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Magician Mickey Mouse and Princesses Meet and Greets


On April 1, the new Magician Mickey Mouse and Princess meet-and-greet areas opened up in the newly renovated Town Square Theater (formerly Exposition Hall). See the press release here.

This sign points guests to the new meet-and-greet:


Wait times for the Princesses and Mickey are posted outside:

Princess wait time

Mickey wait time

There are separate queues for the Princesses and Mickey:


The inside sign shows which Princesses are greeting guests in the theater that day:


There are separate lines for stand-bys and FastPass holders:

FastPass and standby

Posters like this one line Mickey's queue:


The queue is very nice and spacious:


The story of the Mickey meet-and-greet is that you are his guest at a backstage meet-and-greet before his magic show. You go through the theater office to get to the meet-and-greet area:

Theater office

Mickey has his own letter box:

Mickey letter box

I have to be honest and say I wasn't wowed by what I had seen... until I stepped into the actual meet and greet area and noticed the details they had worked into the room. It was a treat to see. I won't show you every little detail because I had so much fun finding them. Fans of 'The Sword in the Stone' and 'Mary Poppins' will spot several references to the movies throughout the area. When I looked through my pictures, I saw several things I didn't notice earlier.

The rehearsal schedule is posted near the door:


This hat rests on top of the trunk. Be sure to listen for his "nibbling" noises. I only heard them because I was the last person in the group they let in so it got quiet when I was looking at everything.


There is a poster for Mickey's show:

Mickey's poster

Mickey has been quite the traveler. Here are a couple of the stickers on his trunk:

Club 33 sticker

Castaway Cay sticker

Right before you see Mickey, you see this banner on the wall:


I was expecting just Mickey so seeing Minnie was a pleasant surprise. I did not hear whether Minnie will always be with him or if it will be an occasional appearance:

Mickey and Minnie

Details of Mickey's costume trunk:

Costume trunk



Hidden Mickey

Leota's Crystal:

Leota's Crystal

Mickey's sorcerer hat:

Sorcerer hat

Mickey's vanity:

Mickey's vanity

The meet-and-greet exits at the new store. The details in the store are just as awesome as the details in the meet-and-greet.



Mickey's house

While I met Mickey and Minnie, my mom had grabbed a FastPass for us to meet the Princesses. The queue was very plain:

Princess queue

Princess Aurora, Belle and Cinderella were greeting guests. Their backdrops were lovely:

Princess Aurora



When we left the Princess area, we noticed this 'box':


The FastPass distribution it located to the left of Tony's- walk all the way down you'll see it tucked behind the hat shop:

FastPass distribution

The machines have hats on them that let you know which machine is for which character(s):

FastPass machines

I thought the new meet-and-greet area was very well done and creative. I enjoyed looking at the details. It was not very crowded when I was there but I expect it will be as more guests become aware of it.

The Princess area is not their permanent home - they will move to Fantasyland when their areas in the expansion is complete. Snow White is greeting guests outside of Tony's.

Have a great day!

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Comments (36)

Laura Blume:

Thanks for the review! We are so excited to check it out when we're down next month. I always love the detailing that Disney puts into everything they do. Can't wait to see Mickey again!!

sandi Lamborne:

Thanks for all the pictures and information. You did a great job.

Nicole :

Thanks for the information. I wonder if eventually the princess side will be redone for other characters when the princess go to their permanent homes.

When I asked about the space, I was told it would be empty once the princesses move. Hopefully that plan will change.

Jenny K.:

Do you know what the other queue will be for once the princesses move to Fantasyland? Will there be other characters to meet in the theater in the future?

According to the Cast Members, the space will be empty when the Princesses move to Fantasyland. Hopefully that plan will change because it is a wonderful area for the meet-and-greets.

k and s parsons:

Looks Great!! Just wondering if you can hold a fast pass for the characters and a ride at the same time or if you can still just have the one fast pass? Thanks

My understanding is that you can only have one FastPass at a time, whether it's for characters or rides.


