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A Walking Tour of Epcot's China Pavilion

I don't know about you, but I ate far too much over the holidays and I really need a little exercise; OK maybe I need more than a "little" exercise. -:) So, come join me as we take a walk through the beautiful China pavilion and hopefully burn a few calories along the way.

Growing up I often dreamed about traveling to China. The rich history of the country, the customs of the Chinese people and the colorful architecture of buildings and ancient structures combine to create a mystique and allure of that far off land. Unfortunately, I never made it to China. However, thankfully Disney brought a tiny bit of China to me to enjoy over and over again.

Today we're going to explore that little bit of China. The pavilion is filled with color, beauty and smells that surely will please our senses. Also, there's a lot to learn about Chinese history, which is so rich, and we'll learn a little about modern day China as well. However, as we walk pay careful attention to the level of detail that you'll find here. The carving, sculptures and paintings are so intricate and abundant. We'll see dragons and animals all around us. So, let's begin our walk!

We're walking towards the China pavilion from Norway.

Walking to China

The first thing we see is "The Gate of the Golden Sun". This is modeled after the main gate at the summer palace of Beijing.

The Gate of the Golden Sun

As you'll see, many of the buildings, structures and streets have plaques with names and information. Here's the one that's on the right hand side column of The Gate of the Golden Sun.

The Gate of the Golden Sun sign

The three-tiered, Temple of Heaven (which symbolizes the Chinese universe) is one half scale reproduction of its counterpart near Beijing.

The Temple of Heaven

As we walk towards the temple we see the sign for Reflections of China. A Circle-Vision 360 film on China. To see the film we will first pass through the temple.

Reflections of China sign

Here's a little closer look at the temple.

The Temple of Heaven

As we walk towards the temple there is a very peaceful and beautiful garden and pond. It's a great place to just stop and meditate.

Garden and pond

Garden and pond

Garden and pond

As we walk up the steps we see a giant slab with a carving of a dragon in front of the temple.

Dragon Carving

There is a handicap ramp to the left of the stairs.

Handicap ramp

Let's go inside the temple.

Inside is the spectacular Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. "Many of its architectural details, both inside and out, have important significance to the Chinese people. Inside the hall, there are 12 outer columns supporting the roof. They represent the 12 months of the year and the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. Closer to the center of the room are 4 columns representing the four seasons. These columns support a beam, representing Earth, which is topped by a round beam, signifying Heaven." China

Inside the Hall of Prayer

Inside the Hall of Prayer

Looking up at the ceiling. What a sight! I understand that this room is acoustically perfect so if you stand in the center of the room and speak you will hear yourself talk; pretty cool, huh?

Inside the Hall of Prayer

Just beyond the Hall of Prayer is a large room where you can sit and relax while waiting to see the Reflections of China film. It's a beautiful Circle-Vision 360 film where a guide takes us back in history with spectacular views of the Great Wall of China, breathtaking scenic views of mountains and rivers and into the very modern cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai. It's definitely not to be missed.

Waiting area

There are no seats inside the theater, so plan on standing for the entire movie.

Inside the theater

There is an entrance into the Tomb Warriors in the large movie seating area. Note: there is another entrance just to the left of the temple which we'll pass by later. However, today we're going to enter from the movie seating area.

Tomb Warriors entrance

Here's a picture of the Tomb Warriors plaque that you'll see on the entrance.

Tomb Warriors plaque

The Tomb Warriors exhibit is one of the most incredible in all of Walt Disney World. I consider it a hidden gem. There is just so much history on display. It's amazing to read how the terracotta army was discovered and the unbelievable effort the Chinese government is taking to piece it all together. Truly something that you shouldn't miss!

The Tomb Warriors

As you walk around the room and view the various exhibits you'll see that they give a good history of the terracotta army. This plaque reads as follows:

"Tomb Warriors - Qin Dynasty (221 - 210 B.C.). These tomb warriors were intented to be the protectors of the emperor beyond the grave. Because nearly all the faces of the tome warriors are unique, some archeologist believe that the figures were modeled after real solders. Many other emperors followed Qin's example and created their own special armies. One tomb even provided a mess hall for the convenience of the terracotta statues."

