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    • mouserrificmom

      Registered: October 2015
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Thu March 1, 2018 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Fabulous location and atmosphere
      Cons: Not quite up to par compared with other Disney locations

      This is a beautiful resort. I have no genuine complaints, but I will say the service is not quite what we have grown accustomed to at other Disney locations. I have long wanted to stay at the Beach Club having admired it for so long on visits to dine at either Cape May Cafe or Beaches and Cream.

      The location is really ideal - a very quick walk to Epcot via the International gateway, easy walk or boat to HS and a short bus ride away to either the MK or Animal Kingdom. The lobby is exquisite. Boardwalk Resort is a favorite of mine, but the lobby at Beach Club is far more spacious and inviting. It is not unusual to see people relaxing in one of the little nooks with sofas.

      The service is what leaves me scratching my head. Typical of Disney, the cast members were all very pleasant, but atypical of Disney, they were not very accommodating or concerned. We arrived early, certainly NOT expecting to have a room ready and planning to go straight to Epcot after checking our luggage into Bell Services. We arrived around 10 a.m. We had to visit the desk because my traveling partner and I wanted to separately link our Magic Bands as we were each paying for our own things separately. It took some time to get all of that sorted out and properly attached to each of our MDE accounts as the room was booked only under mine. It was a pleasant exchange with a helpful cast member.

      I found it unusual that we had not received a room ready notification by 3 as we had arrived so early and had no special requests. I noticed however that i had a voice mail message at around noon and upon listening to it realized that the front desk had called because the bands were not properly linked (which we noticed at Epcot when trying to make purchases). I was asked to visit the front desk upon returning, which I did around 3:30 and the Magic Band situation was rectified, but the room still not ready.

      I wasn't terribly upset but my travel companion is less patient than I am. She asked why the room wasn't ready and was just sort of shrugged off with no sense of urgency. We were tired, having left our home airports at around 6 a.m. At 4:00 she asked again and was told again that the room wasn't ready but they would put us in a different room if that would be acceptable (well, of course, why didn't you just assign us to a different but available room when we arrived, or when we returned at 3:30 after the official check in time?)....and so at 4:12 we FINALLY had a room assignment and went to our room. The room matched the category we had booked (Standard garden view)

      The rooms are lovely, we were in a Garden View standard on the 4th floor. It was very heavily wooded, but I could see the very top of Spaceship Earth from our balcony. The room had a weird cut into it, like a block to accommodate an HVAC system or something so perhaps that is why they were trying to wait to give us a full size room? We are used to a small table and chairs in our Disney Rooms in addition to the desk, but this room had none and no room for it because of this weird block by the balcony door. It was a single door and a single window and that was all that there was room for. On inspection, one of the lights was not working. On our checkout day, Housekeeping Knocked on the door at 9:17 am hoping to begin service ..... we confirmed with her that it was our understanding that checkout was at 11, she was pleasant but obviously disappointed that we had not yet cleared the room.

      Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but in all of our other years of travel and resort stays, the cast members have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to accommodate and meet our travel needs and expectations. Here we definitely felt an attitude of "you get what you get and you don't get upset". I love the resort, so I may try it again and hope for a better experience, but I have heard similar reports from others so we may go back to just visiting and admiring the Beach Club from afar.
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      Registered: August 2013
      Posts: 24
      Review Date: Tue December 26, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Location can't be beat, boat service, pool
      Cons: Poor Bus service; Housekeeping issues;

      Review of the Beach Club Resort – December 2017:
      We have stayed in French Quarter, Bay Lake & Boardwalk before and must be spoiled because this was my least favorite stay at a Disney Hotel. Too many little things added up.

