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2010 Flower and Garden Festival - Sneak Peek

As you know, the 2010 Flower and Garden Festival starts on March 3rd. However, the planting of the flower gardens, bringing in and setting up the topiaries and the merchandise kiosks starts long before that opening day. This is a massive undertaking that takes hundreds of Cast Members working throughout many nights to complete.

Today I went over to Epcot to see what work has been done to date. Quite a few of the topiaries are up, but not the big display at the Epcot entrance or the one by the entrance to World Showcase. I think those will be the last ones to be put in place. Also, most, but not all, of the flower gardens have been planted and most of the kiosks are in place.

Anyway, following are some "sneak peek" pictures of what I saw:

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

Flower & Garden Sneak Peek

The 2010 Flower and Garden Festival runs from March 3rd until May 16th. It's a "not to miss" event that I look forward to each year. I think that Epcot is beautifully landscaped year round, but during this festival all I can say is WOW!

Also, one of my favorite parts of the festival are the Flower Power Concerts held each weekend evening at the American Garden Theater. You can be sure I will be there every week.

I hope you get to enjoy the festival!

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Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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The previous post in this blog was A Walking Tour of Epcot's Italy Pavilion.

The next post in this blog is Flower Power Concert: Jose Feliciano.

Comments (30)


This post just made me so excited!! I leave in less than 3 weeks for my 19th visit - my second during the Flower and Garden Festival. I agree it is a must see. I love Disney any time, but this is probably one of the best times to visits! Thanks for the sneak peak!

DizneyMike replies: Meghan, lucky you to visit so often and for visiting during this wonderful event. Glad you liked my sneak peak....Mike


As always great blog....love the picture!!
I hope you can show us more picture specially the place where you can find the topiaries of Tinkerbell and friends...

DizneyMike replies: Marianela, I'll keep checking and let you know once they put Tink up....Mike


Thanks for those beautiful pictures. My favorite picture was of the Lady and the Tramp topiaries. I loved all the clay pots surrounding them. Thanks again

DizneyMike replies: Kim, that topiary is is front of the wine shop in the Italy pavilion. Also around that pavilion are other clusters of clay pots filled with beautiful flowers. I hope you get to see them in person...Mike

cathy mullen:

Hi Mike,
I must get to this flower show someday! Thank you for the lovely sneak peek!

DizneyMike replies: Cathy, thanks for the comment! Hopefully, in the near future, you will get to see the Flower and Garden show in person...Mike


My husband and I visit Disney once or twice a year. This year, for the first time, we are going during the Flower and Garden Festival. Your pictures make me sure that this is indeed the time to come. Thank you for whetting the appetite!

DizneyMike replies: Lorin, I'm sure you'll love the Flower and Garden Festival; just take you time and explore; you'll be amazed at what those Disney folks can do with flowers....Mike


Looks like the Dancing Mushrooms got better positioning this year?

DizneyMike replies: Jud, those Dancing Mushrooms were still behind a tree lined barrier so I had to reach over and through to get that picture. However, they are located in the area where Tinks garden had been in previous years; on the walkway between World Showcase and Future World and near the Rose garden....Mike


I will be there on May 17th---please tell me they leave everything up for a while. It is making me sick to think I will miss the beautiful flowers. I particularly want to see the butterflies.

DizneyMike replies: Deb, I'm sure that the Topiaries and flowers will still be there for you to see. However, my guess is that the merchandise kiosks and butterfly garden will be closed. I hope I'm wrong so you can get to see that...Mike

Randy Hatch:

Hi Mike
Great job as usual, my family and I just left on the 20th and visited Epcot on Tuesday and I could see the beginnings of what you posted, it is amazing how they can put things together so quickly and neatly.
Thanks for the update it makes me want to still be there to see what you just posted

DizneyMike replies: Randy, it is amazing what Disney does. When I see what they've done with Epcot I, like most guests, truly appreciate the beauty, however, I'm also blown away thinking about all the skill, craftsmanship, artistry, planning and hard work that it takes to pull something like this off; very, very impressive! Thanks for the comment....Mike

Brenda :

OH boy!! Thanks for this great sneak peek. We leave in just 121 1/2 hours (not that I'm counting), and this entry just ratcheted up the happy anticipation by several degrees... if that's possible, lol! I can't believe how early the festival is starting this year - what a wonderful stroke of luck for us, since it begins the week we'll be there - and on the special day of the "birthday girl" no less! We saw it once before, during a June trip, and it really is a visual feast for the senses. I encourage all good Mousejunkies to try to see it at least once!