Tomb Warriors exhibit

Here's a few more pictures of the exhibit. I encourage you to walk around the room as there's lots more to see.

Tomb Warriors exhibit

Tomb Warriors exhibit

Here's the other entrance to the Tomb Warriors.

Tomb Warriors entrance

The Street of Good Fortune is the area between the temple and the Yong Feng Shangdian Department store. Please take the time to look around. It's just beautiful!

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Street of Good Fortune

Fortunately for you shoppers, we've saved some time to browse through the Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store and maybe pick up an item or two.

Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

The Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store - Bountiful Harvest sign

Bountiful Harvest sign

I'm not a big shopper, however, I do love to look around this store. They have so many beautiful and fascinating items. The workmanship and quality of what they sell is really outstanding. So, go ahead and browse and we'll meet back a little later.

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Inside Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store

Another store entrance with the Bountiful Harvest sign

Another store entrance

Bountiful Harvest sign

The Kidcot station is located inside the store.

Kidcot location

Are you getting hungry? Well there's a really good counter-service restaurant here called the Lotus Blossom Cafe. The cafe is very popular; maybe that's because the food is so good!

Lotus Blossom Cafe

Sign out front of cafe

Inside the cafe

There are a number of tables where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

Cafe seating area

The Nine Dragons restaurant is the full service restaurant in the pavilion. I've eaten here many times and really enjoy the food. Very, very good. And on most days you can walk into this restaurant and be seated.

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons

Also, there is the Joy of Tea kiosk out on the main sidewalk. Here you can get a drink and snack to take along as you walk.

Joy of Tea

And, if you want to do some last minute shopping this kiosk has some pretty neat stuff.

Shopping kiosk

Here's the sign that's in front of the pavilion that shows the entertainment and the schedule.

Entertainment sign

The very beautiful Mulan posing for a picture.

Mulan poses

Si Xian is folk music played by very talented musicians on traditional Chinese instruments. You can watch these performances inside the temple while waiting to see the movie.

Si Xian

After her performance she was ready to answer any questions.

Si Xian

The Dragon Legend Acrobats are not to be missed. They are a very talented group of young men and women who have balance and agility beyond belief. Hopefully you've stopped and watched them perform before. Note: if it's raining out they will perform inside the temple. Otherwise you can see them just inside the Gate of the Golden Sun.

Dragon Legend Acrobats perform

Dragon Legend Acrobats perform

Dragon Legend Acrobats perform

Dragon Legend Acrobats perform

There are three rock formations on the walkway in front of the pavilion. Are they serpents? What do you think? Do you know? Here's pictures of two of them.

Rock formation

Rock formation

OK, did you look up and see all those dragons and animals? Well, in case you didn't here's a few pictures to give you an idea of what you missed.

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

Dragons and animals

One last look before we move on.

Last Look

It's on to Italy, our next stop.

Walkway leaving China

Looking out to Italy

Well, I hope you enjoyed this walk as much as I did and that you learned a little something about this beautiful country. As usual it was great having you walk with me. We're going to Italy next, so rest up and get yourself ready.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you like about the China pavilion or what your memories are of previous visits. I love to get comments.

Finally, be one of the first people to hear when my newest blogs go live on AllEars.net by joining "DisneyMike's World" Facebook group.

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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Comments (50)

Susan Albert:

Hi. I loved the walk. A question. How long have the Tomb Warriors been there? I don't remember seeing the sign. Thanks.

DizneyMike replies: Susan, I'm not sure how long they've been there but it's been awhile. Hopefully you'll visit again soon and get to see them....Mike


This was so beautiful!! I'm getting geared up for my trip next month and we're going to eat in China for the first time, so the timing was perfect!
The photos are lovely, and it made me feel like I could just walk into the picture!