      First, you can't beat the location. It is a quick walk to the International Gate at Epcot or to the Boardwalk and either a short boat ride or 15 minute walk to Hollywood Studios. The boat dock is closer to Yacht Club than beach club but still very easy to get to. The building color and grounds are very nice and the bus stops are close to the front door.
      Now for a breakdown of the various areas of service:
      A.) Transportation: Obviously walking to EPCOT & Boardwalk are great perks, but to get to Future World/front gate/monorail at Epcot, you have to walk through part of International Showcase (and according to one boat Captain, it is a mile to the front.). The walk to Hollywood Studios is longer but the “Friendship Boat” service is very efficient coming and going. The boat Captains are well trained and loading/unloading are quick.
      The bus service at Beach Club however is another story. Beach Club shares a bus route with Yacht Club and Y.C. is picked up and dropped off first. Many times in the morning this meant that busses to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom were already full of Yacht Club guests when they arrived at Beach Club. It would take several busses to pick up the crowd waiting at Beach Club due to busses already being full. (and Beach Club guests were usually the ones who had to stand on the busses.). Strange how a DVC resort at Beach Club gets the second string on bus service.
      Because of the design of the busses, those in wheelchairs require longer periods of loading & unloading and take out many seats. Unfortunately I heard many groans and complaints when busses pulled up to a stop with a person in a scooter waiting (or coming up to a bus stop with a scooter person waiting.) When my father was there in 2007, they had specific busses for handicapped/scooters and that prevented the time lost by regular busses (and the grumblings.) As more and more scooters appear at Disney, they may want to rethink that option.

      B.) Check-in: Here is where another problem arose. We had arrived very early that morning and gave our luggage to bell services while we went to Hollywood Studios. We had completed online registration so we just waited for our room assignment. At 2:00 p.m., we went back to the hotel and inquired about the room and were told that our room was not ready but they would text us when it was and we could walk around the complex. At about 3:45, we were finally notified that our room was ready. Even though they knew we had arrived, it still took 8 hours for our room. (even with an 11:00 a.m. check out of the previous guests, it was still 4 ½ hours for our room.)

      C.) Front Desk/Bell Services: These were all efficient, friendly and answered your questions. We had arrived early and bell services held our luggage for most of the day until we received our room assignment and they arrived with our luggage within minutes of our call.
      A special shout out to the guys at the airline/luggage check in. They were friendly, helpful and it appeared they enjoyed their jobs. They made it a very great experience…even though you were checking out….lol.

      D.) Housekeeping: Another area that was lacking on this trip. As stated above, our room was not ready until 3:45 and in reality, it was not ready as it appears no supervisor check was completed. Things that were wrong: No shampoo, soap, etc were left. No wash cloths and only 2 hand towels. (we had to call twice to get these items and when they finally came, they brought “bath towels” instead of wash cloths. (they got the hand towels right….). It appeared the carpet was not vacuumed. I will say that the bathroom appeared to be properly cleaned however.

      E.) Room/Bathroom: The room was typical Disney resort room with two very comfortable queen beds and a fold out couch. We didn’t need to use the couch as a bed but if we had it would have made things very tight to move through. Two of the wall outlets however were missing covers. While the vanity area was spacious and had two sinks and plenty of shelf space, the toilet/tub area was smaller than others we have been in. The tub/shower had good water pressure but the water never got really hot (even with the cold turned off.). Since I have a bad back, soaking in a hot tub of water is helpful but was not really possible.
      While there were plenty of computer/phone jacks on the credenza, the desk and the night stand, the problem came with the electric plugs. The plugs on the nightstand are very close together (like a power strip) and this made it impossible to plug two large plugs into it. Only one plug would work unless both were the small type.
      The closet location was nice as was the safe. The refrigerator location sometimes made it tough to use (why do the doors to the cabinet and the refrigerator open opposite directions??)
      The elevators were very quick and you did not have to wait long for one going up or down.

      F.) Public areas: These areas are much nicer than those at Boardwalk or Bay Lake. Lots of spaces around the hotel to sit, relax, socialize, read, etc. (lobby, solarium, patios, etc.). While the marketplace is a nice place for purchasing drinks and snacks, the food choices are extremely limited. There is no food court at Beach Club (or Yacht Club or Boardwalk) and so your choices are sit down restaurants (like Cape May Café) or “fast food” type meals from the Marketplace.
      We did wander over to both the Marketplaces at Yacht Club & Boardwalk and both appeared to have more merchandise selections than Beach Club while the Yacht Club Marketplace and Boardwalk Bakery have more choices. (but still not as good as a Food Court.)
      Obviously the grounds around Beach Club are very pretty and the ability to see the lights of Boardwalk are nice as well.

