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December 7, 2011

D23 Update

Contributing photographer Jason of sends us these photos from his trip to a D23 Update at the Walt Disney Studios on Thursday, December 1, 2011.

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, D23 hosted a media session to share some information on upcoming activities and I had the opportunity to attend. The event took place on the Walt Disney Studio Lot in Burbank. Below are several pictures and a couple videos that chronicle the experience.

The first stop of the day was in the Walt Disney Archives, on the first floor of the Frank G Wells building on the Disney Studio Lot in Burbank.

A quick look around the archives. If you would like a more extensive look check out my D23 section at and you can see pictures from a D23 Studios and Archive tour I went on a few years ago.

A couple of Mickeys official portraits.

Some awards..

Here is a wider shot of the room. As you can see it is tight and the displays are around the outside of the space.

All Disneyland Fans remember this outfit.

Walts inspiration for audio animatronics... a mechanical bird.

Volumes of publications, books, etc.. line the one wall.

Steven Clark, head of D23, gave a brief welcome and introduction.

Becky Cline, Director of the Walt Disney Archives, prepares to show us some items from the collection.

First up a cell from Steamboat Willie

The script for Steamboat Willie

A soundtrack for Snow White, back before it was called a soundtrack.

Next up a book showing some concept art from Snow White since to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its release.

If you read your D23 Disney Twenty Three Magazine (the issue with the Muppets on the cover) you will know the story of the unused Dumbo sequence that was recently discovered. Here is some of that art work.

Next up from the original Mickey Mouse clubs, from the movie theater days not the TV show.

The Academy Award for one of the True Life Adventure films was brought out and if you wanted you could take your picture holding it.

Next we moved down the hall to the theater for a brief presentation on D23 that featured Steven Clark (right) and Tim O Day.

First up an overview of D23 and the philosophy of its events.

A look back at the 2011 D23 Expo. Planning is already underway for the 2013.
They have sifted through the guest feedback and are working on ways to try and make the lines more manageable. They know the D23 Expo is not Comic-Con and they want to balance the capacity, lines, and scheduling better for the next one.

Next up a look back at the Sip & Stroll that happened last Fall. It featured a celebration of Bob Gurrs 80th birthday this year.

There were several 50 and Fabulous! films presented at the Studio.

The Disney and Dickens event (the label is incorrect on here, this years is sold out already).

Magic and Merriment is running for two sessions this year to increase capacity. (I have pictures from the first one in my D23 section if anyone is interested).

Some new events this upcoming year.

The Smoke Tree Ranch Roundup will give you the opportunity to experience the ranch as Walt did and learn about some of the Disney connections such as the cabins that WED worked on.

Two of the special guests that will be at the event.

Next up a Journey to Marceline. (this will take place in conjunction with the annual Disney Shareholders meeting that will be held in Kansas City this year).

This year in addition to the 50 & Fabulous films they will host others from the vaults that are celebrating anniversaries.

There will be a round of events taking place across the country celebrating Disney Fans.

The idea behind these Fanniversary Events will be to highlight many of the milestones reached across the company. Such as Snow Whites 75th or Fantasmics 20th.

Next up Destination D, for those who have not attended one. These events focus more on the history of subject. The first one was to celebrate Disneylands 55th and as you all remember the original idea was these would run on non Expo years. But due to anniversaries and interest they are now running every year.

The second was for Walt Disney Worlds 40th. I have pictures from both of the first two if you browse the rest of the D23 section.

The 2012 Destination D will be celebrating 75 Years of Feature Animation.

It will be held at the Disneyland Hotel again this time around.

The popular studio tours will continue into 2012 and now will take place on both Sat and Sun of the selected weekends in order to double the capacity (I have pictures from one of the first ones from a few years ago in another section)

To wrap up the presentation a remind of the two D23 membership levels.

To close with a talk about the Magazine. The Spring issue of the Disney twenty-three magazine will highlight 75 years of feature animation and today they had a special treat for us. They were shooting the cover for it and we were allowed to stop by the shoot. So that was our next stop.

It is hard not to be happy standing in the shadow of the Dwarfs on the Team Disney Building and in front of the old Animation Building.

