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    • jatbj

      Registered: November 2010
      Location: Massapequa NY
      Posts: 7
      Review Date: Sat February 24, 2018 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): delicious food
      Cons: none

      We had dinner at Be Our Guest on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. My sister, son , nephew and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I had the roast pork tenderloin. It was so tender you could cut it with a fork. My sister and nephew had the dish with scallops and loved it. My son had the grilled strip steak and was very impressed. I would recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere was wonderful and the food great. And the Beast showed up a few times to visit! So Cool!!!
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      Chef Matt

      Registered: November 2009
      Location: Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada
      Posts: 22
      Review Date: Fri February 2, 2018 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): The View, good food, great service

      Good food, great service, incredible view.

      Only restaurant in the magic kingdom that serves liquor, had the lamb, the grey stuff and hot tea.

      The lamb was cooked perfectly, great presentaion, they grey stuff is now serverd on a custard in a chucolate bowl. Deserts are served al a carte.

      our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children - Walt Disney
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      Registered: December 2017
      Posts: 18
      Review Date: Wed December 6, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Theme, food
      Cons: Noise, service

      We scored a Christmas party dining reservation and were eager to finally try Be Our Guest. Although we were thrilled with the theme of the restaurant (we sat right under the big chandelier), the food was generally very good, and it was fun to meet The Beast, I would not go back. Not everyone in our party thought the food was good (my particular meal was delicious, but I was in the minority among our 8 party members); it was waaaaaaaay too noisy -- we all felt like we were in a cafeteria; our service was not great; and honestly, not one of the 8 people at our table thought the grey stuff was delicious. Sad We are all happy to have tried Be Our Guest, but we all agreed that if we're going to go to extreme measures to get a reservation, there are other restaurants we prefer.
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      Registered: March 2013
      Posts: 14
      Review Date: Sun August 20, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Vegan/Vegetarian options
      Cons: None

      What a perfect place to have my 60th birthday dinner! The ambiance is just gorgeous. My husband & I both had the Layered Ratatouille which was delicious...followed by great desert too! Loved meeting the Beast after dinner.
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      Registered: October 2010
      Location: waltham, ma.
      Posts: 5
      Review Date: Wed August 16, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): The food the service and the atmosphire
      Cons: tough to get in and reservation usually run behind

      I have been here 2 times and both times I had the steak and it is amazing. The wife has had the seafood pasta dish and said it was also very good. The desserts are delicious and the Grey Stuff is a must try. We were able to get a bottle of wine for a very reasonable price (for Disney) for about $35 for house white. We will attempt to go here every trip.
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      Registered: August 2007
      Location: Oswego, Il
      Posts: 199
      Review Date: Sun July 16, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 3 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Atmosphere
      Cons: Food and Service

      It pains me to give BOG a negative review. I have dined here twice before, and loved every aspect of the experiences. That's why we made reservations again, 180 days out, at 6am.

      This time service was awful from the moment we tried to check in. We were told it was too early and to come back in 20 minutes and wait in line again. Really?

      Thank goodness, a woman overheard the CM telling us to come back and told us she WAS allowed to check in 20 minutes early for her reservation. This prompted me to seek out another CM named Caraleigh. She was the BEST part of the evening. She immediately called down to the restaurant, and not only checked us in early, but had us seated immediately as well. Side note, I already contacted WDW and complimented Caraleigh, who was presented with a certificate for her wonderful customer service.
      Unfortunately, service from this point on went down hill fast...Our server was unfriendly, slow, and lacking in the customer service department. For a restaurant that was only half full, I expected a little more attention.
      The food was AWFUL too. 3 of us ordered the steak and couldn't eat it, because it was full of fat. When I brought this up to our waitress, she just shrugged and walked away.
      I later spoke to the manager, who asked us how things were as we were walking out. I was honest, and told him about out experience that night, and he apologized.
      I would really like to give BOG another try, but I don't anticipate that happening any time soon...
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      Registered: May 2014
      Posts: 22
      Review Date: Sun June 11, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): food, atmosphere, service
      Cons: wait times

      This was our second time for dinner at Be Our Guest and it did not disappoint. From the appetizers to the dessert cart (the grey stuff really is delicious) our food and service was amazing. This time we were seated in the dining room to the right that houses a large music box of Belle and the Beast. The only draw back here is even with a reservation you are going to be waiting. We were probably 20 minutes past our reservation time when we were seated, which isn't bad but just be prepared. We'll be back for sure!
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      Registered: May 2012
      Posts: 21
      Review Date: Tue May 23, 2017 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 3 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Themeing
      Cons: the food

      The theming for this restaurant was wonderful & Beast comes out to take pictures. The food is terrible, We had 4 people & we each got something different, everyone said the food was super salty. I could not finish my meal it was so salty. I have had amazing meals within the parks, this was not one of them. If your kids want to see Belle or Beast find a character spot & go somewhere else to eat
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      Registered: March 2017
      Posts: 7
      Review Date: Fri March 31, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Atmosphere and Service, kids food
      Cons: Salty food

      While we enjoyed this, it is a one and done for us.
      We were seated quickly - as we were at all our TS meals since it was a slow time of year.
      We were in the ball room which is the least exciting of the rooms but it was still cool.
      Service was excellent - very attentive.
      The kids meals were excellent. One kid even got a steak that was cooked very well. Go figure. I had the braised pork - very good but too salty. Husband had the catch of the day and said it was ok but also salty.
      So while we did enjoy this experience and recommend it to do once, we would choose to try something else next time.
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      Registered: October 2014
      Posts: 37
      Review Date: Mon March 27, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Beautiful decor and delicious food
      Cons: West wing too dark

