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Pin Sale - For 3 hours Only Collectables for a Cause

Pin Sale - Collectables for a Cause

THANK YOU EVERYONE~ The Sale is completed and there are pledges for over $2,300!!
Your generosity is so appreciated!

Within 48 hours you will receive an email from me with your final total and instructions on where/how to donate.

I know there was some confusion in the beginning and I apologize for that. I promise to be better next time.

Speaking of which.. if you would like to see me do this again in November (before the holidays) please let me know in a comment below or send me an email.

Thanks again everyone!!!!!

Back by popular demand is the 3 Hour Limited Pin Sale.

PLEASE refresh your browser to make sure you have the most current page.

IMPORTANT: Some Prices were reduced at the one hour mark - 2:30pm - Be sure to refresh your screen! Next Price Reduction at 3:30pm

Please remember this is a fundraiser not a flea market :)

Here's how it works.

** The following pins are offered for sale at the stated price.

** You leave a comment below stating the ITEM number of the pin(s) you wish to purchase.

** I will go through the comments in the order they ARE received. I will publish your comment with the pin #s you requested that are available.

** I will then put a HOLD on the pin description.

** Within 48 hours I will send you the link information for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and you will have 24 hours to make your donation. Once that happens Avon will send you an email confirmation. Forward me a copy of the donation receipt along with your shipping address -- pins will be mailed within a few days. I will pay US shipping of pins.

Your ENTIRE purchase price goes directly to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Account. I pay US postage. You get pin(s) you want and a charity deduction too! I raise money and reduce my pin collection.

Thank you PinPics.com - Links on the pin names go to the PinPics.com website (with their permission) so you can learn more about the pin. In some cases, photos and/or descriptions are from PinPics.com and used with their permission.


WDW Cast 2004 Hurricane Appreciation
- This pin is a "Thank You" pin for the work put in during the Hurricane season. The pin features Mickey Mouse facing left, holding onto a Yensid's hat (from Fantasia's The Sorcerer's Apprentice), seemingly being blown by very strong winds. The bottom of the pin is an oval of blue with a purple center. The gold text inside reads,

"Nothing can stop us from delivering the magic...
Not even hurricanes Charlie, Frances or Jeanne
08-13 09-06 09-26

PRICE: $10


WDW Cast Exclusive - Cinderellabration Grand Opening - Limited Edition 1000 - This Limited Edition Cast Member exclusive pin commemorates the new show which debuted at the Magic Kingdom® Park during the Happiest Celebration On Earth.

Pin reads 'Cinderellabration Magic Kingdom' at the top with a red heart in between. Pin features Cinderella in front of her castle with a banner at the bottom reading "Grand Opening".
Came in a clear plastic bag - no backer card as most cast pins are sold.

PRICE: $25


Disney Cruise Line- DCL - Anchor - Tinker Bell Porthole Limited Edition 500 - This Tinker Bell pin is another in the "anchor" series - DCL pins containing a small gold pin-on-pin anchor, some having "rope" tied from the front to the back of the pin. Tink sits on deck while a DCL red funnel is in the background. The pin is made like a porthole, with a studded gold rim, and a hinged clear porthole made of wavy glass. The porthole opens to reveal Tink and the bright blue sky. The DCL flag logo is at the top of the outside of the porthole, while "Disney Cruise Line" is at the top of the inside of the pin.

PRICE: $25


DCL - Captain's Choice - April 2006 - Tigger
Limited Edition of 1000 pins. Captain Tigger welcomes Guests aboard the Disney Wonder® Ship in this Limited Edition, Captain's Choice pin. This pin features the Tigger and the Captain's Choice logo as a pin-on-pin. Captain Henry selected this pin for the Disney Wonder® Ship.

Tigger appears in the center of a wooden ship's steering wheel. His arms are spread wide open. He wears a white Captain's hat. The background behind him is dark navy blue with a yellow border. Above his head reads "Disney Cruise Line" and the Captain's Choice logo is below.

This pin released on the Disney Wonder® Ship.


PRICE: $25

ON HOLD ITEM #1 - 2002 Epcot Christmas Dangle
Dopey and Sleepy, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, hold a little gift for the holidays. Dopey and Sleepy are wearing Santa hats. The Epcot sphere is in the background. The dangle is a cluster of colorful ornaments and says " Christmas at Epcot".