Here are several video clips from the shoot. We were not allowed to take still pictures, but video was ok. You will see:
Kathryn Beaumont, voice of Alice and of Wendy Darling

Alice Davis, Imagineer and costume designer

Lisa Davis, voice of Anita in One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Joe Hale, animation producer

Dickie Jones, voice of Pinocchio

Margaret Kerry, live-action model for Tinker Bell

Burny Mattinson, legendary storyboard artist

Floyd Norman, animator and story man

Richard Sherman, composer and lyricist

Ruthie Thompson, supervisor of Scene Planning department (Ink & Paint)

Tyrus Wong, background artist

After the photo shoot we went back inside and upstairs to the Walt Disney Archives Library. Here is the front desk area.

There were file cabinets and bookshelves filling most of the room. On top display cases.

Along the front window more items from the archives.

Working my way to the back of the library. Along the way passed a lot of wardrobe items.

Several rows of cabinets

From the Country Bears!

This is the piano that used to be in Walts Office.

What a great collection of items!

Henry's shoes from the Country Bears.

More bookcases, displace, and wardrobe pieces.

The Roy O Disney building was being renovated so the plaque was here for safe keeping.

A wider shot of the space to show how it was set up.

There was a reception for the legends and they hung around to talk and view the archives.

A figure from WDWs Mr. Toad.

Made my way back around to the Piano.

How the Piano looked in Walts office

Steven Clark gave a brief toast and thank you to the legends.

Then a special treat for us. Richard Sherman sat down to play a couple songs for us.

He opened with Feed the Birds

Here is a video of Richard Sherman playing a couple songs from Mary Poppins... you cannot help but take yourself back to what it would have been like for Walt to hear him playing the same songs on the same piano a few buildings away.

The assembled crowd.

Posing for pictures.

Somehow he found his way back to Piano for an encore...

This video features a song from Mary Poppins that did not make it into the final film.

Continuing the look around the room at the various display cases.

This shelf actually looks a little like mine at home.. I have quite a few of these books in my library!

Thought this was a cool collection of Happy Meal toys.

Walking back through the front desk area on my way out.

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Disney Archives and some information on D23. For additional photos and details from this trip or other D23 events you can check out the full Update I posted on my site in the D23 section,

August 22, 2011

2011 D23 Expo - Day 3


Sunday - the final day of the D23 Expo.

There were noticeably fewer people today - not that it made a great deal of difference in the lines. The sessions that started before noon were not packed (the Marvel session in the Arena was only 1/2 to 2/3 full), but the afternoon sessions were again filled up 1.5-2.5 hours in advance. I never did get in to see the Archives - the line was always huge, and they closed the line at about 3:30 today.

Most everyone I talked to was very frustrated about the Expo - quite a number of people left early yesterday and went over to the parks instead, and I talked to people today who had friends/family that were in the parks instead of at the Expo.

But back to today's events...

I was able to get into the 9:00 Imagineering the Dream and the Fantasy session. Imagineers Joe Lanzisero and Bob Zalk talked about some of the challenges and different ways of thinking they had to take into consideration when designing for a cruise ship instead of a theme park.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 3

Here's a few things they talked about:

-- Cruise ships tell stories, too.

-- Guests are going to spend days aboard a ship rather than minutes on board an attraction.

-- The need to balance Disney whimsy with elegance.

They showed some examples of what guests see on the virtual portholes. On the Fantasy there will be some new characters.

They also talked a little about the new "show" in Animator's Palate aboard the Disney Fantasy. Before dinner guests will have the opportunity to create their own drawing of a character:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 3

The drawings will be collected, and some of them will be animated and included in an animation sequence that will be shown later. There will be different animation sequences in different parts of the room - so a guest's drawing, if it it chosen, will be displayed on the screen that they can see.

Here's a look at the Disney Fantasy, still under construction in Germany.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 3

After that session, I almost immediately got in line for the Radiator Springs Reality panel, which wasn't scheduled for another three hours (and it was full two hours before it started). I had friends to wait with, so the time went faster.

