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March 2, 2015

Preview Epcot's 2015 22nd International Flower and Garden Festival Part 2

Deb's Digest Blog

Epcot's annual Flower and Garden Festival begins March 4th with new displays, topiaries, mini-gardens, garden rocks bands, food and beverages. This is Part 2 of our preview.


Our Festival Preview also included tasting some of the new food and beverages offered this year in the Outdoor Kitchens. Here are interviews with Epcot Executive Chef Gregg Hannon and Content Manager. Following the videos we share photos and our thoughts on the food and beverages.

Our Preview Tastes -

Cachapa con Queso Sweet Corn Pancake with Farmers Cheese - Botanas Botánico


LINDA: I really like the touch of sweetness in the pancake. The cheese has a very mild flavor. While this item is tasty, it is not one I would seek out.

DEB: This was tasty and something non-adventurous folks (like myself) would enjoy. I think kids will like it too

Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash - With White Cheddar Fondue and Pickled Jalapenos - THE SMOKEHOUSE: Barbecue and Brews


LINDA: While this was a flavorful dish, the brisket was a bit fatty for me and I thought the fondue was too much and overpowered the dish.

DEB: Not a big fan of fatty meats of which this is. However, just about everyone else around me really enjoyed it.

Shrimp and Stone Ground Grits - With Andouille Sausage, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes


LINDA: This was by far my favorite!!! I loved the creamy, slightly cheesy tasting grits. Adding the Andouille Sausage gives it a slight kick while the corn a touch of sweetness. Both the grits and shrimp were cooked perfectly.

DEB: I took a pass due to my shellfish allergy

Kale Salad - Dried Cherries, Almonds, and Goat Cheese with White Balsamic Vinaigrette - Urban Farm Eat


LINDA: This salad is very refreshing. I am not a fan of dried fruit so I pushed the cherries aside. I thought the goat cheese was the best part of the salad. It is so creamy and light tasting.

DEB: I really enjoyed this salad. I was a tad leary because I am not a kale fan, but the blend of all the flavors and the light vinaigrette had me going back for another helping.

Quinoa Vegetable Nannwich - With Arugula Pesto and Oven Dried Tomatoes - Urban Farm Eat


LINDA: This was my second favorite tasting! I am allergic to pine nuts and they are present in the arugula pesto so I asked to have mine served without the pesto. It was still very delicious. I love the vegetarian quinoa patty and tomatoes together. This seems to be fun food. As you can wrap the naan bread around the patty and eat it like a sandwich. This could be a nice walk around food item.

DEB: I really enjoyed this item. The quinoa patty was on the loose side so it might make for a slightly messy sandwich... but I loved the flavors and look forward to trying it again.

Smoked Debreziner Sausage With House made Kraut and Mustard - THE SMOKEHOUSE: Barbecue and Brews


LINDA: I normally do not care for sausage, but this little dish was full of tasty heat and spice flavor. I believe the mustard was where the heat was. It was subtle heat. It did not burn the mouth but gave plenty of flavor.

DEB: I enjoyed the sausage.. I only put a little mustard on mine since I'm not a heat fan.

Coconut Tres Leches - Botanas Botánico


LINDA: This by far my favorite dessert! The cake was so moist, the icing light and airy with a hint of caramel and coconut flavor. I am not a big sweet dessert person but I could easily have stuffed myself with several pieces of this cake.

DEB: My favorite dessert too. Light, moist, flavorful.. simply yummy. I have to tell you I haven't seen Linda eat a whole piece of cake in a long time LOL

Florida Blueberry & Lemon Curd Tart - Florida Fresh


LINDA: Again, not being a big dessert person, this did not do much for me. It wasn’t bad, just meh for me.

DEB: It tasted good and the blueberries were very fresh. However, after tasting the Coconut Tres Leches, I only took one bite of the tart and went back to my piece of Coconut cake.

Macaron Guimauve a la Fraise - Large Strawberry Marshmallow Macaron - Fleur de Lys


LINDA: This was my least favorite because it was so sweet. If you like a really sweet dessert, this could be for you.

DEB: Agreed! If you are into super sweet this is a dessert for you!

La Tizana with or without Santa Teresa RHUM Orange Liqueur - Botanas Botánico


LINDA: Too sweet for me.

DEB: A tasty sweet Ruhm beverage with great fresh fruit pieces on top. I think the kids will enjoy the non-alcoholic version!

Ace Pineapple Hard Cider - Sacramento, California - Pineapple Promenade


LINDA and DEB: Not hard cider fans, but the pineapple flavoring was certainly there!

Key Lime Sparkling Wine - Florida Orange Groves, St. Petersburg, FL - Florida Fresh


LINDA and DEB: When this was served as a simple white wine in 2014, neither of us cared for it. Too sweet for our tastes. However by adding the effervescence it made it a great beverage to start our noshing with!

DISCLAIMER: AllEars was invited by Disney to the Epcot Flower and Garden Media Preview on February 27, 2015. We were given a special horticulture tour, and complementary tastes of the food and beverages.

Preview Epcot's 2015 22nd International Flower and Garden Festival Part 1

Deb's Digest Blog

Epcot's annual Flower and Garden Festival begins March 4th with new displays, topiaries, mini-gardens, garden rocks bands, food and beverages. This is the first of our 2 part blog Previewing the Festival!

The Flower and Garden team has created new and different experiences for this year's festival. Linda Eckwerth and myself were part of the invited media to experience a preview of the festival. Horticulture Manager Eric Darden and Landscape Architect Carla Shuman provided an in-depth look at some of this year's displays.


Just in cause you were wondering just how detailed the festival plans are, Carla shared a glimpse of the incredibly detailed horticulture planning document.


Here is just a sampling of the highlights for the 2015 festival.

This year's butterfly topiary garden takes flight showing the butterflies landing on the flowers.


Lightening McQueen and Mater are back, this time in an expanded play area garden called "The Cactus Road Rally Garden". Check out the radiators :). Learn more about how cactus store water in the hot dry climates. Look for the not so hidden radiators :)


Butterflies on the Go has a new wider sidewalk for folks to use. The butterflies will be released for the first time on Tuesday and by the Festival's official opening on Wednesday hundreds of butterflies will be around. Ever wonder why the Butterfly House is closed at night, well, simply, the butterflies don't fly at night! Each week about 1,000 chrysalis are delivered to the butterfly house. Watch the butterfly emerge from the chrysalis - takes 20-30 minutes to watch them begin to fly.


One of the highlights of this year's festival are the topiaries of Anna and Elsa. Last year's experiment with Snow White's eyes worked really well. So, Anna and Elsa have much more expressive faces. The scene is from the end of the film, when Elsa realizes she can make everything right again. So the flowers are half winter and half summer.



Another new area this year is called Urban Farm Eats showcasing that it's not that hard to grow your own food. The garden not only shows vegetables but also an aqua-ponics system with tilapia - the fish waste fertilize the plants, the plants clean the water that the fish live in. Learn more about this ancient technique by talking to folks in the Urban Farm Eats garden.


All this and we haven't even started to explore World Showcase! This year's festival guide is the actual Epcot map, so no need to jostle around 2 maps to figure out what to do.

Our interview with Eric Darden highlights a few other new areas:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Preview as we highlight the Outdoor Kitchens new foods and beverages.

AllEars was invited by Disney to the Epcot Flower and Garden Media Preview on February 27, 2015. We were given a special horticulture tour, and complementary tastes of the food and beverages.

February 28, 2015

Pin-Palooza Collectables for a Cause 3 Hour Pin Sale

FINAL UPDATE 3/13/2015
All pins have now been mailed. Two persons have not responded to numerous emails, posts in the newsletters for payment, so their pins will go back to the bin for another time. I've adjusted the final total to be: $6,780! A record for sure! You all have been very generous!

Look for another Pin Palooza before summer (I hope).

Thanks again everyone!.


The first set of pin packages went in yesterday's mail (3/3). We will be mailing into next week with all the sales.

PLEASE NOTE: Two emails have bounced back to me as undeliverable.
If your email begins with

lynmarie.j OR dljrrn2011

Please use the contact us form and send me your correct email address so I can send you payment info.


Sunday Update 12:35pm
ALL emails have now been sent with payment information.

1 Person whose email begins with: dljrrn2011 Your mail bounced back to me. Please contact me directly at mugs at allears dot net

A few of you who missed out on pins asked if you could still make a donation. So for anyone looking for the link, here you go. Thank you all so much!


Sunday update 10:50:
I am about half way through sending emails to all winners. Hope to be done by the end of today.

I did find doubles of some of the pins more than one person wanted. I will send emails when I can.

Thank you



IMPORTANT NOTE TO WINNERS: Emails are being sent from the mugs at allears dot net account

Folks, congratulate yourselves for an amazing afternoon of fundraising! Together the pledges add up to $6,380!!!! That's a new record for Pin-Palooza. Not only were you so generous, but you also were so patient and understanding!!! I know it must have been frustrating to wait so long to see if you won a pin or not. I can't thank you enough.

Tomorrow I will start sending emails to everyone who won with your recap and total as well as how to make your donation.

There are 20+ pins still up for grabs. If interested, feel free to leave a comment by midnight tonight. I will look at them in the morning.

Also, as I mentioned earlier I do have doubles of a few of the pins and once everyone is taken care of I will contact those interested in the doubles I can find.

Again, my heartfelt thanks. I am in tears at your generosity!



3PM UPDATE: I am still plugging away at the requests. The sale will stay open for a while still.

I do have doubles of a few of the pins. Once I take care of all that sold today, I will email the folks that requested any I have extras of.

