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May 17, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A.

For a Disney aficionado, nothing compares with a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. in Walt Disney's original park, and for me, the occasional Hidden Mickey adds to the allure! I'll highlight some new and time-honored Hidden Mickeys along this marvelous street.

Inside the Main Street Magic Shop, along the front counter on the left, a white rope on a display shelf is coiled into a classic Mickey shape. (Thanks to Zoe, and Rosemary and Neil []).

While inside the Magic Shop, look up! Cards are stuck on the ceiling, and a black classic Mickey is in the center of the Ace of Clubs card. (Thanks to Ethan Holmes, and Chris Strodder).

At the entrance to the Penny Arcade, a small classic Mickey hides between the play buttons on a game machine called “Pinocchio, Make Him Dance.” (Thanks to Luis Valdez).

In the Emporium Store, check out a room with toys at the end of the store closest to Carnation Café. A toy train makes a circuit on a track above you along the walls. Stand near the small water tower at one corner of the room. Every third or so trip around the track, the train stops in front of the water tower, and a classic Hidden Mickey lights up at the upper right side of the tower. You can also usually spot the faint Hidden Mickey image when it’s not lit up. (Thanks to Darin Thompson, and Jason Gall).

It's time for ice cream! But before you indulge, study an outside window of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. The words “Ice Cream Floats” are on a window to the right, and a pink classic Mickey is midway up the right leg of the letter “A” in the word “Floats.” (Thanks to Amy Gervais).

Happy Hunting!

April 13, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at DisneyQuest

DisneyQuest at Disney Springs West Side is still going strong! The interactive games are fun and challenging, and Hidden Mickeys there have endured. Check out some of these interesting DisneyQuest Hidden Mickeys.

On the fourth floor, the classic Mickey-shaped DisneyQuest logo is on the playing surface and on the sides of the air hockey tables. In addition, small yellow classic Mickey-shaped information stickers are on the front of some games on various floors, including the air hockey tables.

Classic Mickey-shaped holes are in the sides of some of the wooden stools on the floor that children can stand on to play games. Find them on the second floor and other floors. Classic Hidden Mickeys are also formed by some of the circles in the brown carpet near the Living Easels on the second floor. You can see both of these images in the photo.

During “Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride,” the golden beetle you encounter bears classic Mickey markings on its back. (It's not a perfect three-circle Hidden Mickey, but it looks convincing from a distance). You don’t have to take the ride; you can watch the overhead video screens as others ride. The beetle is on the right side of the photo.

Again, for the following two Hidden Mickeys at the “Virtual Jungle Cruise,” you needn’t take the ride; you can stand behind one of the ride pods and watch. Classic Mickey-shaped balloons periodically float up from the left side of the screen, in front of the castle, before the ride starts. (In the photo, you can see a balloon inside the palm tree on the left, above the tops of the trees in the background).

On the screen in the first part of the “Virtual Jungle Cruise” ride, the raft may exit a glacier area under a distorted classic Mickey-shaped ice bridge over the river. The riders have optional routes, so they may not encounter the glacier area. (The ears on this Hidden Mickey aren’t perfectly formed, but you’ll recognize them.)

Let the games begin!

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April 5, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom Resorts

Folks informed me of some Hidden Mickeys that I hadn't come across yet, like this one at the Wilderness Lodge Villas. I'd looked for this one before, to no avail. Sometimes, it's quite difficult to describe the location of an image so others can find it. But recently, I spotted this great image! To locate it, turn left toward the elevators after you enter the Villas main entrance. On the rock pillar to your right as you walk toward the elevators, an almost upside-down classic Hidden Mickey is etched in a square, dark gray rock. Find it about 2 1/2 feet up, on the second rock from the floor. (Thanks to The Adornettos).

Inside the main lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort, a classic Hidden Mickey bush is on wall maps of the Resort. Locate these maps on the first and second floors, toward the front of the building. A small sideways classic Mickey is formed by bushes at the upper right of the Sago Cay building at the left middle of the map. (Thanks to Alena White).

A few years ago, we lost some Hidden Mickeys inside Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian. But don't despair! Now you can look up to admire classic Mickeys in the metalwork above the individual lights on the ceiling light fixtures. (Thanks to Charles Tyner).

Disney doesn't overlook the lowly trashcan! At the Fort Wilderness Resort, a small classic Hidden Mickey, tilted to the right, is at the lower middle of the logo on the trashcans. It’s under the “C” in “Campground.” (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

While you're at Fort Wilderness, step inside the registration building (“Reception Outpost”) at the far side of the main parking lot and say hello to Mickey. A plush Mickey Mouse stands in a metal jug at the far left of a shelf directly over the registration counter. (Thanks to Scott Abney).