I don't have time to write about this panel right now, but I'll talk about the contest they announced at the end. John Lasseter, as most Disney fans know, was a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland (in 1977-1978). Unfortunately he has no photos of himself in that role, so he's looking for someone who has a photo of him. The prize is a trip to the grand opening of Cars Land as a VIP guest of John Lasseter. For more details, visit And he warned us that Pixar developed digital compositing, so they will know a fake if they see one! (In this photo he was a Jungle Cruise skipper for a day during Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration.)

2011 D23 Expo - Day 3

We'll have more on the Marvel session that Lee attended, and on the Radiator Springs session, coming soon.

August 21, 2011

2011 D23 Expo - Tour of the Show Floor


Lee and I spent some time wandering the Show Floor at the D23 Expo on Saturday, and he put together this video which will show you some of the things that we saw.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2


Day 2 of the Expo...

The Expo is sold out today, so there's even more people. So far I can't tell if things are going a little better today or if I just don't care as much.

People started lining up OUTSIDE the convention center I don't even
know how early to get into the Walt Disney Studios presentation,
which was scheduled to begin at 10:30. When I arrived in the
convention center around 9:00 the line inside already stretched most
of the way across the lobby (plus whatever was in the normal queue
that I couldn't see), and they were telling people that both the
primary and standby queues were full, and they wouldn't get in. And
at that point the General Admission folks weren't even allowed in
the building yet.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I hadn't planned to go to the Studios presentation anyway so I
decided to wander the exhibit floor instead, since I hadn't a chance
to see much of that yet. There were still plenty of other people
around who weren't going to the Studios presentation, either. I
started at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Carousel of Projects.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

There's a model of the Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World - it's too big to get all in one photo. This is the Dumbo/Casey Jr. section:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

Snow White's Cottage and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with the Beast's Castle and Ariel's Underwater Adventure in the background:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And a full-size model of a car on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

They had the Madamoiselle Minnie figure that will go in the
Atrium on the Disney Fantasy.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

Lots of things from Cars Land...

One of the mini tractors from Mater's Junkyard Jamboree:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And the car that it pulls:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And a ride vehicle from Radiator Springs Racers:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I asked the Imagineer there about the attraction and its similarity
to Test Track - he said in the end they probably only kept 20% of
the Test Track components, and everything else was new/different.

There were several car hoods painted by Chip Foose which will
hang in Ramone's House of Body Art. This one has hidden mickeys on
it somewhere. Or so the Imagineer told me.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

Here's a model of Buena Vista Street:

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And a larger model just of the Carthay Circle Theater.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

There's not much about Shanghai Disneyland - just this model.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

The most fun thing is The Amazing Destini. This is an
artificially intelligent audio-animatronic fortune teller. There's
no "man behind the curtain" - it interacts with guests based on
what it detects from facial expressions, height, proximity, etc.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

On this screen off to the side you can see its "brain" and what it
is sensing. In the middle panel are all the faces that it is
tracking, and what it was sensing for things like age, eyes
open/shut, mouth open, happy, sad, angry, surprised, impatient, head
angle, talking, etc. (If you click on the photo you can see the
full-size version where you can read it a little better.)

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I ran into fellow AllEars Team Member Erin Blackwell, and we chatted
for a while - it's been a very frustrating experience for her, too.

I wandered around the Disney Living area a little bit. This is some
cute Prep & Landing merchandise from Hallmark.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And an interesting facade here.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

A huge cupcake display at the Celebrations booth, where they were doing
some cake decorating demos.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I liked these big balloon decorations!

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

Quite a large booth dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean: On
Stranger Tides
(coming soon on DVD and Blu-Ray) which included
some props from the movie.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

And how can you not smile at a Lightning McQueen constructed
out of Legos? :-)

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

The line to get into the Archives exhibit was long, so I went to the
queue area for the Once Upon a Time screening. Which was
still an hour and a half away, but it gave me time to write a lot of
this blog.

I really enjoyed Once Upon a Time. And thank goodness, it
only started 5 minutes late!

