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March 10, 2010

A Short Stay at the Contemporary Resort

by Emily Owens-Pickle


I could name a couple of million reasons I love to visit Disney. One of the top ones is the feeling of nostalgia and timelessness I get driving through the Disney Main Gates, walking down Main Street USA and strolling through the Epcot World Showcase, to name a few. Life changes fast, but tweaks and alterations take place fairly infrequently for a world the size of WDW. It makes Disney always seem familiar and warm and gives us all an opportunity to share memories from generation to generation.

In 1971 the doors of the Contemporary Hotel opened on the Walt Disney World Property. The first of many Disney resorts, the Contemporary was the dream destination for children and families across the United States. In the (always) hot and humid (except for Marathon Weekend 2010") south my mother, Janis Owens, was one of those young dreamers.

'You have no idea how incredibly cool the Contemporary Resort was to kids then. They would show commercials with families going to stay there and we would just fall on the floor screaming,' says Janis, who is now a professional writer.

The youngest of three children and only daughter, my mother, uncles and grandparents visited the World during her childhood. But tickets themselves were a splurge, so the only experience with resort properties was plastering themselves against the monorail windows as they whooshed through the Contemporary Hotel on the way to the Magic Kingdom.

In her high school yearbook, my Mom proclaimed that she would 'write a book to shock the world'; less than a decade later she published the first of four books. This fall she received a call from her agent inviting her to give a talk to educators throughout the US. The location of the conference left her laughing: Walt Disney's Contemporary Resort. She immediately called me and we scheduled our stay at this mythical hotel.


The Contemporary's best feature is undoubtedly location. Of course I have always wanted to stay at the Contemporary, but I have always been a bit skeptical of this resort; the theme is a bit cold and sparse for my taste. However, the rooms are much warmer than the public areas of the resort and it was nothing short of amazing to step onto the monorail or easy-distance walking path to the Magic Kingdom and stroll through the MK turnstiles minutes later.

The rooms were very large and comfortable; Disney did a great job with décor during the recent refurbishment. The flat screen television embedded into the wall adds a significant amount of space to the room but the sink design in the bathroom while visually appealing, left very little counter space.


Previously reported on by AllEars® columnist Jack Spence (see his blog, The World According to Jack) I have been waiting to try the Contempo Cafe for quite awhile. I was able to have lunch and breakfast at this restaurant during my stay. The breakfast burrito was decent though I could not find the cilantro. It was doused in sauce, so I would ask for this on the side in the future, but the sauce was pretty spicy for Disney, which gets big thumbs-up from me. I had the Chicken Chop Salad for dinner and again -- where was the cilantro exactly? The veggies were fresh and portion sizes generous. The Comtempo Café was not nearly as crowded as I would have expected; even during the evening crowds were minimal. We never waited for an ordering kiosk or table. In general, I am not a fan of resort quick-service but the CCafe has been one of the best counter service experiences I have had at a Disney resort, the other being Mara at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I am ashamed to admit that I have never tried Chef Mickey's and we were unable to get a dining reservation during this stay. By all accounts, this is one of WDW's most popular character breakfasts and features Disney's Fab Five, namely: Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Minnie (dinner) and Mickey, Goofy, and Chip & Dale (breakfast). Add the Fab Five to any meal with your friends and/or loved ones and I ask: how could you go wrong? The two observations about this restaurant I was able to make that I am sure will not come as a surprise: it was loud and busy. In all fairness, it looked and sounded like everyone was busy having a lot of (loud) fun. Just let this be fair warning not to use Chef Mickey's as a romantic date night at WDW and to be careful of spending a sensory filled day at the parks followed by what will certainly be an exciting meal with young or sensitive children.


I would use the phrase 'unseasonably warm' for my December trip, but this is Florida-I am still not sure if we have seasons and I'm a native! Suffice to say, it was very comfortable weather and we were able to try out the new children's splash zone next to the main pool at the resort-what a home run with my daughter! Several children were also enjoying the area while their parents relaxed in the morning sun. The zone is laid-out very well; several umbrella-covered round picnic tables line the zone to the left. The zone and pool are separated by a low wall which means I could sit at a table and have my coffee, supervise my daughter, and not jump up every two minutes to keep her a safe distance from the pool. She was always in a direct line of site and close enough to reach quickly should there be a problem, but also had enough space to play with newfound friends.


