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January 18, 2016

Questionable Hidden Mickeys at the World of Disney store and at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Take a look at the following images from around Walt Disney World. I had a few Hidden Mickey hunters with me to help me in the search (refer to the last photo)!

Walk to the Women's Apparel room at the right rear of the World of Disney store and glance up at the ceiling. Find the moon surrounded by clouds, which resemble Mickey's "ears" and "nose" and may form a side profile view of Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to James King).

Over at Disney's Hollywood Studios, hop on The Great Movie Ride and glance up to the left of your vehicle in the Tarzan room, where Jane sits on an elephant. Does the round fruit at the left side of Jane's basket make a convincing Hidden Mickey?

How about the fruit in the right side of Jane's basket? (Thanks to Gracie Hall).

My son spotted this image along the right wall as we strolled through Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. It's on the front of a bureau at the left side of a painting of the inside of a Barber Shop. The painting is to the right of a dancing Buddy Ebsen. Is it a side profile of Mickey Mouse?

Will we ever see the black cat from the Osborne Lights again? This photo is from December, 2015.

Admire a couple of intrepid Hidden Mickey hunters at the Studios: my son Steven and Gracen, who is fresh from a face painting (Rapunzel). She's nine years old, and this was her first visit to Walt Disney World! She learned pin trading in about five seconds, and I'll never forget the first Hidden Mickey I showed her - the classic Mickey in the vines on a merchandise cabinet in Epcot's Karamell-Kuche shop in Germany.

Happy Hunting!

January 11, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

We will likely never stop finding Mickey images in the lush and intricate and ever-changing Disney detail that surrounds us. That's fine with me, as it means that Disney is keeping the Hidden Mickey game alive for all of us!

How about these images? Are they Hidden Mickeys? This first one is from Adventureland. Three circles are part of a charm embedded in the floor near a door at the rear of the Agrabah Bazaar shop. A sign that says "Elephant Tales" is above the door. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

Another image is in the rocks (one large rock for the "head" and two small rocks for the "ears") embedded in a short wall to the left of the entrance to the Big Top Souvenirs shop in Storybook Circus. It's in the middle of the photo, just below the top cement sitting surface. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

Over inside Sir Mickey's store, the face opening in a knight's helmet sitting high on a shelf has a suspicious design. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jennifer Hess, and Robert Wescovich).

This next image is a bona fide Hidden Mickey. If you ride the ferryboat to or from the Magic Kingdom, remember to look for the coiled rope Mickey! Cast Members usually maintain this image along one or both loading dock walkways at the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center. Look next to a large post on either side as you walk onto or leave the boat at either loading dock.

I often check on my family brick to the right of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. It's fading over the years!

Keep searching!

December 21, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disney Springs and inside Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The World of Disney store at Disney Springs Marketplace is home to plenty of good Hidden Mickeys. I don’t know how long the following image has been peeking out under the radar, but it seems to be a decent Hidden Mickey, don’t you think? This metal emblem is used to cover holes or the ends of rods on the sides of some of the merchandise stands in the store. Tiny classic Mickeys are at the sides of the “World of Disney” banner on the emblem. (Thanks to Alena White).

Concept art is posted on construction walls in The Landing. Mickey hides in the leaves of a tree (on the right side of the photo) in this wall painting across from Fulton’s Crab House. (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

A classic Hidden Mickey is at the base of a stone pillar at the front left of a Pastries shop in another wall painting across from Fulton’s Crab House. I don’t know how long these concept art paintings will be on display at Disney Springs, so check them out soon if you can! (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

This winking Mickey may not be hidden, but it’s a cool image anyway! Find him on a pillar just inside an entrance to the D Street store at Disney Springs West Side. (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

Here’s an image inside the D Street store that appears to be a decent Hidden Mickey. Look near the floor for several groupings of bolts and washers that form classic Mickeys along the bottom of some of the merchandise stands inside the store. (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

What do you think of this image at the Star Wars Launch Bay in the Studios? Above the left side of the large metal door in the “Wookiee on Base” Meet and Greet area are three black smudges that might make a Mickey. I need help with this one! (Thanks to Luke Urso).

Enjoy the search!

November 30, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Lots of changes are taking place at the Studios! You can expect new Hidden Mickeys to appear as new areas and attractions open in the near future. I hope some of my favorite DHS Hidden Mickeys stick around a while!