Thanks for a little piece of happiness today!

DizneyMike replies: Becky, glad you liked the tour. Enjoy your trip and dinner in China...Mike


Hi Mike!

I am so excited to see you have continued your walking tour! I think we may be heading over in February and then again this summer. I am going to stop and smell the roses in each pavilion you have featured in your walking tours. We are all missing so much by just cruising on by to the next attraction. Thank you for all of the pictures. I can't wait to visit Italy next!

DizneyMike replies: Kristi, thanks for the nice comment. February will be here before you know it. Enjoy that vacation....Mike

Michelle B.:

Mike, thanks for yet another great tour. Usually I know about 90% of the info you write about and you fill in that other 10%, but this time I'd say I only knew about 40%. Wow have I missed a lot in China! Thanks for the illumination!

DizneyMike replies: Michelle, glad that I could pass along a little bit of new information...Mike

Maria D.:

Hey Mike, Your posts are so detailed! I felt like I was there...and I wish I was given the temps we have here in Boston!

DizneyMike replies: Maria, thanks, but it's not very warm here right now. Hopefully it will warm up soon...Mike

Franca Pate:

My kids and I are Annual passholders and love reading your column to find new things to see. We stumbled across the Tomb Warriors last month and were amazed. This is not to be missed. Absolutely phenominal! Love your blog and look forward to reading the next installment.

DizneyMike replies: Franca, yes, the Tomb Warriors are a real hidden gem. I hope this blog will encourage more people to discover this great exhibit. Thanks for the great comment...Mike

Connie L:

Wow! I thought I saw all of China and World Showcase for that matter. But after reading this thorough tour report I guess I did miss some areas. Even World Showcase is difficult to fully enjoy and see in 1 day. I hope to return soon and see it again.

DizneyMike replies: Connie, yes, if you take the time to fully explore each of the countries it's very difficult to enjoy the World Showcase pavilions in one day. Thanks for the comment...Mike

Suzanne Canada:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the Tours - I print them out and take them along with us (we live 45 mins away) and they really have enhanced our visits!

My best memory of the China pavilion: Our son was 11 (he's now 16), and was fascinated by the magic sticks being demonstrated in front of the gate. He begged me to buy him a set. I told him if he could get the hang of it in 10 minutes, and I meant really tossing the sticks, I'd buy them (knowing him, I figured he'd get bored of trying......) I was proven wrong in 5 minutes, he was a showman in 10 He spent the rest of the day entertaining small crowds of people at every pavilion from there to the UK, and beyond. I have some great pictures of him in the flower garden at France, with about 10 people watching. He was concentrating so hard, yet smiling all the time!


DizneyMike replies: Suzanne, what a great memory!!! It's things like this that make Walt Disney World such a magical place. Thanks for sharing that with us...Mike


Thanks Mike for the tour. We have been to disney twice and didn't get the chance to visit China. If we get to disney again, I will
make it a point to go to China. Your pictures were fantastic. You should be a tour guide.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your tour of Italy. Thanks again.

DizneyMike replies: Marilyn, hopefully you will be able to make the trip to WDW again soon. Also, I guess I am somewhat of a "tour guide" via these blogs. Thanks for the comment...Mike

Sarah Barnes:

I just love these walking tours... I actually get excited when I see a new one posted!

My children really enjoy the China pavilion. The magnetic rocks in one of shops really entertain (and yes, we've bought some and brought them home). The CMs at the Kidcot table have always been friendly. And we all really enjoy the movie as well

I really got to explore China though, when we signed up for the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. I highly recommend!

DizneyMike replies: Sarah, thanks for mentioning Kim Possible. It is a good way to explore these pavilions, but the pace needs to be slower than what I usually see. Parents and children rush from one clue to the other. My recommendation would be to slow the pace down and mix in some time in the pavilion before moving on to the next clue. Thanks for the comment....Mike

Mike Venere:

Thanks for the tour! I have pictures of the Tomb Warriors from August of 2007 so they have been there at least that long!