PRICE: $10


ON HOLD ITEM #2 - Adventures in Pin Trading with Rafiki and Simba - From the June 12, 2004 event. Limited Edition 500. In original packaging.

PRICE: $45


ON HOLD ITEM # 3 - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - 2002 Limited Edition Pin. The Holiday Nutcracker is joined by Chip and Dale on this Limited Edition of 2500 pins.



ON HOLD ITEM # 4 - Pirates of the Caribbean E-Ticket Dangle from Disneyland - Limited Edition 1500. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy & Pluto recreate the famous JAIL SCENE from the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction. Pluto holding the cell key in his mouth is the pin on pin (3D) feature. Annual Passholder Exclusive with a dangle that reads "E Ticket Disneyland".

PRICE: $40


ON HOLD ITEM # 5 - "it's a small world" Irish Leprechaun Dangle - An Irish Leprechaun dressed in green, carrying a shamrock in one hand and a shillelagh in the other. Green and gold dangle on the bottom says "it's a small world".

PRICE: $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 6 - Castaway Cay A Little Piece of Paradise Jumbo Pin - Limited Edition 500! Brand new in original box. Released November 2006 - Mickey Mouse and the Gang are enjoying Castaway Cay in this Featured Artist Jumbo Pin. Created especially for the Disney Cruise Line®, this Limited Edition pin was designed by Disney Design Group artist Dawn Ockstadt. This pin is designed to look like Castaway Cay is in a bottle and Mickey and the Gang (Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald and Daisy Duck) are featured as pin on pins.



ON HOLD ITEM # 7 - "100 Years of Creating the Magic - Walt Disney World Cast Member pin - One of a few Cast Member pins from the 100 Years Celebration. It shows the FAB 4 (Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck) finshed painting the "100" and the pin reads 100 Years of Creating the Magic.

The dangle looks like a piece of wood but is gold color with a nail in it and reads Walt Disney World in white and Share A Dream Come True in red underneath. New in package

PRICE: $15


ON HOLD ITEM # 10 - January 1, 2000! Limited Edition Pin featuring the Fab 5

Celebrating the New Millennium are Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald. Edition size 5000.



ON HOLD ITEM # 11 - Donald Zip Lines in Puerto Vallarta! - Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera Sailings in 2008 - Sold has part of a boxed set of 4 pins.

PRICE: $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 12 - Raging Maleficent - Disney Auctions Limited Edition 500

The evil fairy Maleficent is all the rage on this Sleeping Beauty-inspired gold-finished character pin sold in 2004.

PRICE: $35


ON HOLD ITEM # 13 - Item #17 Disney Dream - Happy Holidays Mickey and Minnie Christmas/New Year- Limited Edition 1,000 - The pin is a Spinner with Mickey and Minnie dressed in Santa Hats surrounded by a Wreath on one side with 2010 written at the top of the spinner. On the other side of the pin Mickey and Minnie are celebrating New Year with Mickey wearing a festive blue hat. Mickey and Minnie are surrounded by confetti. At the top of the spinner is written 2011.

Price $15


ON HOLD ITEM # 14 -Bay Lake Tower - Disney Vacation Club - Limited Edition 300

This limited edition pin commemorates the opening of the Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort . This pin was released at Fantasia at Disney's Contemporary Resort and was only be available to Disney Vacation Club members. The pin is white with brown and orange letters with the monorail.

Price $100


ON HOLD ITEM # 15 -Blizzard Beach - WDW September 2000 Pin of the Month

A family of three snowpersons standing in front of Summit Plummet. Bottom of the pins says "Disney's Blizzard Beach Commemorative Edition - Opening Day 1995" Limited Edition 7500.

Price $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 16 - Celebrating 40 Years of Magical Memories - Magic Kingdom - Cast Member Exclusive This pin has a sky blue glitter background. It is almost in a rectangular "cloud" shape so the edges are not straight. In the upper right corner there is a castle in blue, silver and gold. Then under that -- "CELEBRATING" underlined in gold. Under that is an old skeleton key with a shiny gold thread dangle on the left end. There is a white plaque with the number "40" on it then along the key it says "years of magical memories" and on the right side of the key there is a star. There are also gold stars on the pin. Underneath the key it says "MAGIC KINGDOM".