What do you think about the following images? On Hollywood Boulevard, two collections of dots on the outside wall of the Mickeys of Hollywood store may form classic Hidden Mickeys, or maybe not? (Thanks to Austin Weber).

Here's another image.

At Watto's Grotto (where the shop at the exit of the Backlot Tour used to be),

this circuit board in a display at the right rear of the second room might contain a classic Mickey along the upper right edge of the board. What do you think? (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

Inside this display cabinet in the seating area room at the front left (as you face the food order counters) of the Backlot Express Restaurant, holes in a metal disk could form a sideways classic Mickey. (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

Keep searching; Hidden Mickeys are everywhere!

November 23, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at the Polynesian Village Resort and the Magic Kingdom

Folks find images on Disney property that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. What do you think about the following images?

On the upper and lower levels of the Polynesian Village Resort's main lobby, multiple circles are on top of some of the side tables. Each tabletop's design differs. Do you see any classic Hidden Mickeys in the circles? (Thanks to Elaine Smith).


Outside the window behind the seating area of Kona Cafe, three nails are grouped in a vertical wooden beam. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Benjamin K.).

On Main Street, U.S.A., small circles are scattered in the design of The Plaza Restaurant's outside signs. Any Hidden Mickeys in here? (Thanks to Scott Trask).

At the rear of the gift shop at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, a wall parchment of a Pirates map has various black symbols. Is one of them a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Caleb Pryor).

Keep searching!

November 2, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's Future World

Hidden Mickeys may be lost as Walt Disney World changes during refurbishments and with the addition of new areas and attractions. However, even with change, Disney preserves some Hidden Images. Let's walk to the Epcot Character Spot.

Near the Character Spot, a Mickey Mouse hat appears in a mural of silhouettes on an outside wall of Innoventions West. The wall faces The Land Pavilion and borders the walkway from Innoventions Plaza to Future World West. So far, this image has survived refurbishments. (Thanks to the Luckner Family, and the Hade Family).

At The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, I like to check to see if Cast Members have drawn classic Mickeys on the chalkboard at the upper level of the Manatee viewing area. The board lists the names and other information about the manatees in the pool. Not surprisingly, Hidden Mickeys on this chalkboard come and go. (I took this photo recently.)

What about this image? On the left side of the sign at the picture spot area outside The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction, look for three bubbles below the words "The Movie." Do the bubbles form a convincing classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Nancy Blevins, and Scott Trask).

This Mickey is worth searching for. Look high! It's a tiny white classic Hidden Mickey at the apex atop an outside sign on the roof for the Electric Umbrella restaurant. (Thanks to Julie Lawrence.)

Happy Hunting!

October 17, 2015

Questionable Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I visited the Studios to search for the following images. Let me know what you think!

Our first stop is Sid Cahuenga's Antiques and Curios, which is now a MyMagic+ service center. In the rooms at the right side of the shop, you can find remnants of the original shop, like these cameras on an upper shelf along the right wall of the room at the rear. Is there a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey on the front of the cameras? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Here's another image in Sid Cahuenga's. It's on the top right shelf of a cabinet with glass doors at the rear wall of the last room to the right. Is Mickey on the Ferris wheel a hidden image?

In the pre-show room of MuppetVision 3D, look for these faux vegetables or fruit in a crate at the left side of the wall to the far left (as you face the doors to the theater). Do the swirls in the green vine inside the crate and to the right form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

A few feet to the right in another crate along this same wall in the pre-show room is this collection of gauges at the right edge of the crate. Do they make a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

Perk your ears for this Hidden Surprise in the final scene of MuppetVision 3D. Concentrate amidst the loud music and noise, right after the band member has a tuba stuck over his head, and you'll pick up the famous refrain: "It's a small world after all, It's a small ..." Sorry, I know you'll be humming the song for the rest of your day! (Thanks to Jacob DePriest).

Enjoy the search!

October 15, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Tom Sawyer Island, Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer Island is a huge playground for kids (and adults like me). Not surprisingly, Disney placed some cool Hidden Images here. Let's start at the very back of the island, at Fort Langhorn. What do you think of this image? It's hanging on the left side of the outside wall of the Blacksmith's shop inside the fort. At the far left of the wall, markings on the side of this lower piece of horse bridle gear might form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

This next Hidden Mickey has been in place for a few years. It's on a handrail along stairs to one of the Rifle Roosts. Climb the stairs to your immediate right after you enter the fort and walk across the right upper walkway to the far right Rifle Roost. On top of the right handrail, about halfway up the steps to the top of the Rifle Roost, there is a Hidden Mickey created by: a wood knot, an additional mark, and an indentation in the wood. In the photo, the Hidden Mickey is sideways to the right.