The show was created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who were
the executive producers of Lost. In it, the storybook fairy tale
world of Snow White and Prince Charming and Rumpelstiltskin and
Little Red Riding Hood collides with our modern world of traffic and
email and credit cards and cell phones. It was really fascinating and
I think we were all drawn into it - I didn't hear ANYONE talking
during the show! It's really a very rich world with a lot of detail.
I'm not sure about it being a weekly series, though - I think it
would work better as a movie or a mini-series than as an on-going
serial. At some point it will need a resolution or I think people
will get tired of watching it.

There was a short Q&A period with the producers and Disney Geek
Jeffrey Epstein at the end, in which they 'fessed up that there are
a lot of references to Lost in the show (since I never watched that
one, they were "lost" on me.) We'll see a lot more fairy tale
characters introduced in future episodes. The show premieres on
ABC on Sunday, October 23 at 8:00 p.m. At this point ABC has
ordered 12 episodes, and then we'll all see. I'll be watching!

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I hoped to get into the "Good Look at Buena Vista Street" presentation -but it filled up more than an hour before it started while I was still in the screening. I found out later that they unveiled this maquette of a new statue of Walt and Mickey that will stand on Buena Vista Street - a "bookend" to the Partners statue in Disneyland.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 2

I met up with Lee and DebK and we went down to the exhibit hall to shoot some video of the show floor and some of the exhibits, so we hope Lee will have that edited and posted soon.

Around 4:00 they announced that the regular queue for the 6:30 "Imagineering's Guide to Creativity and Innovation" session was full, and at 4:30 they announced that the standby for it was ALSO full. Ridiculous. We thought we'd go to the Archives but that had a long line (probably 30-45 minutes), so we called it a day.

So let's my almost 8 hours at the Expo today I toured the show floor twice, waited for a session for over 90 minutes, saw a one hour session and, um...well, that was all. Yeah, just another typical day at the D23 Expo...

August 20, 2011

2011 D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards


Here's some more photos from the Legends ceremony on Friday.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Bob Iger spoke in a recorded message:

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Tom Bergeron was the host:

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

There was a "Disney Legends In Memoriam" segment, recognizing those no longer living:

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Anika Noni Rose was honored for her role as Tiana.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

And Linda Larkin was Jasmine's speaking voice:

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

While Lea Salonga was Jasmine's singing voice, as well as the voice of Mulan (and she commented how grateful she was that Linda Larkin doesn't sing!):

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Paige O'Hara said that she is still recognized as the voice of Belle - even though Belle never ages and she does. :-)

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Jodi Benson proudly showed off her Disney Cast Member id card:

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Here are Paige O'Hara and Lea Salonga performing some of the signature songs for their characters.

And Anika Noni Rose and Jodi Benson:

Ray Watson was Disney's Chairman of the Board in 1983, and during his career was recognized as a real estate development visionary.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Barton "Bo" Boyd was THE merchandising guy, eventually named Chairman of Disney Consumer Products. Two of his daughters accepted on his behalf and shared some wonderful stories about their dad.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

I already shared this photo of Guy Williams' family accepting his award. I was very happy to be in attendance for this one, since I've always loved Zorro.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Jack and Bonita (Granville) Wrather were both recognized for their contributions in building the Disneyland Hotel (apparently Jack thought the chances for something in "Anaheim...ANAHEIM???" to succeed were not very good.)

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Kelly Ripa, in a recorded video, shared some of her favorite memories of Regis Philbin.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

And Regis? Well, I think he was honored for just being Regis. :-)

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

Jim Henson was the final honoree this year, and two of his kids, including son Brian, who has taken over as Kermit the Frog, accepted and shared some great stories about growing up with Jim Henson as their father.

D23 Expo Day 1 - Legends Awards

And then Brian performed that wonderful Rainbow Connection number that I have already shared here:

But he also performed this funny little classic that his parents developed in 1956:

It was a warm, wonderful, and heartfelt ceremony - I'm very glad to have seen it.

2011 D23 Expo - Day 1


Well, Day 1 of the 2011 D23 Expo is history. While it's had some
special moments, for the most part it was a very frustrating day.