DizneyMike replies: Brenda, what better place to celebrate a birthday than WDW, right? Happy Birthday (in advance)! Enjoy that trip and thanks for the comment...Mike


I have been to disney many times before, but usually I can only go in the middle of the summer. This year I was able to book a trip the last week in March and it is the first time I'll be there for the Flower and Garden Festival. Your post made me so excited for my trip thanks for all of your work!

DizneyMike replies: Lauren, lucky you! What a great time to visit. If you're here March 27th, - 29th make sure you take in the Flower Power concert. Starship (We Built This City) is playing this weekend and definitely worth seeing....Mike


Hi Mike,
LOVE the pix! This will be my 5th visit to the Flower and Garden show, but the first 2 were as it was setting up. After that, I needed to see the whole event. It is my favorite time to visit the World. Your pix provide a lot of anticipation for our visit in a few weeks!

I am wondering where the giraffes are. I am not sure I have seen them before and want to make sure I catch them this time.

Thanks for all your blogs - I enjoy each and every one!

DizneyMike replies: Anne, the giraffes are on the grassy area in back of Spaceship Earth (near the pin trading kiosk). That area contains three sections of Lion King related topiaries. So, if you come into Epcot using the main entrance stay to the right of Spaceship Earth and you'll walk right towards them. Thanks for the wonderful comment; it's much appreciated....Mike



Thanks for the beautiful preview, my family and I leave in 70 days and I am estatic about going during the Flower and Garden Festival, we have not been during the F&G Festival since 2004. I will make sure all my camera cards are empty and ready to go!!!

Thanks again for all your wonderful blogs and pictures. I enjoy reading them all!!!

DizneyMike replies: Melissa, what a wonderful time to go! The weather should be really nice for you at that time. Yes, you'll want to take lots of pictures to show family and friends all the beautiful flowers. Thank you very much for the nice words....Mike


Mike, I always enjoy your blogs. Thank you for taking the time to write them for us! I will be down in April to see Peter Noone at the Flower Power Concert. He always gives a great show. I do wonder, since they are only having the shows on the weekends now, are the crowds still manageable? Will I need to que up hours before to get a seat?

DizneyMike replies: Lynne, I agree that Peter Noone puts on a GREAT show! He's one of my favorites! To answer your question, since the concerts are only on weekends they are more crowded than before, however, not so crowded that you can't get in. The first show is usually has the biggest audience and the last show the smallest audience. Now I you want to be up front then you will need to queue up early. Thanks for the great comment....Mike

Barbara Amick:

This will be my 4th year for the Flower & Garden show, so happy to see your previews.
Just counting the days until May 2nd arrives so
my Granddaughter and I can enjoy all the beautiful work put on by the Disney crew, it's amazing.
We went during Spring break last year and though we enjoy the visit it was very hot for that time of the year, hope it's not so warm this time.
Always enjoy the photo op when one first arrives at Epcot.

Barbara, I'm looking forward to see what they come up with for the Epcot entrance topiaries. It's always something very special. Thanks for commenting and enjoy that trip...Mike

James Hoekzema:

My four year old and two year old are all ready packing for our visit the third week of April. What do you know of the band A.R.S.? I just spent twelve hours plowing eight inches of snow here in MI. We enjoy your blog for a little Disney fix.
Hoekzema family

DizneyMike replies: James, I really don't know anything about the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with their music. I'm hoping they are good because there are so many other bands from that era out there (like the Grassroots) that I would have liked to see perform. Thanks for the comment....Mike

Heath Baker:

Mike...all of your pics are great! Thanks for gathering and posting for our viewing pleasure. My wife and I have been down to WDW about a dozen times - but never during F&G. It's something that I've always wanted to do - and this year we're finally going to make it..albeit late in it's run (5/8-5/21). And to make it an even sweeter trip, we're bringing my in-laws along who have not been down in over 20 years! Should be a lot of fun...

