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Matsuriza – Taiko Drummers

One of my favorite things to do is walk around the World Showcase in Epcot and catch some of the fantastic entertainment offered at the various pavilions. If you've never taken the time to do this you're missing, in my opinion, a part of Epcot that makes these pavilions more real and very special.

Each of the different pavilions does a wonderful job exhibiting the art, architecture and culture of the different countries. I think everyone who has walked the countries has marveled at how the buildings create the look and feel of the country they represent. However, for me the charm of World Showcase goes beyond buildings, merchandise and food. It's the entertainment, the bands, the acrobats, and the street performers that seal the deal for me.

Of all the exceptional entertainment offered nothing brings me more enjoyment than watching Matsuriza, the Taiko Drummers, performing in the Japan pavilion. I know if you're in the area when they are performing you've probably heard their drums. But if you haven't stopped to watch and listen to them then you're really missing a great show.

They perform at the Japan pavilion on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week at 2:00, 3:00, 3:45, 5:25, 6:35 and 7:15 PM. Their shows usually run around 15 minutes. The group consists of three, and sometimes four, members and each show is a little different.

Each time I watch them I marvel at how talented they are and how much strength and stamina is needed to be one of these drummers.

Usually the drummers perform on the Goju-no-to pagoda balcony. However it is under refurbishment right now, so they have moved to the courtyard.

Here are some pictures that I took of Matsuriza in action:

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Drummers in action

Enjoying the performance

End of performance

Traditional bow

I realize that you may have a favorite World Showcase entertainment that's different than mine. I would love to hear who your favorites are. Maybe it's Off Kilter, the Voices of Liberty, the British Invasion, the Dragon Legend Acrobats, MoRockin or one of the other talented performers? Let me know and I just may include them in a one of my future blogs

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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Susan McPherson:

My favorite performers are the Voices of Liberty at the America pavilion, hands down. I visit the World about once a year and make sure to see them at least 2-3 times while I'm there. What they do with their voices is astounding!


Off-Kilter all the way. But I do like to listen and watch all the other performers as they are do a wonderful job each time they are out and working hard for our enjoyment.


Hey Mike!
I love to watch the Holy Grail story, told on the British Pavilion. Those guys are very funny, and I love how interactive the performance is.
Hugs from Brazil!


Hi Mike!
This is one of my favorites as well! (Especially enjoyed with a Kaki-Gori in the afternoon!). The British Invasion is the favorite of my fiancee, and I also like catching the Dragon Legend acrobats as well - no shortage of good entertainment at Epcot!


Hello Mike ... I enjoy watching the the World Showcase Players - both the King Arthur & the Holy Grail (England Pavillion) and Romeo & Edna (Italy Pavillion). As a member of a community theater group, I really appreciate the amazing talent these folks have to involve the audience and keep the story moving (especially when the volunteers steal the show :o)!

Mike Venere:

I was going to say that the Matsuriza was my favorite as well.....until I read Mariana's comment above and had to re-think.

I have been selected a couple of times for the Holy Grail skit and the crowd involvement and humor is the best around.


Our favorites are British Invasion and Miyuki (the Japanese "candy lady.") Totally different entertainment, but so enjoyable.


Hey there Mike,
My favorite goes way back to 1999 and it was a group in the Italy pavillion called Rondo Veneziano, they were amazing, classical with a new contempory beat. Loved them.

Dizneymike replies: Barb, for some strange reason I never got to see them perform. I did a little research and see that they started performing in Epcot in 1995. They changed their name to Rondó Masquerade and where still performing there in 2002. Not sure when they left. Also, Rondo Veneziano is still performing, however, you'll have to go to Europe to see them. From the little snipits of their music that I just heard, I can see why you enjoyed them....Mike


Mike, I have two favs at World Showcase. First is Off Kilter. My husband became a fan first, then myself and now my 6 year old and 2 year old! I grew up in a high school with bagpipes so it's awesome to see it incorporated into their music!

Second would have to be Mo' Rockin! Their sound is so incredible! Just makes you want to get up with the dancer and dance with her!


Hi Mike, I love the taiko drummers too! They are amazing and I love seeing the pictures of them in action - its hard to get a good photo of them up on that balcony! I also like the Japanese storyteller - I can't remember her name and I only saw her once at the end of her show! Some people think the Japan pavilion is just to shop and eat but there is so much more to explore there I think its my favorite pavilion at Epcot!! :)


Mike: we never miss the Japanese drummers, but our favorite will always be the classical "statue" outside of Italy. Perfectly still, but if someone posed in front, suddenly they'd find a hand resting on their head, or an arm wrapping around their body. It was typically humorous but subtle and totally unexpected. The reactions from the crowd were so much fun. I really miss that statue!

David L:

The "Living Statues" in Italy were always my favorite performers. I dont recell seeing them recently, but they were awesome!

DizneyMike replies: David, not sure why but unfortunately the Living Statues no longer perform in Epcot. They were fun to watch....Mike

Becky Pare:

Mike, I love the photos of the entertainers. Seeing people enjoy themselves in such a fantastic place makes me want to return asap.


I agree with you Mike, a stroll around World Showcase is one of the highlights of our Disney Vacations. My husband and I are children of the 60s and love the British Invasion but I also love the Japanese Drums. In fact my family calls them Mom's drums.



This past month we particularly enjoyed the Dragon Legend Acrobats. We had seen bits and pieces of their show before, but this trip decided to wait around for the show to start. They made a few mistakes, but that's what I think makes it so wonderful. They're just kids! And they're so good at what they do, it was very fun to watch! Of course..who could pass up the Taiko Drummers with Kaki Gori in hand?


I love watching Off Kilter. As a person in a medieval re-enactment society who works at rennassance faires, I've heard a lot of bad bagpipes ,so it's a pleasure to hear good ones. Great humor, great energy and kickin' music!

I'm also fond of Mo'Rockin


I love all of the entertainment at Epcot. Something new around every corner. But this Dec Off Kilter and the British invasion earned a new fan. Every time we passed either of them my the 14 month old daughter stopped what she was doing and started smiling and bopping to the beat. Too cute.


Thanks for all the wonderdul pictures! My family is going on our first "Grand Gathering" next month!

Also, this is my first trip for my wife and I as PARENTS! Our lil boy will be 6 months old. I'm sure it will be quite the adventure for all of us!

I emailed your blog to all the people going with us on the trip... thanks again for all the great shots!


DizneyMike replies: Eric, congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your son! Enjoy your trip; from now on your trips to Disney you will be creating lasting memories for your son. What fun....Mike

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