The Expo opened to D23 members at 9:00 and to the general public at
10:00. Or I should say that was the *announced* opening times.
The lines were HUGE by 8:30, and they did let D23 members in earlier
than 9:00, but it still took a ridiculously long time to go in. I
got in line at about 9:10 and it took me almost 50 minutes to get
inside. And there were still lots of people behind me. And they
hadn't even started to let those in the General Admission line in!

There are fewer sessions this year, and they are holding them in
just three rooms this year - the Arena, Stage 23, and Stage 28. The
good news is that the rooms are larger than they were two years ago,
but even so none of them are large enough for the number of people
who want to attend. People are lining up sometimes 3 and 4 hours
before a session starts - I heard people ask this afternoon if it
was possible to start lining up TODAY for the Walt Disney Studios
session that's in the Arena TOMORROW.

There are fewer food locations this year and the lines there are
ridiculously long, too - and we won't even talk about the prices.
$8.00 for a hamburger with NO fries or chips, just a slice of
tomato and pickle.

I wasn't able to attend very many sessions today, and they all
started at least 15 minutes late - which makes it even less possible
to try to attend other sessions.

So what did I do today?

Once I finally got inside the building I started by finding the
Arena and figuring out where I needed to go to get into the
Disney Legends ceremony.

That was pretty special - they inducted 12 new Disney Legends,
including Regis Philbin, Guy Williams, and the women who were the
voices of the more modern Disney Princesses: Jodi Benson (Ariel),
Paige O'Hara (Belle), Linda Larkin (Jasmine speaking), Lea Salonga
(Jasmine singing, Mulan), and Anika Noni Rose (Tiana). The four
ladies sang some of their signature songs, and at the end they all
performed together, as you'll see in this clip.

Guy Williams died in 1989, but his family accepted on his behalf - his son even brought along his "Zorro" sword!


All of the award winners were escorted by a Disney character, with the exception of Regis Philbin who enjoyed the company of three lovely Disney princesses!


Also inducted was Jim Henson. Kermit the Frog and Rowlf performed
"Rainbow Connection". You know how some songs just "get you right
here"? That one does it for me...and there weren't too many dry eyes
in the house.

That started late, so it ran late, and I wasn't able to get into
the next session I had hoped to. I wandered around the Show Floor a
little bit, but didn't have time to really see anything before
eating the almond butter and jelly sandwich that I had brought with
me, while sitting on the floor because all of the tables were packed
(at least the floor was carpeted!).


Then it was time for another line - this one for the Walt Disney
Parks and Resorts presentation. (As members of the press, we did
have a special line for presentations in the Arena, but still had to
get there 30-45 minutes early.)

There were no real surprises in this one. It was hosted by Tom
Staggs who brought out other guests like Bruce Vaughn, Joe Rohde
(recorded), Bob Weiss, Kathy Mangum, and George Kalogridis to talk
about things like the Fantasyland Expansion, Aulani, Shanghai
Disneyland, Cars Land, and Disneyland. I have lots of video that I
haven't had a chance to process - while there were no surprising
announcements, there were some nice computer simulations of Shanghai
Disneyland and recent photos of the Cars Land area.

That also started late and ran late, so I had about 45 minutes until
the Ultimate Disney Trivia Tournament was going to start at 6:00
(which didn't start until almost 6:20). There was a queue for
that, though fortunately it didn't fill up that quickly. (They had
a separate queue for the Dick Van Dyke & The Vantastix program,
which was going to be held in the same room - it was at 8:15 and at
5:15 there was already a lot of people queued up for it.)

There were 20 people who were semi-finalists for the Trivia
Tournament, and wow, they really knew a lot of trivia! They asked
them some very hard questions - like the number and street of the
house Walt Disney was born in (and the person knew the answer!!!).
And they asked someone to spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".
They even brought out some costumes and props from the Disney
Archives and asked questions about them. There were multiple rounds
with different formats to make it even more interesting. John, the
guy who won, was head and shoulders above everyone else - during
the "Lightning" round where they buzzed in, sometimes he buzzed in
before the host (Daniel Roebuck from Lost) had finished asking the
question - and he still got them right.

Here's what they were playing for - John gets his name on this
trophy, and he gets a cruise on the Disney Fantasy next year.


