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Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration

Ah, the sacrifices I make for you all. Today (May 6) was the official opening of a new Tomorrowland show in the Magic Kingdom called Stitch's Supersonic Celebration. It takes place in a new venue that was especially built for this event. And to make sure you read about it on Allears®.net and not some other website, I made sure I was in the Magic Kingdom at opening today so I could cover the show and blog it. It's a tough job" ;-)

The first showing was at 10am, but I was there a little after nine (I wanted to be in the front row). The first thing you'll notice about the theater is that there are no seats. However, cast members were busy laying out mats on the ground directly in front of the stage so a small number of children (and some of their parents) could sit. Arrive early as this space is VERY limited.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

In reality, I was glad I got there when I did. About 30 minutes before the show started, the large monitor positioned over the stage began a slide-show presentation - a very clever presentation if I do say so. I'm not sure it's worth going out of your way to see, but if you're a true Disney geek like me, then you'll want to watch the entire set of slides. The complete cycle took about ten minutes and played twice.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Ten minutes before the show, the Tomorrowland News Network began broadcasting. A number of topics are discussed, among them a piece about the supersonic sensation Tip Trendo and the Galactic Girls who will be performing at Tomorrowland in honor of "Galaxy Day."

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

The cosmic weather and traffic are also discussed. Look closely and you can see that two of the Astro Orbiter rockets were involved in a head-on collision.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

When the news completes, Tip Trendo and the Galactic Girls appear on stage. Tip is a true lounge-lizard. Don't believe me, look at his suit. The material looks like scales. And the Galactic Girls are a combination go-go dancer and extraterrestrial hybrid. They spend the first several minutes with introductions and a high-energy song and dance number.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

After their first song, Stitch appears on the monitor overhead. You soon learn that he can interact with the audience like Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot. In fact, if you've seen the Stitch show at Hong Kong or Paris Disneyland, you'll recognize the set and some of his pranks.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch, being Stitch, soon grows bored and wants presents to cheer himself up. He goes online to Robo-Mart and orders a custom made robot. If you've watched the preshow that I mentioned earlier, you're already familiar with Robo-Mart - and their dubious quality. A few moments later, two "mechanical men" are transported to the stage and begin a great dance number.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Eventually Stitch wants to join the Galaxy Day festivities and he too beams to the stage - resembling his Elvis persona.

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

This show is a lot of fun. It is every bit as much for adults as it is for kids. The Galactic Girls rendition of "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" is worth the wait alone.

The show runs for 25 minutes and is presented multiple times a day. Check your Times Guide on the day you visit.

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Comments (37)


Looks awesome!

Can't wait until I see it myself!!

Too bad I live far away...


Thanks for reviewing this. The slides on the screen before the show remind me somewhat of the video that used to play on the Space Mountain line, so that is cool. I was concerned that this show would be loud and would interfere with the Tommorrowland ambience and background music, which is one of my favorite parts of being in Tommorrowland. Does this occur? Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

All I did today was see Stitch's Supersonic Celebration then leave. I wasn't "in" Tomorrowland later in the day when the show was taking place so I can't definitively answer your question. But here are my thoughts.

The show is certainly loud, but not overpowering. If you were enjoying a snack at The Lunching Pad, you could hear the show quite easily -- maybe even be able to watch it from there. If you were in line for Buzz Lightyear, I doubt that you'd find to too distracting.

Kim Tropeano:

Wow!! Thanks for the great coverage of this new and exciting show! I'll be heading down to Disney late August with my husband and three girls. My little one loves Stitch and this will definitely be one of the highlights of her trip! Great Job!


Thanks for the news. We saw this area under construction about a month ago so it's neat to see what the put there. We will be back in July to check it out!


i cant wait to see this show! my husband is a huge stitch fan and we will be there in november for my birthday so i cant wait!!!


Cool only 14 days till I back home. I was there in March and I wondered what they were building in Tomorrowland.

Eric Bouchet:

Awesome.....thank you Jack!!!!!
Only 2 more days and I will be there!!!
Can't wait to see this show.
I am a huge Stitch fan!!!

Glenn Watts:


Great review. Thank you !!!

susan hall:

Hi Jack,

Things just keep getting better! Thanks for your updates on what's happening in 'the world'. My daughter is a huge Stitch fan and will be celebrating her 12th Birthday ( never too old for Stitch hugs) at WDW in July. She was so excited when I read out your review. Just puts the icing on the cake after the Kidani Village review!

