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    • sandc

      Registered: October 2006
      Posts: 66
      Review Date: Fri September 18, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros):

      This was our first time trying Be Our Guest. I had the Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese) sandwich. It was so so good. My husband had the carved turkey and liked my sandwich much much better. The french onion soup there is also very very good. The only reason I did not rate it a 10 is because of the long line to get it. While is was not extremely long, it did feel like we waited on the inside line for awhile. I really liked that we got to choose where to sit. Although my daugher picked out the table by the rose which meant constant people on our backs waiting their turn to take a picutre while we were trying to eat. And lastly, not really a fan of the hostess having each family roar to enter as well. Not sure if its something they do all the time or if it was just our hostess. We will be back here next year for sure if we are able to snag a reservation.
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      Registered: October 2013
      Posts: 18
      Review Date: Tue September 15, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros):

      We have eaten here in the past, once as a dinner reservation and once as a lunch reservation without the pre ordering. I can't say either time was fantastic, despite the awesome surroundings. This time we did the pre-ordered lunch, and wow what a difference it made! We were checked in immediately upon arrival and told to enter the Castle. We stopped to take care of payment (no one in line ahead of us) and then were told to get our drinks and find a seat, and our food would be along shortly. Finding seating for 6 took a few minutes, but we did find a table. Our food was great, and the atmosphere in the ballroom was so much fun. You really do almost expect Belle and Beast to come out and dance at any second! It looks just like the movie!
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      Registered: February 2009
      Posts: 75
      Review Date: Sat June 27, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): pre order, atmosphere
      Cons: busy

      The trip we ate here twice for lunch, once for breakfast and once for dinner. We had never done lunch before and it was great. It is my new favorite for QS lunch in MK. We used the DP. DS 11 had the croquet monsieur and the grey stuff cupcake. While I felt his sandwich was thin compared to others it was huge. Half was equal to a regular slice of white bread. DS had the tuna niscoise salad. The tuna was really peppery so the 2nd time he made sure to take a little off. He had the dressing on the side and enjoyed it. He had the lemon raspberry cream puff. I had the roast beef sandwich. It was huge. One time I couldn't finish it and the other time I managed to. The first lunch I had the éclair but found it a little to orangy so the next lunch I had the lemon meringue cupcake. We will definitely do this every trip from now on. I liked that I didn't feel rushed or crowded while it was still busy and we could pre order. The first time they took us to a front register scanned our band and found our seat the next time we were sent through to the kiosk and were seated. not sure why the protocol was different.
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      Registered: August 2007
      Location: Oswego, Il
      Posts: 135
      Review Date: Tue June 23, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Pre Ordering, Atmosphere
      Cons: None

      I was skeptical about having lunch here after the wonderful dinner we had here last year. I was afraid the experience would be lacking. Boy was I wrong!!! Lunch was just as nice as dinner. Pre ordering went smoothly and within 10 minutes of finding a table in the West Wing, we were served our meals. My daughter and I had the Croque Monsieur. My other daughter had the Carved Turkey Sandwich, and my husband had the Braised Pork. We also had a few orders of the French Onion Soup. Yummy! For dessert, we had the the Master's Cupcake, the Triple Chocolate Cupcake, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake and the Lemon-Raspberry Cream Puff. Everything was served hot and tasted delicious. This is a meal not to be missed!!!
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      Registered: June 2010
      Posts: 21
      Review Date: Sun June 21, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): food
      Cons: none

      We had lunch here the week of June 10th. We had the french onion soup, the quiche, the cupcake with the gray stuff and the lemon meringue cup cake. Every was soooo good. We ate in the ball room by the window.
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      Registered: July 2008
      Location: Missouri
      Posts: 15
      Review Date: Fri June 5, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food quality, amount and service
      Cons: none

      Now for the food. Lunch menu is mainly sandwiches along with a Braised Pork plate. We ordered the Roast Beef, Turkey and Grilled Ham sandwiches and my 13y/o order the pork. The sandwiches we HUGE with a generous order of fries and the Pork came with mashed potatoes and seasoned green beans. All were very good, well seasoned and prepared quickly. For dessert, we ordered 4 different items, 3 different cupcakes and an Eclair. Again, all were fabulous! Our meal, including drinks and and dessert totaled $82.20. Although this is a steep price for technically a Counter Service Meal, the feel and service is like a Table Service Meal. I would highly recommend trying to get reservations and experience this. After you're done eating, walk through the rest of the restaurant and take it all in, including the "Rose".
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      Registered: April 2008
      Location: Darien, Il
      Posts: 19
      Review Date: Sat May 30, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food quality; theming
      Cons: Noise, chaos