      Overall, Beach Club is a very pretty resort in a good location but it had a lot of “minor” things that added up to a not as good experience. I still rate French Quarter, Bay Lake Tower & Boardwalk above Beach Club.
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      Registered: December 2009
      Location: Birmingham
      Posts: 47
      Review Date: Mon May 2, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): LOCATION
      Cons: expensive

      This was the first time we have ever stayed at the Beach Club. We absolutely loved it!!!!! It was so lovely and wow the location was outstanding. To be able to walk over to EPCOT was such a wonderful option.
      The room location we got was great. We had a garden view. We thought the room was wonderful. ( I do have to say that there were a few housekeeping issues - some things that could have been cleaner on our first day - but after that everything seemed to be fine.)
      When we did have to take the bus, we didn't have to wait a crazy long time and we did not have to stand in the bus. Obviously we could walk to EPCOT and also could walk to Studios, which was a good bit further walk. Yet, we still did it a couple of times. Also you have the boat option to Studios as well, and we did that also.
      It is a bit slow, BUT you aren't having to walk, so it is all good.
      The pool here is outstanding. We took advantage of that one morning and we really loved it. I was so glad we took time out for the pool and water slide. Tons of fun and so beautiful!
      We have generally determined that Port Orleans French Quarter has been our favorite resort. . . . and we do love it. . . . . BUT wow, if we are able to swing staying at the Beach Club again, we are all in. It was worth it!!!
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      Registered: June 2010
      Posts: 11
      Review Date: Mon October 12, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Awesome location
      Cons: room looked a little worn

      We stayed a few days at the DVC Beachclub Resort to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival. We loved our location, but a little surprised that the room was a tad "worn" looking. For the price/points one pays for this upscale resort, they should really update the rooms. We could see water damage in the bathroom. So obvious that we wondered why it hasn't been noticed and fixed. Overall beautiful resort and location to Food and Wine Festival.
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      Registered: November 2014
      Posts: 8
      Review Date: Sun November 30, 2014 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 4 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Great Pool, Easy Walk to Epcot
      Cons: Terrible Check-In Experience, Cold Impersonal Feeling

      We stayed here for 3 days as part of our Honeymoon at Disney (Started at the Poly, then BC, then AK Lodge). Let me preface this by saying my immediate family and I have stayed at the Beach Club 3 times prior to this, including concierge level suites, and never had a problem. I could not wait to get to the BC and share the experience with my husband who had never seen it. That quickly ended at check-in. We were received without any of the warmth or welcome we experienced at the other two deluxe resorts on our trip. The gentleman behind the desk did not even acknowledge it was our honeymoon (wearing buttons and on the reservation) and then showed me where our room was to be on the map and kept asking "Is that ok?" which should have let me know something was up to begin with. We walked to the room and then they started testing the fire alarm, so the whole walk was extremely noisy rather than peaceful. When we opened the door to our room the room smelled terrible, like dirty socks! I have never experienced this at the BC, or any other resort, but the smell was so strong that I immediately returned to the front desk and asked politely to be moved ( I have never ever done this before). My room request had also not been granted. I had asked 6 months earlier for a room right on the first floor facing the quiet pool. The reservation attendant on the phone had assured me that this was a fine request for my room category, but when I returned to the desk, the gentleman at the check-in desk at the Beach Club stated that my category (Garden View) did not include rooms right on the quiet pool. I pointed out the request, and he said "Yeah, I see that in the computer…" I asked if I could pay for an upgrade to that level. He said yes and informed me it would be $300 more. I said fine (it was our honeymoon and my husband loves to swim laps!). He then had to call reservations to change the room. Upon hanging up the phone he starts showing me the map and says, ok, so it's on the second floor near the elevator. What?! That is totally the opposite of what I asked for. I then asked for my original request of a room on the quiet pool. He then tells me in a condescending tone "You have to understand…it's Thanksgiving." I told him, I was very Aware, as we were there to celebrate our Thanksgiving AND our Honeymoon. He then told me that our room category originally did not include that, and I said they had verified it by phone. He mentioned that was not his fault, but an error on the part of the reservations person. I really did not like being spoken to like a little kid rather than a grown woman. At one point, he even asked if he could call the room and talk to my husband to talk him into the 2nd floor room! (So bizarre, I said No). Eventually, we did get our room on the quiet pool, but not until it was a total upset for me. While there we enjoyed the quiet pool and Stormalong Bay, which is the biggest selling point for this place, and the nice walk to Epcot. The Check-In experience, however, totally soured my love for the BC. I could not believe I was spoken to that way after being a loyal customer and being on my honeymoon. They also weren't very happy at Check-out either, and didn't even ask about our stay. Beach Club front desk really needs to get it together in terms of customer service. Mousekeeping and the gift shop people were excellent.
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      Registered: November 2014
      Posts: 6
      Review Date: Fri November 21, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Great pool, very close to Epcot
      Cons: Room far from lobby, limited quick food options