It looks great. Reminds me of the old meet and greet at the magic kingdom, where you meet Mickey in his dressing room.

Great pics and great post!


The details in Mickey's dressing room look great! I haven't been able to find out, how does all of this effect the entrance to Tony's? Is it going to be very crowded around the check-in podium, or is Mickey's queue futher back? Thanks

The entrance to the queue is further back. Tony's lobby was actually expanded when they redid the building. It is spacious and very nice. Tony's is still to the left when you go in the building, Mickey and the Princesses are straight ahead and the shops are to the right.

mike g:

I was there on Saturday, the 2nd with my wife and 1 year old. On the way in early in the morning, I didnt look for the meet and great but decided to see if it was open on the way out at about 5pm, and was happy to see it was and it the line was only 10 minutes. They did a good job of moving the line quickly because there are several "doors" with different labels once you go around the corner to the room you are told to enter.

Thanks for the pics because with a 1 year old, its hard to be able to look around the room to see all of the details.


Is the meet and greet running all day long? Until park close?

According to the Times Guide, the character meet and greets (at least for this past weekend) started at park opening and ran until about an hour before park closing.


Does every member in your party have to get a fastpass for the Meet-N-Greet? I'm asking because my husband, myself, our baby, and the grandparents will be going in May. The grandparents aren't planning on having their picture taken, they just want to go in with us.


Hi Ashley!

I always enjoy reading your blogs. You always do such a wonderful job.

Please tell me that after the Fantasyland expansion is complete the little theater that played the loops of Silly-Symphony cartoons will return. Up 'til now I've always relied on it to take a much needed mid-afternoon break. It was my favorite spot in the MK to "get away."

If I don't get my "little theater" back....there's no tellin' what could happen. ~ (;


Thanks for posting the pictures, I can't wait ti see this come this fall. I am hoping that this will be a bit easier for my little one to meet Mickey and the Princesses without being overwhelmed.


Just got back yesterday. We did this for a family photo(we are five adults) and the excitement we felt was really like we were backstage! The wait time said 15 minutes but I think it was half that. My oldest daughter noticed that another couple came out the same time which led us to believe that there might just be two rooms set up to allow for multiple Mickeys and Minnies---or maybe that was just the MAGIC of Mickey(wink, wink)!


Great pics & info.

In regards to Fast Pass, you can have more than one at a time, however you can only get a second one 2 hours after getting the first or after the time on the first has expired. On the bottom of the fast pass, it will tell you the time at which you can get another one.

Wendy Crober:

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the blog and pictures. My daughter says the model of Mickey's house with the clamps is from Mickey's garage in Toontown. She was happy to see it being used somewhere else.

Wendy and Marina


Is the theater still there or did they take it out?

The theater is, unfortunately, gone. :(


Was wondering does Snow White have a meet and greet? Or do you have to just hope to see her in the park?

christine anderson:

I heard that the items on the spot where Mickey's sorcerer hat represent the four parks. I just thought I would add that info.


Do you know if this meet and greet has increased business for Tony's Restaurant?

I'll be there in September for my daughter's birthday and I can see Tony's being the waiting area for the Mickey fastpass.

For example, Grab a fastpass, eat lunch, meet Mickey.

BTW the stand that has Leota's Crystal Ball, Sorcerer's Hat and things on it is actually representing all 4 theme parks.

Our recent tour guide on Keys to the Kingdom said the Sorcerer's Hat represents Hollywood Studios, the metal tree represents the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, Leota's Ball represents Epcot, and the books at the end are in the shape of Cinderella's Castle for the Magic Kingdom.

What fun :)

Christy Gattis:

Thanks for all the great info! Any update on whether late Fastpasses are being accepted?

I haven't heard one way or the other. I would imagine they would accept late FastPasses, though.


Hi, Ashely!

Do you know if I can meet Rapunzel and Ariel at the Mickey and Princess meet and greet? Or do I just have to find them somewhere else in the park?