Again, your response has been so overwhelmingly awesome!
I will post when the sale is over and a total of how much was pledged.

thank you

2PM UPDATE. totally blown away by your incredible response! again, thanks for your patience as I go thru all the comments in the order I received them. sale will stay open past 3 for sure.

remember to refresh your screen

UPDATE 12:46 - only up to comments from 12:20 your PATIENCE is so appreciated! YOU ROCK!

UPDATE 12:30 Thanks for your patience, working as fast as I can

Here's how it works:

Back by popular demand is the 3 Hour Limited Pin Sale.

Please remember this is a fundraiser not a flea market :)

Let's Raise some $$ To Fight Breast Cancer!!!! Thank you for Visiting!

Your ENTIRE purchase price is a direct donation to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer ! I WILL accept Paypal for payment and then make the donation on your behalf. Please let me know in your confirmation email you will pay via PayPal.

Here's how it works. READ CAREFULLY

** The following pins are offered for sale at the stated price.

** You leave a comment below stating the ITEM number of the pin(s) you wish to purchase.

** I will go through the comments in the order they ARE received. This will take some time! I will publish your comment with the pin #s you requested that ARE available.

** I will then put a SOLD with your first name and first initial last name on the pin description.

** Within 72 hours (hopefully much sooner) I will send you the link information for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and you will have 48 hours to make your donation. Once that happens Avon will send you an email confirmation. Forward me a copy of the donation receipt along with your shipping address -- pins will be mailed in approximately 3-10 days I will pay US shipping of pins.

Your ENTIRE purchase price goes directly to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Account. I pay postage and WILL SHIP TO CANADA AND US. You get pin(s) you want and a charity deduction too! I raise money and reduce my pin collection.

Thank you - Links on the pin names go to the website (with their permission) so you can learn more about the pin. In some cases, photos and/or descriptions are from and used with their permission.

PLEASE refresh your browser to make sure you have the most current page.

SALE ENDS AT 3:00pm Eastern Time February

IMPORTANT: I just found out the PinPics server is DOWN so the links won't work until it comes back up. So sorry, the PinPics folks are working on it.

SOLD Gail G ITEM # 1 - Daisy Duck Western Majesty
Not sold, only available on the Adventures by Disney Quest for the West trip.



ITEM #2 SOLD Daniel J Expedition Everest Dangle WDI Jumbo Pin Exclusive LE 500
The Grand Opening April 2006 Pin of Expedition Everest from Walt Disney Imagineering. The dangle portion says Legend of the Forbidden Mountain.



ITEM #3 SOLD Michael R 2009 Merry Christmas Tinker Bell LE Dangle
TInker Bell is in a red Santa outfit and the pin in backed on a special Santa Hat felt hangable ornament. It is one of a set and limited to 4000.



ITEM # 4 SOLD Helen L. Chip and Dale Alaska Dangle LE
This LE 2000 pin was sold on the first Disney Cruise Line cruise to Alaska in 2011. The boys are dressed in sailor suits in front of a snowy mountain. Pin on the original card.



ITEM # 5 SOLD Debra H Minnie Whale Watches in Ketchikan Alaska LE
This LE 1000 pin was sold on the first Disney Cruise Line cruise to Alaska in 2011. Minnie has her binoculars out looking for whales!



ITEM # 6 SOLD RodW The Evil Queen Employee ID Badge LE 300
From the Disney Employee Center, this Limited Edition 300 pin is colored green with the Evil Queen. Check out her hire date on the pin: 12/21/1937



ITEM # 7 Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Event Logo Pin Limited Edition 1967 New in Original Box

A great pin for all Pirate collectors! It is the logo pin for the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Event May 20, 2000



ITEM # 8 SOLD MIKE Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise 2009 featuring Mickey and Minnie LE 1500
The pair are having a great day at Castaway Cay! Pin was released on the October 2007 DVC Member Cruise. The ship is in the background and Mickey and Minnie are building a sand castle on the beach. There is a hidden mickey in the palm tree and Mickey is placing a red flag on the castle. A life preserver is on the pin and it contains the DVC logo. On the life preserver, is S.S. Member Cruise 2007.



ITEM # 9 SOLD Helen L. Stitch's Magical Adventure Pirates of the Caribbean LE

Stitch gets shot out of the Pirate ship with a cannonball (slider) in this Limited Edition of 2000 pins released in 2005.



Item #10 SOLD Lisa Minnie's Oven Artist Choice LE
Minnie's been cooking all day and she's exhausted! From Mickey's Toontown of Pin Trading Event this is a Limited Edition 1000 pin issued in 2003



Item #11 SOLD CATHY Mickey Leads the Band D23 First Anniversary Pin

Mickey is ready for the parade to celebrate the first anniversary of D23. The dates, March 10, 2009 and March 10, 2010 commemorate the occasion. The pin was limited but edition size unknown. This was a gift to persons attending the Anniversary Celebrations held in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The pin measures approx 3" x 3".



Item #12 SOLD LISA Mickey and Friends Merry Christmas 2003 LE
Mickey is on the sled (slider) and his friends are ornaments on the tree: Pluto, Daisy, Donald and Goofy. In a sealed never opened package this Mickey and Pals pin from Japan was issued in 2003. The Limited Edition is 1200.



Item #13 SOLD RodW Stitch Watches the Mickey Mouse Club Disney Auctions LE

Stitch has his Mickey Ears on as he watches the Mickey Mouse Club on TV. This pin was issued October 2004 by Disney Auctions and is limited to 1000 pins. Pin is brand new in package and never taken out!



Item #14 SOLD RICKE Z Figment and Dreamfinder Jumbo 3D LE Pin

A wonderful pin celebrating the original Journey Into Imagination attractions. Set on Mickey ears with "one little spark" and Voila You've Got a Figment", this Limited Edition 1000 pin was released April 2008. It even has Dreamfinder's ship in the background. Still unopened in original box.



Item #15 SOLD MIKE Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage
Limited Edition - 1500 - Wide. It shows a Retro type upside down triangle with Captain Mickey in the center. Maiden is written behind the Captain Mickey and then it looks like a 3D banner is on the bottom with VOYAGE written in the banner.



Item #16 SOLD RODW Sorcerer's Hat Grand Opening Disney's MGM Studios LE

Sorcerer Mickey's Hat became the icon of Disney's MGM Studios as part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration. It is now being dismantled. This Limited Edition 3500 pins was released in October 2001



Item #17 SOLD lisa Chip and Dale Christmas at Animal Kingdom Dangle LE

What are these 2 chipmunks up to? They are dressed in Santa suits with tree ornaments in front of the Tree of Life. This Limited Edition 3500 Dangle was issued in December 2002.



Item #18 SOLD Laureend v Space Mountain FedEx Lounge
This pin is actually given away free to visitors to the FedEx Lounge at Space Mountain. I've been there several times, have quite a few of these pins, and must say that (at least before FastPass) the Lounge was the best way to ride Space Mountain as VIPs were taken to the front of the line.



Item #19 SOLD Richard B Donald Duck Christmas Holiday Cast Member LE

From the Disneyland Resort here is a very unhappy Donald tangled in Christmas Lights! It was part of the 2002 Cast Member Holiday Party set. It is LE 2000.

PRICE $ 35


Item #20 SOLD Diane B Sebastian World of Color 2010 LE

Sebastian is excited about the new World of Color show in Disney California Adventure. This Limited Edition 1200 pin was released June 6, 2010.



Item #21 SOLD Rod W Stitch Fire Chief Disney Auctions LE
Fire Chief Stitch is driving the hook and ladder to put out the fire. This is a Limited Edition of 1000 pin released by Disney Auctions August 2004.



Item #22 SOLD Helen L. Stitch's Surfboard Shop Disney Auctions LE
Stitch has his own Surfboard Shop in this Limited Edition 1000, Disney Auction Pin. It was released July 2004.



Item #23 SOLD Rod W Dopey License Plate Cast Lanyard Series

Part of a the Pin Lanyard Series. This one is a white Florida State License plate that reads DOPEY in green and has his silhouette in the middle. The tags on top reads JUL 02 on each end of the pin. The bottom of the pin reads Walt Disney World.



Item #24 SOLD ROD W Disney Visa Card 2003 Day 1 Charter Member

Disney Visa Card Day 1 pin to be given with first purchase made on the Disney Visa Card for all members that signed up to get the card first. Cards eligible to get the pin will have "Day 1" printed in the "Member Since" area. It is a red credit card-like pin with colorful confetti streamers all over it and reads Day 1 2003 Disney Visa Card. Behind it is a black Mickey head in the corner.



Item #25 SOLD Diane B 2003 Candlelight Cast Member

This cast exclusive pin released at WDW features three candles , a wreath w/holly and a large red ribbon. In the middle of the wreath it says Candlelight 2003 Cast. The bottom of the pin has a yellow banner that reads Walt Disney World. The circles behind the flames are actually gold mirrors but they came out black as usual. Pin measures 2" tall by 1 1/2 wide.
This pin was only given to Cast Members who performed in the Cast Choir of the Candlelight Processional at the American Pavilion in EPCOT.



Item #26 SOLD Aimee S Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights 2004 (Jumbo Pin) LE

This Limited Edition (750) Jumbo Pin features Mickey Mouse with the gang standing in front of a scene of a city decorated with lights. Stitch is in the background hanging from the top of a building. This pin reads "Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights Goes to the Big City Disney-MGM-Studios" and celebrates this 2004 event.

