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Disney Hodgepodge


Today's article will be a little different that my usual entries. Instead of one, lengthy topic, I'm going to be covering several, unrelated subjects including some nostalgia, a restaurant recommendation, an editorial, and a juicy rumor. Let's start with nostalgia.


As a young man of 18, I had the good sense to save my first paystub from my job at Disneyland. I knew someday that I would find it of interest and it would rekindle memories. A few years ago, I went looking for it to include in one of my blogs. I opened box after box of my Disney paper-memorabilia collection, but my paystub could not be found. Discouraged, I gave up looking for it. A year later, I decided to look for it again, thinking I just missed it the first time around. But alas, it was nowhere to be found. I reasoned it had somehow been inadvertently thrown away.

Last month, I had movers arrive at my house to pack up most of my belongings for storage and move a selected few pieces of furniture to my apartment. One of these items was a chest of drawers. In preparation for the move, I emptied everything out of the drawers. And no, I didn't find the paystub in one of the drawers -- yet.

Later that night at the apartment, I started refilling my chest with clothes and other belongings. When opening one of the bottom drawers, I found my paystub. Apparently, when the movers upended the chest and placed it on their dolly, it dislodged the paystub from some hidden spot for me to find. Hurray.

I thought you might get a laugh at the dollar amounts. Although my hourly wage as a Miscellaneous Kitchen Helper would be $1.71 per hour, I was paid an astounding $2.15 per hour to attend Orientation (called Traditions today). I was also given a meal payment of $1.50 that bought a full lunch at the company cafeteria.

I've turned the paystub on its side so the check would be larger and you could see the amounts better. My, how things have changed in 42 years.

Disneyland Pay Stub


Because this is a "hodgepodge" blog, this will not be a full restaurant review, but rather a restaurant recommendation.

Splitsville is a new bowling alley that opened at Downtown Disney Westside last year. Even though I'm not a bowler, I had to check it out simply because it is on Disney property.


Splitsville is not your father's bowling alley. This is a sophisticated entertainment complex with one foot in the 1950's and the other in the 2010's. Here is what is offered:

" 30 Bowling Lanes
" Upscale Food, including 2 sushi bars
" Live Music
" Outdoor Patio Dining
" Billiards Tables
" Dancing

Even though I don't bowl, I still wanted to experience Splitsville, so I decided to have lunch with some friends one afternoon. When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted to sit indoors or out. Since it was somewhat cool, we opted for one of their very attractive indoor booths.


We were all impressed with the service. Our waiter arrived promptly and was attentive without being overbearing. He remembered who ordered what when bringing us our food - a major grading point for me when evaluating service.

We were all very impressed with the food. Along with traditional bowling alley fair such as pizza, burgers, nachos, and fries, gourmet selections such as Mahi Mahi with Voodoo Shrimp, California Roll, Seared Ahi Tuna Salad, and Steak Chimichurri are also on hand. To see the complete menu, click here.

I was impressed enough that I decided to return a week later. This time, the weather was remarkable. Because of this, I chose to sit on the second story balcony.




It's this balcony that I actually want to recommend in this article. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and a good meal when it's nice outside. To me, food always tastes better alfresco. And take a look at the view. This is a wonderful place to surreptitiously people-watch. I've been back to the balcony several times since my first visit up here.

Balcony View

Balcony View

Even if you're not a bowler and you don't want to eat here, I strongly suggest dropping in next time you're visiting the Westside. This is a wonderful spot and worthy of Walt Disney World.

For more information about Splitsville, click here and here.


Two weeks ago, Disney announced that over the next three years, Downtown Disney would receive a major makeover and become "Disney Springs." Although the majority of the upgrades would be made to the current Pleasure Island section, the Westside and Marketplace would also receive enhancements. The overall project calls for the doubling of the number of shops and restaurants, revamping the parking lot and adding two parking structures, and a bridge that will cross a portion of Village Lake to ease pedestrian traffic.

