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March 1, 2014

Searching for Hidden Mickeys in Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

On one fine sunny Florida afternoon, I finally found a Hidden Mickey I'd been looking for (All right, I confess, I had a little help from a friendly Cast Member). I'd been told the image was on a merchandise/drink cart along the exit from Kilimanjaro Safaris, not far from the entrance to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

For months, I'd been looking in the wrong places. This time, I walked right up to the Safari truck exit docks and worked back. The image is on a tile somewhere on the cart. From the photo I had, I'd assumed the tile was on the side of a cart, but I was wrong. I stepped up to the cashier for the drink and merchandise carts and spotted the tiles on top of the cart. The Cast Member behind the cart smiled and pointed to a tiny image near the pay area. There it was! Small ceramic circles, a white and blue "head" and two black "ears," stuck in the surface of the cart formed a classic Hidden Mickey! (Thanks to Jackie Gailey).

I have a couple of Questionable images for you to consider. Not far from the above collection of carts and back toward the Kilimanjaro Safari exits, a utility cover at the left side of the walkway (as you exit from the Safaris) has two small irregular rocks adjacent to it that are embedded in the cement.

The rocks are the larger ones toward the top of the photo. Do you think this forms a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to David and Celia Berset).

Over the years, folks have written to me about the following image, but it never "spoke to me." However, recently a few people have prompted me to reconsider the image. It's on the outside of a blue side door toward the rear of Tusker House Restaurant.

Is this a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Traci Curth, Keith Tonra, and Alena White).

Keep searching!

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March 19, 2014

Hidden Mickeys and other Hidden Images in the Magic Kingdom

The recent expansion area of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is filled with compelling Hidden Images. Disney Imagineers put much thought into these great creations, and I'm still stumbling across ones I didn't know about! Like this one. To find it, walk to the Disney Vacation Club sign across from Ariel's Grotto.

Embedded in the cement walkway in front of the Disney Vacation Club is this classic Hidden Mickey formed of a survey marker and two adjacent pebbles. It's near a cart track indented in the cement. (Thanks to Brian Henry and Suzanne Perez).

Walk across Fantasyland to the "Tangled" area between "it's a small world" and Haunted Mansion. Check out this poster on an outside wall near the restrooms.

Do you think the lipstick on this mime is a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to JG).DSC05816.JPG

One of my favorite Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom is visible again after the outside window winter displays of the Emporium shop on Main Street, U.S.A. have been retired until next Holiday season. It's the amazing recessed window Mickey in the Aladdin display!

On my way out of the Magic Kingdom, I crouched by (a "Hidden Surprise") the tracing of a heart with the paw prints of Lady and the Tramp (and Cupid's arrow) in the cement walkway in front of Tony's Town Square Restaurant. (Thanks to Alena White).

Enjoy the search!

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March 30, 2014

Orlando International Airport Disney Store Hidden Mickeys

I recently visited the Orlando International Airport (unencumbered by luggage!) and its two Disney Stores: Disney's EarPort and The Magic of Disney. Each store contains compelling Hidden Mickeys! Like this one in Disney's Earport. As you enter the store past the Goofy statue outside, walk to the far corner of the wall to your left to spot this classic three-circle Hidden Mickey high on the wall. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Crazy blueprints line the upper inside walls of the store, and you can make out Hidden Mickeys on a few of them. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Across the airport at The Magic of Disney store, study the outside walls. Each wall design has a Hidden Mickey. This wall is at the far right near an exit area for passengers.

On this wall, a classic Hidden Mickey is in the stars above Mickey's hand, and Mickey appears to be looking right at it!

The next outside wall design to the left, at the front of the store, has another Hidden Mickey in the stars. Mickey is pointing toward it. (Thanks to Rich Kordalski).

Inside The Magic of Disney, Hidden Mickey markings are on a few of the books on shelves that line the upper walls of the store. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

While you're shopping at Orlando International Airport, look around the Disney stores to find some great Hidden Mickeys!

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