The gang includes Morty or Ferdy (Mickey's nephew), Goofy, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Daisy & Donald Duck. They are all dressed in red and white Santa outfits and some have Santa hats. The girls are wearing green gloves and Donald's scarf has green and white stripes. Daisy's shoes and Goofy's pants are also green. Snowflakes are falling all around.



Item #27 SOLD Michael R Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid Grand Opening 2012 Cast Exclusive LE
This Cast Member Exclusive pin was made to celebrate the Grand Opening of "Under The Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid" located in the New Fantasyland Expansion in Walt Disney World. This hinged pin shows a blue and green shimmery stained glass effect with a yellow sea shell in the center of the front. Inside the pin the left has the logo for UNDER THE SEA Journey of the Little Mermaid and Grand Opening 2012. The right shows Ariel under water with the water showing a swirl effect.

PRICE $150


Item #28 Dick Tracy Breathless Pin
Brand new on original card (card in used condition) Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in "Dick Tracy" wearing a black dress cut high on the leg. Straight-back-style pin.



Item #29 SOLD Daniel J Expedition Everest Opening Day Passholder Pin LE 2000
Mickey Mouse and Goofy have encountered the Yeti during their expedition of the towering Forbidden Mountain. This Annual Passholder Exclusive pin celebrates the opening of Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden MountainTM at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. This pin features a dangle. Garrett Webb from Disney Design Group created the artwork for this pin.

BRAND NEW still on original card and original packaging. Never opened



Item #30 SOLD Aimee S Disney Cruise Line Happy Thanksgiving 2004 LE
Captain Mickey Mouse and Sailor Pluto are standing next to a cornucopia with raised (3D) vegetables. Pluto is pin on pin. Below reads: Happy Thanksgiving 2004 Disney Cruise Line. This pin was available on the Disney Wonder during "A Villainous Voyage" pin trading cruise November 14-18, 2004.



Item #31 Cast Member - Star Tours - Piece of History Disneyland
This pin commemorates an opening of the revised Star Tours attraction. On June 6th, at DLR the updated Star Tours attraction in Tomorrowland will reopen.

This Limited Edition Cast Member pin features Mickey Mouse wearing a Star Tours cast member uniform, blue with orange accents, and black shoes. Mickey has his right arm up on his hip and his left arm on top of a STAR TOURS logo. Under the logo is has: "May the Force Be With You." Below that is a bubble that contains a piece a piece of blue fabric from a Star Tours cast member costume. Next to the bubble it has "Cast Member."

The card it is mounted on is a special sky blue with clouds and a space shuttle scene with PIECE OF HISTORY STAR TOURS HISTORY above the pin and LIMITED EDITION below the pin.

On the back of the card it says" Star Tours opened at Disneyland on January 9, 1987. Complete with Audio-Animatronics versions of Star Wars characters, 4 simulators transported Guests on a 4.5 minute harrowing flight to a galaxy far, far away. This attraction utilized the Starspeeder 3000, the same type of flight simulator used to train military pilots. This pin contains an actual piece of the cast costume from the original Star Tours attraction at Disneyland Resort.



Item #32 SOLD Tim J Opening Day The Chronicles of Narnia -
Aslan, the lion, is featured on this Disney Cruise Line opening day pin, Limited Edition of 500



Item #33 SOLD Esther C Happy 35th Birthday Walt Disney World Cast Exclusive LE

This Cast Exclusive pin features the fab 4 and Expedition Everest. 3D are some tracks leading up towards the top of Everest. On these twisted tracks is a EE ride vehicle. Donald and Daisy Duck are sitting in the front seat. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are in the second row. All are wearing party hats and Mickey has a surprised look. His face appears to have been hit with a snowball! The other three riders look very happy. The epoxy coated background pin is Everest looming in the background, with the village in the scene below. There is a two ring attached dangle that reads (in yellow letters) "HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY!" Below that are red letters in the traditional WDW lettering, "Walt Disney World". The letters are in a cut out shape fitting around the wording. The upper pin is almost square.



Item #34 SOLD Laureend v Boardwalk Villas with Mickey and Minnie Strolling

PRICE $ 10


Item #35 SOLD Leslie G Belle Be Our Guest Artist Choice Limited Edition 1000
This Limited Edition, Artist Choice spinner pin features Belle in a scene from Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The plates will spin. On the spinner part, Cogsworth running takes the place of one of the plates. The middle of the spinner is made up of napkins. Disney Design Group Artist Monty Maldovan designed this pin. This pin will measure approximately 2.25" tall.
This pin released at the Family Pin Gathering event at Epcot Sept 10th-12th 2004.



Item #36SOLD Valerie P Pleasure Island Moon Logo
Pin shows the Pleasure Island logo from the mid-'90s. It is a round blue cirlce. In the circle is a green cityscape that's come alive dancing; the central figure has the moon as his head. At bottom it reads "Pleasure Island". The Pleasure Island man in the moon icon was known as the Funmeister.



Item #37 SOLD jenlitka Figment Imagine the Magic
Press down on the Magic Wand and watch Figment pop out of the hat! Limited edition of 2500; released in 2003. Brand new on original card.



Item #38SOLD Susan P Figment (Under Construction 2002) Slider Limited Edition 3500
This pin commemorated the reworking of the Epcot Journey Into Imagination attraction in 2002, bringing the popular Figment back. It features a yellow background pin with a pin-on-pin Figment standing on top of a mechanical pencil holding onto a pulley. Figment slides up and down on the pin. Around him are rulers and colorful stars and circles. The text on the pin reads "Journey into Imagination Under Construction 2002."



Item #39 SOLD juliec Celebrating 40 Years of Magical Memories - Magic Kingdom - Cast Member Exclusive
This pin has a sky blue glitter background. It is almost in a rectangular "cloud" shape so the edges are not straight. In the upper right corner there is a castle in blue, silver and gold. Then under that -- "CELEBRATING" underlined in gold. Under that is an old skeleton key with a shiny gold thread dangle on the left end. There is a white plaque with the number "40" on it then along the key it says "years of magical memories" and on the right side of the key there is a star. There are also gold stars on the pin. Underneath the key it says "MAGIC KINGDOM". The writing on the pin (not on the key) looks like it is done in a dark brown or black.



Item #40 SOLD theresa r Walt Disney Imagineering Baloo it's a small world Limited Edition 300
Features the Hong Kong Disneyland® Resort's it's a small world logo, with Baloo - one of the Disney Characters featured in the new attraction. He is dancing on the pink "small" word. "it's a small world" is spelled out in pastel coloured blocks (orange, purple, pink, teal blue). This pin has a dangle with Chinese characters on a pink banner bordered in turquoise blue.



Item #41 SOLD juliec WDW Cast Exclusive Mickey Nametag
Cast member nametag featuring Mickey celebrates the Happiest Celebration on Earth. Open Edition pin released in 2005



Item #42 SOLD Gary K 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Chef Mickey
Mickey Mouse in a chef's outfit with a Spaceship Earth shaped food cover, which opens to reveal a birthday cake. Below Mickey is a light green colored banner that reads "Epcot® International Food and Wine Festival 2010".



Item #43 SOLD theresa r Epcot's Figment Merry Christmas 2005
Merry Christmas 2005 - Epcot - Figment This round Limited Edition of 3000 pin features Santa Figment soaring above a holiday tree ornament. The ornament is silver with 3 Epcot logos. Figment is celebrating this festival holiday at Epcot® and is a pin-on-pin. This pin is on a unique, red stocking backer card.



Item #44 SOLD Helen L. Stitch's Great Escape! Attraction (Opening Day) Walt Disney World Limited Edition

This Limited Edition pin with dangle celebrates the opening of the new Stitch's Great Escape! Attraction at Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort. This pin celebrates the opening of the new Stitch's Great Escape! Attraction at Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® where guests are recruited to provide additional security as Stitch arrives causing chaos.



Item #45SOLD Robert M Disneyland Paris 5 Years Boxed Set
Comes in original box in fair-good condition. Pins are new and never been removed.
Three-pin boxed set to celebrate Disneyland Paris' fifth anniversary. The largest shows Mickey Mouse dressed in a jester costume holding a scroll and standing beside a blue banner featuring the Castle and "5 years". The smaller pins show Mickey wearing other jester costumes: in one pin he's juggling, and in the other holding a minstrel's mandolin/lute. The set originally came in a blue carton box that has the tagline for the 1997 celebration, "The Year To Be Here" (L'Année de toutes les Fêtes).



Item #46SOLD Laureend v
Mickey Beach Club Villas

PRICE $ 10


Item #47 SOLD Laureend v 2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Pin
New on original card, the Half Marathon pin features Donald Duck and was released January 2010.



Item #48SOLD Ric F Disney Auctions Lilo and Stitch with Starfish LE 500
Lilo and Stitch, soak up the summer sun and even reach for the stars on this playful gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 500 fixed-price pins. Lilo is in the water holding a starfish. Stitch is on a yellow and red flotation device wearing a snorkel mask.



Item #49 SOLD Helen L. Club 33 Silver Pin
Club 33 Silver Pin - Sold only at Club 33. Features the Club 33 logo. Background is black with silver sparkles. Frame is silver. Sold in a clear plastic presentation box. Comes in original presentation box.



Item #50 SOLD RODW Cast Member Figment - 15th Anniversary Coca Cola Set LE
Figment from Epcot's "Journey Into Imagination" ride; he looks like he's singing the old theme song. He is part of the Cast Member framed set to commemorate the 15th anniversary of WDW. The pin reads "Coca-Cola" (Coke) at the bottom: gold lettering in a red bar. Originally sold as a complete framed set.