I am absolutely thrilled with this announcement. Because Downtown Disney was built in stages over the years, there was no continuity between the Marketplace, Pleasure Island, and the Westside. And although these three areas will still remain as separate "neighborhoods," the plans call for a more cohesive and inclusive design that will help add unity to the area.

I am thrilled that Disney will be adding more shops. The plans state that the majority of these will be selling non-Disney merchandise. This is good. There are already more than enough "Disney" shops selling the same merchandise over and over again. It will be nice to have other goods and products to browse through when visiting here.

I am thrilled with the announcement that the parking lot will be redesigned and parking structures added. Currently there are not enough spaces near the Marketplace and the overall design of the parking lot is horrendous. It can be a nightmare trying to find a spot during busy periods.

I am thrilled that the bus stations will be consolidated. The current bus stop across from Pleasure Island is an embarrassment. It is not up to Disney standards and its location is ill-conceived.

I am thrilled that a pedestrian bridge will connect the two sides of the Marketplace. The walkways in this area are always congested and this new thoroughfare will greatly improve people flow.

However" I am not thrilled with the name "Disney Springs."

As we know, the Imagineers like to begin each project with a backstory. This helps bring continuity and interest to the finished product. So this tried-and-true practice was applied when planning began on the refurbishment of Downtown Disney. This is what they came up with.

"The story of Disney Springs begins at our new Town Center, which is oriented around a series of bubbling natural springs that first attracted settlers to the area. From there, the town grew to encompass three additional neighborhoods: The Landing, Marketplace and West Side - each with its own distinct charm and atmosphere."

Here are my problems with the name "Disney Springs."

The backstory is not original - not even to Disney. If you remember, they used this same backstory in the movie "Cars." Stanley Steamer discovered a spring in the middle of the desert and set up shop. The town of Radiator Springs grew around this spring.

There are already too many "springs" at WDW. We have two resorts containing this word: Coronado Springs and Saratoga Springs. Although I've never heard a backstory for either, wouldn't it be logical that their names were also derived from a nearby spring. And over at Blizzard Beach one of the water slides is called Teamboat Springs.

And finally, the name "Disney Springs" doesn't tell visitors what to expect. A first timer to WDW might just think it's another resort. The word "downtown" was far more descriptive. In most cities across the U.S., the word downtown is associated with the business district -- the area where you'll find restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Disney Springs conjures up none of this for me.

Two years ago, Disney announced "Hyperion Wharf," an earlier plan to refurbish Pleasure Island. But construction never began. Today, Disney freely admits that upon further thought, they realized they could do better and went back to the drawing board.

Now I don't expect the Imagineers to change the backstory they've come up with for the revitalized Downtown Disney, but I hope they realize that they could do better when it comes to a name. What's wrong with keeping the name Downtown Disney? People are already familiar with it and know what to expect.

So what do you think? Do you like the new name of Disney Springs or do you prefer Downtown Disney? Or do you have another name you'd like to see? Write a comment and let me know. Then check back every couple of days to see what others have posted.

On a related topic, I'd like to speak to the Disney copy writers in regards to the following sentence found in one of their press releases:

"Drawing inspiration from Florida's waterfront towns and natural beauty, Disney Springs will include four outdoor neighborhoods interconnected by a flowing spring and vibrant lakefront."

Springs don't flow. A spring is the spot where water bubbles up from beneath the earth. From there the spring becomes a brook, creek, or stream. Brooks, creeks, and streams flow, but not springs.


I don't usually report on rumors. They're just too unreliable. But in this case, I just have to. I have it on good authority that a pretty big announcement will be made in mid-April. I was even able to obtain some concept photos/art to share with you.

It seems that Disney has decided to build a dome over the Magic Kingdom. This has been on the drawing board for years, but it's only been in the last five years that technology has reached a point to make this possible.

Dome Over the MK

Dome Over the MK

Of course, the first advantage of a dome is climate control. Disney will be able to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. Now, the tiring effects of humidity will be a thing of the past. And the sudden downpours of summer will no longer hamper your touring plans. This will help greatly now that Disney is implementing advance-FastPass and total-day touring plans.