Thanks again,


p.s We have a tree house villa for our December trip ( when I turn 40 ), any interior photos around yet?

Jack's Answer: Nope, no interior pictures yet. But we'll post 'em as soon as we can!


The show looks funny too! I can't wait to see it myself, heading there this Dec. 09 taking my baby girl. So I hope she will sit through it, she loves music. Looking forward to it.

Jack's Comment:

You're right. The show is very funny! And portions are very tongue-in-cheek.

Josh Olive:

Thanks for the update, Jack! As always, very informative and nicely delivered.

I've got to admit that I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to this particular attraction/show (I'm not in love with the cartoonification of Tomorrowland, or the fact that Stitch now takes up even more real estate over there), but I'm willing to give it a chance. I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

Jack's Comments:

Here are my thoughts on the cartoonification of Tomorrowland. It's always been difficult (almost impossible) to keep Tomorrowland from becoming "Todayland" as technology keeps changing so rapidly. I think the cartoon theming provides a longevity that other concepts don't have.

Also, Future World in Epcot became the new Tomorrowland with the serious attractions that were once present in the Magic Kingdom.

Now I'm not saying this is good or bad, I'm just giving you my opinion as to what might be on the minds of the Imagineers and why they're going in this cartoonish direction.

I don't like Stitch's Great Escape and I long for Alien Encounter. But I think Stitch's Supersonic Celebration is a decent show. I hope you like it too.

Julie Magyar:

Thanks for the update! Really interesting info! With this new Stitch attraction, is the other one still there and operational? Stitch's great escape I think it was called, next to Buzz Lightyear? Just wondering. My boyfriend and I are heading down in February and I am excited to see all my favorites!

Jack's Answer:

Don't despair. Stitch's Great Escape (and his bad breath) is still there waiting to delight you!


Hi, great review!!! I was wondering if Stitch (dressed in his Elvis gear) hangs around afterwards for pics? That would be really awesome since I am a huge Elvis fan!

Jack's Answer:

Sorry. After the show everyone made a hasty retreat backstage. Actually, I can understand. The venue is not set up to handle a character meet-&-greet.

Mike Venere:

Wow.....can't wait until August when I am there.....but the performers won't like those costumes with the heat!!

Maria Sylvester:

Thanks Jack! This looks like a great show. I hadn't heard a thing about it. Another BRAND NEW thing to add to our To Do and See list when we get there!


Thanks for your update, Jack. I was very skeptical when I saw this stage being erected in Tomorrowland. It just didn't bode well. I was afraid this was just going to be more of the "dumbing down" of the park. I'm sorry to say, this show looks beyond stupid.


Thanks, Jack! I probably would have skipped this if I had not read all your detail. It's on the list for the next visit.


I have a love/hate relationship with shows. There are certain ones I just can't miss because of cool effects and the like, but generally, I'm going to skip them. They are not the reason I come to Disney. And I am by no means a Stitch fan. However, I love shows just for the fact that people get pulled away from whatever they're doing and open up the rest of that section of the park. When you know how to work around these crowds, shows are a good thing! I'm hoping this new Stitch show will be the same way!


Thank you, Jack for boldly going where no woman (namely, me) would even consider going!
You're a brave man!!!!

Tiffany S.:

I can't wait to go in August and see this show! Stitch is one of my favorite characters! And I love all the interactive attractions they are putting in like this, I hope there are many more to come!

Eduardo Corochio:

Looks like a pretty big waste of money and space, if you ask me.


Ok can't wait to see it....! My hubby calls me Stitch's Intergalactic wife! I am truly obsessed with Experiment 626!


I actually saw the show twice once on May 4th for a soft opening & then again on the 8th. Both times were in the afternoon. The show was Great! But the location was very HOT and had many people watching from the shade of the people movers. Also since it was the afternoon the bright sun made it hard to really see the screen images well.


This looks brilliant! My fiance is absolutely stitch mad (you should see the virtual shrine he has at our house!) and we're going to Magic Kingdom straight after our wedding in Florida so you can bet this'll be our first port of call!

FANTASTIC review! Thanks for yanking yourself out of bed for us. ;) This actually does look like a show I would make time to watch. And with kids in strollers, I wouldn't have to worry about the mats. Thanks again!


I can't wait to see this, I live and eat disney. I cry when I get there and I cry when I go. I can't believe my mom and I get to live one of many dreams going to disney world every year this is surely and extra blessing from God!!!