Item #51 SOLD Rod W Captain Jack Sparrow Walt Disney Imagineering Badge Series LE 300
This is a Walt Disney Imagineering 2009 Pirates of the Caribbean ID Badge. This is pin on pin
The back of the pins read: Walt Disney Imagineering - Imagineer Exclusive - Limited Edition 300

PRICE $100


Item #52 SOLD Kimberly M >Donald and Daisy Christmas Japanese Disney Store

The Japanese Disney store released a series of Donald Duck pins as part of Walt's 100th Year. This is one of those pins. Issues in 2001. Still in original sealed package



Item #53 SOLD Leslie G California Adventure Grand Opening Walt Storytellers LE 1000

NEW in Original Box -- This LE 1000 pin was released on opening day (06/15/2012) exclusively inside the newly renovated Disney California Adventure park. It features a sepia toned simulated photo element depicting the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Storytellers Statue in front of the Carthay Circle Theater situated on the new Buena Vista Street entrance to the park. Also in the picture on the left is a 1923 vintage car, the year Walt entered Los Angeles.

The simulated photo is framed in simulated antique brass sculpted trim with oval top and bottom and straight sides. The frame is a Pin on Pin element connected with 4 rivets on the back; one in each corner. This pin is based on Disney artist Noah's Storyteller picture.



Item #54 SOLD Jen C
Figment St. Patricks Day

PRICE $ 10


Item #55 SOLD Kellen F Disney Auctions Stitch and Tramp Spaghetti Scene
Putting his own mischievous spin on one of the silver screen's classic romantic moments, Stitch takes Lady's seat alongside Tramp, reimagining the famous spaghetti scene on this humorous gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 1,000 fixed-price pins.

PRICE $125


Item #56 SOLD LeslieG RARE Cast Exclusive Be Our Guest Restaurant Grand Opening LE
New on Card! This Cast Member Exclusive pin was made to celebrate the Grand Opening of the "Be Our Guest" Restaurant located in the New Fantasyland Expansion in Walt Disney World. This hinged pin shows a blue and purple shimmery stained glass effect with a purple rose in the center of the front. Inside the pin the left it has the logo/crest for the restaurant and Grand Opening 2012. The right shows Belle and Beast dressed as they were when they danced in the ballroom on Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

PRICE $200


Item #57 SOLD Diane B 2002 Spectacle of Pins Pluto, Chip and Dale LE

This limited edition pin released at Disney MGM Studios for the Spectacle of Pins Event features Pluto being wrapped in Christmas Tree lights by Chip & Dale. The pin reads Disney's Spectacle of Pins Disney MGM Studios. It represents the logo for this Event.



Item #58 SOLD MICHELE 2001 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival LE
Sixth annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Platter Pin. The wine glasses on the platter pin are made of stained glass. Pin not on card.



Item #59 SOLD Melanie E USA Mickey Epcot Stamp Pin with Statue of Liberty
In the 1990s Epcot released a series of pins for Epcot's 15th Anniversary. Here is Mickey waist up, wearing a yellow shirt and touching his yellow baseball cap with his left hand. In his right hand, he holds a camera. Behind him, right, is New York City's icon, the Statue of Liberty in blue, in front of a light blue background. "USA" runs down the top left side. The pin is shaped like a postage stamp, with a maroon border.



Item #60 SOLD Richard B Opening Day Primeval Whirl LE March 2002

Mickey is in the ride vehicle swirling around clocks representing time. the pin spins and moves and reads Primeval Whirl the bottom reads Opening Day March 2002.

PRICE $25 Stitch


Item #61 SOLD RodW Stitch as Uncle Sam Disney Auctions LE
New in original packaging -- Showing that his true colors are red and white as well as blue, Stitch dresses up as Uncle Sam on this proud and patriotic gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 1,000 fixed-price pins.



Item #62 SOLD Rachel H Mickey and Minne Shuffleboard LE 500 Disney Cruise Line

This Limited Edition pin was released on the Disney Cruise Line® Ships in March, 2008. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are playing an exciting game of shuffleboard in this Limited Edition pin. Mickey pushes his disk forward, while Minnie watches. Minnie wears a red and white polka dot bathing suit. Mickey wears red and white swim trunks. Life preservers line the rail on deck 4 of a DCL ship.



Item #63 SOLD juliec Walt Disney World Railroad Cast Member 40 Years LE
The pin is shaped like a Disney Cast Member name tag and reads "Walt Disney World Railroad, Opening Team 1971." It also features a pin-on-pin element that says, "40 Years." The back has the Disney Pin Trading Logo, Limited Edition of 1000, Walt Disney World Resort, Cast Exclusive, 2 of 6, Disney China.



Item #64 Jen C Animal Kingdom Commemorative Opening Day LE
This pin shows the regular Animal Kingdom logo over the Pin of the Month (POM) bar on the bottom, which has the Mickey ears on the left side and says "Commemorative Edition, Opening Day, 1998" in gold against a black background. This was the October 2000 Pin of the Month.



Item #65 SOLD Rod W Snorkling Mickey Artist Choice 2003 DCL LE 750

This is the Artist Choice pin for October 2003 on the Disney Cruise Line. It is a Mickey head shaped porthole with a 3D frame of gold. It features a 3D snorkeling Mickey. The background is an underwater scene with a fish in the upper right corner. It has the gold DCL ARTIST CHOICE dangle. It is backstamped: OFFICIAL PIN TRADING 2003, Disney CRUISE LINE, LIMITED EDITION OF 750.



Item #66 SOLD Laura T Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2001 Limited Edition
This pin comes on a paper tag, sealed in plastic. The card reads, "Welcome to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!" LE 5000 This pin is almost 2" tall x 1.5 across and is flat pin of a round snowglobe with a silver base. This pin features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto standing in front of Cinderella's Castle at WDW. They looking over their cards just pulled from Mickey's mailbox. On the right of the fab 3 is a MM snowman. Large blue and white snowflakes are falling from the dark blue sky. They are surrounded by snow covered evergreen trees.



Item #67 SOLD Jennifer G Mickey and Minnie Wonder and Magic Disney Cruise Line 2002
Mickey and Minnie - the pin-on-pin portion of this creation - are in the foreground of this Disney Cruise Line pin. Behind them is a yellow background with the DCL logo. The Wonder and the Magic are shown on the right hand side of the pin sailing toward the viewer. The bottom right hand corner of the pin includes the year 2002.



Item #68 WDI Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club LE 300

Monsters Inc. Mike Wasowski is holding a microphone and there is a black cord hanging from it.
This pin is a reproduction of the marquee used at the entrance of the new attraction officially opening January 24th in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The attraction, which replaces the Timekeeper, is an interactive show similar to Turtle Talk with Crush, where Mike Wazowski and Roz introduce three new monster comics out to get laugh energy from park guests to help run Monsteropolis.



Item #69 SOLD Terri s Orange Bird with Sorcerer Hat WDI LE200
Orange bird with a star and moon blue sorcerer hat. Thus was sold at the D23 destination attraction rewind event at WDW Nov 2014. New in package



Item #70 SOLD ROD W SIGNED Jiminy Cricket Earth Day 2001
Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio with his spectacles sitting on top of a globe. "Earth Day - 2001 written in gold on a red background. Signed on back by Mark Seppala.



Item #71 Sebastian Disney Cruise Line LE 750 Artist Choice
This pin features Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid. He is enjoying his world under the sea in this Artist Choice pin. This Limited Edition pin features the Artist Choice logo as a pin-on-pin. The snails behind Sebastian moves side to side.



Item #72 SOLD juliec Dumbo Walt Disney Studios LE 300
Pin features Dumbo with his ears wide open as he is flying. Dumbo is holding a green sign with gold lettering that says: Walt Disney Studios. New in sealed package.



Item #73 SOLD Nicole K Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Poster Pin
This is one of 4 Indiana Jones Poster Pins released at MGM on 5/16/01. This pin features Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.



Item #74 SOLD Gail G DVC LE Aulani Grand Opening September 22, 2011
Limited edition pin given out during the grand opening of Aulani on September 22, 2011. The resort opened to the public on August 29, 2011 but the grand opening ceremonies didn't happen until September. Pin features a pie eyed Mickey wearing a kukui nut lei relaxing in a beach chair under the resort's signature arch. The pin reads: Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa / September 22, 2011.



Item #75 SOLD Daniel J 40 Years of Walt Disney Archives D23 LE
In 2010, this pin was given as a gift to guests who attended the "D23's Walt Disney Archives 40th Anniversary Celebration". Brand new in original package.



Item #76 SOLD Daniel J Ariel Disney Cruise Line Jumbo LE 2005
This new in original box, DCL pin is part of the Featured Artist Series. It features Ariel and Sebastion in a gold colored frame. Hard to find.

PRICE $200


Item #77 SOLD Maggie 20th Anniversary Disney's Hollywood Studios Cast Member
This is a pin on a pin... The background is a silver circle with a black and white striped border. It has a big yellow star in the center, a glittery blue star at the top left, a yellow star on the top right and a black star on the right middle that says "cast member." The pin says "Disney's Hollywood Studios" between the 2 stars at the top. The pin on pin element is Mickey & Minnie... Minnie is wearing her red dress with white polka dots and has her hands clasped up to the side of her face. Mickey is wearing a brown cap and pants and a red sweater with a tie and has his left arm stretched out and up above his head. "20th Anniversary" is written below their feet.