Happy Hunting!

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March 30, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Many of the Hidden Mickey images in moving attractions are fleeting and difficult to capture in a photo and thus challenging to verify. I think I finally snapped a decent photo of this Hidden Mickey on C-3PO's right forearm at Star Tours - The Adventures Continue. Just after you’re seated for the ride, C-3PO appears in a screen at the front right of the room. A tiny, white classic (three-circle) Mickey is on the lower part of his right forearm near his wrist. (Thanks to Madison, Gracie and Dana Hall, and Richard Rando).

Someone (a guest or maybe a Cast Member?) has embellished this Hidden Mickey in Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano. On the left wall between the waiting room and the dining area, a classic Mickey is plastered on the brick. You’ll find it in the middle left part of the wall, just above the counter. Recently, red and green crayon markings have appeared on the Mickey image.

It's difficult to get clear photos from a 3D film such as the MuppetVision movie. I think you can make out the Mickey balloons in this photo, taken near the end of the movie. After the cannon shoots holes in the theater and as Kermit rides in on a fire truck, you can see that some of the observers outside are holding Mickey Mouse balloons.

Keep watching that same fire truck for a Hidden Surprise! An image of Cinderella Castle is on a license plate at the right lower corner of the fire truck Kermit is riding. (Thanks to Devon Newport, Donna McMurrey, Sharon Dale, and Matt Perkins.)

Another video image that is often elusive to photographers is the coffee mug with the white classic Mickeys in the Magic of Disney Animation movie. I think you can see them in this photo!

Happy Hunting!

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March 5, 2015

Newer Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickey fans continue to find new Hidden Images. Disney Imagineers can camouflage images so well, it takes us a while to spot them! In the Magic Kingdom, this tiny classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is in the "When You Wish Upon A Star" mural on the left wall as you exit Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant toward the restrooms. Look to the right of Pinocchio in the stars below and to the left of the word "All" in the mural. (Thanks to Alena White).

Along the left wall of the Standby entrance queue of Space Mountain, you can play interactive video games. In one game segment, if you connect space equipment in the right configuration, a classic Hidden Mickey appears! (Thanks to April Beisser).

You can sometimes spot a classic Hidden Mickey made of rocks at the bottom of a shallow pond next to Katsura Grill in Epcot's Japan Pavilion. I say sometimes, because this rock image is not always present. In the photo, the rocks form an upside-down Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Claudia, and Ian B.)

On the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios, look for Mickey's big black shoes sticking up from the beach sand. They're in a photo on the floor of a display window of the Venture Travel Agency, which is on your right as you walk away from the Empire State Building. The photo's location changes in the window from time to time. (Thanks to Traci Garber and William Miles).

Don't miss this tiny red classic Hidden Mickey in the waiting area of Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano! It's on the exposed brick to the right and above the check-in podium and just to the left of the clusters of grapes. (Thanks to James Carraher).

Keep searching - you may find a new Hidden Mickey!
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February 16, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

Check out these images in various lands in the Magic Kingdom. Some are convincing to me as Hidden Mickeys; others are, well, maybe a stretch? Along the inside Standby entrance queue of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you'll pass this sign:

Look for gems, embedded at the tops of the barrels, that sometimes line up to form classic Hidden Mickeys. Like this one (Thanks to April Beisser):

Along both entrance queues (Standby and FASTPASS) of Splash Mountain, a Mickey sticker has been placed on an overhead light cover. Find it just past the area where you can see the Walt Disney World Railroad train. I think it will be in place for a while! (Thanks to Jackie Kushnier, and John Anthony D'Alotto).

A children's play area is along the outside exit area of Splash Mountain. Three logs stuck to the outside of the crawl space form a classic Hidden Mickey on its side. (Thanks to Tyler Glynn).

What about this image in the small rocks on this map on a wall toward the end of the entrance queues of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? Is there a Hidden Mickey at the lower part of the rocks? (Thanks to Cheryl Costello).

Here's a pretty good image on a map on a wall, about halfway along the Standby entrance queue of Jungle Cruise. Three dark circles form a classic Hidden Mickey tilted to the right. (Thanks to Deonna Hores).

Thanks, Disney, for all the great Hidden Mickeys!

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January 26, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom

I stood in line for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. You guessed it: I waited quite a while in that line, but I did enjoy studying the impressive details around the Beast's Castle. What do you think about this image in the rock wall? It's on the back of the partial wall behind the check-in station, on the left side just as you walk onto the entrance bridge toward the restaurant. Do the three circles make a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Katie Allen, Denise Hoffmann, and Rachel).