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 17 - Walt Disney Railroad 40 Years - WDW Cast Exclusive - Name Tag Pin Collection Limited Edition 1000. The pin is shaped like a Disney Cast Member name tag and reads "Walt Disney World Railroad, Opening Team 1971." It also features a pin-on-pin element that says, "40 Years."

Price $30


ON HOLD ITEM # 18 - Disneyland 45 Years of Magic Dangle - Mickey in front of a grey castle and blue sky background with a small Tinker Bell and a large white 45. Disneyland is displayed in red and the dangle says 45 Years of Magic.

Price $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 19 - 1999 Test Track 'Road Tested' Pin Limited Edition 1000

This pin was issued to commemorate the opening of TestTrack at EPCOT. This was only available during the preview period, and according to the cast members, only about 600 were sold. The pin shows a scared-looking Mickey at the wheel, with Test Track EPCOT underneath. At the bottom in gold letters on a black band it says "Road Tested 1999".

Price $50


ON HOLD ITEM # 20 - Walt Disney Imagineering 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Studios - Limited Edition pin of 2500

Price $15


ON HOLD ITEM # 21 - Cowboy Stitch - Disney Auctions - Limited Edition 500 - Stitch pays tribute to the singing cowboys of old on this gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive. Stitch is dressed in western gear including a ten gallon hat, chaps and a yellow scarf. He is playing the guitar. The background is round.

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 22 - Expedition Everest Opening Day Disney Vacation Club Limited Edition 1500 Pin

In original packaging. Narrowly escaping the Yeti during their expedition of the towering Forbidden Mountain. This Disney Vacation Club Member Exclusive pin celebrates the opening of Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Mickey Mouse and Goofy are a pin-on-pin. Garrett Webb from Disney Design Group created the artwork for this pin. To purchase this pin, Disney Vacation Club Members must have presented valid a Disney Vacation Club ID.

PRICE REDUCED TO $65 Price $75


ON HOLD ITEM # 23 - Festival of the Masters 26th Annual - 2001 Annual Passholder -This pin was sold only to Annual Passholders of WDW for the Festival of the Masters Art Event. It is an abstract painting with Mickey in the center. Along the bottom it reads "Festival Of The Masters 2001". The back of the pin reads "Walt Disney World Passholder Exclusive Limited Edition 2500.

Price $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 24 - Mickey Parasailing - Artist Choice Disney Cruise Line 2007



ON HOLD ITEM # 25 - Cast Member Epcot 25th Anniversary Figment Limited Edition 1000. Figment is a pin-on-pin. Mickey ears are in the background, as well as Spaceship Earth. There are fireworks in the 'ears' on the pin

Price $60


ON HOLD ITEM # 26 - Skyway Commemorative Slider Pin from 2001, Limited Edition 3500. Part of the Retired Attractions series. This pin features a sliding component with Mickey and Donald in a Skyway bucket. Says "Skyway" in a white cloud above them. Also has the dates "1971" to the left of the bucket, and "1999" to the right of the bucket.

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 27 - Small World Eskimo Girl Dangle Eskimo girl carries a spear with a fish at the end. Black and gold dangle at the bottom says "it's a small world".

Price $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 28 - Tink's Summer Pin Quest - Traveling Tink - Fantasyland 2004 Pin Event at WDW. Limited Edition 1000

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 30 - Star Tours - Cast Member Piece of History - WDW Limited Edition of 750 - This pin features Mickey Mouse wearing a Star Tours cast member outfit, an orange shirt and blue pants. Mickey has his arm up leaning on the Star Tours attraction logo. Under the logo the pin reads "May the Force Be With You" and "Cast Member". There is a bubble next to Mickey's shoe that contains a piece of fabric from a Star Tours cast member costume.

Price $90


ON HOLD ITEM # 31 - The Haunted Mansion Re-Haunting 2007 - Madame Leota Limited Edition of 2000; Madame Leota celebrates The Haunted Mansion Attraction Re-Haunting 2007

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 32 - Cast Exclusive - Happy New Year 2007 (Cinderella & Prince) Limited Edition of 1,000

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 33 - Mickey and Minnie Italy - Journey Through Time Pin Event 2003 Limited Edition of 1000. Mickey and Minnie are featured here in the original pose from the Lady in the Tramp eating spaghetti a a table with a checkerboard cloth in front of the tower. This pin represents the Italy Pavilion. In original packaging.