      Stayed for two nights in November 2014. Arrived at 11 am, room wasn't ready and they said they'd text when it was. Went to the amazing pool and waited hours for the text to get into our room. It never came. Finally stopped at the desk again after the regular check-in time and got our room assignment. It was in the last hallway, as far away from the lobby as possible so it was quite a walk with luggage. But, we had a partial view of Epcot through the trees and a great balcony facing Epcot to watch Illuminations. And our walk to Epcot was about 3 minutes. So we were very happy with it. The room itself was very spacious, clean, and comfortable. Loved the double sinks for getting ready fast in the mornings. Kids loved the pool, can't beat that sand bottom for hours of entertainment. We took a boat to Hollywood Studios and that worked out great. We also enjoyed walking around the boardwalk. Overall, love the hotel, wish it was in our price range more often!
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      Registered: September 2014
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      Review Date: Thu September 25, 2014 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Proximity to Epcot and Boardwalk
      Cons: Too "busy", not worth the extra expense

      I was disappointed. Maybe there was too much hype surrounding the pool, etc., that my expectations were too high - but I doubt we will return to the Beach Club. In the past, we have stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, and I found myself wishing we were there this visit. The ability to walk to Epcot and the Boardwalk was the biggest plus, the pool was nice but not worth the extra cost. I found the hotel to feel to "busy" all the time. Every time we walked through the lobby there were kids running everywhere. Even our kids commented on how disorderly it seemed to be. On arrival, our room was ready, but none of our magic bands worked, so we had to wait until the problem was fixed to be able to go to Magic Kingdom as it would not recognize our dining reservations or Fastpasses. But I believe that problem was system-wide, not just a Beach Club problem. The pool was not available the first day we were there, which was disappointing as the kids wanted to swim for a bit before heading to MK. They ended up going to one of the quiet pools. I think the rooms are in desperate need of remodeling - they look very worn. All in all, for a vacation in excess of $5K, I think I would try the Polynesian next time, although we probably will return to Port Orleans Riverside. It was much quieter and after busy days at parks, to return to yet another busy place, Beach Club, felt like there was never any down time.
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      Registered: August 2008
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      Review Date: Sun August 10, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): pool, fun restaurants
      Cons: long walk from parking to lobby and lobby to room, price

      We really loved the amenities at this room. We have 5, so being able to stay in one room was huge--the sofa bed was little but worked for my 15 year old. We loved the pool and spent a couple nights there. Location proximity to Epcot and Studios was great! We ate at both Beaches and Cream and Cape May (char.breakfast) and were very pleased with the quality.
      Cons--tons of walking. We had a pool view (no standards available on the discounts) but it was a long walk to the big pool anyway, and a ridiculous distance from parking! The price is steep...you are paying for location and the pool. If that isn't a priority, the theming isn't amazing enough to justify the price. We loved it, but it was a definite splurge.
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      Registered: June 2010
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      Review Date: Mon June 2, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Location, Pool
      Cons: Not many

