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March 15, 2015

Lunch Demonstration at Raglan Road

By AllEars Team Member: Linda Eckwerth

Recently, I was invited as a media guest to attend a lunch demonstration at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant in Downtown Disney. The demonstration was hosted by Irish Master Chef Kevin Dundon and Amy Recicar from Coastal Wine & Spirits who assisted in pairing the wines with the dishes and gave us insights to each of the wines served.


The luncheon kicked off Raglan Road's Mighty St. Patrick's Festival (March 13th - March 17th) and their 10 year anniversary celebration.


The lunch consisted of four courses. Before each course was served, Chef Dundon showed us how to prepare the dish.


The first course was Coquille St. Jacques - Scallops with Pomme puree and Mornay Gratin
This was paired with a Sterling Napa Sauvignon Blanc

The scallops were seared to perfection and had a simple seasoning of salt, pepper and butter. The Mornay Gratin and small dollops of potato were a wonderful compliment.


The second course was Duet of Tomato Soup and Champagne Splashed Oyster
Paired with a Chandon Brut Champagne

The soup did not disappoint. It was a cream of tomato soup with one of the ingredients being gin. The oyster was fresh and light. Combining the two was almost like having oyster with a cocktail sauce. Chef Dundon told us their seafood is from Boston and the restaurant gets the last catch of the day to ensure freshness.


The third course was Roast Rack of Spring Lamb - Served with Irish vegetable Consommé
This was paired with a B.V. Rutherford Cabernet

I am not a big fan of lamb. However, when it is prepared properly it can be delicious. This dish was outstanding! The lamb was very tender and the simple ingredients of potato, carrots, leeks and consommé were wonderful. The lamb Raglan Road serves is from Colorado. Chef Dundon said this is the closest flavor to Irish lamb.


Last but not least was dessert. Pimms Knickerbocker Glory Topped with Vanilla Mousse and Cucumber and Melon foam.

There was so much going on with this dessert. It had a few different textures and several flavors that just melded together. The base was a gelatin with small melon balls. The mousse and foam were light and the small cookie added a nice crunch.


If paying, this lunch would have been $55 per person plus tax and gratuity. In my opinion you would have definitely gotten your monies worth!

Not only did we get to dine on delicious food, listen to Chef Dundon's stories but a big announcement was made regarding Raglan Road's 10th Anniversary. A "Master Chef" Cooking Contest was announced.


Five finalists will fly to Ireland, all expenses paid, where they will stay at Chef Dundon's popular resort and cooking school, Dunbrody Country House Hotel and work with Dundon to perfect their cooking technique. Come October, each of the finalists will cook a dish chosen by Chef Dundon at a private 10th anniversary celebratory dinner at Raglan Road. For complete competition details visit Raglan Road's Facebook page, or their web site The complete press release can be seen HERE.


Special lunches and dinners are offered sporadically during the year. Raglan Road has their own website where you can obtain the latest news and information. There is also a newsletter to keep you in the know!

February 26, 2015

A Taste of Raglan Road - NEW Offerings!

By AllEars Team Member: Linda Eckwerth

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant located in Downtown Disney, has recently updated its menu for lunch, dinner and the Rollicking Raglan Weekend Brunch.

On Thursday 2/19/2015 I had the opportunity to taste the new dishes and adult beverages. Chef Heberto Segura presented each of the new dishes and explained this is their menu update for Spring. He was also very proud to announce that Raglan Road will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary this October. Look for announcements on upcoming events.

Keep in mind these photos represent our tastings and not what the regular portion will look like.

Our first course of the day was an appetizer that appears on both the lunch and dinner menu.

Harry's Beef Carpaccio - seared tenderloin of beef with watercress and romaine hearts, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan and creamy anchovy vinaigrette. The beef is thinly sliced and while the vinaigrette went well with the beef, I did not care for the anchovy.

Harry's Beef Carpaccio Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Next came a tasting of the three new items for brunch.