Agree on everything, great movie on the history of this fantastic country, the Lotus Blossum is one of the best counter service stands and the acrobats are amazing to watch!

DizneyMike replies: Mike, thanks for the comment, it's much appreciated....Mike


I am really enjoying your tour. I am looking forward to coming back next month and really looking at the things we usually rush by. I have seen some of the things but have sure missed a lot. No kids for next trip and an AP to take advantage of.

DizneyMike replies: Pam, as much as I enjoyed WDW with the kids I enjoyed it more without them. Without kids we were finally able to take our time and enjoy the parks more. Have fun...Mike


Tnanks Mike. On this cold but sunny morning that really helped.

DizneyMike replies: Lisa, thanks glad to be able to bring a little warmth into your life! ....Mike


Thanks for the great tour! We spent a lot of time in China on our last trip and my son got a neat marionnette/puppet from the department store. My youngest son who was 2 at the time loved the gardens and ponds and watching the frogs in the waterfalls. Thanks again. It's blogs like yours that keep me able to handle myself between trips to WDW! Especially up here in cold Minnesota this time of year! :)


DizneyMike replies: Tracey, thanks for the great comment. However, Florida feels more like Minnesota these days....Mike


Great mini-trip!!! Always enjoy your posts!!! Thanks!! Been to WDW over 35 + times since they opened and always discover something new on each visit..hopefully the Tomb Warriors will still be around when I visit again this coming December. Thanks again!!!

DizneyMike replies: Mike, I can't say for sure, but I would think that the Tomb Warriors exhibit will be still there in December. It's definitely worth spending some time viewing it....Mike


Xie Xie Mike!

The tour was wonderful, almost a little mini vacation!
I get misty eyed watching Reflections of China.
Last time we were there, our kiddos had us watch the Dragon Legend Acrobats outside twice in one day, despite the 90 degree heat and sun. (Oh to have half that heat and warmth outside right now!) They also had so much fun working on their masks and getting their names in Chinese from the castmembers.

Thanks again!

DizneyMike replies: Shannon, I'm glad that you liked the tour. Also, thanks for mentioning about having your name written in Chinese; that's pretty cool. Thanks again...Mike



I really enjoyed your China tour. My family actually went on a vacation to China last year and it is really amazing to see how authentic the buildings and structures in the Epcot pavillion are. I recognized most of them by their pictures. Disney is always top notch with their detailing.

DizneyMike replies: Jill, recently I saw a special on the History Channel about China and like you I was amazed at how well Disney did recreating some of the building. It gave added meaning to what I saw in the pavilion. Thanks for the comment...Mike


I've completely missed the Tomb Warriors and the Street of Good Fortune every time I've been there! I need to spend more time walking around! Something for me to do the next time I head to Epcot. Thanks, Mike!

DizneyMike replies: Suzie, hopefully you'll be back here soon. Thanks for the comment....Mike


In all the times we've been to the world (and that's alot),China has not always been on our "must-do" list. But seeing it from your prospective gives me new reasons to check it out on our next visit in Oct. Thank you!

DizneyMike replies: Karen, I hope you do check it out and do enjoy your time there....Mike



I've been fortuate to visit China and Disney's version is remarkably accurate. I have pictures from the Forbidden City gates that are exactly like your pictures from Epcot! We adopted our daughter from China who was born near where the Mulan story originated so visiting Mulan is a must for us. Your trip reports are great and really bring details to light that most of us miss. Keep up the good work!

DizneyMike replies: Kevin, your trip to China must have been awesome, especially because of the little treasure (your daughter) that you brought back with you! Thanks for the comment....Mike


Thanks for the tour. I've always walked by the China pavillion until last year when I was helping my cousin solve the Kim Possible clues.
It was very warm so I went in an saw those magnificent statues. What a revilation! I am going back by myself this March and look forward to using your "walks" as a guide to do more exploring of Epcot.
Thanks Mike!