I enjoyed that, but of course it also ran late, and the queue for
the Dick Van Dyke show, which I would've like to have seen, had been
full for a long time. Since the Archives and Expo Floor were closed
by then I called it a day.

I hope the entry procedure tomorrow will be better...but they've
already announced that tickets are sold out for Saturday, so I'm
sure the crowds will be even worse.

August 14, 2011

Expo Fever: Catch It!


Has it been two years already? Expo time has rolled around again for the Disney Faithful over at the Anaheim Convention Center this upcoming weekend. With the recent release of the final schedule of the three-day event (,) it may be time for attendees to start analyzing a plan of attack. Here are some of my thoughts as I peruse this year's program.


One difference as far as how the layout of the convention stands this year, is a consolidation of the rooms used for the various presentations. Last Expo, there were a handful of large Arena/Theater rooms, and then a variety of smaller conference rooms; this year, there are basically three different rooms--the Arena, Stage 23, and Stage 28--with different activities and meet and greets taking place at different pavilions out on the floor.

On the one hand, this should eliminate some of the confusion of finding the correct room for the correct panel, and on the other hand, this means the flow of humanity trying to get into a given room at a given time will be that much heavier. I haven't seen any numbers as to how many people fit into each room, but it is to be hoped that the organizers have learned from last time, when some of the rooms' maximum occupancy proved to be woefully inadequate to the demand.

Another thing I'm hoping they've streamlined is the whole process of security while entering the big Arena presentations. Last year, entrants had to undergo a multi-step process which involved getting searched for electronics, bagging and handing in any phones, cameras, or recording equipment, and then getting wanded on the way in. The whole thing took an incredibly long time to the point where some of the presentations looked like they closed a lot of people out with still-empty seats because they just ran out of time to let people in. Unfortunately, even after you got in, the nightmare wasn't over because you had to go through a huge chaotic mess to reclaim your contraband when everyone was let out. I'm not necessarily advocating people show up to these events buck naked, mind you, but it might facilitate the whole ordeal for the rest of us.


With the elimination of last year's fourth day, it appears there's a heavier integration of the Disney Channel programming throughout the whole weekend, with an emphasis on Sunday, where they seem to drop Stage 28 entirely. It seems odd that after cutting a day they would actually end up having fewer panels, and would choose to have the lighter schedule on one of the weekend days, which one would assume would be more heavily attended. Friday, by contrast, has a plethora of presentations, often scheduled simultaneously, presumably as counter programming to break up the crowds. A lot of the historical content is absent, partitioned off, no doubt, for the Destination D events, as are the large ABC pavilion/presentations. Maybe they got tired after the huge Pan Am publicity blitz they just had at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Putting aside the merchandising events and meet-and-greets, the number of presentations per day breaks down like this: Friday--13, including the popular Legends Ceremony, Parks and Resorts talk, and Dick Van Dyke performance; Saturday--11, including the Studios presentation, Pixar, and Legends panel; Sunday--8, with the big presentations being Marvel and Disney Channel, and the other offerings including the DCL announcements and three panels at least partially presented at other events. For the traditionalist Disney fan, unless they add more events between now and then, it appears that Sunday's going to be a fairly light day.


The other thing of note is that they look to have eliminated most of the late-evening programming. Last Expo, each night they showed vintage films or new documentaries until around 11pm, with appearances by such celebrities as Richard Sherman and Mary Costa. This year, you're pretty much free to head out to Electronica after about 8:30pm.


Ultimately, the key to surviving Expo with your sanity intact is going to be prioritizing what's important, and taking into account the amount of time each factor is worth to you. Would you rather meet Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry? Or see the Studios presentation? Don Hahn's "Why We Create," or the Parks and Resorts show? If you want to see Parks and Resorts, is it worth missing the four other panels that'll be going on while you wait in line to get in?


The lighter schedule is likely to win approval from people who found last year draining and stressful from so much going on. Personally, my tendency is to want to go full-bore and just forego food and sleep for the whole weekend...then check into a hospital after it's over, but your mileage should probably vary.

In any case, it looks to be a great weekend filled with all the Disney information, minutiae, and magic we've come to expect from D23. See you at the Expo!

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