Item #78 SOLD Tim J Mystic Manor Grand Opening 2013 Donald
Donald is riding on the ride vehicle of Hong Kong Disneyland latest attraction, Mystic Manor. Donald is wearing his classic blue sailor top and hat despite looking as though he has been on a wild ride. This is part of the Mystic Point Grand Opening collection



Item #79 SOLD Tim J Santa's Helpers Disney Auctions LE 250
Drawing inspiration from his pal Pluto, Santa's helper Mickey Mouse creates a Jack-in-the-box with a canine flair on this joyous gold-finished holiday pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 250 fixed-price pins, available only from Disney's Purchase It Now Store at Mickey is sitting in front of a jack-in-the-box with a paint brush and paint. He is putting the finishing touches on the face which looks to be drawn out to be a dog. Pluto is to his side with blue paint on his right paw. He has been adding blue paw prints to the purple box. At the bottom is a gold banner that reads Santa's Helpers.



Item #80 SOLD Robert M WDI 50th Anniversary Disneyland Paris LE
In celebration of Walt Disney Imagineering's 50th Anniversary, Disneyland Resort and WDI have partnered on a limited edition pin series celebrating the Theme Parks and Resorts WDI has developed. Features Sorcerer Mickey and the Disneyland Paris Castle. The pin reads Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Imagineering Est. December 1952". This is the "white" version



Item #81 SOLD RodW El Capitan Marquee - Toy Story & Toy Story 2 Disney Soda Fountain LE
This Limited Edition pin features the El Capitan Theater marquee with the logos for Walt Disney/Pixar's Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Issued for the theatrical re-release (in 3-D for the first time) of both films on October 2nd, 2009. The pin features Buzz (a pin-on-pin element) and Woody, with the aliens, Rex, Slinky and Hamm on the top. Brand new in original packaging and card. Never opened

PRICE $150


Item #82 SOLD ROD W D23 Day One Charter Member Jiminy Cricket
This is being considered as a mystery Pin, since it was not pre-announced, and showed up almost three months after what would be considered it logical release. It can be considered a Limited Edition, since the pins will match only the number of people who signed up for D23 on its inauguration day.

It is mostly Black with Gold unlike the current D23 Charter pins, which are mostly gold with black. It features Jiminy Cricket with his umbrella in his right hand and his left hand on a D23 badge pinned to his chest. To his right on a plague is the D23 logo and below that are the words: "Day One, Charter Member" and the date "March 10, 2009"

This Pin was shipped as a GIFT to all D23 Day One members via UPS and FedEx as early as June 5, 2009, which can be considered its release date. It will be considered retired when all the Day One members have received this pin.



Item #83 SOLD Kellen F Simba in a Bed of Leaves Disney Auctions LE 250
NEW in un-opened original package. Lion King-in-waiting Simba takes a tumble in the jungle foliage on this colorful gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 250 fixed-price pins.

PRICE $100


Item #84 SOLD Lyn Magic Kingdom 2000 Pin of the Month LE

PRICE $ 10


Item #85 SOLD RODW Splash Mountain WDI E-Ticket LE 300
WDI issued a series of pins with the E Ticket Attraction coupon logo. This pin was released March 2009



Item #86 SOLD lisa Donald and Figment LE Search For Imagination Pin Event

This limited edition pin on pin design released during the Search For Imagination Pin Event at Epcot, is one of a series of Character Imagine pins. Each pin features Figment with one of the FAB Characters. This one has Donald Duck looking through an old chest or trunk and finding a mask of Figment. While the real thing is behind him.



Item #87 SOLD Gary K Minnie Mouse Disney Cruise Line 2004 Artist Choice LE 750
The June 2004 Disney Cruise Line Artist Choice pin is a pin on pin and features Minnie Mouse welcoming guests onto a Disney Cruise Line ship. Minnie is wearing a red dress and bow with white polka dots, white gloves and yellow shoes. This pin was released on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.



Item #88 SOLD Robert G Adventures in Pin Trading - Lilo & Stitch - LE Boxed Gift Set
Brand new in original box! This LE commemorative boxed pin set features three pins: Lilo and Stitch, Pleakley standing behind the event logo with a frog in front of him, and the hula girls Myrtle Edmonds & Yuki. These three pins come in a 'bamboo' covered cardboard box that has a gold-toned event logo plaque on the lid. The pins are mounted on a 'bamboo' covered cardboard insert.



Item #89 SOLD lisa Epcot 25th Anniversary Figment and Mickey White Glove with Icons LE 1000
The 25th anniversary of Epcot is commemorated in this limited edition pin featuring Mickey Mouse and Figment from the Journey Into Imagination attraction. This pin-on-pin with glitter fill also contains dangles of ride vehicles from Soarin', Mission: SPACE, and Test Track.



Item #90 SOLD RODW Director Chip Disney Soda Fountain LE 300
Brand new in unopened package - This Limited Edition pin features Chip ( From Chip & Dale )in the directors chair.
Chip who is holding a script with the words goin nuts, is sitting in a blue chair with the word CHIP on the back.



Item #91 SOLD vicki s Disney MGM Studios Mickey and Lion
This pin is for the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park. It shows the MGM lion and Mickey. It also says "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The background color is lavender.



Item #92 SOLD Karen C Toy Story Mania Cast Member 1st Anniversary LE
This pin was released at the DLR team center to commemorate the 1 year anniversary for Disney / Pixar Toy Story Mania attraction in Disney's California Adventure. It was a shared release between DLR and WDW. The pin is done in gold metal and features Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and one of the Little Green Men ( LGM ). Each has an arm thrown out in celebration(Woody is holding his hat in his hand). The pin features a Pin On Pin element. Woody and Buzz are on the flat of the pin. The Little Green Man is part of the Pin On Pin. On the left hand side is a white, full coloured banner that says Dsiney * Pixar Toy Story Mania! below the Little Green Man is a red banner that says, in gold writing, CAST MEMBER 1st ANNIVERSARY



Item #93 SOLD juliec Animal Kingdom Opening '98 Pin
On ORIGINAL tan Animal Kingdom card, never removed/used. This pin commemorates the opening of "Disney's Animal Kingdom" in 1998. It shows Mickey in safari clothes with binoculars beside a large "98" made up of animals like the Tree of Life. There is a giraffe, rhinocerous, kangaroo, koala, elephant, panda bear, hippopotamus, bald eagle, orangutang, zebra, tortoise, parrot, lion, tiger and chimpanzee "carved" into the "98".



Item #94 SOLD Karen C Superstar Television "Remember When" LE
Mickey and Minnie Mouse pay tribute to SuperStar Television in this pin from the "Remember When" commemorative series. SuperStar Television, an interative attraction which used blue screen technology to put park guests in scenes from famous television programs, opened at the Disney-MGM Studios on May 1, 1989.

The top portion of the pin features the SuperStar Television logo. The dangle portion of the pin features Minnie in a blue gown and feather hat on a pedestal, surrounded by spotlights. Mickey poses with a top hat and cane on top of the Remember When pin-on-pin banner. A White Glove pin-on-pin is also present.



Item #95 SOLD mike i Captain Tigger Disney Cruise Line Captain's Choice LE
Issued in 2004, this Limited Edition slider pin features Captain Tigger with a cruise ship in the distance. Tigger slides up and down on his tail. The pin is round with red and black stripes around the border. Gold oval on the bottom says "Captain's Choice." Reads Disney Cruise Line & Logo above Captain's Choice.



Item #96 SOLD RodW Epcot Flower and Garden Festival LE Boxed Set 2004
Brand New in Original Box Mint condition. This limited edition boxed set released for Epcot's International Flower and Garden Festival 2004 features 3 pins with our favorite characters. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as topiaries dressed in red. Pluto trying to sneak a peek at the picnic basket and Goofy and Donald as topiaries.



Item #97 SOLD Robert G A Family Pin Gathering Jumbo LE Lilo and Stitch 'Ohana
Mint condition in original box, never displayed or used. This Limited Edition Jumbo pin features the Lilo and Stitch 'Ohana' during a visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Lilo, Stitch, Nani, David, Jumbaa, Pleakley all are posing for a group shot under a tan banner with "A Family Pin Gathering" written in blue and "Disney's Pin Celebration 2004" underneath. This pin will measure 3" x 3". Disney Design Group Artist Mike Sullivan designed this pin.



Item #98 SOLD ROD W Cast Member LE 500 Vote for Chip 2008
Still in original package. This Limited Edition, Cast Exclusive pin resembles a political campaign button and features the loveable chipmunk Chip. The blue lower part says "VOTE FOR * CHIP * 2008". The background is a patriotic red, white & blue American Flag with "CAST MEMBER" on it.



Item #99 SOLD lisa Search for Imagination Pin Event Figment Spinner LE Artist Choice
Figment with a red, white and blue vest and a blue jacket on a yellow circle. Figment and the artist choice brushes remain in place while the spiral spins. The bottom of the pin features the traditional artist's pencil and paintbrush and reads Disney's Artist Choice.



Item #100 SOLD Kellen F img src= align=”center"/>
Stitch in Tuxedo Disney Auctions LE
The ordinarily rambunctious Stitch shows off his more refined sartorial side in top hat and tails on this debonair and distinguished gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 1,000 fixed-price pins



Item #101 SOLD mike i Club 33 Happy Holidays 2009
Brand new in wrapper - Mickey Mouse frames the Club 33 logo (sign) inside of a green holiday wreath. The wreath is adorned with yellow baubles and a large red bow at the top with long red ribbons streaming down from the bow. There are two jingle bells attached to the bow. Mickey is looking back, over his left shoulder, smiling. He is wearing a yellow scarf. The dangle at the bottom - attached to the pin by two gold rings - is a Hidden Mickey-shaped ornament that reads "HAPPY HOLIDAYS '09."