Price $35


ON HOLD ITEM # 34 - ITEM # 34 - Epcot Center - The Land - Retro Pin Celebrating the early attractions. This Limited Edition 750 pin features the original Land Pavilion including Kitchen Kabaret. The pin contains multiple pin-on-pin elements and a spinner element. Features characters the Fiesta Fruit group near the climax of Kitchen Kabaret. The fruit includes 3 Bananas, 2 Oranges, one Tomato and a Pineapple. Behind them is the entrance to the pavilion The Land. In the background also has three of the Seasons Balloons that hung over the Sunshine Seasons food court. Next to the fruit is the original Land Logo as a spinner. The other side shows the original Epcot Center logo.

Price $60


Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Slider Pin
- Disney MGM Studios - On With The Show Pin Event 2002; Limited Edition of 1000

Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 36 - 20 Magical Years - Cast Member Pin This pin was only available to Cast Members during the 20th anniversary celebration. Shows Mickey coming out of a top hat that says "20 Magical Years" on it.

Price $15


ON HOLD ITEM # 38 - Animal Kingdom 10th Anniversary Passholder Exclusive Limited Edition of 1000 pins; Safari Mickey and the Yeti celebrate Animal Kingdom's 10th anniversary. Shaped like the Tree of Life® Attraction, this pin features the yeti from Expedition Everest and Mickey Mouse commemorating this anniversary. It features a pin-on-pin element.

PRICE REDUCED TO $25 Price $30


ON HOLD ITEM # 39 - Tower of Terror Cast Member 15th Anniversary Pin Walt Disney World This Limited Edition of 750 pins was released in 2009. This is a Cast Exclusive pin on a pin with Tower of Terror in the background along with some palm trees. Goofy (in the foreground) is your host and is dressed in the TOT CM costume and he is bowing to the arriving guests. The pin reads "15 years of scaring the daylights out of guests". Although celebrating the 15th anniversary at WDW's Tower with this pin, the image on the pin is of the Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure!!!

Price $45


ON HOLD ITEM # 41 - Figment Epcot Cast Member Name Tag Pin This is the nametag that was released at Epcot for the Cast Party and it features Figment. The words EPCOT are below. It is a small pin. Appears to be sealed in original plastic.

Price $35


ON HOLD ITEM # 42 - Treehouse Villas Disney Vacation Club 2009 - This Limited Edition of 300 pin was released June 2009 and commemorates the opening of the Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. This pin was only available to Disney Vacation Club members. Comes on the original card, but the card has been creased (no damage to the pin),

Price $75


ON HOLD ITEM # 43 - Tinker Bell on Castaway Cay - Only 500 pins were released February 2008. Tinker Bell enjoys a fruity beverage on Castaway Cay Island in this limited edition, White Glove pin. This pin contains multiple pin-on-pin elements, glitter fill and Free-D elements. Tinker Bell is sitting on her knees on a leaf with palm trees in the background. There is a red umbrella with the DCL logo on the umbrella. A red strawberry is on the pin, and it is made of PVC elements. In the palm tree are coconuts in the shape of a hidden mickey.

Price $65


ITEM # 44 - 1999 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Dangle Pin he pin says "EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival April 16 - May 30 1999" with the 1999 being the "dangle". It has a yellow background and came on a pale teal card. Comes in original packaging with card.

Price $25


ON HOLD ITEM # 44a - Haunted Mansion Ride (Maleficent & Cruella DeVil) - The Disney Club Member Exclusive This Disney Club exclusive pin features two villains; Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians riding in what looks like the Haunted Mansion doom buggy. It comes with a themed backer card. The backer card for this pin is bent and creased but no tears.

Price $10


ON HOLD ITEM # 45 - Figment High Jump Olympics 2004 with USA and Olympic Rings

PRICE REDUCED TO $15 Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 46 - Spectacle of Lights - Wreaths (Mouse Ears) limited Edition of 2002, released December 2002. In original packaging with back card. The top of the pin reads The Osborne Family and the bottom of the pin has a red ribbon that reads Spectacle of Lights.

