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Disneyland Resort Photo Update

Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us this photos from his trip to the parks on Saturday, 10/8/11.

The Annual CHOC Walk in the Park fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Orange County is next weekend and there are banners up around Downtown Disney for the event

The ticket booth posters/ads have been swapped out. Annual Passes have returned and Aulani retired

The Emporium project is complete.

A look around the newly-finished Emporium interior

No visible process on the camera shop work

In Frontierland the re-planking and other projects are done

Pirates is moving along, now the exterior around the front and Dream Suite are covered up

The character Meet and Greet area in Critter Country has been redone and recently reopened

The Adventureland restrooms are still closed as work continues there.

From the hub you can just barely make out the top of the Carthay in the distance. Also noticed that the Cadillac Range does not block out the Hilton from this point of view (loop to the left of the train station).

Over at DCA most of the merchandise carts are now this new type throughout the park

A check in at the Cars Land work from the Fun Wheel

Flo's is moving along slowly. Notice the worker inside.

The entrance arch from the Wharf looks to have the majority of the concrete work done, painting should start soon. On the right you can see the mesh for the rock face that faces the Pier.

More trees have been moved in around Maters so getting good shots of the area is a real challenge now. You can barely make out a couple of workers in behind the trees

No visible progress on the Cozy Cones

The building behind the cones is really taking shape and behind that you can see the frame for what looks to be a backstage gate

The Carthay Circle Theater is looking great

The exterior of the courthouse is ready for its covering

The repainting of California Screamin' looks to be done - it is scheduled to re-open on Friday, October 15.

This is taken from the Wharf and shows how the rock will turn the corner, curious how the transition will look

From the Blue Sky Cellar area there are so many trees now pictures are tough to come by from this height

The steel is up for the shops on the West side of Buena Vista street, hard to get a good picture

Here you can see the new footprint is larger than the original

Lamp posts, parade light stands, signage, a wigwag and more have been installed around the pump house

The walls are down on the Backlot (and ElecTRONica has returned in the evenings)

Another of the new merchandise kiosks, the Turkey Leg stand did not return to this corner

Back to the pump house. Notice the canopy, it says Information, so wonder if a line board will be there or just CMs like the old DCA info booth

The Halloween cups

Some pumpkins from the Halloween Round-up

Calling All Drummers is performed four times a day starting at noon

Random Toontown shot

A long wait for Minnie

Captain Hook reporting for his shift at the Villains Meet and Greet along the small world mall.

The Oktoberfest area in Downtown Disney.

Time to check out the Disneyland Hotel progress. The walls out front have been shifted around. Only the columns and fountain area area are behind them now.

When you walk in the front door there is a water station and Disneyland Painting now

The portion of the lobby against the front window is walled off

So the check in area is really narrow right now (notice the character out interacting with guests)

An interesting shot of the new and old, they have just the center elevator area to finish, both sides are done

A not-so-hidden Mickey

Wonder if the old photos will return, I really enjoyed seeing the old celebrity and Walt shots.

Looking through a window in the wall you can see the pool deck has been poured

Work is slowly moving along here

A wider view of the area as the work enters its final stages

Mickey and Minnie out performing on Main Street with the Straw Hatters

And Chip and Dale were with the Hook and Ladder Company

Main Street was alive with activity

Jack Skellington was out in New Orleans Square

A real cat along the Rivers of America

The Cadillac Range at dusk

Here you can just barely make out the foundation work for Sarge's going on

The new trees get in the way of the panoramic shot I usually take from near the
Blue Sky Cellar

A band at Oktoberfest

On the stage near ESPN was a group called Paint in Motion. Here are some shots of the artwork, can you name the two rock celebrities

A random shot of the pumpkin on Main Street

To close with a couple of random World of Color shots. I had a Fastpass for Blue but showed up 5 minutes before show time so was in the back of the section, which was not bad except for all the kids on shoulders in the way.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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Nice pics, thanks! Do you know when Carsland is going to open? I am planning a trip for next July/August and am hoping it'll be open before then. Thanks!

Jason replies: Thanks for visiting and glad you all are enjoying the photos. As of right now the official Disney line on Cars Land is Summer 2012. Assuming
things stay on schedule (ride testing is just getting started and who knows what sort of weather we will have this winter) and Disney holds to their recent pattern I would guess that means a June opening, but that is only a guess based on the past few openings.

Dan Diehm:

Thanks for the post!

It so great to see the Straw Hatters and the Hook and Ladder company. I love the live Dixieland jazz at Disneyland!


Hey Jason,
Nice pics and blog. Do you by chance know when the renovation on the Disneyland Hotel will be done? Seems like it's been going on for decades ;) Thanks!!

Jason replies: Barb, thank you. It does seem like they just keep remodeling the hotel, it is interesting to see how it has morphed over the years... I wish I had good shots of the old Marina area... anyways according to the official press releases they all said summer 2012 for completion of all the pieces. The Parks Blog said November for the pool area and several workers on site I spoke with said a majority of the work, namely the E-Ticket Pool and Lobby area are on track to be done by the Holiday kickoff in November (target date was 11/7 I believe).

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