Item #102 SOLD Hayden P it's a small world LE 300 Jumbo from WDI Hong Kong Disneyland
Brand New in Original Box -- This Jumbo pin was released to celebrate the new it's a small world attraction in HKDL. The pin is mostly pastel colors. IN the background is the top of a stylized globe and the words "it's a small world" with colorful flags sprouting from the letter pannels. In between "small" and "world" is a boat filled with children or doll representing many different countries. Below the boat is water that has 4 Chinese characters. I assume they read "it's a small world." Approx 6 3/4" by 3 3/4"



Item #103SOLD Terri s WDI - Monsters Inc. - Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (Jumbo)

This is a Cast Exclusive Walt Disney Imagineering Monsters Inc. Super Jumbo Pin. This pin is an LE 500 pin made to commemorate the opening of the new attraction “Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!” The pin measures approximately 7 ½ inches wide .

PRICE $125


Item #104 SOLD MAGGGIE Disney Store - Atlanta 1996 Olympics - Track & Field
This is the track and field pin from a six pin set sold exclusively at the Disney Store in Atlanta to commemorate the 1996 Summer Olympics. Mickey Mouse is shown running. The top of the pin reads "WINNING WITH CHARACTER" and the bottom reads "TRACK & FIELD". Gold pin. Border around circle is red. Banner on bottom is blue.



Item #105SOLD Melanie E Disney Store - Atlanta 1996 Olympics - Diving
This is the diving pin from a six pin set sold exclusively at the Disney Store in Atlanta to commemorate the 1996 Summer Olympics. Mickey Mouse is shown diving nose first into the water. The top of the pin reads "WINNING WITH CHARACTER" and on the bottom is the word "DIVING". Gold pin. Border around circle is red. Banner on bottom is blue.



Item #106 SOLD Esther C 4th of July 2002 Celebration (Figment)
Figment, from Journey into Imagination, is featured on this pin on pin design, holding two small American flags while on top of Spaceship Earth. The bottom of the pin reads Epcot 4th of July 2002.

The pin is 1 7/8" tall by 2 1/8" wide.


Item #107SOLD lisa Figment Artish Choice LE September 2000
Features Figment in front of Spaceship Earth. Each pin is individually numbered with a total edition size of 3000.



Item #108 SOLD lisa Figment Be Who You Honey Bee Dangle LE
Figment is dressed as a bumble bee and dangling from a sign that read Be Who You Honey Bee.



Item #109 SOLD Robert M Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Jail Scene LE
This dangle pin is the 1st of 4 pins to be released in the Pirates of the Caribbean Memorable Scenes Series. This pin features the Jail Scene, but is not of the Disney characters, but the actual pirates from the ride. The dangle portion of the pin reads Disneyland.



Item #110 SOLD RODW 5 Years of Pin Trading Collection - LE Disney Cruise Line (Donald Duck)
This Limited Edition pin features Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse and celebrates 5 years of pin trading at Disney Cruise Line®. Disney Pin Trading began in October 1999 as part of the Millennium Celebration. This pin is a limited edition of 500 pieces and it is stamped on the back with the edition size.



Item #111 Disney Cruise Line New Years Day 2007 LE500 - Donald and Mickey
Mickey Mouse splashes into the 2007 New Year getting Donald Duck a little wet on this Limited Edition Disney Cruise Line® Pin. Mickey is featured as a pin on pin. Mickey's eyes are closed and he has bare feet. He is wearing red trunks/shorts and his hands are up in the air. He is surrounded by a splash of water. Donald looks angry.



Item #112 SOLD Melanie E Roger Rabbit Celebrates 20 Magical Years at Walt Disney World
A square pin with a yellow background. In the center is Roger Rabbit in a red jester's hat and 4 skyrockets fireworks. Both sides have streamers and confetti. The bottom reads, "20 Magical Years Walt Disney World." Given out for WDW 20th Anniversary.



Item #113 SOLD maggie WDI Turtle Talk with Crush Disney California Adventure LE500
Brand new in original package, never opened. This pin features concept art for the Turtle Talk With Crush attraction at Disney's California Adventure. Crush is the sea turtle from "Finding Nemo". Also on the pin: Dory and Nemo.



Item #114 SOLD RodW Dumbo Flying Elephants 40 Years Cast Member LE
This pin is shaped like a Disney Cast Member name tag and reads "Dumbo Flying Elephants, Opening Team 1971." It also features a pin-on-pin element that says, "40 Years." The back says that it is a Cast Excusive of 1000



Item #115 sold chuck s Chinese New Year 2006 (Stitch) 3D/Dangle Disneyland LE 1500
Stitch is performing the lion dance, he is supporting a Chinese dragon costume. The lion's head is the pin-on-pin. It has a dangle of Chinese lanterns that have the year 2006 on them. The dragon/lion resembles Stitch with Stitch's antennae and facial features.



Item # 116 Treehouse Villas Grand Opening 2009
This Limited Edition of 300 pin was released June 2009 and commemorates the opening of the Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. This pin was only available to Disney Vacation Club members. Comes on the original card,



Item #117 SOLD Aimee S Disney Quest Pin of the Month November 2000 LE
WDW Nov. 2000 Pin of the Month (POM) - Disney Quest Logo in pink and purple. Disney Quest Interactive Adventure in yellow on the face of the pin. Bottom of the pin says Commemorative Edition * Opening Day * 1998

PRICE $ 20


Item # 118 SOLD mike i Jet Ski Mickey Disney Cruise Line Featured Artist 2006
Mickey Mouse takes to the water on his jet ski in this Featured Artist Jumbo Pin. Created especially for the Disney Cruise Line®, this Limited Edition pin was designed by Disney Design Group Artist Alex Maher. This pin includes a pin-on-pin of a wave with another pin-on-pin of Mickey on the jet ski. The wave behind Mickey's watercraft is translucent. There is a green hidden Mickey on the top of the wave behind Mickey, and also a Mickey icon on the stack of the ship. The pin measures approximately 3.5" wide by 3" tall and is titled, "Mickey Jet Ski".

PRICE $ 30


Item # 119 SOLD B Chad Disney Dream Maiden Voyage Disney Cruise Line LE
This limited edition pin is specially designed for the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream. The pin has a grey ribbon on the bottom that reads "Maiden Voyage 2011" with a navy blue oval below that reads "Disney Dream." The rest of the pin features Mickey (dressed up in a Captain's uniform) and Minnie standing in front of the Disney Dream. Minnie's arm is a slider element that shows her crushing a bottle of Champagne against the ships hull.

PRICE $ 25


Item # 120 SOLD Valerie P WDI The Seas with Nemo and Friends
This pin was released for the Grand Opening of The Seas with Nemo and Friends. It is the Marquee logo for the new attraction in Epcot with Nemo, Marlin and Dory. The pin's artwork is very colorful. The water is translucent and the pin has 3-D half bubbles. The pin also has glitter in some of the areas.



Item #121 SOLD Diane B Mickey Merry Christmas 1993
Mickey Mouse is delivering a large bag of letters with a sack that reads, "Merry Christmas 1993." Mickey, facing left and walking, is dressed as an elf with green pants and hat, and red shoes, shirt and feather in his cap. The mail bag is gold, with white letters sticking out the top of it (with red stamps).

PRICE $ 30


Item #122 SOLD Diane B WDI LE 250 Pleasure Island Jessica Rabbit Sign (Jumbo Pin)
From D23 Destination D 2014: Attraction Rewind, this pin is BIG and heavy, measuring at least 3 1/4 x 3 1/4. 3D effects, Jessica sitting on the "Pleasure Island Tonight" sign, her left leg is hinged at the knee allowing it to move. Her dress has sparkle elements in it. Background of the pin is blue with gold stars.



Item #123 SOLD Meredith S WDI Pleasure Island Happy New Year Spinner LE 250
The center is a spinner, one side features the Pleasure Island Funmeister and the other side has the D23 Destination D Logo Attraction Rewind Orlando FL 2014. Pin measures approximately 2.25" round. Marked on the back "Walt Disney Imagineering" and "Imagineer Exclusive Limited Edition 250", with the sorcerer hat logo waffle pattern.

PRICE $ 25


Item # 124 SOLD Diane B WDI - 2014 Holiday Halloween Series - Maleficent & Diablo LE 250
This pin features Maleficent, from "Sleeping Beauty", with a grey pot brewing with black steam and green translucent paint fill. Background is red-maroon color.

PRICE $ 50


Item # 125 WDI - 2014 Holiday Halloween Series - Evil Queen LE 250
This pin features the Evil Queen, from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", with a grey pot brewing with black steam and green translucent paint fill. Background is red-maroon color. She holds the red apple with the green poison that dips to look like a skeleton skull face on it.

PRICE $ 50


LATE ADDITIONS - To Add as MANY as possible, no descriptions or photos, but you can click on the link to go to the PinPics page.