Price $15


ON HOLD ITEM # 47 - Hopper - It's Tough to be a Bug - Stitch's Wild Adventures 2004 Limited Edition 1500 from 2004. Comes in original packaging with back card. Features Stitch, Lilo, Pleakley, and Jumbaa wearing 3D bug glasses at the It's Tough To Be A Bug show at Animal Kingdom. Hopper, the villain grasshopper from Pixar's A Bug's Life, stands in front of them holding up his fist at Stitch and Pleakley. Hopper is a pin on pin element which also features "Stitch's Wild Adventures 2004" Logo.

PRICE REDUCED TO $15 Price $20


ON HOLD ITEM # 48 - Bellhop Stitch - Disneyland Resort The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Event Pin Includes a gold-toned HTH logo pin on the backer card. Limited Edition of 1000 pins. In original packaging with back card. This pin was released as part of the Disneyland Resort Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Merchandise Event. Stitch is dressed as a bellhop from the Tower of Terror. Stitch is carrying a suitcase that opens to show clothing inside. THere is a small magnet to keep the 'flap' closed. Approximately 1.5" in size.

PRICE REDUCED TO $90 Price $100


ON HOLD ITEM # 49 - Star Tours Disneyland Press Pin - It is shaped like airline wings, with a blue background that has the Star Tours logo and "Star Tours, Now the Adventure Is Real" printed on it.

This was the press pin given out at the press opening. Each press member received a packet with tickets to the ride, photos, etc. and one of these pins.

Price $25


ON HOLD ITEM # 50 - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2000 - Snowglobe (Fab 5 + Chip 'n' Dale) - Inside a snowglobe with Cinderella Castle in the Background. Inside globe are snowflakes and outside are snow covered trees and the words: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! 2000 It was sold only on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) evenings (a hard ticket, after-hours event).

PRICE REDUCED TO $20 Price $25


ON HOLD ITEM # 51 - Beauty and Beast - Disney MGM Studios - On With The Show Pin Event Limited Edition 1000 - Scene from the stage show at the MGM studios, Beast is bowing on the left and Belle is starting to curtsy on the right just before they dance. The top and sides are the stage curtains and the set is the ballroom. The top of the pin reads "Beauty and the Beast."

Price $60


ON HOLD ITEM # 53 - Animal Kingdom Opening '98' Pin - This pin commemorates the opening of "Disney's Animal Kingdom" in 1998. It shows Mickey in safari clothes with binoculars beside a large "98" made up of animals like the Tree of Life. There is a giraffe, rhinocerous, kangaroo, koala, elephant, panda bear, hippopotamus, bald eagle, orangutang, zebra, tortoise, parrot, lion, tiger and chimpanzee "carved" into the "98".



ON HOLD ITEM # 54 - Finding Nemo's Dory Disney Cruise Line Captain's Choice - Limited Edition of 1000, released November 2005. Dory from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo has found her way into this Limited Edition, Captain's Choice pin. Dory is pictured in a porthole that opens. This pin also features the Captain's Choice logo as a dangle. Captain John Barwis selected this pin for the Disney Wonder® Ship.



ON HOLD ITEM # 55 - Walt Disney Imagineering Big Thunder Mountain Poster Pin - Limited Edition 300 released in 2007! The pin is pin on pin,the colors are bright and beautiful. Blue, browns, a little green and cream. On the top are the words Big Thunder which is the pin on pin part. The picture is the train going down the ride. Disneyland is in green on the bottom.



ON HOLD ITEM # 56 - Mickey's Christmas Carol - from Japan in original packaging released December 2002 - It features Huey, Dewey, and Louie.The pin reads Mickey's Christmas Carol 1983.



ON HOLD ITEM # 57 - The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Walt Disney Imagineering - Limited Edition of 300 pins. Sealed in original packaging. This pin was released for the Grand Opening of The Seas with Nemo and Friends in 2006. It is the Marquee logo for the new attraction in Epcot with Nemo, Marlin and Dory. The pin's artwork is very colorful. The water is translucent and the pin has 3-D half bubbles. The pin also has glitter in some of the areas.