The shops at the Contemporary Resort were great - Bayview Gifts and Fantasia are located on the fourth floor of the resort. A large monorail Christmas tree was set up in the center of Fantasia-amazing! The cast members were very helpful and friendly. Standing in Bayview Gifts late the last night of our stay, my daughter commented that a large octopus was waving to her from the window. I 'mhm'ed' her comment and then wandered over to be dumbfounded that in fact she was telling the truth! The Electrical Water Pageant was clearly visible and circling Bay Lake. Front and center a large and friendly octopus was gliding by waving a tentacle at us. The beach of the Contemporary would be a wonderful place to view the parade.


My daughter has developed a recent fireworks-phobia-shocking for this Disney-phile Mother! We did view 'Holiday Wishes-Celebrate the Spirit' at the fourth floor observation area from behind the glass. It was very convenient to look at my watch, realize Wishes started in less than five minutes, walk to the observation deck, and then watch the extravaganza from the comfort of our resort.

One piece of Disney Magic in the Contemporary Lobby that immediately caught my eye: Kid's Check-In. A large check-in book with stool sits at the top of the registration desk in the lobby. Children can enter their names and information into this colorful book-loved this extra touch.



So the real question... would I stay here again? Probably not. The Contemporary is a pricey resort, even for a Florida Passholder who enjoys discounts of 40 percent or more. If I have the opportunity to stay at what is in my opinion a resort with a stronger 'theme', such as Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge, for a lesser rate, then the decision becomes a no-brainer for me. Even with the recent refurbishment and addition of Bay Lake Tower, there is nothing about the Contemporary that has the Disney 'X' factor for me.

Was the Contemporary my dream resort? No. But I absolutely think a stay here would not be regretted. It is a nice, clean, family-friendly, and extremely well-located hotel. The convenience is a huge plus-factor in and of itself and in all fairness, I am sure Bay Lake Tower offers its own unique experience worth trying.

I was thrilled to have been a part of my mother's dream come true at Disney. I have gotten quite a bit bigger since walking through the Magic Kingdom for the first time at age 5 -- my daughter is getting to walk those same steps now and I am lucky enough to take those steps by her side, this time as one part of a three-generation trio, which is about as magical as it gets for this mouse.



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March 16, 2010

Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Photo Blog


Coronado Springs is my favorite of Disney's moderate resorts. It opened in 1997 and is their only resort in this category with a convention center. As such, they cater largely to business travelers and conventioneers.

The hotel is named after Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and themed to the areas of the Southwest and Mexico he journeyed through in the 1500's. I love the Southwest/Mexican theme and stay here often.

Coronado Springs Sign

Approaching Coronado Springs

The resort circles a huge 15-acre lake, Lago Dorado, and from many points along the water you can look out to picturesque scenery.

Coronado Springs View Across the Water

Coronado Springs View Across the Water

Coronado Springs View Across the Water

Whenever I stay here I like to have dinner at the Maya Grill, the resorts' only table-service restaurant. It is located in El Centro which is the building housing the lobby, gift shop, convention center, and counter-service eateries.

Coronado Springs Entrance to El Centro

Coronado Springs El Centro Sign

As you enter Coronado's beautiful lobby, the hallway leading to the restaurant area is to the left of the fountain. Stop and toss a coin in. Don't forget to make a wish.

Coronado Springs Entrance to Restaurants

TIP: Take a look up at the amazing artwork gracing the domed ceiling of the entryway.

Coronado Springs Domed Ceiling

The Pepper Market and Rix Café are the places to stop if you are searching for a quick bite to eat. The Maya Grill is located right next-door to them, at the end of the corridor spanning the eateries.

Coronado Springs Restaurant Row

Maya Grill is open daily for breakfast from 7-11 a.m. and dinner from 5-11 p.m. At one point their breakfast offerings were limited to a buffet however they recently switched over to an à la carte menu in late February. I have never dined here for breakfast and have yet to try the new morning menu but would like to in the near future.