Item # 126 SOLD Robert M DCL - Happy Holidays 2004 (Mickey & Minnie)


Item # 127 SOLD Helen L. DCL - Passport Goofy Artist Choice - November 2004 LE 750

PRICE $ 75

Item # 128 SOLD Tina Mc
Donald with Nephews DCL Merry Christmas 2003 LE 1000

PRICE $ 25

Item # 129 SOLD Helen L. Captain Goofy 2005 Captains Choice LE 1000

PRICE $ 25

Item # 130 SOLD Terri L Genie DCL Magical Greetings LE 750

PRICE $ 20

Item # 131 SOLD Helen L. Mickey with Fireworks DCL Artist Choice LE750

PRICE $ 45

Item # 132 SOLD Jen C NYC Minnie Liberty

PRICE $ 15

Item # 133 SOLD Valerie P Alien Encounter Media Pin SOLD

PRICE $ 35

Item # 134 SOLD Colleen W Stitch's Wild Adventure Logo Pin

PRICE $ 15

Item # 135 SOLD LYN Splash Mountain E-Ticket

PRICE $ 15

Item # 136 Comedy Warehouse Pleasure Island

PRICE $ 25

Item # 137 SOLD Nicole K Animal Kingdom Safari Dinner Magical Gatherings

PRICE $ 15

Item # 138 SOLD Gail G McDonalds Walt Disney World 2000

PRICE $ 25

Item # 139 SOLD Tim J Happy Times Surprise Pin Rainbow Castle

PRICE $ 20

Item # 140 SOLD Jeff F < Cast member Stitch Disney Team Stitch Surfboard /strong>

PRICE $ 20

Item #141 SOLD Tim J Happy Birthday Mickey Kodak

PRICE $ 10

Item # 142 SOLD ROD W Disney Institute Make Your Own Magic


Item # 143 Stitch Baby New Year Disney Auctions LE 500

PRICE $ 75

Item # 144 SOLD ROD W Cast Member Animal Kingdom Pooh and Tigger 1998

PRICE $ 75

Item # 145 Stitch's Wild Adventures 2004 - Dinosaur!

PRICE $ 50

Item # 146 Jeff F Lilo and Stitch Tea Party Disney Auctions

PRICE $ 25

Item # 147 SOLD Ric F Stitch with Torch Disney Auctions LE

PRICE $ 35

Item # 148 sold Tammy Stitch for President Disney Auctions

PRICE $ 45

Item # 149 Stitch Baseball Disney Auctions LE 500

PRICE $ 75

Item # 150 Chernabog Fan Club Disney Auctions LE500

PRICE $ 50

Item # 151 SOLD Tammy Cast Member - Figment Tram Walt Disney World® Resort Transportation

PRICE $ 75

Item # 152 Cast Member - Minnie Monorail Walt Disney World® Resort TransportationSOLD Tim J

PRICE $ 25

Item # 153 SOLD Laura T Cast Member - Stitch Bus Walt Disney World® Resort Transportation

PRICE $ 45

Item # 154 SOLD Theresa K Bay Lake Tower Mickey and Minnie

PRICE $ 10

Item # 155 SOLD GAL2002 Rainbow Minnie


Item # 156 SOLD Amanda K Country Bear Jamboree WDW 20th Anniversary

PRICE $ 25

Item # 157 SOLD Robert G Stitch and the Christmas Pineapple Disney Auctions LE
Stitch gets into the Christmas spirit with a special delivery for Lilo on this merry and bright black-metal character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 500 fixed-price pins,



Item # 158 SOLD Lisa M DVC Travel Expo 2008 Event Minnie Mouse

PRICE $ 40

Item # 159 SOLD Esther C Mr. Toad Cast 15th Anniversary Coca Cola

PRICE $ 30

Item # 160 SOLD Gary K Disney's Beach Club Villas Sand Breaking LE

PRICE $ 65

Item # 161 SOLD Roberta Cinderella and Fairy Godmother Happy Holidays 1999 LE


Item # 162 SOLD Maggie
Stitch with Old Lady "She Could Use Some Lovin" Disney Auctions LE 500

Stitch practices his chivalry on an elderly lady on this gold-finished character pin, one in a series spotlighting notable quotables from favorite Disney features. It's a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 500 fixed-price pins, available only from Disney's Purchase It Now Store at

Oval pin with green background. Text reads "She could use some lovin'". Stitch holds a red flower in one hand and the lady's hand in the other. The woman is reading a book, magazine or newspaper. Stitch is wearing a yellow shirt with a red print. Granny and Grandma



Item # 163 SOLD Michele r DVC Travel Expo 2008 Event Pluto

PRICE $ 60

Item # 164 SOLD ROD W DVC "Heard the Best Kept Secret?" Stitch

PRICE $ 10

Item # 165 SOLD ROD W Haunted Mansion Cast Member Name Tag Collection LE

PRICE $ 125

Item # 166 SOLD Tim J Norway Epcot World Showcase 1999 Series


Item # 167 SOLD Ricke Z Figment Pin Celebration 2002 LE

PRICE $ 35

Item # 168 Chip and Dale Mission to Mars LE SOLD Helen

PRICE $ 15

Item # 169 SOLD ROD W Goofy's Barnstormer of Wise Acre Farm Artist Choice LE 1000 Mickey's Toontown of Pin Trading Event
Goofy pilots a blue airplane with a G on the tail and a yellow ribbon blowing in the wind that reads "The Barnstormer" in this pin on pin. The 'O' in Barnstormer is a ring made of clouds or smoke. The red water tower in the background reads "Goofy's Wise Acres Farm." The banner and the airplane move back and forth and up and down. The bottom of the pin features the Artist Choice paint brush and pencil logo and reads "Disney's Artist Choice."



Item # 170 SOLD vicki S WDI Disney's MGM Studios (gold)

PRICE $ 25

Item # 171 EARLY Ft. Wilderness Pin On Original Card

PRICE $ 45

Item # 172 Sorcerer Mickey DVC Member Cruise 2005 On Original Card IN Original Tin!!!

PRICE $ 75

Item # 173 Christmas Fantasy 2001 Mickey and MInnie (2 SEPARATE PINS).

A pair of Christmas pins from Tokyo Disneyland in 2001



Let's Raise some $$ To Fight Breast Cancer!!!! Thank you for Visiting!

February 26, 2015

PREVIEW Pin-Palooza Collectables for a Cause 3 Hour Pin Sale

NEW: Here's a collage of a few of the pins for sale on Saturday:


Pin-Palooza Collectables for a Cause 3 Hour Pin Sale

Begins at Noon Eastern Time (Florida) Saturday February 28, 2015 and run for 3 hours until 3:00pm.

Back by popular demand is the 3 Hour Limited Pin Sale.

Please remember this is a fundraiser not a flea market :)
Your ENTIRE purchase price is a direct donation to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer !

Here's how it works.
** The following pins are offered for sale at the stated price.

** You leave a comment below stating the ITEM number of the pin(s) you wish to purchase.

** I will go through the comments in the order they ARE received. This will take some time! I will publish your comment with the pin #s you requested that ARE available.

** I will then put a SOLD with your first name and first initial last name on the pin description.

** Within 72 hours (hopefully much sooner) I will send you the link information for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and you will have 48 hours to make your donation. Once that happens Avon will send you an email confirmation. Forward me a copy of the donation receipt along with your shipping address -- pins will be mailed in approximately 3-10 days I will pay US shipping of pins.

Your ENTIRE purchase price goes directly to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Account. I pay US postage. You get pin(s) you want and a charity deduction too! I raise money and reduce my pin collection.

Questions? Leave a comment below! Chances are someone else has the same question!

Thank you - Links on the pin names go to the website (with their permission) so you can learn more about the pin. In some cases, photos and/or descriptions are from and used with their permission. Also, thanks to Carol Cruise for her assistance!

SALE ENDS AT 3:00pm Eastern Time February 28, 2105

February 7, 2015

Tree of Life New Roots, Bird and Animal Carvings!

Deb's Digest Blog


This morning some of the walls at Animal Kingdom were removed. Behold, there are new roots with bird and animal carvings from the Tree of Life! The entire area looks great and it is so nice to see the open spaces once again. I'll have more photos later, but for now, enjoy the new carvings in the video below.

Visiting the Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter

Deb's Digest Blog

AllEarsNet TV co-hosts Deb Wills and Linda Eckwerth journey to Universal Orlando to experience the Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter. From Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley via the Hogsworth Express, they share their thoughts about the themeing and attractions of these amazing areas!

Have you been to the Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter at Universal! Leave a comment below and share your experience so others can learn.

January 16, 2015

Epcot's Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Lunch Review


Ever wonder if the Princess Character Meal at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is worth the $40++ it costs? Deb Koma and myself review the popular princess meal in this episode.

We tell you everything you need to know from the food, to the princesses to the uniqueness of this experience.

Please Note: The Photo package has been discontinued as of late December 2014. :(

January 1, 2015

Looking Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015

Deb's Digest Blog

Last year at this time, I did a similar Look Back at 2013 and Look Ahead to 2014.

For this - Look Back at 2014 and Look Ahead to 2015, fellow AllEars colleague Deb Koma and I sat down to do some reflecting and projecting on what was and what may be............

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

December 19, 2014

Trattoria al Forno - First Look from Opening Night

Deb's Digest Blog
Trattoria al forno Sign

Trattoria al Forno, on Disney's BoardWalk, officially opened on December 18, 2014. Linda and I had dinner reservations to check out the new place.

Please keep in mind this review is from opening night. Items are still being tweaked, chefs and servers still learning, and the place needs to "shake out" so to speak and find its rhythm. We plan to return in a few weeks. Overall we had a very fun dining experience. Special thanks to our server, Lynne, who provided great service and answered or found the answer to all our questions!

The restaurant has made an amazing transformation in just a few months. There is much to share about the theme and story of the Trattoria, but in this blog, we will focus on the food. Speaking of food, Chef Dee is back, much to our delight!

Trattoria al forno Interior

We began by looking at the menu, 99 percent identical to the pre-opening menu that had been announced. We perused the wine list and checked out the appetizers. We were tempted to order several appetizers, but after looking at the pizza, pasta and entree offerings, thought we should start slow. Plus, we hadn't seen the dessert menu yet!