Ellis Isle Steak n Eggs - Grilled NY strip steak, breakfast roasties and battered poached eggs

Ellis Isle Steak n Eggs Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Pork Hashed Tagged - Braised pork belly, scallions and potato hash top with fried eggs

Pork Hashed Tagged Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes - Sliced smoked Salmon, served with potato pancakes, crème fraiche and caper dill vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

All three dishes were delicious and had something unique to offer. The battering on the poached egg gave it a nice light crunch. How can you go wrong with the unbelievable flavor of pork belly and potato hash. The Smoked Salmon was my favorite. The potato cakes were light and the crème fraiche and vinaigrette added just the right accent of flavor to the salmon.

There are three new items for the dinner menu.

Cod Cornucopia - Pan Roasted Cod served with a warm mustard potato salad and a chorizo vinaigrette This was my favorite! The cod was light and flaky and melted in my mouth. Combine the light mustard and vinaigrette flavors and the dish became a cornucopia of flavors.

Cod Cornucopia Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Proud Pork - Grilled Pork Chop, colcannon potatoes, Cider port jus and applesauce
The pork was tender and juicy. While it had lots of flavor on its own, the cider port jus and applesauce added additional layers of flavor.

Proud Pork Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Proud Pork Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Double Joint - (served tableside) - Cowboy cut bone in rib-eye steak, fat chips, roasted veggies and salad greens, sauce bearnaise. At 28 ounces, this is a lot of steak goodness!

Double Joint Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Sauve Smoothie - Seasonal fruit smoothie with honey yogurt and vanilla. This is a little something to open the palate and will be served during brunch.

Sauve Smoothie Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Champion Cheese - Chef's featured farmhouse cheese with seasonal accoutrements.
The cheese platter will vary depending on the availability of cheeses.

Champion Cheese Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

There are also ten new specialty libations to choose from.

My two favorites were the Irish Honey Cup and Our Whiskey Sour.

The Irish Honey Cup contained Bushmills Irish honey, Pimms, fresh lemon sour, sprite, cucumber and fresh lemon.

Irish Honey Cup Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Our Whiskey Sour included Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, fresh lemon sour & egg whites. Served with classic trimmings.

Our Whiskey Sour Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

I enjoyed both drinks for the whiskey flavor.

The new items certainly compliment the already popular menu. Don't worry, your "favorites" are probably still on the menu. I know mine are!

Complete Raglan Road Information including menus and photos!

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October 28, 2014

Raglan Road Irish Pub Sparks Tiny Dancer



When Eddie and Adele Terrell of Perth, Australia, brought their young daughter Natarsha with them to an evening at Raglan Road Irish Pub a few years ago, they never expected it to be a life-changing event.

And yet it was.

The Terrell Family visited the establishment back in October 2010, when Natarsha was a fun-loving 4-year-old. As Eddie puts it, "We just wanted somewhere to eat, and saw this Irish pub, and thought, let's drop in there."

Somewhere during the course of that fateful meal, the family was treated to a set of Irish dancing on the pub's stage, featuring dancer Danielle Fitzpatrick. Young Natarsha couldn't take her eyes off the high-energy footwork, backed by rollicking Celtic music.

"She was jigging around to the music and the dancers took a real shine to her and came over and spoke during their break," Eddie recalls. "When the dancers came on again they made eye contact with Natarsha and waved to her and so the seed was sown."

Even though Natarsha was just 4, she made up her mind that she was going to become an Irish dancer. Despite the fact that her parents attempted to put her off for two years, she says, "I just kept asking and asking and finally my mum said, 'Oh, OK!' And they let me start taking classes."

Adele says she enrolled her daughter, who had no previous dance background, in the local Irish dancing school, Kavanaugh Irish Dance, which turned out to be one of the best schools in Western Australia. In 18 months, Natarsha went from beginner to winning several medals and dancing in both the State and National championships.


When asked, Natarsha can't explain what drew her to Irish dancing beyond the lively music and the beautiful dancers on stage, but she knows that she loves it and intends to keep dancing for some time to come. Says mom Adele, "We've had to give up every other after-school activity... I've become a Dance Mom!" But that's not a complaint, she says. The entire family has been enjoying the journey that their only daughter has embarked on.