Off the right side of the middle of the entrance bridge to the restaurant, you can spot these three rocks in the arch of the bridge that supports part of the walkway to Gaston's Tavern. Do the rocks in the left middle of the photo form a decent Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Brett Weldon).

At the right rear terminal as you enter the food order room, take a look at the stack of books. Two images seem to come close to forming Hidden Mickeys; don't you think? One is at the corner of the top book cover, and another is on the spine of the second book from the bottom. (Thanks to Rayanne Johnson).


Along the right side of the exit from the Ballroom hangs a tapestry with a unicorn. What about those three flowers at the middle of its neck; a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez).

Many images on Disney Property can look like Mickey, if you stretch your imagination a bit. But some of the images do work!

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January 15, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at the Polynesian Village Resort and in Tomorrowland

I look for new Hidden Mickeys whenever I can, so recently I checked out renovations at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. New lighting hangs in the lobby, and some rope knots securing the round lights resemble Mickey shapes. What do you think? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo).

A new painting is posted on a wall near the elevators.

What about the rock circles in the sand at the lower middle of the painting! Do some of the circles form Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo).

I don't think there's much debate about this image, which looks purposeful and close to proportionate to me. The Hidden Mickey is formed of three balls hanging high in the middle rear of the Moana Mercantile shop on the second level. (Thanks to Tanya Brooks).

Over in the Magic Kingdom, I wonder about this image near the end of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, just to the left of the lady with the belt buckle Hidden Mickey. Do the steering wheel and other adjacent control panel circles form a Hidden Mickey under the large blue-green circle? (Thanks to Devon Newport, and Tyler and Ryan Glynn).

I appreciate your opinions!

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January 5, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Carousel of Progress and on Main Street, Magic Kingdom

The props in the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland change from time to time, especially in the final scene. Salt and pepper shakers with black classic Mickey heads were added to the right side of the kitchen counter in front of dad. (Thanks to Kristen Bevacqua, and Brianna Alvarez).

The presents around the Christmas tree are moved or replaced at times, but recently the green classic Mickey on a gift wrap and the plush Mickey by grandfather have been easier to spot!

Do you believe in positional Hidden Mickeys? Like this image from The Chapeau shop on Main Street, U.S.A. You have to look up from below to line up the mouthpiece with the bells on the antique phone on a wall in the shop. (Thanks to Octavio Perez).

A mirror is on the wall just to the left of the antique phone in The Chapeau shop. Do you think the design at the top center of the mirror frame is a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Mallory Tonra).

Take a look at the lollipops in a display window of the Main Street Confectionery store; the window faces Main Street. Do the colorful lollipops form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey (or upside-down Minnie Mouse because of the bow)? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez, and Kelsey Draves).

In the faux ticket window upstairs at the Main Street Train Station, the baggage ticket with the black Hidden Mickey markings on the letter "O" changes around at times, but at least it's still there!

Happy Hunting!

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December 15, 2014

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's Land Pavilion

A Hidden Minnie has appeared in the Land Pavilion at Epcot! Along the "Living with the Land" boat ride, look in the aquaculture section for a wire mesh Minnie (with a bow on her head) in the lower horizontal shrimp tank to the right of your boat. She's on the right of the wire mesh Hidden Mickey. I hope this Minnie sticks around! (Thanks to J. Scott Lopes, and Larry Brooks).

The above photo of Minnie is a close-up from the "Behind the Seeds" Tour, where you can more leisurely examine some of the Hidden Mickeys along the boat ride. Like the Mickey-shaped growing Malabar spinach plant that you can spot along the ride or on the tour. (Thanks to Frank Marando, and Marc Lorenzo).

Admire other images along the walking tour. For example, the agriculture folks create interesting displays in the lettuce section. In recent years, you can read the word "Epcot" (in green lettuce) to the left of the boat ride and along the tour.

On the tour, you walk just a few feet away from the classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey formed of coiled water hose (you can also see this from the boat ride) in the aquaculture section. Cast Members usually maintain this Hidden Mickey for our enjoyment.

Disney has posted a few Hidden Mickey photos for the benefit of the walking tour guests. Like the cucumbers that were grown in Mickey-shaped containers.

And photos of past lettuce Mickey formations.

So when you're on the Land Pavilion boat ride or on the walking tour, stay alert for Mickey images; you never know what the Cast Members will create next!

Happy Hunting!

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