ON HOLD ITEM # 58 - Figment Journey Through Time Pin Event 2003 Limited Edition 2000 - Figment is featured here watching a movie screen that has some home movies of him when he was a baby. The movie screen has sparkly glitter on it. This pin is also known as the Figlet pin. The figlet is recently hatched as there is egg shell around the baby.



ON HOLD ITEM # 59 - Castle with Mickey - 2010 WDW Cast Exclusive Stained Glass Pin Collection Limited Edition 1000 - The outside of the pin features Cinderella's Castle with fireworks in the sky, on the inside Mickey Mouse is in front of the castle with fireworks in the night sky.



ON HOLD ITEM # 60 - Stitch in Chimney Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) Limited Edition 500 Released 2004 - Santa Stitch prepares to make a special Christmas delivery on this black-metal character pin. Santa Stitch is waving his hand. There are icicles hanging from the red brick chimney.



ON HOLD ITEM # 61 - Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid - Ursula
This pin features Ursula with Flotsam and Jetsam. There is a black silhouette of Ariel in a yellow bubble. The pin has the Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction logo and the Magic Kingdom logo in a shell.



ON HOLD ITEM # 63 - Stitch Jumbo USA Olympic Logo - 1996 Atlanta Olympics. - In original container This jumbo pin celebrates the Atlanta Olympic Games of 1996. It shows Stitch competing in three events: soccer, weightlifting and gymnastics. The blue ring around the top of the pin shows the international symbols for the various events of the Summer Olympics. The Olympic Rings are below a statue of a classic Olympian. USA is above the rings. The pin is 3" in diameter. This pin comes packaged in a round metal tin with a round label on top.




ON HOLD ITEM # 64 - Tokyo Disneyland Christmas 2003 This pin on pin design features Mickey dressed as Santa holding a wrapped present/gift box and Pluto with a wreath around his neck and holding a candy cane. The bottom of the pin reads in blocks Christmas 2003.



ON HOLD ITEM # 65 - Walt Disney Imagineering Walt Name Tag - Class of 1952 Limited Edition 300 Pins Issued 2009



ON HOLD ITEM # 66 - Ready for Sailing - Welcome Aboard Jumbo Pin Mickey Mouse
Limited Edition 500 - This Featured Artist Jumbo Pin features Captain Mickey in front of a Disney Cruise Line® Ship. Created especially for the Disney Cruise Line®, this Limited Edition pin was designed by Disney Design Group Artist Jeff Ebersohl. This pin features a ship's wheel that spins to reveal different outfits for Mickey. His outfits include a Captain's outfit, a suit, beach attire and a casual outfit. Jeff has titled this pin "Ready For Sailing."



ON HOLD ITEM # 67 - Graduation Mickey Cap - Class of 2002 This is the shape of a Graduation Cap and is red. It has two black ears and two white circles which could be Mickey's pants. Under the cap is a scroll which reads, "Class of 2002."



ON HOLD ITEM # 68 - Canada - Epcot World Showcase Pavilion Series One of a series of pins highlighting the countries of the World Showcase in Epcot. Pin is a lavender square trimmed with yellow; at the bottom is a blue-green bar with "Canada" in white lettering. Superimposed on the square is a diamond-shaped image of the Canada pavilion.



ON HOLD ITEM # 69 - Lock, Shock & Barrel - Nightmare Before Christmas Tombstone Series



ON HOLD ITEM # 70 - 999 Happy Haunts Ball - Logo - Sealed in original packaging. This limited edition 2000 pin released at the 999 Happy Haunts Ball at the Magic Kingdom in WDW features the logo of the Event reading The Haunted Mansion, designed by Disney Artist Michelle Morrow. The outline of the plaque and the banner glow in the dark.



ON HOLD ITEM # 71 - Wishes Grand Opening 2003 Jiminy Cricket - Limited Edition 2500 - n honor of the new fireworks that are coming to the Magic Kingdom, Jiminy is tipping his hat to them. The pin reads Grand Opening 2003 Wishes A Magical Celebration of Disney Dreams.