When the restaurant initially opened, their menu was geared more toward Latin cuisine. Over the years, those offerings slowly fell by the wayside and made way for more standard American fare with an emphasis on steak, chicken and seafood. This could have been due to competition from the Pepper Market, which was (and still is) offering a broad selection of Mexican and ethnic cuisine. A few of their appetizers still have a Latin flare - Crabmeat Chalupas, Pulled Pork Empanadas, and a Seafood Margarita are among them.

I have eaten dinner at the Maya Grill on more than one occasion and have been pleased with each of those visits. My most recent was just a few months ago. I dined solo on that evening. I noticed a lot of other business people (there for a convention) dining alone, so I didn't feel awkward at all. Certain restaurants on-property are definitely more conducive to an enjoyable dining experience when eating alone. Maya Grill is one of them in my opinion.

The entrance to the restaurant is just beyond the Pepper Market "grab-and-go" coffee window. Signage is on a huge stone tablet set among tiled walls supported by marble columns which help create the mood for your journey into the Mayan ruins.

Entrance to Maya Grill

Coronado Springs Maya Grill Sign

I made a reservation for 5:30 in anticipation of my meal here and was glad that I did. The restaurant was completely full and walk-ups were being asked to return much later in the evening. As with all Disney restaurants, I always recommend making a reservation if at all possible. When conventions are in full-swing, the restaurant can get very busy. Luckily, I did not have to wait at all. I was immediately shown to my table after checking in.

TIP: The Laguna Bar (located just outside on Lago Dorado) is a nice place to wait in the cooler, less-humid months of the year. Relax and have a Margarita while you wait for your table to become available.

Coronado Springs Laguna Bar

Coronado Springs Laguna Bar

After you have approached the host podium and checked-in, you will pass through a tunnel leading into the main dining room.

Maya Grill Podium

Colorful murals grace the walls of the entryway. Several of these can be found throughout the restaurant and depict the ancestral Mayans hard at work mapping the universe and mastering their trades. They were known for being skilled craftsman and invented a calendar system of remarkable accuracy. Their version later evolved into the Aztec calendar.

As the hostess showed me to my table, we passed the butcher's case, which displays the various cuts of beef used for the entrees. A dessert tray is also displayed nearby to tantalize incoming guests.

Rustic shades of Orange and Yellow bring to mind a sun-burned, desert expanse one might encounter if they were exploring the actual Mayan pyramids. Be careful of those burning torches serving as lighting fixtures :-)

Coronado Springs Maya Grill

Coronado Springs May Grill Dining Room

The Mayans were known for building elaborate, ceremonial architecture and Disney has done a wonderful job in recreating that facet of their culture. The main dining room features that same grandiose, soaring framework and arched design.

Coronado Springs May Grill Dining Room

Coronado Springs May Grill Dining Room

Coronado Springs May Grill Dining Room

A lovely fountain is poised in the middle of the dining room, providing ambiance to a few tables circling its' perimeter.

Coronado Springs May Grill Dining Room

I began my meal with the Crispy Gulf Shrimp ($10.00). What the appetizer lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality. The jumbo shrimp were wrapped in Won-Ton noodles and fried to perfection. A bed of cabbage, red peppers, and avocado aioli added to the flavor of this starter.

Maya Grill Crispy Shrimp

For my entrée I chose the Steak and Portobello Skewer ($27.00). The chunks of Portobello mushroom were huge, and the steak was tender. The skewer was served over ratatouille vegetables and parmesan potatoes. Remy did not make an appearance, however the diced passion fruit served alongside the skewer made for a nice presentation. The portion was plentiful and more than enough for me.

They do have several side dishes to choose from though. Steak fries, sweet fried plantains, wild mushroom ragout, and baked potatoes are all available as accompaniments.

Maya Grill Steak and Portobello Skewer

St. Louis Style Ribs ($23.00), Chilean Salmon ($29.00), Seafood Risotto ($34.00), Pan Seared Duck ($30.00), and a Marinated Center Cut Pork Chop ($28.00) are a few of the options rounding out the Dinner menu.