      We stayed in a standard view 05/27-06/01. Proximity to Hollywood Studios and Epcot were the reason we picked this resort. The walk to Epcot is 5 min. The walk to Hollywood studios is 20+ minutes and not easy in the heat and humidity. I requested a ground floor room close to lobby. I got a 4th floor room at the furthest possible point away from elevators. I expected to have at least one of my requests granted. I got the opposite of both. The room appeared to be in good shape and I had no major issues. The balcony is a joke. It's so small it shouldn't be called a balcony. The Marketplace is small for the size of the resort. However, it never felt overcrowded. I picked up some muffins and danishes several mornings with no wait to checkout. You can refill your resort mugs at pool or at marketplace. At the Boardwalk you either have to ask bartender at pool bar or walk to Bakery. The pool area is a positive aspect. The only day the pool felt really crowded was Saturday afternoon. Kids can stayed entertained at pool for hours. The boat ride to Hollywood Studios is not bad, but you have to stop at Swan before going to Studios. One the way back you have to stop at Swan first before going to Beach Club. The real only issue I had is the room requests not being granted. The other negative aspect is the parking lots are a good walk from the lobby if staying in the Resort side. The Villas appeared to be located a little closer to self parking. Why is the valet parking lot closer to the building than the self parking? It's the same way at Boardwalk.
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      Registered: April 2014
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      Review Date: Wed April 16, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Close to Epcot & Hollywood
      Cons: Skimpy room for the price

      Our main reason for staying at the Beach Club was the quick walk to Epcot's World Showcase as we like to dine there. There is also boat service to Epcot and Hollywood which was super convenient and quick to our 2 favorite parks.

      Our room was clean and attractive and spacious enough for the 2 of us. The bed was very comfortable. We expected a balcony big enough to sit on and were disappointed in our tiny balcony barely big enough for 1 person to stand on They offered us another room the next day but we had a full day scheduled and knew we would not have the time or energy to move. This was the most skimpily furnished room we have ever had and the most expensive. We have stayed at AK Lodge(best resort), Grand Floridian and several moderate resorts.

      We ate at the Captains Grille the first night which was nothing special. For breakfast we prefer room service. The food choices are a little better and about the same price. A few things available you don't get downstairs. Also a lot less chaotic.

      Bus service to AK and MK seemed a little slower than other places . Our first morning there were 6 MK buses and finally and AK bus. We had to stand in a tight crowd and felt really beat up to start off our first day at AK.
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      Registered: March 2014
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      Review Date: Tue March 4, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Location, room size
      Cons: Too many stops going to DTD

      Loved staying here! We stayed the end of Feb. into March after going on the Dream cruise and it was great! Not too crowded ! Staff was wonderful and room was clean and great size! Our room had a garden view which was fine but it must have been above the supply area for the staff because it was very noisy when the carts continued to come and get supplies. That was only draw back because I would have liked to keep my balcony door open but the noise was awful. The only other thing I didn't like was coming from DTD, the bus stopped at Dolphin and Swan first. I don't mind sharing buses with other resorts but when those resorts are not truly Disney resorts, they should be dropped off last. The true Disney resorts should get priority.

      The pool area was wonderful! My 5yo loved the big ship slide and the current like area in the corner was fun for him too. I would like to see a sign that kept kids out of the hot tubs. It was hard to enjoy when kids were treating the hot tubs like a splash pool. Parents weren't even watching them.

      It was nice to be so close to Epcot and HS and be able to just walk around the boardwalk. I will definitely stay here again!

      Hey Disney, making all resorts smoke free would be great , even on balconies!!
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      Review Date: Fri January 10, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Surprised with Concierge level room, with view of pool complex
      Cons: Miss taking monorail around Disney World, did not feel like Disney World without the monorail.