The dome will also shield out ultraviolet light. No more sunburns.

The covering will also use a "transition" type material that will darken and lighten depending on the time of day and lighting conditions.

In case you're concerned, the fireworks will still be shot off from behind the Magic Kingdom (outside the dome), but still clearly visible from within. In fact, Disney has some surprises in store for us as they will use projections and fiber optics on the dome in conjunction with the firework display.

Construction will probably begin in September, after the summer crowds have gone home.

For more information on this, scroll down.


April fools!

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Comments (62)

Michelle Hunt:

Got Me!!:)

Wendy Crober:

Glad you're back Jack - even with April Fool's jokes!

My next trip won't occur for some time so I need my weekly fix from you.

I don't love the name Disney Springs but I'm not sure what they should call it - I agree it may have been wise to leave it as is. They don't rename the parks when they make substantial changes so why change Downtown Disney.


Tiffany :

I agree about the name change. When I first heard Disney Springs I thought they were adding a hotel to Downtown. I prefer the name Downtown Disney, it brings to mind shopping and entertainment. But I am excited about the revamp. The Downtown area is one of my favorites at Disney. We usually meet my Orlando Family there for some non-park disney fun.
Super excited about the dome, but what shall I do with my Mickey Poncho? Happy April Fools.

J Hunt:

I'm right there with you on the name change from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. I love that they are investing in this area of the property - it's one of our favorite places to visit, but I love that it's Downtown Disney. I personally think that name nails the vibe and experience perfectly.

Now for years, when describing Disney Springs, we'll have to say, 'You know, Downtown Disney', after which the other person in the conversation will understand what we mean.


It didn't really strike me how silly the name change is until you pointed it out.

I think they want to change the name because they are trying to change the identity and I guess they figure "Downtown Disney" is too associated with the problems of the current version. (Though, really, are there really that many problems? California Adventure got to keep it's name for Pete's sake!)

Concluding this hodgepodge comment to your hodgepodge article: Have you ever considered the most absurd part of the plans? They plan on theming some of the West Side with "abandoned elevated train tracks." Do they/did they actually use elevated subway lines anywhere in the state of Florida? Seems like a New York/Chicago thing to me.

Kristina Heaton:

Pertaining to the Splitsville section of your post, I wanted to add that I organized and held a corporate event there in Mid January- only 6 weeks after Splitsville opened. I was BLOWN AWAY with the curteousness, service, detail and organization of the staff. At a high level- we had just over 50 people and rented out a portion of the upstairs with 10 lanes, food, drink, etc. The event coordinator was a pleasure to work with and extremely organized. The staff was very attentive and polite and the whole event 'flowed' really well. Everyone had a GREAT time! If I didnt know better, I wouldn't have guessed that Splitsville had only been open for 6 weeks at the time of our event. I highly recomend it to anyone considering a group activity for their family while they are visiting WDW.


Interesting blog as usual. I also don't care for Disney springs. My quick suggestions may not be much better but here goes-- Disney Central or Disney District. Keep up the great work!


I agree with the Disney Springs name being a poor choice. There's no sense of vibrancy to it, and absolutely nothing that conveys what the area is supposed to be about. I feel that even naming it "Outdoor shopping mall with restaurants" would be better. "Disney Springs" makes me think of a resort that isn't in any way geared towards what is actually offered.


How about "Disney's Magnificent Multi-Themed Money-Sucking Merchandising Center"?


Lol Awesome April Fools. I was reading it and thinking, 'A dome? Why would they do that?' Lol, I'm glad it's not true, it'd be like one of those post-apocalyptic films where we all live in bubbles because the outside world is rasioactive or whatever.

I don't like Disney Springs either. It's not a very original name and it's not very descriptive either so that's two strikes against it. I think they should just keep it Downtown Disney.


We will be going to Splitsville on our next trip in 16 days! Can't wait to try it out!