Menu prices are slightly higher here than at other table-service restaurants in Disney's moderate resort category. While the Maya Grill is a bit more upscale than Boatwright's and Shutters, the price difference here is likely due to the nature of clientele that patronizes the establishment. The good news is that they participate in both the Tables in Wonderland program and Disney Dining Plan.

While they had quite a few interesting desserts to choose from on their display, I decided on the Chambord Chocolate Cake ($6.99). It was just the right size and perfectly satisfied my craving for something sweet after the meal. I could only taste a hint of the cordial in the sauce but it did give the cake a nice berry aftertaste. Crème Brulee, Deep Fried Cheesecake, Spiced Churros, and Tres Leches are also offered.

Maya Grill Chocolate Cake

I've found the Maya Grill to be equally popular with conventioneers and vacationing families. Children are more than welcome and a kid's menu is available. Choices include Beef Tips, Grilled Chicken, and a Seafood "Catch of the Day". Kid's meals come with a drink and a side of apple sauce or scoop of ice cream. Prices range from $8.25 - $8.95. Despite being a fine dining restaurant, I think the atmosphere is interesting enough that kids won't become bored.

I could also see the Maya Grill being an ideal destination for couples in search of a romantic dinner before a visit to the nearby Rix nightclub (just down the hall). I've included a few photos of the club to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Coronado Springs Rix

Coronado Springs Rix

Coronado Springs Rix

Coronado Springs Rix

Here is an interesting aside: a loosely-based replica of the calendar can be found in the Dig Site pool area of Coronado Springs. I have a great appreciation for the Imagineers' efforts to include these details and have included a picture of it to share with you. Can you spot the Hidden Mickeys?

Coronado Springs Aztec Dig Site

Fans of Epcot's San Angel Inn will also enjoy the ambiance of the Maya Grill. Ironically both establishments are operated by the same company, Palmas Services. While there is no mandated dress-code, business casual attire is appropriate and seems to be the norm.

If you happen to be traveling to Walt Disney World in the near future, give the Maya Grill a try. They serve good food in a great setting. You don't have to travel south of the border for a good time. Take an excursion into Coronado Springs and explore all they have to offer.

Maya Grill Dinner Menu
Maya Grill Kid's Menu

Readers Rate and Review Maya Grill

jeffo.JPG About Jeff: I'm from South Central Pennsylvania, where I work for a Media Publishing Company by day. My first visit to WDW was at the age of 2, and I have been back around 35 times since then. I often travel solo to WDW, as well as with family. I make good use of my Annual Pass, and trek to Orlando about 5 times per year to visit my favorite travel destination and pursue another hobby of mine - photography. My favorite resort is the Polynesian, but I have stayed at all of the WDW resorts at least once. In fact, my favorite aspect of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is trying out the different Resorts and Restaurants. I enjoy sampling different foods that I normally would never try at home (such as Escargot at the France pavilion).

March 27, 2010

The Wave - Contemporary Resort - Photo Blog


In a previous blog about the Captain's Grille, I wrote about how I enjoyed having lunch at a nearby resort when visiting a Disney theme park. I went on to express my fondness for dining at the Captain's Grille on days that I tour Epcot. My favorite place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom is the "Wave... of American Flavors"; one of Disney's newer casual dining restaurants located in the lobby of the Contemporary.

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort

My appreciation for this restaurant goes beyond quick lunchtime getaways though. The Contemporary is one of my favorite Walt Disney World resorts to stay at. Subsequently, I find myself dining at the Wave quite often whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In my vignette this week, I'm going to give you an overview of the restaurant in the hopes that you will get a better idea of what the place is all about.

The Wave opened in 2008 in the spot previously occupied by the Food & Fun Center, the Contemporary's former quick-service restaurant and arcade.

The Wave Entrance - Contemporary Resort

The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

During the recent refurbishment of the resort, the quick-service eatery and arcade were revamped, renamed, and relocated to the fourth floor where the Concourse Steakhouse and Fantasia gift shop were originally located. This move would add more convenient accessibility for guests staying at the Bay Lake Tower, which was still under construction at the time.

The entrance to the Wave is elaborate. You approach through a tunnel illuminated by a ripcurl of neon blue lights.