Keep the blogs and pics coming...they're awesome!

DizneyMike replies: Heath, I know that you and your wife and your in-laws will really enjoy F&G. Don't forget to take in the Flower Power concerts; they're great! Thanks for the comment...Mike


Thank you for these wonderful photo's! They have made me so excited for our vacation April 30th -May 10th. This will be our 4th trip in 5yrs and the 3rd time during the Flower and Garden Festival. It is so beautiful and fascinating that our entire family (13 all together) enjoy walking Epcot and taking it all in. Thank you again:-)

DizneyMike replies: Kelly, I think that's wonderful that your entire family shares a WDW vacation! What a great family event. Enjoy your time at Disney and thanks for sharing that with us...Mike


Thanks for the great pics. Some of these look similar to the ones from last year. My husband and I were there in early May of 09. I bought a cute small mouse topiary, and have managed to keep it alive. It's a great reminder of our last trip. Keep up the great blog!

DizneyMike replies: Angela, many topiaries do overlap from year to year. Mainly because they are so popular. I must admit that I'm impressed that you kept that Mickey topiary alive for a whole year. We purchased one many years ago; but sadly it didn't survive for long. Thanks for the comment...Mike

sue and jerry ziolkowski:

Hi Mike,

The pics are great! We will be coming down the first week of May and can hardly wait. This will be our first trip during the flower and garden show, we hope to get some good tips for our own plants!

Take care

The Ziolkowski family

DizneyMike replies: Sue and Jerry, be sure to pick up a festival guide when you enter the park. It will list all the locations and times for the various F&G events. Quite a few are held in the Festival Center which is in the old Wonders of Life pavilion. Enjoy the trip and thanks for commenting....Mike


Thanks for the sneak previews! Only 21 days and 3 hours to go until I leave for my March visit to WDW. It will be my third visit during the F&G show. I am coming from cold and snowy Vermont so I really appreciate the extra Spring beauty that the show brings every year. I also love groovin'(am I showing my age?) to the concerts on the weekends. I can't wait. I am sorry that I will miss the Mousemeets tho. I would love to meet you all as I enjoy all of the blogs.
Hope to see you at the David Cassidy show woohoo!

DizneyMike replies: Penny, I will be at least one of the David Cassidy concerts. When you get your schedule worked out let me know (DizneyMike@aol.com) what concert you're going to and maybe we can meet up. Thanks for the comment....Mike

Marta Toomey:

We go to Disney every Fall and Spring. We love going to the concerts and seeing the beautiful floral arrangements. Minnie's Buterfly house is so neat. I love just standing in there and watching the butterflies fly onto your shoulder or the top of your head. We will be there March 1, so we hope to see you and Deb on Friday at Epcot. Ohio is cold and snowy we need some sunshine, so I know Disney will deliver the sun and spring for us.

DizneyMike replies: Marta, I agree that the butterfly garden is pretty neat. Also, I hope you can stop by and say hello to us. Thanks for the comment...Mike



Does Disney leave the topiaries up after the festival? We will be there the week after and I would love to see some of these.

DizneyMike replies: Michelle, it does take them some time to take down all the topiaries, so there's a good chance you'll get to see some, but not all, of them....Mike


Hi Mike....

Great pics! I can't wait 'til next week. I'm so glad they're starting the festival earlier than ever this year.

I heard they're doing something different with Victoria Gardens this year; did you see any indication of any changes while you were there?

Hope to run into you there (maybe next week.)
See Ya!