I also do not like the new name Disney Springs, I prefer Downtown Disney and will probably always call it that when referencing that area.


I am not a fan of the name Disney Springs either. I would like them to keep the name Downtown Disney for the overall complex, as I think the name describes the overall area perfectly. I like the neighborhood concept, so they should simply refer to the new expanded retail area as Town Center and the lakefront dining area as The Landing, just as Disney had announced. You will still have the West Side and Marketplace as the other two neighborhoods in Downtown Disney.

I will say that I am happy that the only thing I find fault with in this expansion is the name. I can't wait to see this project get started.


hey Jack
aww rats! I was really looking forward to the idea of a dome over the magic kingdom lol. Things certainly have changed over the years since your first paystub and as for Splitsville, I can not wait to try their food. I am not a fan of the name change either. Downtown Disney is exactly what it is. It is a place that has a downtown atmosphere with the element of disney. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.


As soon as I saw the picture I knew what you were going for, it still made me laugh though.

It was a good section on Disney Springs, that just seems like some lazy story telling. Although the different shops will be nice. When I went to Disneyland a few years ago, I was shocked to see that their Downtown Disney was so much better, and in a smaller area. WDW needs to take a few ques from Disneyland, out there with the limited space they have to make everything count. Whereas is FL they have "The blessing of size" but they act like it gives them license to put half baked ideas out there since they have more room to put something else to make up for it.

In any case keep up the great work and I look forward to your next entry.


I loved seeing the paystub. Isn't it always the best when something special lost is found...

Steve K:

I love hodgepodge but don't like the name "Disney Springs". When I first heard this, I thought for sure Downtown Disney was going to become the Florida version of California's Radiator Springs, only with a shopping/nightlife theme. I was disappointed when I read further and found that it was about a real spring. Not at all enticing to me.

Tom h:

re "Disney Springs" --
I've never forgiven Disney for closing the Adventurer's Club!
What a dark day that was ...


For a second there, you totally had me going, with the dome. Duh! Happy April Fool's to me, I guess. ;-) Glad it's not true. Too much like a science fiction movie.


I agree with the majority, "Disney Springs" sounds too boring for what they want to make downtown into. Keep the name Downtown Disney! I agree with the rest of the changes they want to make though.


I totally agree about the name Disney Springs. It's not BAD, exactly, but just bland. It doesn't imply excitement/fun at all.

Jim Finley:

I am always anxious for Disney to add new stuff or change things being a constant repeat passholder it gives us something new to look at or experience but I am in total agreement with the name change. I actually like the Downtown Disney name and feel that it does give the thought of a small store shopping area. I think they are trying to fix what isnt broken. Make the changes but dont change the name.

Mike t:

I cannot believe I fell for the dome. This is how much every word you put down is deemed as fascinating truth. Nope, don't like the name Disney Springs either. It should remain Downtown Disney.

Will you go back and do a restaurant review of Splitsville? I am curious about it since we are traveling down next month. There haven't been only two reviews in the review section.

Thanks for adding Disney to each of my days.

Jack's Answer:

At the moment, I have no plans to do a full restaurant review of Splitsville. I believe other AllEars team members covered it when it opened recently. But if you're in the Downtown Disney area during your next visit, I strongly suggest stopping by.

cathy mullen:

Hi Jack,
I loved the April Fool's joke!
I do not like the name Disney Springs at all and I wish they would have kept Downtown Disney.Many of us will continue to call it DTD.


Hi Jack,

Another great post- I do love your recommendations! Do you know if Splitsville does food/drink service to the lanes?

Jack's Answer:

Yes. In fact they encourage it. Each lane has two tables, perfect for a meal while bowling.

Greg H.:

Hi Jack,

First, I have to say that when I saw the “concept art” for a domed Magic Kingdom, my first thought was, “That would be ‘nice,’ but I smell and April Fool’s joke!” Then again, it's late and I've seen so many April Fool's jokes on morning TV.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Splitsville for the first time. I had heard of the new renovation of the Downtown Disney complex, and since construction is starting soon, I figured I needed to get right over and take some before pictures.

