower circle of a mask?) might make a Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to James Massoni).

Now let's visit World Showcase at Epcot. Along the food display case inside the Tangierine Cafe, some items, such as the Chicken Wrap dish, may be arranged as classic Mickeys. Is it convincing enough? (Thanks to Michael Manall).

What do you think of the circles below the leaf design atop the sundial in the France Pavilion? Find the sundial in front of the Plume et Palette shop and next to the parterre garden. (Thanks to Sean Hendrix).

Happy Hunting!

February 14, 2016

Questionable Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the Wilderness Lodge

I'm debating on a few Hidden Images around Walt Disney World. What do you think about the ones below? Let's start in Fantasyland. This first image is in the women's restroom in the Tangled area. Three purple spots are at the lower right corner of a mural painted on the left wall as you enter the restroom. (You can actually spot this wall from outside the restroom, but I recommend that guys not stand and stare!) (Thanks to Lauren Schell, Lindsey Stephens, Jordyn Freiermuth, Martha Tischler, and Kelsey Knee).

Inside Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant, look for a design with a circle and two arcs that might form a classic Hidden Mickey. This design is repeated around the middle of a pillar at the rear of the last seating room to the right, near the exit to the restrooms. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

In Storybook Circus, stroll to the exit of the WDW Railroad Train Station and locate a pile of tubs, trash cans, and luggage. The lower of two silver trash cans sitting upright has some suspicious indentations near the top of the can? (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Over in Frontierland, depressions in the rock wall to the right of the entrance to the Briar Patch store might look like a classic Mickey. This image is difficult to photograph. (It's in the middle of the photo). (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Visit Morimoto Asia Restaurant in Disney Springs and scan the walls for this image. As you enter the restaurant, study the walls to your left. Three dark circles are painted high on a wall behind the right side of the drink bar. (Thanks to Linda Eckwerth).

Our final stop is the Wilderness Lodge Resort. A tall totem pole stands at the front middle of the long reservations counter on the right side of the main lobby. Under the beak of the bird at the top of the pole are black semicircles. Do they form an upside-down Mickey? (Thanks to Lizzie Cochran).

Enjoy the search!

January 18, 2016

Questionable Hidden Mickeys at the World of Disney store and at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Take a look at the following images from around Walt Disney World. I had a few Hidden Mickey hunters with me to help me in the search (refer to the last photo)!

Walk to the Women's Apparel room at the right rear of the World of Disney store and glance up at the ceiling. Find the moon surrounded by clouds, which resemble Mickey's "ears" and "nose" and may form a side profile view of Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to James King).

Over at Disney's Hollywood Studios, hop on The Great Movie Ride and glance up to the left of your vehicle in the Tarzan room, where Jane sits on an elephant. Does the round fruit at the left side of Jane's basket make a convincing Hidden Mickey?

How about the fruit in the right side of Jane's basket? (Thanks to Gracie Hall).

My son spotted this image along the right wall as we strolled through Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. It's on the front of a bureau at the left side of a painting of the inside of a Barber Shop. The painting is to the right of a dancing Buddy Ebsen. Is it a side profile of Mickey Mouse?

Will we ever see the black cat from the Osborne Lights again? This photo is from December, 2015.

Admire a couple of intrepid Hidden Mickey hunters at the Studios: my son Steven and Gracen, who is fresh from a face painting (Rapunzel). She's nine years old, and this was her first visit to Walt Disney World! She learned pin trading in about five seconds, and I'll never forget the first Hidden Mickey I showed her - the classic Mickey in the vines on a merchandise cabinet in Epcot's Karamell-Kuche shop in Germany.

Happy Hunting!

January 11, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

We will likely never stop finding Mickey images in the lush and intricate and ever-changing Disney detail that surrounds us. That's fine with me, as it means that Disney is keeping the Hidden Mickey game alive for all of us!

How about these images? Are they Hidden Mickeys? This first one is from Adventureland. Three circles are part of a charm embedded in the floor near a door at the rear of the Agrabah Bazaar shop. A sign that says "Elephant Tales" is above the door. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

Another image is in the rocks (one large rock for the "head" and two small rocks for the "ears") embedded in a short wall to the left of the entrance to the Big Top Souvenirs shop in Storybook Circus. It's in the middle of the photo, just below the top cement sitting surface. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

Over inside Sir Mickey's store, the face opening in a knight's helmet sitting high on a shelf has a suspicious design. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jennifer Hess, and Robert Wescovich).

This next image is a bona fide Hidden Mickey. If you ride the ferryboat to or from the Magic Kingdom, remember to look for the coiled rope Mickey! Cast Members usually maintain this image along one or both loading dock walkways at the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center. Look next to a large post on either side as you walk onto or leave the boat at either loading dock.

I often check on my family brick to the right of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. It's fading over the years!

Keep searching!

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