To be honest.....I hated the idea of something like this going in that area, and now that it's done and I see the pictures.....I STILL hate it. I've never liked "Lilo & Stitch" as a movie, and I hate the Stitch character altogether. I find this new "attraction" to be unnecessary, and it gives a "dumbing down" effect to that section of Tomorrowland. "Stitch's Great Escape" was bad enough. We don't need this.

Pat :

Will there some covering come summer, like the Beauty and Beast show in the Studios? I can't imagine sitting there for over 25 minutes without passing out or getting burnt to a crisp. If you hear anything, please let us all know. I'll be there in August.

Jack's Answer: There currently is no covering and it doesn't look to me as if any is planned. Bring an umbrella cuz it's going to be hot (and rainy) in August.

I am surprised they spent this much time and money on Stitch. With all the Lovable Disney Characters they had to choose from, why Stitch? I know Stitch goes along with the Space Theme, but this is prime Real Estate at the entrance of Tomorrowland.

Jack's Comment:

Just for the record, this stage is not at the entrance to Tomorrowland. It's located next to the Carousel of Progress.

Carla Rae Gerardino:

This looks like a lot of fun! Great review.


read on allears that this show would prevent showing of mickey's twas the night before Christmas, but stage does not appear close to galaxy theater. is this report accurate?

Jack's Answer:

The Stitch show has nothing to do with the cancellation of "Twas The Night Before Christmas." The reason is, Disney tore down the Galaxy Theater which was located between the Carousel of Progress and Buzz Lightyear. The theater has been paved over and is now a backstage parking lot.

I suppose it's possible that a scaled-down Christmas show will be presented on the new Stitch stage, but the capacity would be extremely small compared to the Galaxy Theater.


Thanks for the review and photos. This is now being added as a must-see for our Spring Break 2010 trip!

Louie in Ireland:

Oh wow thanks for the great review.
I am addicted to all things Disney.
But I have to admit, I loved the Alien encounter show, and was a bit upset at the Stitch replacement show.
I am a real grouch, joining my family for Stitch's great escape, they are fed up listening to me complain about the demise of Alien Encounter each time we visit Stitch.
This is completely different and displays some of Stitch's great personality. I can't wait to get back to WDW to see it.

Jack's Comment:

I think your family would find me a grouch as well. I loved Alien Encounter and feel that Stitch's Great Escape is a poor substitute.

On the other hand, Stitch's Supersonic Celebration is a lot of fun -- but Disney needs to cover the venue to protect us from the sun.

looking forwards to this. My husband is rather like Stitch ( so that'd make me Lilo, I guess)

Lynette :

Hi ya! I was just at Disney World this last week and happened to be in Tomorrowland when this show was going on. I didn't remember the updates about it opening up the week I was there. I was in line waiting to get something and was looking around. While I did hear some general noise, I did not notice any overall loud noise covering up the ambience of Tomorrowland. I wasn't even watching the show, but happened to look around and catch Stitch in his Elvis costume and remembered something about a Stitch Show. We didn't stop to look or watch the show, and while it was going on I didn't think that it was all that loud. Entertaining, and amusing to watch while standing in line but we were off to ride a couple of other rides so didn't get the whole grand effect. Hope that helps answer the noise question!


Great report! My family usually prefer rides to shows, but I think we'll all enjoy this one!

I have a few questions - will the show still be running in December? And what sort of times during the day will it be on? We are from the UK and suffer with the heat and humidity in Florida, so we would try to watch it early in the morning, or perhaps in the evening.

Jack's Answer:

I have no insight as to Disney's long term plans, but I suspect this show will be around come December. The stage was specifically built for this show so I'm sure Disney plans on running Stitch's Supersonic Celebration for a long time to come.

I think your suggestion of seeing the show first thing in the morning or after sunset would be a good plan. However, the weather in December is pretty moderate so that shouldn't be a problem.


Disney has already gotten rid of this attraction after only six weeks. Official closing date is June 27. They have not given a reason but there have been press releases to that order. Speculation is because of lack of seating and a proper queu.

Jack's Answer:

I've read a number of comments on other web-pages. Some think the show is bad. I don't. It's not fantastic, but it's decent. I think it's worth saving.

I suspect the lack of seating and shade is the culprit. Who wants to stand in the hot sun for 30+ minutes to see a performance? I don't care how good a show is, I must be comfortable in order to enjoy it. I really think Disney dropped the ball on this one.

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