      After days of three of us trying, we snagged a 4:00 dinner. We were among the first brought in. The ballroom when empty was truly magical and our server brought us right into the middle and pointed out some lovely artwork....then led us into the West wing. So dark and a bit disappointing. Our 2 year old granddaughter was intimidated by the dark and thunder and lightning at first. They should not bring little ones in there it is more for adults. We should have said something right then and there. The food was delicious even the grey stuff was good, but my husbands eclair was better. Hubby pork chop was good size and nicely cooked. I had moist chicken delicious with a terrific rice and green beans. Son and daughter in law loved the French onion soup and seafood dishes. And then we were introduced to the Beast who was very cordial. We loved it.
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      Registered: December 2006
      Location: Alexandria, VA
      Posts: 20
      Review Date: Thu December 15, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): food, ambiance, The Beast

      BoG has always been our favorite place for lunch but this is the first time we tried it for dinner. Although we started trying for reservations well after the 6-month window opened, our persistence paid off and we got a 5:45 reservation on a Sunday evening. We checked in early and were seated very close to our reservation time, if not a little before. We were shown to a table at the back of the ballroom, close to the windows where you see the snow fall. The room was decorated for Christmas, with little candelabras accenting the wreathes; the tree was adorned with ornaments representing the creatures in the castle. My daughter had the Master’s Grilled Strip Steak, which had been recommended by our server. It was an amazing meal, seasoned and cooked perfectly and the elegantly simple pomme frites were tasty. Such simple fare was absolutely magical. Oh, and my potato leek soup was delicious—quite filling for smaller appetites. When we were talking about eating dinner here we decided that we would go all-out and order every dessert we wanted and that’s just what we did. Grey Stuff (served atop a chocolate cupcake that evening), the Eclair a la Orange, and Lemon Meringue cupcake are what ended up on our table. Our meal finished up with an audience with the Master himself, who danced my princess around for a few turns and then gave me a great big “Beast” hug. Everything was dreamy. In fact, we still dream about it and can’t wait to go back.
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      Registered: December 2016
      Posts: 11
      Review Date: Tue December 6, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): interesting things to look at
      Cons: no wow factor

      We ate here for lunch and dinner (5 days apart). We got the same room both times (statue room)...ate shrimp and scallop pasta - basic sauce and some shrimp with 2 scallops - not bad but nothing wow - had 8-9 scallops at Teppan Edo and they were awesome! - Lamb eater had the lamb but preferred it at Raglan Road - dessert was orange eclair, puff and grey stuff - the grey stuff won hands down - tastes like oreos or something familiar - dinner was ok to try once but not enough to entice us back again. DD did not want to wait in line for the picture with the beast - she had enough waiting on a super busy day!
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      Registered: September 2014
      Posts: 29
      Review Date: Thu September 29, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Getting to see the Beast in a beautiful setting
      Cons: Food and service

      My son liked his food even though it was cool when it was served . My food was salty and on the cool side too. After serving our meal our waiter disappeared for the next 40 minutes. He never checked to see if our food was ok or to refill our drinks. He disappeared for another 25 minutes after telling us he was bringing the dessert cart around for us to choice from. Though we were seated right away our dinner took nearly 2 hours.
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      Registered: September 2016
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Fri September 2, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Atmosphere - Character Meet & Greet (The Beast)
      Cons: Food quality - Cost - Noise

      We recently enjoyed our first trip to WDW. Be Our Guest was right at the top of our list for dining given that it is infamously difficult to get a reservation. There is no doubt that the atmosphere (minus the noise!) was 5 stars. We were seated at a table near the back of the ballroom, which was beautiful. It looks just like you expect (and hoped!) it would look. We also enjoyed our character meet & greet with the Beast, who is referred to as "the Master" by the cast members. There was no doubt that this was THE place to be for dinner, as we were not even seated until 20-30 minutes after our reservation time. Due to the size of the ballroom and height of the ceiling, it was extremely loud. In fairness, the other dining areas seemed to be much quieter. The biggest disappointment was the food -- with the huge exception being the french onion soup which was delicious. I ordered the strip steak to be prepared medium rare. It was so well done and tough that I could not cut it. Although I was still hungry when we left, we were pleasantly surprised and appreciative when our server told us that the manager had refunded the entire price of my meal. My husband ordered the seafood pasta dish which was fair, but definitely not a $30 dish. And we paid $10 for plain jane mac & cheese for each of our two kids. In the end, we paid top dollar for a fun experience and mediocre to poor food. It certainly didn't measure up to our expectations given all the hype.
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      Registered: July 2016
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Wed July 20, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 6 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Very good service
      Cons: Food quality vs. food prices

      7-19-16: This was our first experience at BOG. My husband and I had dinner in the Rose Room which was very nice. The atmosphere was wonderful and it wasn't too noisy. We had the strip steak and rack of lamb. While the food was alright, we didn't think it was worth the cost. The steak had a ribbon of tendon that I thought should have been removed in the food prep process. My husband had some potatoes with his dish that were so salty he couldn't eat it. I hope it was just an off night as so many love this restaurant.
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