      Very nice resort, but prefer Contemporary. The slide had ridges in it which hurt my back. It was very hot mid-September and the pool was too warm to cool me.
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      Review Date: Wed December 4, 2013 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Location close to Epcot
      Cons: limited counter service breakfast options; ants; and overflowing toilet

      We stayed here Thanksgiving week. Over all our many visits to WDW, we have almost always stayed at the BC. But this will be the last. Although the staff was friendly throughout the stay, we had issues this trip. The toilet overflowed the first time it was used. Maintenance came quickly and pronounced that all was well after plunging and snaking. But the thing never seemed to be right. Halfway into the trip, we noticed small ants around the sinks. As we had no food anywhere near the sink and no beverage cups with sugary drinks nearby, where the critters were coming from is a mystery. We were on the 3rd floor, room 3630. I reported it to the front desk. As for the Beach Club Marketplace, nice food options for lunch and dinner, but breakfast options are very small. We ended up heading to other hotels or to Epcot for breakfast. It just seemed to me that the BC is looking a bit tired.
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      Review Date: Sat July 20, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Pool, Proximity to Epcot & HS
      Cons: Counter Service Options

      Stay 6/19 - 6/26

      This was our first visit to a Deluxe Resort after staying at two value resorts previously. Check-in was extremely pleasant and efficient which set the tone right away. The lobby was beautiful just like it had been when we were there for dinner at Cape May last year and all of the staff was very friendly. The atmosphere was bit more reserved than the value resorts we have stayed (and quiet).

      Our room was ready right away when we checked in at around 6 PM. Our bags were brought up about 5 minutes after we got to the room. We got settled in to our room, changed and made plans to get dinner and swim.

      DS14, DD10, DD7 and I went to find the pool while DW went in search of laundry facilities and was going to meet us at the pool after she threw a load of laundry in a washer. We were told the laundry was near the quiet pool so she headed down the maze of corridors and found a smaller laundry room with only a few washers and one of them was broken while the rest were full. She gave up at that point and headed to the market place to find something to eat.

      Meanwhile the kids and I found the pool, got our wristbands, went for a quick swim and were also in the marketplace in search of food. The kids did not want burgers at Hurricane Hanna's and were more in the mood for Pizza and I wanted a cold sandwich. The lines were terribly long at the Marketplace and were not moving at all. After looking around and waiting in line for a bit we headed back to Hanna's at the pool and arrived just in time for the door to slam in our face at EXACTLY 9 PM. Back to the Marketplace for flatbreads and pizza, friendly but very slow service and then took our food back to the pool. We had a bit of trouble finding a table but sat and ate and the kids got to enjoy the AMAZING pool for about an hour before bed.

      We loved the resort and went to the pool basically every day. We even spent a day just at the resort swimming, coloring, doing laundry (my wife later found a larger laundry room outside in a separate building on the other side of the quiet pool) and enjoyed another wonderful meal at Cape May Cafe located inside the lobby of the hotel. We really enjoyed the ice cream and Beaches and Cream which was probably one of the best uses of snack credits our entire stay. Highly recommend using the "to-go" window if they are busy (which they almost always are). Storm Along Bay is nearly a water park in itself and was the best part of our stay.

      We were very happy with the size and cleanliness of the room. The included refrigerator was great for water and other drinks. We did not a large balcony but the layout of our room was able to accommodate a full size day bed which was great for our family of five. The staff was friendly and efficient just a bit more reserved than what we experienced at our value resort stays which was just fine. Not much Disney theming but kids and parents were happy and comfortable. The short walk to Epcot and short boat ride to HS were great and we were able to eat dinner in the World Showcase almost every night.