I haven’t been bowling in years, but I was thoroughly impressed with the new Disney attraction. I took many photos, and the following week took my father to see, "Oz, The Great and Powerful," (which I loved) and we stopped at Splitsville for late lunch after the movie. My father made the comment about all the people that were dropping their balls on the lanes, and how that used to get you thrown out of the bowling alley. I just smiled and said, “But this is Disney!”

Not only do I share your opinion of the name “Disney Springs,” but one young cast member at the gift shop inside Disney Quest made the comment, “It sounds like a place for old people. Downtown Disney is known and follows all the implications you mentioned. The only other names I could think of would be something like Walt Disney World Central or Walt Disney World Exchange, but that would be just to change the name, which I don’t really find necessary, but then, nobody asked us. ;-)


Nicki Selley:

Hi Jack, great reading as always. As soon as I read about Disney Springs my first thought was no, no no, please don't change the name. Us Brits don't use the word Downtown in the UK but it sums up the area perfectly. I believe when we first went to Disneyland Resort Paris many years ago their downtown area was called Festival Disney ( which confused me )but is now named Disney Village which is ok. As you say, the word "springs" is so over used and Saratoga Springs is really close by. Seriously, is there any way of sending in a petition or starting a campaign? Would Disney listen? Still, it is great news about the upgrade and my family and I can't wait to enjoy it all but for now we will just have to get our Disney fix from your wonderful blogs so thanks a million Jack x

Adam August:

I was a little puzzled by the need for the twin parking garage plan at first, but a Disney honcho told me they were necessitated by the expansion, which will spread into the current parking areas and take out existing spaces. It's also likely that with a parking structure, Disney can control the entrance and exit -- and charge for parking. As to "Disney Springs," seems like Downtown Disney has had a few other names in its past, so I imagine "Disney Springs" too shall pass sooner or later.

Hi Jack -

When I first heard Disney Springs, I thought that it was Disney's new private label Bottled Water which they'd sell all around The World. Perhaps a better name would be Disney's Shopping Kingdom.

So how tall did you say that dome would have to be?

- Jeff

Sonda Jordan:

Jack, when I first heard the name "Disney Springs" it made me think they were trying to advertise for the Saratoga Springs Resort. I was reminded of when "Count Down To Extinction" was renamed "Dinosaur" after the really boring yet beautiful CGI movie. I still call it the "Disney Village Marketplace" ha!
If you earned $26 every two weeks in 1971, then rent/mortgages must have been a lot lower than they are today!

Jack's Comment:

A year after I started working for Disney I moved into an apartment of my own. The monthly rent was $125. I could barely afford the rent and certainly didn't have money for food. At that time, Disney provided their food-handling positions with one free meal during your shift. This is what I lived on. Needless to say, I lost a lot of weight. LOL

Heather Young:

You got me hook, line and sinker! My mind has been full of reasons why a dome shouldn't happen. Good April fool's prank though.

I'm not keen on Disney Springs either, leave it as it is.

Thanks again for another great blog


I think the name "Disney Springs" is kind of generic, but I'm wondering if the intention is to tie it more closely with Saratoga Springs, since you can see that resort right across the water. That might draw more people to stay there.


I agree on the Springs... I'm trying to figure out if these changes are also going to move DTD closer to Saratoga Springs... It looks that way to me.


As Mrs. Slocombe of Grace Bros. would say, "I do not like the name change to Disney Springs...and I am unanimous in this." As soon as I read the official announcement I wanted to hear your opinion, as I knew you'd have plenty to reflect on. This Florida native was a little puzzled by the "Springs" monicker, which makes me think of the state's interior, paired with the "waterfront" descriptive, which makes me think of Miami's Bayside Marketplace or Jacksonville Landing. Our circle of Disney Passholders figured this had something to do with the proximity of Saratoga Springs, and I wondered aloud if the new pedestrian bridge would span the distance to the resort! (Now THAT'S an April Fool's gag I would have fallen for!) I myself far prefer keeping the Downtown Disney label for the entire complex, unless they come up with a better one, and am disappointed to lose the more historically significant (and cooler) name Hyperion Wharf. Come to think of it, would it be so bad to keep the Pleasure Island name? At least it means something in a Disney context.