The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

At the end of the corridor is the hostess podium, which is backed by a large wall of swirling, etched glass. This also serves as a barrier between the reception and bar areas.

Reception Podium The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Reception And Bar Area - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Waiting Area And Entrance -The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Waiting Area - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Several large alcoves are off to the right of the waiting area. These lounges provide dimly lit, comfortable seating with ambiance while you wait for your buzzer to cue that your table is available. This is a great spot to sit back, relax, and have an organic beer or antioxidant cocktail.

LoungeArea - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

The restaurant's bar area is quite large, and affords a more than ample amount of seating for guests. Flat panel TV's are mounted into a cabinet high above the bar for optimum viewing from both sides. This is an ideal spot to have a drink and watch a game. They have beer and wine flights, too.

Bar - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Bar - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

The theme and feng shui of the Contemporary are reflected within. The décor of the Wave is trendy, refined and comfortable. Wood paneling, earth tones and swaying lights are well appointed throughout. Seating is offered by tables and large booths. There are also private dining rooms available for larger groups.

Dining Room - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Dining Room - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Dining Room - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Booth Seating - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Booth Up Close - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Their menu brings a modernized, health-conscious take on American cuisine with awareness to our eco-system. Milk shakes make way for Mega-Berry Smoothies, French Fries are bid farewell to in favor of roasted potato wedges, and farm-raised fish is featured by way of the sustainable variety. Organic and bird friendly coffees, multigrain pancakes, locally-grown greens, grilled tofu, and no sugar added desserts are just a few of their offerings I have dined on in an effort to keep my waistline defined while on vacation.

Let's begin with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. It's served daily from 7:30 - 11:00. A glimpse into the morning menu finds Spinach and Feta Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon, and Multigrain Waffles. I know what you're thinking - "Multigrain Waffles?" Before you protest in horror, allow me to elaborate. I recently stopped in for breakfast during a stay at the Contemporary. In the interest of healthy eating, I decided to give the Multigrain Waffles ($9.99) a try.

Breakfast Multigrain Waffle - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

They're served with a small ramekin of fruit compote and your choice of bacon, pork or chicken sausage. I chose the pork sausage links. The waffle itself was crisp and had a nutty, wheat flavor. They're made with a splash of Acai juice. The juice of the Acai palm is said to have antioxidant properties and aid in digestion, improve energy levels, detoxify the body, and lower cholesterol levels. A pinch of powdered sugar is sprinkled over the waffle to finish it off. I was actually surprised at how tasty it was. I would definitely order this again.

Here's a photo of the Chicken Sausage, Multigrain muffin and 2 eggs over well.

Breakfast Multigrain Muffin - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Lunch is offered from Noon - 2:00 and brings Seasonable Vegetable Stew, a Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, and Mediterranean Tuna Salad to list a few. On a recent chilly day in December, I took a break from the fun at Magic Kingdom and popped over to the Contemporary for an unplanned lunch at the Wave. I've found it's actually quicker to walk than to take the monorail. The distance to the resort from the turnstiles is not much greater than the distance to the monorail platform. Since the restaurant is also on the ground floor, you also save time taking the monorail or elevator down to the Lobby.

I started off with the Five Spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps ($9.49). The lettuce was crisp, leafy, and had a nice color to it. The Cajun-flavored chicken was plentiful and had a nice zing without being overly spicy. It was just right for wrapping in the lettuce. The leaves of lettuce were so large that they could envelope the chicken without it dribbling out and becoming messy. There were three wraps served, and were like a healthy alternative to tacos. They were topped off with peppers and sliced carrots. At one point the Lettuce Wraps were served with Scallops. I did enjoy those but prefer the newer version with the chicken filling.

Lettuce Wraps - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

For my main course I had the Italian Chef Salad ($14.99). This was a blend of mixed greens, prosciutto, cappicoloa, provolone, salami, and hard boiled eggs. The dressing was a tangy red wine vinaigrette. It was finished off with shaved parmesan cheese. I would liken the salad to a classic - the bookmaker; served at many authentic Italian restaurants. It was great and I can't recommend this enough.