DizneyMike replies: Penny, I'm glad you like the tours. Enjoy that March trip; it will be here before you know it...Mike

Diane Soares:

Hi Mike,

Love your walking tours! We are going to Epcot next week. It has been 10 years since we have been to Disney! I do have a question though. We were in China in 2008 and saw the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors. They were magnificent! I am wondering if the ones in Epcot are replicas or has China lent them to Epcot. Thank you for your great tours.

DizneyMike replies: Diane, how exciting to be visiting WDW after 10 years. Lots of great new stuff for you to do and see. To answer your question, the Tomb Warriors are replicas of the ones in China. Enjoy your trip....Mike


Loved the walking tour Mike! China is one of my favorite spots in World Showcase. I am glad the 360 movie is back - it is awesome to see and enjoy. The history of China is clearly shown in their architecture and exhibits.
In case no one as tried it - try the Red Bean or Ginger ice cream - they are out of this world!

DizneyMike replies: Thanks for the nice comment and the tip....Mike


Thanks so much for taking the time to write for us. I really do enjoy reading your blogs and I can't imagine how time consuming it is for you. So thank you!!

I'm a florida resident and have been blessed with visiting Disney many times over the years and just this past October I made it a point to watch all the movies and spend time in each Country at Epcot thanks to your and Jack's blogs. You both always talk about the importance of slowing down and paying attention to detail...I hope others listen to you as well because not only did I see things different, I really enjoyed it more than I had in the past!

DizneyMike replies: Corey, although it does take some time putting together the blog it's something that I love to do and it's so much fun; however, most importantly it's so rewarding when folks like you take the time to comment. Without the comments we have no idea if anyone is reading the blogs or not. So, thank you for taking the time to comment; it's much appreciated....Mike


Hi Mike,

The intricate detailing in the international pavilions never fail to amaze me. My sister and I stumbled upon the China pavilion on a trip about a year ago and were fascinated by the beautiful exhibits and the 360 film. I have the opportunity to study abroad in China this summer and will get to experience the Terracotta Army in Xi'an and Tian Tan in Beijing, and I think this will only enhance my future visits to this pavilion by making me realize how elaborately--and accurately--the World Showcase pavilions are themed by the Imagineers.

As always, thanks for the post!

DizneyMike replies: Jennifer, any room in your suitcase for me? -:) Lucky you to be able to see the wonders of China in person. Enjoy your time there, as I know you will, and be safe....Mike


I am really enjoying your tour of World Showcase series. On our trip this summer we actually skipped China because our young children were restless. This March we will definitely have to make it a point to visit China. My husband and I haven't been there since before we had children. We'll have to introduce them to it. Thank you for this interesting series!

DizneyMike replies: Reagan, March should be a great month to visit. The weather should be perfect for you. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the comment....Mike

Isabelle Doiron:

This was very nice and instructive. Been their twice and found it very interesting. Thank you for the walk and keep up your good work.

DizneyMike replies: Isabelle, thanks for the nice comment...Mike

Fred Thomas:

Thanks for the pleasant and informative tour, and beautiful photos, Mike. The China pavillion is certainly one of the treasures of WS. I love visiting the Tomb Warriors... I find them fascinating.

DizneyMike replies: Fred, thanks for the comment! The China pavilion is truly a special place to visit...Mike

Jamie Miller:

I didn't know about the Tomb Warriors exhibit! I will for sure have to check that out on our next trip. Thanks so much for making this known, because it looks really cool. This blog was amazing. I had no idea that there was so much in China.

DizneyMike replies: Jamie, yes the exhibit is really cool! I'm sure you'll really enjoy it...Mike


Hi Mike,
We went to the World Showcase for the first time in Oct 09 and we loved it. We were there for the Food and Wine Festival. I particularly liked China. The tomb warriors remind me of the Army showed in the Dragon Emperor Mummy Movie with Jet Li. The exhibit was cool. The american adventure made us feel like home since it featured New Orleans where we r from.