As for Danielle Fitzpatrick, the dancer who inspired Natarsha, she couldn't be more pleased. Danielle started dancing at age 3 and said she's ready to give the stage over to the upcoming generation. And young Natarsha seems up to the challenge, despite the long hours and hard work involved.


Her father Eddie notes that he's grateful to Raglan Road for providing his daughter with such inspiration, which is partially why he was so enthusiastic to bring her back to "the scene of the crime" four years later.

"I was saying to Natarsha, in the future, you could be here on this stage," he says. "This could be how you make your living, dancing in front of people like this, doing something you love. And I could see her face light up."


Here's a brief interview with Natarsha and her parents, Eddie and Adele -- you can hear them tell their story in their own words.

And here's just a few seconds of the lovely young Natarsha sharing the stage with Danielle at Raglan Road.

April 6, 2013

Raglan Road's Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch Review

All Ears Team Member Linda Eckwerth enjoyed some time at Raglan Road!

I recently had the pleasure to experience Raglan Road's new Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch and what a lovely experience it was! The Brunch is new and is served every Sunday from 11:00 to 4:00.

If you are thinking, oh, an all you can eat Irish brunch, this is NOT your typical brunch! Chef Kevin Dundon has taken a different approach. The basic brunch menu is a la carte. However, you may order any of the items on the menu. For a special, more family style dining experience you can pre-order the Host the Roast Brunch. Then, in addition to a delicious meal, at noon the house band Creel and the Irish Dancers take to the stage to liven things up.

The group I was with started the meal with two of the Brunch's signature drinks, an Elder Flower Champagne Cocktail and an Irish Red Eye. The champagne was light, refreshing and served with a strawberry. However, I really enjoyed the Irish Red Eye. It was a bloody Mary topped with Guinness. I am a bloody Mary and Guinness fan, so combining two of my favorite flavors was a no brainer for me. It was very tasty!

Raglan Road Brunch

Raglan Road Brunch

The Brunch menu prices range from $8.00 to $26.00 per entrée. I ordered Kevin's Ham Schnitzel, a slice of ham, lightly breaded, fried to perfection with a fried egg on top. On the side there is a serving of chips (French fries). This was more than filling, but knowing we were also going to experience Host the Roast, I wanted to save room.

Raglan Road Brunch

Our group was served the Roast Pork Loin. The presentation for the Roast is very impressive. The meal is served on a cutting board and presented at the head of the table by the Chef. One member of your party is chosen to assist the Chef with the carving and serving. The pork was served with pork crackling, cider port jus, apple sauce and apple chutney. Our sides were almond green beans, cheesy spuds, potato roasties and sweet & sour carrots.

When ordering Host the Roast, you must call by 6:00 PM on Saturday (407-938-0300) and there is a minimum charge for 6 guests. The Host the Roast ranges in price from $35.00 to $55.00 per person depending on your choice of Roast which is chicken, leg of lamb, pork loin or rib of beef.

Raglan Road Brunch

Raglan Road Brunch

For dessert there is a choice of Gran Marnier Fruit & Custard Trifle or Baked Strawberry & Apple Crumble. We were served the Dunbrody Kiss and Ger's Bread and Butter Pudding.

Raglan Road Brunch

Raglan Road Brunch

Raglan Road Brunch

These too are served family style.

A few observations, if you are wanting to have a quite conversation with your dining party, not going to happen. This is an Irish pub; it is noisy with talking, laughter, dancing and music. That is what makes it fun! Also, I have dined at Raglan Road three times in March. I usually find that Chefs have a tendency to over salt foods for my taste. Not so at Raglan Road. I picked up on that almost immediately. My fellow diners also commented that their food was not overly salted as well. Way to go Chef Kevin!

I can't wait to go back and enjoy the Sunday Brunch with friends.


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DISCLAIMER: I was invited by Raglan Road to experience the Sunday Brunch. My food and beverages were provided to me at no charge. This did not influence my opinion or this review.

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