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    • debsil4

      Registered: August 2008
      Location: New Orleans
      Posts: 52
      Review Date: Thu May 8, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Make your own salad
      Cons: Too small for the resort size

      The food court here is just like the other value resorts. The breakfasts are the same and a lot of food. Substitutions of bacon and sausage are no problem. I loved the make your own salad. I made mine with the flank steak and enjoyed it. Peak hours are a problem. One morning all 4 stations were into the middle of the food area. It was easier to just get something out the back area.
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      Registered: March 2014
      Posts: 5
      Review Date: Fri April 4, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good Selection
      Cons: None

      Over the course of the last week of March 2014, we ate here a number of times. The large pepperoni is the best deal! $16.00 and it is delicious! We also had the chicken quesadilla which was wonderful. My husband and I shared the dish along with a bag of Disney potato chips. You will also receive salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the side. We also ate breakfast there one day. My husband ordered the eggs, bacon, etc. platter and I ordered the kids Mickey Mouse waffle platter. Both dishes were very good!
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      Registered: September 2012
      Location: Wisconsin
      Posts: 44
      Review Date: Thu April 3, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good food, large portions
      Cons: none

      Had the pancakes and bacon with a side of sausage. The portion was large enough to feed myself and DD 10. Since we had refillabel mugs, this was great. Breakfast only cost $8.00 for two of us!
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      Registered: May 2009
      Location: 1,194 Miles from Disney World
      Posts: 218
      Review Date: Tue April 1, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good food, efficient lines
      Cons: Small (compared to Pop Century and Art of Animation), refillable mugs

      I ate here for breakfast on three days during my recent stay, and my friend that was with me also had lunch and dinner a few times. He raved about the Penne Pasta Alfredo with Chicken.

      I had Mickey waffles with bacon and fruit topping, as well as chocolate chip pancakes with bacon. The bacon here was excellent, perfectly crispy. Mickey waffles never disappoint, but I thought the pancakes had way too many chocolate chips. They were actually sickeningly sweet; I couldn't finish them!

      The CMs were efficient at getting people through both the ordering and check out lines, more so than at other resorts. Seating was difficult during the breakfast rush, one day we sat at a large table and shared with a couple of strangers. I think the food court could stand to be larger; the food courts at Pop and AoA are proportionately designed for the amount of guests they have and I've never had difficulty finding a table at either place.

      I did have a lot of trouble with the Rapid Refill mugs. For whatever reason, I could not get my mug to register. It wouldn't even give me an "incorrect placement" message. I tried several different machines, eventually giving up and just drinking iced tea, since that doesn't require your mug to have it's chip identified.
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      Registered: March 2013
      Location: Pennsylvania
      Posts: 40
      Review Date: Sat March 30, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): convenient
      Cons: none

      We ended up eating here on 3/18 for late dinner as our DD4 got sick and we had to take her to Centra Care and spent 4 hours there and missed our ressies at 1900 Park Fare. Now being after 9pm and starving we went to the food court to find something to hold us over until morning. We got the steak sub, chicken Alfredo, and make your own salad. The steak sub was good, the alfredo was ok but this isn't an italian restaurant but my kids would ear alfredo anywhere. But what I was impressed of the most is the make your own salad. It's not your do it yourself salad bar but a castmember measures our your lettuce and adds anything you want then you have a choice of chicken, steak, or salmon. I chose chicken my DH chose the salmon. Both were delicious and plentiful. We eat a lot of salads and eat large salads and this one was filling. it would have been nice to have a piece of garlic bread or crackers with it but was able to use our QS credits for it and was satisfied. We took our meals back to our rooms to eat but it wasn't crowded at all and after explaining to a castmember who was just being friendly about our long day with our DD4 being she offered gingerale and told us to check with the front desk about getting our ressies arranged to see if we could get in at 1900 Park Fare. I thought this was very nice of them to offer suggestions that late at night
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      Registered: March 2011
      Posts: 67
      Review Date: Fri March 22, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good food lots of seating
      Cons: not as well themed as other restaurants

      I only had one meal at the World Premier Food Court during my stay.

      I had a meatball sub. It came with homemade chips or coleslaw but the Cast Member on duty let me substitute the coleslaw with 2 bread sticks.

      The sub was very good. The meatballs were big and tasty and the bread was well toasted.

      The bread sticks were warm and soft and had a nice garlic flavor.

      There are 4 different bays to order from as well as a bakery area along with plenty of snacks and a cooler full of milk, soda, water, beer, or anything else you want.

      It is a great place eat while at the resort but not worth making a special trip for.
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      Registered: February 2013
      Location: College Station, Tx
      Posts: 9
      Review Date: Mon February 18, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Nachos! and make your own salad
      Cons: ice

      We stayed here from 12/31/12-1/6/13 so we had several meals here. We LOVE the nachos, I wished they served them for dinner too. We got breakfast and bought it back to our room one morning, we all had the chocolate chip pancakes with sausage and they were the best, we weren't expecting much so it was a pleasant surprise. The ice machine ran out several times but with the amount of people it didn't surprise me too much, the soda was cold coming out anyway. We must have eaten at "off" times because we never had a a problem getting a table.
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      Registered: March 2011
      Posts: 67
      Review Date: Mon September 24, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Convienent if staying at AS Movies
      Cons: Not as much Ambiance as other resturants on property.