Thanks for the Tour.

DizneyMike replies: Bridget, Thanks for the comment. I hope all is well in New Orleans and that you get to visit WDW again soon....Mike


Hey Mike,

Great tour! I realize now that I have never given China the time it deserves. I will change that on my next trip in Feb.


DizneyMike replies: Heather, that's pretty much what happens to most visitors. Everyone is in a hurry to move on. I hope your next trip will be sometime soon. Thanks for the comment...Mike

Lydia Yaden:

I did not know the "Tomb Warriors" exhibit existed! Can't wait to see it in person. Thanks for giving me a new reason to go this year. (As if I needed one) ha

DizneyMike replies: Lydia, yup, you now have that reason to go; so what are you waiting for? Thanks for the comment...Mike



Thanks for the great walk through China! We waited around to see the acrobats last summer and it was worth the wait - these kids are truly phenomenal. It was a tough wait however, since the florida sun was shining down with no break from the heat! We've eaten at the sit-down restaurant twice and enjoyed it very much. I really love the colors and the hustle and bustle of China. I'm not crazy about the shopping there, though we did get some of my favorite souvenirs ever here: two beautifully decorated pairs of chopsticks; one for me, one for my husband!

DizneyMike replies: Brittany, yes the Florida summer sun can be difficult, as you know, watching the acrobats was worth it. Thanks for the comment...Mike


Mike: Thanks for another great "walking" tour! You've inspired me to spend more time in China on our next visit.

For some reason, I don't remember seeing the rock formations before. ??? How did I miss that? Maybe I'm just forgetting!

Thanks again,


DizneyMike replies: Jimmie, I'm not sure how long the rock formations have been there but they have been there for quite some time. Maybe someone else knows. Thanks for the comment...Mike

Cathy Walzer:

Mike, I'm so glad you went to China! I've been to the store there many times, but I have to admit, I didn't even know the Tomb Soldiers were there. I've never been into the Temple, I've always just walked past it. I'm going to be in WDW in July and I'm definitely going to spend more time in China. Your blog has opened by eyes to what I've been missing!

DizneyMike replies: Cathy, I glad to have shown you a little bit about the beauty of China. Enjoy your July trip....Mike


Wow. I bet I've been to EPCOT 9 times and I've never made my way back to view all of this. I didn't know half of it was there. I'll have to take a look next visit!

I'm looking forward to the walk through Italy!

DizneyMike replies: Troy, I think that most people who visit Epcot are like you; I know that how I used to be. However, I've learned to slow down and open my eyes, there's so much to see....Mike

Penny U:

Loved it! Can't wait until Italy.

DizneyMike replies: Penny, glad you like the blog...Mike


Hi!, a Chinese friend of mine here in NJ just had a baby before I left for WDW last year. In Chinese tradition, you should give the baby a small gold braclet for good fortune. I went to the China store and bought a card, asked them to inscribe it to her & baby in Chinese. Also bought a gift of teas & serene, calm music CD as gift for new mother. I was told (by the male manager) that it is not tradition to gift the mother. but the 2 sales WOMEN thought it was a wonderful idea & said they planned to continue it in their families. Hopefully, I started a good idea, not an international incident!! The new mom was well pleased with all the gifts! :)

DizneyMike replie: Barbara, I think you may have started a great new tradition. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story with us...Mike


from the Netherlands, 'Ni Hao' to you Mike,

Thanks for your tours around World Showcase. We spent our honeymoon in WDW in may 2008 and completely left out all those great things you show us at WS! Thanks to your tours we found out that we didn't see and enjoy half of World Showcase back then. After all those films and shows at WDW, we didn't want to see yet another film at China and now we're sorry we didn't!