Wouldn't that have been awesome. Never to buy another poncho!!! Never worring about it raining on your day. Or the 95% Humidity level while standing inline. Rats!!!!

I am NOT a fan of The Springs either. It will always be Downtown Disney for me. Disney's Shopping District or Disney Central just m=not another Springs.


Hehehehahahoho! I am still laughing about the dome! I got my daughter with it! I am the master of April Fool's jokes at my house, so I LOVED it!

I do NOT however, love the name Disney Springs! I am all for change, but do not see the need for the change. It is still Downtown Disney, just better united. When I first heard about Disney Springs, I thought, cool a hotel in Downtown Disney....shocker to me that wasn't what they meant. Sorry, but whoever thought the name up needs to truly rethink that thought!


I'm rather pleased with myself that I had the April Fool joke figured out from the second paragraph. I kept reading and thinking: When is he going to say, "April Fools."

Glad you're back, Jack. I hope this transition period is not too hard on you -- and I think your move to be closer to WDW is a great idea. I wish I were there too.

I agree. Disney Springs -- what is that? The name just didn't do anything for me from the first time I heard it. I think the name Downtown Disney does convey the purpose of the place. However, I don't oppose a name change, but it needs to be something more descriptive than Disney Springs.

thomas mangano:

ok a day late but i bought into the dome, nice, Disney Springs is out to me and my wife it will always be DTD to us, as many blog for years to come will still talk about DTD


Love you too much to hate you--- but really? You totally got me too and I was excited to not have to "tan" before going to Disney so I don't burn! Oh well! Bring out the sunblock! Love the rest of the article, even if I was tricked.


"Disney Springs" isn't very memorable, and your point about all the other "Springs" for confusion is a good one. On the other hand, this is Florida and there are springs and things named for springs everywhere, so it's sort of a local custom. :)

I object to the comment that "springs don't flow". Yes, the exact definition of a spring is that spot where the groundwater bubbles or seeps out to the surface, but we commonly call the water that flows from that point "spring flow" if it's not mixed with surface water. Speaking as a hydrologist...

Wendy Snelgrove:

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the hodgepodge. I like this format once in a while.

Loved the paystub. Earning power was certainly different wasn't it. I remember earning about $6.85 at my first job in high school in about 1985. That was a great wage for a teenager then. I'm guessing that wouldn't go far today!

As for the Springs, I agree that it is non-descriptive and so overused as to be trite. I'll add the pools at Wilderness Lodge to the mix: Silver Springs and Hidden Springs.

Thanks, Wendy

Marc Schreiber:

It would be nice if Disney Springs were a verb instead of a noun.

Kelly M:

Welcome back Jack!
I have to agree I am not sold on the name Disney Springs. I do prefer Downtown Disney.
But we have visited since 1989 and have always called it the same thing since that first visit... The Village! (Disney Village Marketplace) That's what it will always be to my family and I.

Thanks for (as always) another great posting. My wife and I had the opportunity in March to go to Splitsville while there for a short Spring-Break vacation. The atmosphere was great. We bowled for the first time in over 10 years and then had lunch at the bar counter. This was the only "less than awesome" experience. Bartender wasn't very attentive and order wasn't right, but food was great.

As for the name change, I will have to join the multitude of those hoping the Imagineers rethink this and keep Downtown Disney. Disney Springs simply has no endearing quality to it.


Dome....What Dome? Would you believe...The Cone of Silence.

I look forward to enjoying a Martini, and the view from second floor at Splitsville. The view looks awesome.

Thank You.


Downtown Disney will always be in the minds guests. Disney Springs sounds more lile a Resort.
What can guests do to get the Disney Corporation to keep Downtown Disney as such.


