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Monstrous Summer Preview: Princess Fairytale Hall


During the "Monstrous Summer" media event, I had the chance to get a little peek behind the construction walls surrounding the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and talk to Imagineers about the work being done on both the coaster, due to open in 2014, and the Princess Fairytale Hall, which will debut sometime later this year.

Alas, no photos were permitted behind the wall, but we do have some new artists' renderings of what Princess Fairytale Hall will look like. I was also able to get a few more details about the meet-and-greet location, which will be approximately on the site of the former Snow White's Scary Adventures, from Imagineers Pam Rawlins, assistant producer, and creative designer Jason Grandt.

According to Rawlins, when guests enter Princess Fairytale Hall they will be immersed into the "majestic world of the princesses."

"It will all be very elegant, with dark wood panelings and elegant finishes, with a bit of a gothic motif, so you really feel like you're in the castle," she says. "You will be a royal subject meeting your princess."



"You'll enter through a tournament-type structure into the castle, and you'll pass our stained-glass windows that feature scenes and characters from classic movies, like Jacques and Gus-Gus from Cinderella," Rawlins explains. "Then you'll go through our Royal Gallery. This is a very airy, very open, high-ceilinged gallery, with our framed princess portraits and chandeliers, all very elegant."

Rawlins says you will then be received by your princess, and will be directed to one of two rooms, where you will meet up with either Cinderella and a friend, or Rapunzel and a friend.

"You won't know until that day who the friend will be," Rawlins adds.

Grandt notes that the Princess Fairytale Hall, while similar in purpose, does not borrow anything from the new Fantasy Faire character meeting spot that opened recently at the Disneyland Resort.

"I haven't even seen the California location yet," he says, "though I hope to this coming weekend."

Grandt also emphasizes the "opulent" furnishings and appointments the new Hall will have, particularly mentioning the princess character portraits that have been created.

"They are really beautiful," he adds, "I think you will really enjoy seeing them."

Although construction on the new meet-and-greet location seems to be moving apace, neither Grandt nor Rawlins would be more specific as to an actual opening date. "Later this year" was all either of them would say.



Guess we'll have to wait patiently to meet our new Royal Highnesses! But it will certainly be nice to have them all in one place, in Fantasyland.

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Comments (7)

Does this mean that Snow Whites Scary Adventure is gone at Magic Kingdom? Also what other fantasy land rides are no longer there since the expansion?

Deb K replies: the Snow White ride has been closed since last May 31. The expansion did not close any other Fantasyland attractions but Mickey's Toontown is gone. Visit our New Fantasyland pages to see other changes to the area.


I'm very confused.... The Fairytale Hall is supposed to be the single location for all (11) princesses. But you say that the Guest will be able to meet with either Cinderella and friend or Rapunzel and friend. What about the rest of the princesses?

DebK replies: Sorry if it's unclear -- it's not the single location for ALL the princesses, but it will be a location that princesses without a "home" might appear. For example, as Imagineer Jason Grandt explains, Ariel has her own meet and greet location near her attraction in New Fantasyland, and Belle appears in her "Enchanted Tales with Belle," also in New Fantasyland. Merida currently appears in the Fairytale Garden. The other remaining princesses will probably appear on a rotating basis, much like they do now down in Town Square Theater. Hope that clarifies things.

Kristy Yacamelli:

Does this mean you only get to meet 2 princesses per visit?

DebK replies: You'll meet one princess and whoever her "friend" for that day is -- it may well be another princess, I'm not sure.


Does this mean you will have to stand in line twice to meet both Cinderella and Rapunzel? Also, do you get to choose if you go to Rapunzel's room or Cinderella's room? Or have those details not been released yet?

DebK replies: As I understand it, yes, it sounds like you'll only be meeting one princess plus whoever her "friend" for that day is -- I'm assuming it will be another princess, or perhaps a prince? And no, they haven't specified yet whether you get to choose which of the two main princesses you will see, but I'm assuming that you will be able to.


Well I too was under the impression we would finally be able to get in one line to meet the princess(es) have a nice fairytale background and be in the AC but I guess not Bummer.


Is this cool looking new Princess HALL at WDW or Disneyland. I am hoping WDW and if I am pleased which park will it be in. I have been to WDW 11 and I am 12 I am going for my 12th time is November 2013 and I hope to maybe get a sneak peak of this great new structure. WDW I am hoping and if not please MAKE A PRONCESS HALL IN WDW!!!!!!!!!!!

DebK replies: Yes, this is in the New Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Johnna Melito:

Are there reservations for this or can you use a fast pass? How do you find info on what time it opens etc?

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