ON HOLD ITEM # 72 - Wilderness Lodge 10th Anniversary Cast Member Pin Limited Edition approx 1300. This is a pin was given to all the Cast Members who work at the Lodge. It was also given out to front desk cast members at Disney's Fort Wilderness resort and campground. The pin is round with a background that looks like a slice of tree trunk and features the character totem pole that has Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Humphrey Bear stacked on top of each other. It has a red banner that reads "10th Anniversary" and the Lodge logo.



ON HOLD ITEM # 73 - WDW Cast Member Exclusive - Mickey's Philharmagic (Mickey & Donald) 3D Limited Edition 2000 - Mickey's Philharmagic pin has Mickey and Donald standing in front of Mickey ears and a Sorcerer's hat. The words: Mickey's Philharmagic are in 3D at the bottom



ON HOLD ITEM # 75 - Sorcerer Mickey - 2002 Spectacle of Pins - (Artist Choice) Hinged - Limted Edition 1000 - This limited edition hinged Artist Choice pin released at Disney MGM Studios for the Spectacle of Pins Event features Mickey on a stool wearing a Sorcerer's Cap touching the star. When you move the star, the Sorcerer's Hat swings to reveal a Christmas Tree with Pluto beside it. The bottom of the pin features the traditional Artist Choice Pencil and Paintbrush in gold and reads Disney Artist Choice.



ON HOLD ITEM # 76 DLR - Large Winter Pin 2002 at Disneyland (Fab 5) 3D Limited Edition 2500 - This pin features (from left) Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck, all dressed in winter clothing and standing in front of a snowy Sleeping Beauty Castle. Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey are all wearing Santa hats. Pluto has reindeer antlers on. The Fab 5 are pin-on-pin.



ON HOLD ITEM # 78 Toy Story - Woody and Bo Peep - Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store - Limited Edition 300 - This Limited Edition pin features Woody and Bo Peep on a background of Woody's badge. The Toy Story logo is a pin-on-pin element. This was released in conjunction with the 3-D re-release of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on October 2nd, 2009.



ON HOLD ITEM # 79 SuperStar Television - Disney's MGM Studios - Remember When Limited Edition 750 - Mickey and Minnie Mouse pay tribute to SuperStar Television in this pin from the "Remember When" commemorative series. SuperStar Television, an interative attraction which used blue screen technology to put park guests in scenes from famous television programs, opened at the Disney-MGM Studios on May 1, 1989. The top portion of the pin features the SuperStar Television logo. The dangle portion of the pin features Minnie in a blue gown and feather hat on a pedestal, surrounded by spotlights. Mickey poses with a top hat and cane on top of the Remember When pin-on-pin banner. A White Glove pin-on-pin is also present.



ITEM # 80 Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage - Limited Edition - 1500 - Wide. It shows a Retro type upside down triangle with Captain Mickey in the center. Maiden is written behind the Captain Mickey and then it looks like a 3D banner is on the bottom with VOYAGE written in the banner.



< ITEM # 81 Kermit the Frog - Director - Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store - Limited Edition 300 - This pin features Kermit the Frog holding a megaphone. Kermit's name is on the back of the chair.



ITEM # 8 - Item #8 - Maiden Voyage Poster Disney Dream Pin; Limited Edition of 1250 - in original packaging - The pin has an aqua blue border with mickey icon heads in the four corners of the frame, the bottom middle of the frame reads "Disney Cruise Line." The main portion of the pin reads "Maiden Voyage" on the top with "January 26 - 30, 2011" on the bottom. Sorcerer Mickey is featured on the pin as well as the mops from Fantasia painting on the backside of the Dream.

The backer card is oversized and depicts an ocean view with fireworks. The card is printed with MAIDEN VOYAGE January 26-30, 2011 LIMITED EDITION.



ITEM # 9 -
Castaway Cay Magical Wonderland 2009
- Limited Edition 500, on original card. Mickey Mouse is wearing a Santa Hat and showing off his beautiful Christmas Tree. Tree has red, gold and silver ornaments that sparkle or have glitter.

PRICE: $15


ITEM # 29 - Disney's Lilo & Stitch (Hula Dancing) Pin Limited Edition 1200; from Japan. Both of them are wearing traditional grass skirts. The bottom of this pin reads "Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

Price $25


ITEM # 37 - Stitch Jack-o'-Lantern Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Limited Edition 500 - Our resident alien, Stitch, proudly displays a Jack-o'-lantern that shares his distinctive orthodontics on this Halloween-inspired gold-finished character pin released in 2004.