Italian Chef Salad - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

Desserts at the Wave are served a bit differently than most restaurants. Rather than offering one item in a single serving, the sweets are presented as sample-sized trios. This trend seems to be catching on at other Walt Disney World restaurants too. I recently ordered a similar dessert flight at Sanaa. Each of the servings are big enough for 2-3 bites. I like them because they offer up a nice variety. I chose the Crispy and Crunchy ($7.99).

Dessert - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

This combo includes Vanilla-braised Pineapple Spears, Almond-Pineapple-Raisin Baklava, and Zucchini-Carrot Cake with Vanilla Panna Cotta. A "no sugar added" set is available too. Chocolate-Mint Mousse, Fresh Berries with Panna Cotta, and Vanilla Bean Créme Brulée are featured in that trio.

Dinner at the Wave is served from 5:30 - 10:00. I find it to be a less-hectic alternative to the California Grille and Chef Mickey's when they are at full capacity. When conventions are in swing, all of the Contemporary's restaurants are packed and walk-up seating can be hard to come by. I always advocate making a reservation if possible, but at slower times of the year they may not be necessary here.

My most recent dinner at the Wave was back in September. To begin my meal, I had the Crab Nachos ($10.99). These are not listed on the regular menu, but are one of several snacks available at the bar. I happened to stumble upon them while looking over the bar menu while waiting for my table to become available. They can also be ordered in the main dining room. The Crabmeat was plentiful and piled high on the tortilla chips. Jalapenos, sour cream, black beans, and shredded cheese were added for good measure. This is one of the more original offerings I have dined on at any restaurant in recent memory.

Crab Nachos - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

I also tried the Black Bean Chili ($6.99) before the main course. It had a nice consistency and was not too thick, despite the abundance of the black beans. They had a nice, robust taste. The chili was garnished with a dollop of Sour Cream and served with a small Jalapeno Corn Bread Muffin. I did not find the chili or muffin to be spicy at all. In fact, the jalapenos were virtually non-existent.

Black Bean Chili - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

For my main course, I chose the Braised Chicken Pot Pie ($19.99). It was nicely seasoned with herbs and spices, most notably Thyme. The herb did not overpower the flavor of the other ingredients though. The Pot Pie was topped off with a light and flaky puff pastry and filled with peas, mushrooms, and carrots. The only slight disappointment for me was that the chicken was not boneless. It didn't put a damper on the meal though.

Braised Chicken Pot Pie  - The Wave Restaurant - Contemporary Resort

I didn't have dessert with Dinner that evening. Between the Nachos, Chili, and Pot Pie I was quite full. I did notice that the desserts served during dinner hour are the same as those offered at lunchtime.

I have noticed the Wave to be quite popular with families and I think this is a good place to bring children for a sit-down meal. The kid's menu has a healthy take on all of the familiar children's fare. A Fresh Fruit Plate ($5.09), Multigrain Pancakes ($5.09), Grilled Fish ($7.59), and several three-course combos ($7.59) offer nutritious alternatives. The combos each include an appetizer (garden salad/celery or carrot sticks/Seasonal veggies), Entrée (Grilled Chicken Strips/Chicken Nachos/Cheeseburgers), and Dessert (fruit salad/yogurt parfait/vanilla gelato sundae).

The Wave wins high praise from me. Their varied offerings are the perfect culmination of health-conscious cuisine and classic Americana with a flavorful twist. If you find your self in need of a detox from burgers and fries, this is the place to go. The Wave leads the pack of Disney's newest casual-dining eateries - don't miss it.

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Kid's Menu

Readers Rate and Review Breakfast at The Wave!

Readers Rate and Review Lunch and Dinner at The Wave!

jeffo.JPG About Jeff: I'm from South Central Pennsylvania, where I work for a Media Publishing Company by day. My first visit to WDW was at the age of 2, and I have been back around 35 times since then. I often travel solo to WDW, as well as with family. I make good use of my Annual Pass, and trek to Orlando about 5 times per year to visit my favorite travel destination and pursue another hobby of mine - photography. My favorite resort is the Polynesian, but I have stayed at all of the WDW resorts at least once. In fact, my favorite aspect of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is trying out the different Resorts and Restaurants. I enjoy sampling different foods that I normally would never try at home (such as Escargot at the France pavilion).

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