There are several designated Gluten-Free items and approximately 80 percent of the menu is or can easily be made Gluten-Free.


Trattoria al forno Bread and Olive Oil

The bread had a crunchy crust. Be sure to use the wonderful olive oil!

ANTIPASTI (appetizers)

Thin-sliced Italian Cured Meats (serves 2)
- with house-pickled peppers, olives and caponata served with a toasted slice of house-made ciabatta $15.99

Trattoria al forno Thinly Sliced Meats

The four meats served are sliced on the brand new, super-duper paper-thin slicer. We received Bresaola (air-dried beef); Sopressata (traditional cured meet -- think of it as a version of salami); Coppa (salted, seasoned and dry-cured cut of pork shoulder or neck); Prosciutto (dry-cured ham).

We loved the Bresaola (some of the best we've had in the US) and Sopressata. The Coppa was good but not our thing. The only disappointment was the Prosciutto. We saved that taste until last and the meat was not as thinly sliced as we expected. In fact, we've had thinner sliced at the local grocery store.

The meats are accompanied by a small bowl of house-pickled peppers and olives and caponata. Linda liked the caponata and said it had lots of tomato flavors. She also enjoyed the olives and peppers.

This was a great way to begin our meal and we would recommend you give it a try.

Grilled Treviso -- with gorgonzola dolce and pistachio gremolata $7.99

Trattoria al forno Grilled Treviso

When I read about the grilled treviso, I thought it was fish so, I'll be honest, I Googled it. Turns out to be radicchio. You can sometimes find radicchio in your local grocery -- it has the deep red leaves with white veins. You may find in it a ball or more elongated. The Treviso was grilled and topped with a mixture of gorgonzola, dolce and pistachio gremolata. It was topped by two different types of endive, also with the topping. The combination of grilling and topping took away the bitterness sometimes found in radicchio. It was OUTSTANDING. It's the hidden gem on the menu and we will certainly order it again. In addition, two people can easily share it.


Trattoria al forno Wine Quartino

Italian Wines are best enjoyed with Italian food! The Trattoria boasts an all-Italian wine menu with around 70 wines encompassing the 20 Italian wine regions; 30 wines by the glass or quartino. The quartino is a small carafe containing approximately a glass and a half of the wine. Linda and I found the quartino a great way for us both to sample several different wines.


There are six pizzas to choose from with an array of tastes, from a traditional Margherita (mozzarella, tomato and basil), to one with Fennel Sausage, Salame Piccante, and House-Pickled Peppers. Pizzas are prepared Neapolitan style.

We chose the Smoked Prosciutto, Potato, Rosemary and Mozzarella $16.99 (which also had tomato sauce). The pizza was a blend of flavors with the rosemary being the predominant one. The pizza was tasty, but not great. It was too doughy for me -- the Neapolitan style is more chewy. One person could have made it their appetizer. If you are sharing, two people will be happy with the size. Quite frankly, we've been spoiled by other full- service dining pizzas nearby from the likes of Via Napoli (Epcot), Il Mulino (Swan), and La Luce (Hilton Bonnet Creek).

Trattoria al forno Smoked Prosciutto, Potato, Rosemary and Mozzarella Pizza


It was difficult to choose from the Pasta e Riso and Carni e Pesci selections, so we ordered three entrees to share (we left with enough food for tonight's dinner!).

Polpetta Gigante - giant meatball with ricotta cannelloni and marinara $19.99

Trattoria al forno Polpetta Gigante

Trattoria al forno Polpetta Gigante

Indeed, as the menu describes, this is a giant meatball. What the menu doesn't tell you, however, is that it has lots of spinach and red pepper flakes, giving it a bit of heat. We were both disappointed. Too much heat and spinach for me, and Linda, who likes food with heat, said it was too much for her as well. The Ricotta Cannelloni was tender and flavorful. We both like the marinara sauce! It should also be noted the cannelloni was made with rice flour.

Semolina Tagliatelle alla Carbonara - with Guanciale $19.99

Trattoria al forno Semolina Tagliatelle alla Carbonara

For both of us this dish was the winner of the evening! It is made with an egg sauce, not a cream sauce, making it a lighter pasta dish. Pasta served al dente. The bits of guanciale (Italian cured meat from pork cheeks) added just enough contrast. We highly recommend this dish and will order it again.

Eggplant Rollatini - with shaved fennel-arugula salad $17.99

Trattoria al forno Eggplant Rollatini

This dish was recommended by our server and since Linda enjoys eggplant she ordered it. The eggplant was lightly grilled and Linda found it chewy and bland. When we spoke to the chef later, he said they are still tweaking the preparation. The shaved fennel-arugula salad is, however, a nice surprise. This salad needs to be an appetizer. It is served with several of the entrees.


Just about everything on the dessert menu sounded wonderful and again it was difficult to choose.

Tiramisu - ladyfinger-soaked espresso and layered with Italian mascarpone cream $6.99

Trattoria al forno Tiramisu

Our server told us this would be the best tiramisu we ever had. Indeed it was so delicious and is in our top three ever. The cream is so creamy, there is no filling so to speak, just the basics. Yummmm.

Signature Dessert Highlight Item - Bomboloni with dark chocolate, served with vanilla gelato $6.49

Trattoria al forno Bomboloni

This wasn't the signature dessert in our minds, although it is very Italian. It's basically fried dough with a tiny bit of chocolate. The gelato, however, was awesome!

Lemon Panna Cotta - with almond crunch and macerated berries (no sugar added and gluten-free) $6.49

Trattoria al forno Lemon Panna Cotta

Another great choice -- light, creamy, loved the almond crunch, although I could do without the berry foam (too sweet) on top.


We used Tables in Wonderland, which gave us a 20 percent discount on food and beverages (alcohol included) and added an 18 percent gratuity.

We ordered four different wine quartinos and shared them. The cost came to $56.

Subtracting the wine from the bill, our dinner with tip and tax was $119 for two. Remember we ordered a LOT of food.

An appetizer, entree and dessert will run you about $33 each before tax/tip.


This is going to be a popular restaurant and I'm certain once word gets out it may be difficult to just walk up without a reservation. Even reservations may be hard to come by.


Appetizer: Thinly Sliced Meats OR Grilled Treviso
Entree: Semolina Tagliatelle alla Carbonara
Dessert: Tiramisu OR Gelato

We will return sometime in January to see how things have evolved. We have some favorites on the menu and there are many items to try, such as: the Regional Italian Soup, Fried Calamari, Baked Lasagna, Port Chop alla Milanese, and Braised Beef Bolognese, Cannoli Pizzelle, Hazelnut Chocolate Cake.

Dinner Menu:
Child's Dinner Menu:

Review Trattoria al Forno:

Mangia, Mangia (eat, eat).

December 2, 2014

New Epcot Holidays Around the World Entertainment

Deb's Digest Blog

Epcot's Holidays Around the World kicked off on Friday, November 28. One of my favorite holiday things to do at Walt Disney World is see all the Holiday Storytellers around World Showcase. Disney is getting away from the "Holiday Storyteller" name and now showcases it as simply Holidays Around the World.

"Share in the sights and sounds of the nations of World Showcase as each country's holiday heritage comes to life amid joyful music and time-honored traditions."

With so many entertainment changes in Epcot over the last several months, I was a bit leery when I first heard about the changes to Holidays Around the World. Then a couple weeks ago, I was able to interview Disney Show Director Marsha Jackson-Randolph about the changes, and I became cautiously optimistic.

Over the weekend I was able to watch the three new act, and I really enjoyed them. Here are my thoughts and a video of the performance.

China - the Chinese Lion Dancers
Epcot's Holidays Around the World Chinese Lion Dancers

First, a lively performance by two talented dancers dressed as a Chinese Lion. (The lion may appear in bright yellow or red). The Chinese Lion Dance brings good fortune and happiness to all during the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival. The Lion Dance dates back to the Han Dynasty of more than 2,000 years ago. The drums not only give the Lion something to dance to but the loud noises keep away evil spirits.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Chinese Lion Dancers

To be honest, I was a bit concerned when I found out the Monkey King (one of my favorite storytellers) was going to be replaced. I have to say, though, the Lion Dance was pretty cool.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Chinese Lion Dancers

The six minute performance takes place on a raised stage, which makes viewing very easy. I REALLY appreciated the narration (explaining the different parts of the show) that went along with the performance. Kids and adults both seemed to enjoy the show. At the end, the Lion will pose for photographs. I look forward to seeing this again.

Morocco Holiday Entertainment
Epcot's Holidays Around the World Morocco Celebrations

Journey through the seasons of holidays in Morocco where celebrations are the spice of life in this 13-minute show. Celebrations include the Olive Festival, Rose Festival, Date Festival and even a Marriage Festival. The holy Ramadan celebration is also mentioned.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Morocco Celebrations

I enjoyed this performance. It was nice to see the various celebrations the Moroccan people have. There were several times the audience got to participate in the show, too!

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Morocco Celebrations

Mariachis and Dancers in Mexico

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Mexico's Mariachis and Dancers

Celebrate the Fiesta de Navidad and join in the excitement of the music, dances and traditions of a Holiday Fiesta. Hear about La Navidad and Las Posadas.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Mexico's Mariachis and Dancers

Of the three new shows, this was my favorite.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Mexico's Mariachis and Dancers

It takes the wonderful group of Mariachis and adds holiday music, stories, dancing and even a pinata (when the kids get involved) And who doesn't like to sing Feliz Navidad?!

Epcot's Holidays Around the World Mexico's Mariachis and Dancers

Have you seen any of the Epcot Holidays Around the World shows? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below!

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