DizneyMike replies: Johnny, I do have one picture in this blog of Victoria Gardens. I thought it was beautifully landscaped as it always is. The only thing that I noticed is that the use of purple flowers was consistent with that colors use in other locations. It seems that this is a popular choice this year. But, other than that I didn't notice anything really unusual...Mike


Great pictures! I've been to WDW a lot, but never during the Flower & Garden Festival. I've been a couple of times during the Food & Wine Festival, which I love. If you had a pick a favorite between these two Epcot festivals, which would it be? Thanks!

DizneyMike replies: Kathryn, that's a difficult question to answer. Both are great; but different. F&W is more adult oriented with all the food, wines, beers and cooking events. F&G is more family oriented. So, a lot depends on who you're traveling with; children or adults. Also, the F&W draws more guests so it's more crowded. I love them both for different reasons and I'm fortunate that I don't have to choose between them; I get to go to both....Mike


Thanks Mike, for the reply about Victory Gardens.
It turns out I read the info right here on All-ears (under "General Info".)
Had I read it more carefully however, I would have noticed that it says this "New Victory Garden" will be located at The American Adventure.
"Disney's 'Fab Five' topiary pals - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy - will be gathering at The American Adventure...."

While I have you...the general info also states that the Butterfly House will be relocated to Future World West but the festival guide shows it still in Future World East (it looks to me like it's in FW East from your pics, as well.)

DizneyMike replies: Johnny, you're right, the Butterfly House is right where it's always been; no change there at all...Mike


We are leaving May 1st & I can't wait! We have a 6 & 8 (will turn 9 while we are there). My husband & I haven't been since we got married 12 years ago. And we are so excited! I can't wait to see all the beautiful flowers & see how things have changed!

DizneyMike replies: Tami, what great ages for your children to see the wonders of WDW! Enjoy that vacation, I know it will be magical....Mike

Daryl Grider:


You said, 'Epcot is beautifully landscaped year round, but during this festival all I can say is WOW!'

I couldn't agree more.

The morning I walked into Epcot and found it fully dressed for the Flower and Garden Festival was for me a peak experience. It also brought back the joy of my very first encounter with Epcot over twenty years ago. Anyone who loves Epcot above all the other parks, but hasn't seen Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival hasn't truly seen Epcot.

From your experience of them over the years, how much do the displays change from Festival to Festival? For instance, are there parts that are the equivalent of a museum's permanent collection, and others that are changed out from year to year?

DizneyMike replies: Daryl, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Epcot and the F&G Festival. Prior to my wife and I moving down here five years ago I only visited during the F&G a couple times. So, I can't talk about the longevity of some of the topiaries. I can tell you though that Mickey and the gang along with all the Princesses and Princes are always there. Others, like topiaries from Fantasia, The Lion King and other Disney movies have been around for some time. The topiaries do get moved around and new ones introduced from time to time; but most are repeated year after year....Mike


My husband and I are heading down this Thursday and can't wait for the F&G festival!
We were here the same weekend last year for the 1/2 marathon and I was disappointed that the festival didn't open until after we left.
Thanks for all the great pictures.
I am smiling just thinking about how beautiful everything will be!

DizneyMike replies: Laura, be prepared to keep smiling because Epcot is something to behold! Enjoy your trip....Mike



Will the flowers look just as pretty in May as they do in March? I know Disney will keep things looking beautiful, but wondered if it is better to go in March or early April rather than wait until May.

Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful!

DizneyMike replies: Beth, you will not be a bit disappointed visiting in May. With the weather we've had recently it may take awhile for the flowers to fully bloom. You can be assured that Disney will keep Epcot looking incredible for you, so don't worry. Thanks for the comment...Mike


I have gone to Disneyworld for many, many years in May and 1st of June and have always enjoyed the Flower & Garden Festival.. I am disappointed to see that they will be ending it this year before we get down there.. we're coming down May 26th and wondered if there will be any topiaries or flowers still there?

DizneyMike replies: Judy, since the Flower and Garden Festival officially ends on May 16th my guess is that most if not all of the topiaries will be taken down by May 26th. For your sake I hope I'm wrong and that a few will still be up. Either way, I'm sure you'll have a GREAT trip here...Mike

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