Walt Disney World already has a dome over it. It is impervious to world news, traffic reports & the latest & greatest escapades of Lindsay Lohan. World War 3 could break out and I would only be thinking of when I need to return to Soarin to make my fastpass window!

When I heard Disney Springs, I thought they opened another spa. I think it needs and deserves a more prominent name. Maybe "Disney's Downtown Village", "Disney's City Spectacular" or simply "Walt's Big City".


I was hoping that the name Disney Springs was the April Fools' joke and that the dome was real!!!
I have also been wondering if you are going to decorate the rooms in your new house with Disney themes as you did in your previous house. (My first thought when I heard you were moving was about your wonderful Disney-themed rooms!)

Jack's Answer:

I will still have a Pinocchio bathroom.

I will no longer have a Mickey Mouse bedroom. However, I am consolidating all of my Pirates of the Caribbean items to the guest bedroom and giving this room the "treatment."

All of the Haunted Mansion pictures and figurines will go into the living/dining room.

The master bedroom will be themed in New Orleans Square.

The kitchen/family room will be Disney hodgepodge.


I was hoping that the name Disney Springs was the April Fools' joke and that the dome was real!!!
I have also been wondering if you are going to decorate the rooms in your new house with Disney themes as you did in your previous house. (My first thought when I heard you were moving was about your wonderful Disney-themed rooms!)


Hi Jack!

I must admit, you had me going there for a while with the dome.

It'll always be "Downtown Disney" to me, no matter what they call it.
And when I go to see The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights during the Holidays, I'm still standing inside MGM Studios.

Take Care,



I am glad you mentioned the balcony at Splitsville. I used to love going up there, having a cup of coffee, and enjoying the view when it was the Virgin Megastore. It really is a great viewpoint for people watching and a nice shaded break.

Disney Springs.... blech. Garbage. Hate the name.


I actually like the name Disney Springs. But I do agree it doesn't describe the area well. It almost sounds like a spa retreat or a resort. It would've been better if it was the name of the new district instead of the whole place.


You should have seen the look on my face! Haha ;) And I vote for keeping the name Downtown Disney. Whatever the name, I can't wait to go dine on the Splitsville balcony.


Hi Jack,

It seems you were charged 1.50 for lunch, not paid for it.

Did they assume you would be enjoying a prepared lunch? What if you brought your own.

This was the most interesting part of the blog for me. Thanks for sharing.


Jack's Comment:

You are correct. I got confused. Because this paystub reflected my hours in Orientation (Traditions), I was charged for my meals. However, once I started regular service at the Blue Bayou, Disney provided me with a free meal every day I worked.

Rob Dickinson:


I agree with the name change. Disney Springs is just to blah and common. It imparts no excitement. Its a great name for a Disney owned Assisted living facility or Nursing home but not a rename for Downtown Disney!


Matt S.:

I was totally taken in by this. My jaw was on the floor and I was about to go into shock...lol.

Just shows you have mad skillz when it comes to your writing.

Whew! What a relief!

I definitely want to check out the bowling alley though. Looks cool! Right across from Bongos which I absolutely love.

Jessica Marcotte:

I agree Disney Springs does not give a clear image in your mind of what to expect. To me it sounds like a waterpark of some sort. Downtown Disney is a perfect fit it gives you an image of nightlife, restaurants, shopping which is what you find there.

I think i know your writing and some of your personality too well by now Jack. I thought "April Fools joke" as soon as I glanced ant the "conceptual artwrok" and before i read one word of that part of the blog. LOL

Agree with everyone else on "Disney Springs".

Your Friend,



Jack: Shame on you! LOL. You got all of us!

I don't like the new name either--keep it Downtown Disney.

vanessa gordon:

I really hope they reconsider the name change....I would prefer they keep "Downtown Disney"...


Whoa. Having read this long after my April Fools radar was turned off, I had a pit in my stomach until the white space. Phew! That would have just been horrible.

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