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Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage - Day 3, Grand Cayman


Last night after dinner several of us met in Ooh La La and enjoyed the champagne and the company there. It was the place to be - John Lasseter came in, too. (And in recognition of Formal Night he was wearing a sportcoat over his Hawaiian shirt...)

In the Piazza area of Europa there is a motorscooter and sidecar - it was a fun photo op. :-)

Day 3, Grand Cayman

When we returned to our stateroom there was a lovely gift awaiting us - a commemorative lithograph, signed by the artist, Ducky Williams. Thank you, Disney Cruise Line!

Day 3, Grand Cayman

We were still at sea when I woke up this morning - earlier than I wanted to (6:15). I went up to Deck 11 and 12 to take some photos.

Here's the Quiet Cove pool with no one in it.

Day 3, Grand Cayman

I went for a 3+ mile walk on deck 4 - like yesterday, there were a fair number of people who were also out walking and running, even though it was only 7:00. After I finished I took advantage of the fact that most people were still sleeping to take some photos of the atrium lobby. I really like this "peacock" design on the floor.

Day 3, Grand Cayman

We reached the port of Grand Cayman about 10:00. This is a tendering port - a coral reef surrounds the island and the water is too shallow for a dock.

The Disney Magic was also here in port with us! It was rather odd to be on a Disney ship looking at another Disney ship... but lovely to see the Magic again - we'll be cruising on the Magic again in September.

Day 3, Grand Cayman

We had brunch at Palo with some of our tablemates and other friends - that's always such a treat, and we both really enjoy it. I have to say that I really prefer brunch over dinner, if I had to choose. As usual, there was a wonderful selection of pastries, fruits, cheeses, seafood, hors d'oeuvres, pizza, breakfast dishes, and of course dessert. The sticky buns remain one of my favorites. I had the seared tilapia with asparagus risotto as my breakfast dish - oh wow. The risotto was SO good!

Day 3, Grand Cayman

After brunch Donna (one of our tablemates) and I went to the port. The tender process was very efficient - we walked right onto one, and it left not too long after we boarded. Neither of us had a definite objective in mind, but we wanted to wander around a little bit. To be honest there's not very much to do if you're not into shopping - especially jewelry shopping.

Day 3, Grand Cayman

But the best part about going ashore was that we could see both the Fantasy AND the Magic at the same time. A couple of pretty classy ladies, don't you think?

Day 3, Grand Cayman

We had a pretty early departure from the port - about 5:00. The Magic and the Fantasy both sounded their horns, but we didn't get the "battle" we had hoped for. As I type this we can still see the Magic cruIsing behind us - we think that it will also be in Cozumel tomorrow.

Lee was up on deck watching our sailaway - along with Bob Iger. They had a chat about how classy the Disney ships look compared to other cruise ships. Lee mentioned that the Magic and the Wonder need a horn upgrade so they can compete with the newer ships, and Bob Iger said that the Magic will be going into the shipyard for an extended period fairly soon. He told those around him that if we have any other good ideas about upgrades that we should send them in. (Donna suggested Adult nights in the Kid's clubs - I think we need a magic play floor in one of the adult clubs.)

Cozumel tomorrow!

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Comments (2)

Steve Smith:

That is a cool picture of the Fantasy and the Magic together. I personally like the lines of the original ships better. Fewer decks above the black hull gives it a sleeker look. However, I imagine that I would enjoy the extra features on the larger new ships if I ever take another cruise (sailed on the Wonder, summer 2000). Anyway, have fun and thanks for the updates.

Laura replies: I have to say that I'm with you and I also prefer the look of the original ships. Glad you enjoyed the blogs.


Is the Palo brunch on non sea days new?? It will do much easier to get a reservation! Very excited if this is something they plan to keep!!

Laura replies: The Palo brunch seems to be available on port days when the ship docks after 10:00 a.m.

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