Price $30


ITEM # 40 - S.S. DVC Member Cruise 2007 with Mickey and Minnie The Limited Edition of 1500 pins were released on the October 2007 DVC Member Cruise. The ship is in the background and Mickey and Minnie are building a sand castle on the beach. There is a hidden mickey in the palm tree and Mickey is placing a red flag on the castle. A life preserver is on the pin and it contains the DVC logo. On the life preserver, is S.S. Member Cruise 2007.

PRICE REDUCED TO $20 Price $25


ITEM # 52 - 1999 Disneyana Post-Convention Survey Pin (Mickey Mouse) - This pin features Mickey with the buildings of It's A Small World in the background.
This was given to the 1999 Disneyana ConventionEars after completion of the end-of-convention survey. It is usually called "The 1999 Disneyana Convention Survey Pin."

PRICE REDUCED TO $15 Price $20


ITEM # 62 - Item # Minnie & Mickey Maiden Voyage Disney Dream Pin; Limited Edition of 1250, retailed for $13.95.



ITEM # 74 - Tokyo Disney Sea Buon Natale Mickey Christmas - 2001 - Mickey Mouse wearing a brown cape over a red robe and holding a candle. At the bottom is a Dangle with "Buon Natale" written on it.



ITEM # 77 Jumbo Figment - WDW - A Family Pin Gathering- Limited Edition 3000 - This Limited Edition super Jumbo pin-on-pin features Figment. Disney Design Group Artist Jeff Ebersohl designed this pin. This will be a big pin with multiple layers. Behind Figment is a rainbow! Astronaut Figment - 1.1" tall Figment with flag - 1.42" x 1.03" Figment flying - 1.2" x 1.8"



ITEM # 80 Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage - Limited Edition - 1500 - Wide. It shows a Retro type upside down triangle with Captain Mickey in the center. Maiden is written behind the Captain Mickey and then it looks like a 3D banner is on the bottom with VOYAGE written in the banner.



< ITEM # 81 Kermit the Frog - Director - Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store - Limited Edition 300 - This pin features Kermit the Frog holding a megaphone. Kermit's name is on the back of the chair.



Cast Exclusive Patriotic Sorcerer's Hat This Cast Exclusive Patriotic Themed Mickey's Sorcerers Hat pin was released at the WDW Company D Stores in 2003 and is an WDW Cast Exclusive. The back is stamped Cast Exclusive. The sorcerer's hat has the colors of the American (USA) flag (red, white and blue) with 11 full and partial stars.

PRICE: $10


That's it folks! Hope you found some treasures! Thanks for your support in the fight against breast cancer!

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Comments (25)


It would be great to have another sale in November. I think this format works wells.

Would love to see you do this again.

Leslie Gilder:

Thanks Deb - this was fun & a great way to raise support for your walk.

Yes, please do another one in November!

Cathy Wurtz:


kim isbell:

Both of those are already on hold. Thank you though!

I would love item #24 and 31 and am happy to support the cause.

Leslie Gilder:

Last three -


Esther Chernak:

I'm interested in #24. I love Mickey and on Sept. 25th it was one year that we lost my dear sweet SIL to Breast Cancer so this is very important to me. It would always be a very special pin in my collection. God Bless you for doing this.

Karen C:

#72 on hold for you

If still available

#68 is gone

Karol Kennedy:

I would like to purchase Pin #68, the Canadian building. Thank you

Rod Werly:

Already on Hold

#55 please


#3 please

Shirley Denhart:

I would also like to buy pin

# 24

if you could send me an new email with my 3 pins

Deb: Thanks Will Do

Vanessa Cicchelli:

I'm interested in item #47



Penny TerHar :

already on hold

# 75

Penny TerHar:

Items 22

chad scoma:

Please refresh your browser, both are already on hold



Sami Westfall:


Jason Chaiklin:

item 6

Sami Westfall:

I am interested in 76

Gilbert Daniel Jr:

Interested in:

Sami Westfall:

I am interested in pins. 49 and 53.

Jill Rafferty :

both are already on hold


Karen Chappell:


Tim Johansen:

I am interested in Numbers


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