In Old Scratch's Mystery Mine,

look for this image of Goofy on the wall. Halfway through the mine, bright shining gems embedded in the wall form a side profile of Goofy. He's looking to your right.

On the raft back to the mainland, don't miss this Hidden Mickey in the rocks. Across the river from the Tom Sawyer Island docks, look at the right end of the bridge in Frontierland for three rocks that form a classic Mickey. They're located halfway between the last two vertical posts that support the handrail, about one foot down from the top of the rocks. The Hidden Mickey is in the second row of rocks from the top. (It's also visible from the Liberty Square Riverboat.)

Whenever I'm in Frontierland, I like to check out the Hidden Tinker Bell. Walk across from the entrance to the Tom Sawyer Island rafts to an exit from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - the exit closest to the Standby line entrance. A cutout in the reddish rock along this exit walkway resembles a side profile of Tinker Bell. She's behind the fence and between two metal carts, and she faces to your left.

Enjoy the search!

Looking for even more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

September 20, 2015

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

In the Magic Kingdom, I checked out a questionable Hidden Mickey image and a few old standards. I like to assure myself that some of the old Hidden Mickeys are still present, as I'm not surprised anymore (although I'm a bit saddened) when Hidden Mickeys disappear.

What do you think about this image in the gift shop at the exit of Space Mountain? It's made of two silver gears and a shadow of a gear above and behind the mannequin. Does the image qualify as a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Christine Peruski and Shawn Robertson.)


Along the entrance and exit of Splash Mountain, the birdhouse acorn Hidden Mickeys are intact. As you pass the photo viewing area on your way out, look over to the entrance queue to spot two classic Mickeys formed by acorns on a birdhouse with a rope ladder. One classic Mickey formation is above a door and below blue roof slats.


The other is on the right side of the birdhouse and near the peanut-shell chimney, above the curve of the red rail. (Other classic Mickey images are simulated elsewhere in the acorns).


I check on Hidden Mickeys traced in cement around Disney World, as these images tend to wear down with time. You can still admire this great classic Mickey on Main Street, U.S.A. It's impressed in the cement outside the Crystal Arts store entrance, on a gray flagstone between the red cement and the bricks of the side street off of Main Street. Find a long crack (between red cement sections) that’s parallel to Main Street and starts in front of the entrance pillars at the store entrance. The gray flagstone is at the end of this crack, and the Hidden Mickey is at the lower right corner of the flagstone as you face the store. (It's in the middle of the photo below.)


Over at Disney Springs, DisneyQuest is still with us for now. What do you think of this image on a wall mural along the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold? Look for a necklace hanging over the side of a pile of treasure. Is that an upside-down classic Mickey at the end of the necklace? (Thanks to Nick.)


Enjoy the search!

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September 7, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Let's check on a few Hidden Images at the Studios. Our first stop is the Stage 1 Company Store near MuppetVision 3D. Find a ladder in a props display inside an entrance to the store. Look above the second rung from the floor at the black round object behind the ladder. Is this a sideways yellow Cinderella Castle painted on the object? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison.)


If you visit the Studios now, you can certainly sense some of the changes that are coming.


So we might lose the Magic of Disney Animation's Hidden Mickeys. At least, the ornate arches still welcome you to the Animation Courtyard with Goofy...


... and Donald Duck in the design.


What about this image on the floor of an outside display window of the Celebrity 5 & 10 store on Hollywood Boulevard? Do you see a Hidden Mickey in the design? (Thanks to Amanda Hertel.)


In the gift shop at the exit of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, a green guitar with a Hidden Mickey stood upright in a merchandise display. This guitar is no longer in the display, but two similar guitars, one green and one blue, are stuck horizontally on the ceiling in the middle of the shop. Three tiny classic Mickeys are on a silver plate at the base of each guitar. The Mickeys are formed of holes for the "ears" and screws for the "heads." Here's a close-up of the green guitar.


Stay tuned for more Hidden Mickeys to come at the Studios!

Looking for even more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

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