Hi! Rapunzel and Flynn greet guests in Fantasyland in what used to be Belle's Storytime, near Enchanted Grove. Ariel and Prince Eric are greeting guests in Adventureland- they are in the gazebo that is near Aloha Isle/the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

meg browne:

Hi, Ashely!

I was just wondering where the Mickey and Princess meet and greet is located. Is it at Disney World or Disneyland? Thanks!

HI! The Mickey and Princesses meet-and-greet is at Disney World at Magic Kingdom.

meg browne:

Hi, Ashely!

Can you greet Cinderella and her family [stepsisters, stepmother, prince, ect.] at the Mickey and Princess Meet and Greet? Or are they all located somewhere else in the park? Thanks!

Cinderella can be seen at the meet-and-greet. She may not always be there, though- there is a sign before the queue begins that tells you which princesses are greeting that day.

The stepmother and stepsisters often greet guests in Fantasyland, between Castle Couture and Phillharmagic.

Prince Charming usually only greets guests during the special events, such as Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.


Hi, Ashely!

Thanks for all your helpful information! I have a few questions though. Can I meet Wendy and Peter Pan at the Mickey and Princess Meet and Greet? Where can I meet Mulan and Snow White?

Wendy and Peter Pan usually greet guests in Adventureland, somewhere near Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mulan can be seen at the China pavilion at Epcot. She has also made apperances at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall character dining at Norway at Epcot.

Snow White has been greeting guests lately under the tree that is in front of Tony's at Magic Kingdom. She may or may not ultimately join the other princesses inside Town Square Theater. She also greets guests at the Germany pavilion at Epcot.


Hi, Ashely!

Love your blog! Can you meet Pocohantas and Mulan at the Mickey and Princess meet and greet? Or do I have to look for them somewhere else in the park?

No, these characters are not at the new meet and greet. I've seen Pocahontas in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom before but it's been a while. Lately when I've seen her out greeting, it's been at Animal Kingdom.

Mulan greets guests at the China pavilion at Epcot.


Hi, Ashely!

No questions! I just want to let you know that I love your blog! Great photos and info. Thank you!


Hi, Ashely!

I love this new meet and greet idea! What a fresh, new way to introduce both the young and young at heart to their favorite Disney friends! I also really love your blog! Keep up the good work!


Hi, Ashely!

I love you blog! You are doing such a wonderful job! Not to mention that I am that Aurora in your photo which means that I would have seen you at Mickey and the Princesses Meet and Greet. Cool, right?


I know that there are usually only 1-3 princesses at the Mickey and Princess meet and greet, but who are the most popular ones? For example, is Cinderella out greeting more often than Belle or Aurora?

Typically, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora will be greeting at this meet-and-greet. When I was there about a week ago, it was just Cinderella and Belle. There is a sign posted just before the queue begins that will show which princesses are greeting that day and the approximate wait time.


Is the Mickey and Princess Meet and Greet at Disney park in Paris, too or is it just in the Magic kingdom?


Hi, Ashely!

Do tehy still have a fairie's meet and greet center?

Tinkerbell and her friends can currently be seen at Epcot, near Mouse Gear.

Amanda Wright:

Is there going to be a special place to meet Aladdin and Jasmine at MK? And can you meet them at all parks????

You can meet Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventureland, near Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Magic Kingdom. They also greet guests at the Morocco pavilion at Epcot. They do not currently greet guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom.

Leigh Anne:

My husband and I love all the Pooh characters. The new movie opens the weekend we are there. Do they only greet at The Crystal Palace or do they come outside any? You have great info on your blog. Thanks!!

Robin Robinson:

Are you able to meet both the princesses and MIckey or do you have to go back outside and start over?

They are separate so you would meet one (either Mickey or the princesses) and then get in the line for the other.


Any word if everyone in the line needs a fast pass or just the child getting their picture taken?

Everyone in line needs a FastPass.

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