      I was staying at AS Movies on a recent trip and stopped in the World Premier Food Court for my traditional Mickey Waffle. The service was fast and very friendly and the waffle was great. There's not as much ambiance as other places to eat at Disney, but if you're at the resort and want something quick and good, it's a great option.
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      Registered: July 2012
      Location: Florida
      Posts: 6
      Review Date: Tue July 3, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Many choices
      Cons: Ice machines

      We stayed at the All Star Movie resort 6/16-6/19. Ice ice ice baby. Be warned the ice machines in the food court will have you running in circles. I went from one machine to another looking for ice. There are so many people that honestly the machines cannot keep up. Also the area around the soda fountains can get messy but they do their best to keep up with it. Aside from that I was pleasantly surprised with the food court here. We ate breakfast here twice and the food was good, and we got a good amount of food for the price. It's basically like buffet food, but it's not a buffet they dish it out for you, so no you can't get seconds and thirds but it's eggs, omelets, potatoes, waffles, bacon, sausage. All of that you will find cooked the exact same way on a buffet.

      We had the dining plan and used a quick service credit here for dinner and it was with it. I got the pasta meal, basically spaghetti with meatballs it also came with a salad (salad was medial but the dressing on it was good) and a breadstick. It was quick service spaghetti but it was still pretty good. My husband got the chili cheese dog and loved that. There were also several choices for kids but of course my daughter got chicken nuggets. Most quick service places the dessert is alright but not here. Here you can choose a sundae, yes a sundae with 3 scoops of Ice cream, hot fudge etc. They also have a ice cream cookie sandwich that they make, you can also choose a pastry or chips or fruit. With the dining plan your meal comes with drinks you can get them from the cooler there (nesquick, soda, juice, etc) or they will give you a cup to fill up at the soda fountain. I feel like I got my money's worth here and will come back here when we visit again.
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      Registered: October 2011
      Location: Daphne AL
      Posts: 14
      Review Date: Wed April 18, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): food was good, decent selection, CMs were great
      Cons: no nachos :(

      We ate here MANY times on our trip. We mostly had chicken fingers and fries. They were pretty good. Breakfast was decent.. had really good potatos. Try the chili cheese fries! They are worth the calories for sure! (And they are only a snack credit!)
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      Registered: June 2011
      Posts: 13
      Review Date: Mon January 2, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros):

      We found ourselves eating here a few times, more than I wanted to. We had the chicken quesadilla which was good, came with beans, rice and guacamole. BF said the swiss mushroom burger was good. One night he also got a chicken meal, came with veggies and mashed potatoes. He did not really like it; it looked great but he said the chicken tasted...off. I got the chicken penne alfredo with a salad, It was tasty. Strawberry shortcake from the dessert/bakery was great. French toast was really great!
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      Registered: November 2008
      Location: Centerville, OH
      Posts: 22
      Review Date: Thu December 15, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Clean
      Cons: lack of variety

      Nov 2011 stay. We dont' usually eat much at the food courts, but last year we enjoyed our meal at Pop Century Food Court so much, we chose to eat there again. Not nearly the variety at Movies, so we were a little disappointed. Also, mugs were still from summer, so not a great souvenir. Usually holiday ones out by now. Asked a CM who seemed to be mgmt and he said they wouldn't put those out 'til summer ones were all gone and he had a ton of those left.Biscuits/gravy actually very good and good deal at $3.49 -- son and I shared!
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      Registered: September 2010
      Posts: 16
      Review Date: Thu September 29, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Polite staff; good food choices
      Cons: Super crowded at breakfast and dinner

      We stayed at the Movies in late September. Spaghetti dinner, sandwich, pancakes and the Cheese Steak sandwich were the best. Come very early not not very late for dinner. It was most crowded after 8:00am and after 7:30pm. Drink stations usually have lines as some fountain stations were closed.
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      Registered: December 2009
      Location: Niceville, FL
      Posts: 80
      Review Date: Sun September 25, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): tasty choices
      Cons: crowded in am

      Our party tried the pizza and spaghetti at dinner. Both were good choices. We didn't have any trouble finding a seat her when we ate dinner, but breakfast was usually crowded. Often had to wait for drink station. Hate that they changed the cup design - everyone else was thinking the same thing. We weren't the only one that brought cups from last year.
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      Registered: April 2011
      Location: Cape Girardeau, MO
      Posts: 11
      Review Date: Sat May 28, 2011 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 2 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Prices
      Cons: No dessert with the breakfast meal plan, broken soda fountains, ran out of hot chocolate

      The only good thing about the all star movies food court is the price. However, we got our breakfast there because I love the Mickey waffles and unlike lunch or dinner on the meal plan, you didn't get dessert. They could give us a fruit cup, yogurt, a banana, or something like that! 2 of the soda fountains were broken the whole 7 days we were there. They may have been broken even before we arrived! Also, there were only 2 machines for hot chocolate that ran out before lunchtime and weren't replaced until the next day. That never happened at All star music. My mom and I like having a hot drink before bed, and the only hot drink they had left was coffee. So I was wide awake at midnight. If you plan to eat here a lot, stay at all star music or sports instead.
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