We're now getting ready for our next trip to WDW in 6 days (we're so exited!!) and defenately will spend more time at WS! Our friends and family call us crazy traveling so far to see 'the mouse', but we can say: we're making a trip around the world in 8 days!!

Thanx again, looking forward to your next blog!

DizneyMike replies: Hanneke, crazy you're NOT! I think that you and your husband are very smart and very fortunate to travel to WDW for your vacation. Disney is a magical place where you can leave all your cares and worries behind and step into that wonderful fantasy world. I'm excited for the two of you! I know you're going to have a great time. Thanks for taking the time to write and enjoy that vacation....Mike


hey mike
thanks for the great tour of china. I always make it a point to see the movie. I love learning about the culture. it fasinates me so much. thanks again.

DizneyMike replies: Josh, no better place in WDW than Epcot to learn about different cultures. Thanks for the comment...Mike

sue and jerry ziolkowski:

What a great article. Disney doesn't miss a beat to detail. We usually just wonder around this attraction, as we walk around the world, we will have to take a closer look and really spend some quality time here for our upcoming trip this year.

DizneyMike replies: Sue and Jerry, you are right, Disney does a great job with all the details....Mike

Thanks for the great pictures. What amazes me about all of Disney World, but especially the China Pavilion is the bold colors. It's amazing that every day the colors pop and even show up in pictures.

DizneyMike replies: Details, details, details; nobody does that better than Disney....Mike

Jane George:

We just returned from our annual trip and I am sorry to say we did not see any of the wonderful parts of China you pointed out. A closer look of China is on my list for next year. Thanks for the walking tour.

DizneyMike replies: Jane, the good news is that you'll have to go back so you can see all that you missed.....Mike


Mike, thanks for the virtual visit to China in Epcot. Your pictures are spectacular and I couldn't agree more about the incredible exhibit, The Tomb Warriors. I didn't know there was more to see in the temple buildings (besides the film) for a long time. World Showcase continually reveals "hidden gems" to me as the years pass. Where are we going next?

DizneyMike replies: Becky, thanks for the great comment. Next stoop is the Outpost then on to Italy....Mike


Hi Mike,
I love all of your walking tours and was surprised to say that I had no idea that the "Warriors" were there. It is on my bucket list to see these in China one day and what a thrill it would be to get a little preview. We always stop to see Reflections of China. Such a well done film that even our very little ones (4 & 6 years old) enjoyed. We hope to spend even more time in WS on our next trip. Thanks for all the great info!

DizneyMike replies: Laura, thanks for the comment....Mike


I loved your tour through China! We are hoping to take our Chinese/American daughter to WDW next year for the first time. I just wanted to share a detail about some of your photos. In the pictures of the roof showing the small lions on the ridges. These represent how important the person living in the home is. The more lions the more important you are. This also goes for the number of bumps on the heads of the lion statues seen around the world. Thanks for the tour and we can't wait to go!!

DizneyMike replies: Debbie, thanks for all that great information. I hope your upcoming trip with your daughter is a magical one...MIke


Hi Mike:

What were the dates of the China & Italy walking tours? The weather looked beautiful and the crowd levels extremely low...especially in the Italy tour photos.


DizneyMike replies: Jack, it's not so much the time of the year but the time of the day that I get these pictures. If you get into the WS as soon as it opens you will see crowds like in my photos. Wait a couple hours and things will look very different....Mike


We enjoy WDW about once a year. Your pictures from Epcot's China are beautiful and bring back many memories. I always buy something unusual from China to take back as souvenirs. The cast members in China are about the nicest you'll find in all of Epcot.
Keep blogging!

DizneyMike replies: Marsh, thanks for the comment, it's much appreciated....Mike


Loved this walk through China. I've been in that area so many times and have never gone in the temple.

Can't wait until December to visit and explore!



Wow! Thanks so much for the walk through China! We didn't get to see any of that during our first trip in June 2008. We leave in 24 days and this trip we'll be spending more time in the World Showcase. Your pictures have me very excited to see this area!

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