      Really the only negatives were the counter service selections and the seating at the pool. We are used to large food courts at Pop and AoA, so to us the Marketplace is nice but WAY to small in size, staff and selection. Hanna's was great but closes two hours before the pool closed and had about 6 tables. There were more table nearer to the pool but they were not available to actually eat at because our fellow guests would throw their towels and sunblock on the tables and leave it there for hours while they enjoyed the pool and didn't actually eat anything. We found that if you were not at the pool the first two hours or the last two hours it was nearly impossible to find a table and almost as hard to find a couple of empty chairs together. The kids didn't mind because they were having a blast, but DW and I were annoyed a bit because sometimes it would have been nice to sit and watch the kids swim.

      Overall the positives FAR outweigh any negatives. Our plan starting in 2009 when our kids were a bit younger was to visit every Disney resort before the last child moved out starting with the Values. We probably should not have "skipped ahead" to the Beach Club because we honestly cannot imagine staying anywhere else.
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      Registered: February 2011
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      Review Date: Sun July 7, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): LOCATION. Service, amenities, activities. And the POOL.
      Cons: None.

      Stay from 6/15 - 6/22/13 with wife and 8yr old daughter. Standard room, 3rd floor w/large balcony.

      Preface: The three of us have stayed on property at 4 different resorts (All Star Movies (2x), POP, Port Orleans Riverside, Caribbean Beach) 5 times over the last 4 years ('09, '10, '11(2x), '12). This is a DELUXE resort. You will pay for what you get. And this is what you get...

      1) LOCATION. The Beach Club's proximity to Epcot is worth the price alone. The walk to Epcot takes 7-8 minutes at a decent pace. This is something you can't get at any other resort. Some nights went like this, "Hey, guys. Where do you want to eat tonight?" Wife says, "let's get a bite at Teppan Edo and then watch the fireworks." Try that anywhere else! Illuminations can be seen from the east side of the resort.

      Just a quick walk or boat ride across Crescent Lake is the Boardwalk Resort. The Boardwalk is a beautiful place to walk, eat, rent bikes, etc. The Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast is a must-do.

      The Beach/Yacht Club dock is serviced by Friendship boats about every 15min during the day with stops at Epcot, Boardwalk Resort, Swan/Dolphin Resorts, and Hollywood Studios. (Note: there are no busses from Beach Club to Epcot or Hollywood Studios--they're not needed)

      2) Service

      Service at the Beach Club is right in step with what we expected at a deluxe resort. Everyone had a great, can-do attitude. Friendly and capable check-in. Concierge was never stumped by the changes we needed to make to our dining plans. The front desk services were always well staffed = no lines. Bell services helped with every step of luggage handling--from the back of our vehicle to the inside of our room. Our handler treated our luggage as if it was his own.

      Although I didn't use it, valet parking is available.

      Mousekeeping was fine, again, like we expected. My family and I don't give a rip about towel animals as opposed to a clean and tidy room. We were pleased.

      In-room dining service was outstanding. Menu is diverse. Even still, when I needed to make a change that didn't jive with the menu, the answer was always "yes, sir. That's not a problem at all." Meals would always arrive earlier than promised. Food was always fresh and HOT. Try the Yacht Club sandwich after a hot day at the parks!

      3) Amenities

      The biggest in-room advantage of a non-value-resort room is the ceiling fan--period.

      Our room was located on the 3rd floor, in the corner next to the main exit from the lobby out to the walkway to Epcot. We were pleased to hear from our check-in cast member that we would have a large balcony. The balcony was so much more than we thought it would be--very spacious and furnished with a table and two chairs. Our view was of the walkway out of the lobby toward Crescent Lake.

      In-room wi-fi maintained a strong signal and always worked.

      Bathroom - Spacious double sinks with hard surface countertops. Smooth tile in the bath/toilet area. My only complaint about the room is the bathroom fan. The fan is not large or powerful enough to exhaust steam from even the mildest of showers. The shower itself was great--lots of water pressure. Sometimes the pressure was too much for the curtain to handle and we ended up cleaning up a few puddles.

      There is a small, and I mean small, food pantry built into the main dresser beside the refrigerator. This helped keep snacks off the floor, desk, nightstands, dressers, etc.

      We stayed for an entire week and had a lot of clothes to unpack. There is a tall dresser by the closet. The main dresser is in the middle of the room along the wall. This dresser houses the refrigerator, pantry, 2 open shelves, and several drawers. There is also a real closet (as opposed to the alcove you find at other resorts). Also there is a shelf with coat hooks between the closet and main dresser (handy for drying out ponchos). We had more than enough space for unpacking/storing clothes.

      The overall resort decor is more upscale and is wonderfully themed in line with early 20th century Beach resort living. This continues into the rooms in the lighting, furniture, and wall art.

      The Beach Club Marketplace is stocked with just about everything you would need outside of a full-fledged grocery store trip.

      The solarium is a great quiet place to sit down and relax. But beware, it is a solarium...in Florida--it will be warm.

      Resort restaurants -
      Cape May Cafe has character (Donald, Goofy, Minnie) breakfasts and seafood dinners daily.
      Beaches and Cream is a soda-shop themed diner that has sandwiches, hot dogs, and possibly the best cheeseburger in all of WDW. The ice cream creations here are many--from shakes to floats, to sundaes to splits. And then there's the Kitchen Sink.
      There are many other restaurants available in the Beach/Yacht Club/Boardwalk areas, but you will not find anything like the food courts at the value/moderate resorts.

      4) Activities (not a complete list, by far)

      Movies on the beach most nights (weather permitting).
      Campfire on the beach with marshmallow roast. Fire and mallos provided by the resort. My daughter and I were lured in on the way to the pirate ship water slide. Lots of fun.
      Boating on Crescent Lake is available at the Yacht Club marina.

      5) Stormalong Bay

      Stormalong Bay is a collection of several different pools all joined by the same walkways inside a fenced-in complex. None of the pools in Stormalong bay are rectangular. Curves abound and coves appear--complete with a waterfall here and there. One cove has it's own current that generates a whirlpool.

      One section has a volleyball "rope" set up for lots of game-time fun. "Pool party" activities are conducted by resort staff in this area.

      There is a separate "lazy river" pool with it's own river current that will float you along in a resort-supplied inner tube for as long as you like.

      There is a kiddie area on the Yacht Club side that has it's own sand play area in the pool.

      Yes, the entire pool has a sand bottom.

      There are also plenty of free-swim areas all over the complex.

      Two outdoor spas are located by the main bathroom area. They are raised up and concealed by the landscaping to ensure privacy and the opportunity to unwind.

      Stormalong Bay has 2 water slides: one is a kiddie slide with its own splash pool behind the pirate ship; the other starts at the top of what used to be a pirate ship. The first part of this slide is a straight and steady decent down a hollowed-out section of mast, followed by outdoor twists and turns before ending in a splashdown pool in the main pool area. Despite its size, the slide is not as fast as you would think. Kids of all ages (some small enough to wear life vests) and adults were riding this one over and over again.

      Use of the pool is limited to Yacht/Beach Club resort guests only. You have to show your key-to-the-world card every day to be admitted to the pool. You are then given a colored wristband that is good for admission for the remainder of the day. The wristbands are a different color every day. Towels are supplied by the resort.

      There are many lifeguards on duty at Stormalong Bay. Nothing bugs me more than safety staff that won't take and keep control of the area they're assigned to. Every lifeguard at Stormalong Bay was "no BS". Sorry for the strong expression, but it communicates the idea clearly. If kids were playing too rough, the lifeguard staff didn't wait for piercing looks from parents before they took action to address the situation. If you swam into the water slide splashdown area, you were asked to move elsewhere in the pool. The lifeguards walk around frequently instead of staying put all day. We had a few lifeguards that would throw buckets of water at us when we weren't looking (gave my daughter a good laugh), but make no mistake--the pranks were covering up the "all business" actions of the entire staff. Very pleased.

      Overall, the Beach Club resort is special because it is unique. The location can't be beat. Services are what they should be. Amenities are plentiful, and the pool is the best you'll find on Disney property. Uniqueness comes at a price.
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