      Visited here with my DD (14) for lunch on 4/19/15. Of course, we had heard nothing good things about BOG and were really excited to have snagged an opening. I must say I was really impressed with the quality of the food. While the menu was a bit limited, I ordered the Croque Monsieur (ham & cheese) and it was quite good. The ham was carved, not lunchmeat and the bread was rich and chewy. My daughter ordered the roast beef sandwich (minus the horseradish) which was also very tasty. Beef was really tender and the baguette was crunchy and substantial. We split a bowl of the potato leek soup and agreed it was a hit.
      We had to try the cupcake with grey stuff, of course, and we tried the raspberry-lemon cream puff. Both were excellent.
      We loved the little rose token they gave each group. Just another example of how Disney makes everything just that little bit special. Ordering process was super easy and my daughter felt right at home with the touch screen.
      It was a trial finding a table. The joint was hoppin'. But we eventually got settled in although they would not serve our food until the table had been cleared of the previous diners' plates. But no problem...they called over a busser who removed the old dishes and wiped down our table with a disinfectant wipe. Something my germophobic daughter REALLY appreciated.
      The little carts they use to bring your food are just charming, as is the overall theming of the restaurant. We were seated in the great hall and were mesmerized by the view out the windows.
      As I mentioned, it was very busy and the place was quite noisy. We have no problem with that, it's Disney after all. But be forewarned this is not the place for lunch if you're seeking a quiet refuge.
      Overall we really enjoyed our experience and will absolutely be coming back. One thing I'd add that I'll also post to the Tips section...don't ever give up on trying to secure a reservation. My daughter was at Disney with her band/choir group and I came down on my own to record their performances and to get some time in the parks together 1 on 1. I had been trying to get res's for BOG for 6 months and was shut out at every turn. We were in MK about 11 and I started checking for table availability via the My Disney Experience app. After about 15 minutes of checking and re-checking, I secured a res for 12:45!! I couldn't believe it! So keep checking availability. You never know when something will open up.
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      Registered: October 2013
      Posts: 18
      Review Date: Sat May 23, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Beautiful atmosphere
      Cons: finding a table!

      This was our third time at BOG..first time was table service dinner, only so-so experience. Second time was counter service, ordered at the restaurant when we arrived. Food was initially delivered with problems: second attempt was delivered with hair on it. (ugh!) This time, however...we had a great time! Pre-ordering worked out nicely. We paid at the front, got our drinks and searched for a table which was slightly stressful! This is one busy place! After about 10 minutes our entrees arrived exactly as we ordered them. This was our most enjoyable experience here, and would definitely do the pre-ordered lunch again.
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      Registered: April 2015
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Wed April 22, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Fast Service, Great Menu, Advance Food Choosing
      Cons: None

      Was lucky to get an ADR for lunch and we chose to pick our meal before we went and saved a lot of time. Very easy to pick items with certain food allergies, in this case gluten, and everything came out as expected. Just check in with the front, go inside to pay, and pick a table and your food will come to you wherever you sit!
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      Registered: March 2010
      Location: Brunswick GA
      Posts: 13
      Review Date: Sat March 28, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food, Atmosphere
      Cons: none

      I was able to get ADR a week before our trip on the day ADR for lunch first opened. When we arrived, they couldn't find our ADR anywhere but we got in anyway. The restaurant is beautiful! We sat in the room with Belle and Beast's statues in the center of the room. My Aunt and I both ordered the Turkey Sandwich. I also got the Master's Cupcake and she ordered the Lemon Raspberry Cream Puff. We were both pleasantly surprised how delicious the food was! Real turkey not the cold cuts, crisp bread and great fries. Both our desserts were excellent as well and I will definitely go back
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      Registered: July 2010
      Posts: 26
      Review Date: Tue March 24, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): VeryNice lunch
      Cons: Noise, confusion

      We got off on the wrong foot when we ordered two pork entrees, but the cashier entered two roast beef sandwiches. We neglected to check our receipt and only learned about the discrepancy when the sandwiches arrived at our table. The server summoned a manager who changed the order, then took our magic band away to re-enter the order because the pork was $2 more. The replacement food arrived very soon and the whole kerfuffle was sorted out over about 10 minutes. The pork loin with vegetables was quite tasty and of unusual quality for a "counter service" lunch. We were seated in the small, dark dining room which might have been a nice atmosphere except for a constant stream of people who walked into the room to shoot flash photos over our table. That and the noise level, running kids, and armies of servers with their carts made lunch anything but peaceful, but then this is normal for WDW and to be expected.
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      Registered: May 2010
      Posts: 20
      Review Date: Thu March 19, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Nice change for a QS

      We did a trip in Dec 2014. So I received an email before our trip to trial a lunch ADR with preorder. We were quite excited as I couldn't secure an ADR for dinner even though I was up at midnight 180 days out. The check-in was ok and there was a little bit of a wait to the order kiosk. When we tried to finalize our lunch check-in inside the kiosk had no record of our preorder. We had to start again. From the people talking around us it seemed to be happening to a lot of people. This in turn caused a back up and people were beginning to lose a little of their "Disney magic" We had the Deluxe Dining but had a 2 year old who can't go on the plan so we had to pay for him separate and that seemed to be causing the cast member some issue as we were trying to place our order and it took 3 tries to get it correct for us to only pay for his and deduct our credits correctly. However, once done we forged on, found a seat and waited. The food came fairly quickly and I enjoyed the turkey sandwich, 2 of our group really like the Tuna and my mother felt the roast was easily worth the money of a QS and see why it's on the dinner menu. The dessert was fine, pretty but they're cupcakes. I can't attest to all the décor as we had to give up some of the experience to entertain the little guest in our party. Hopefully they've worked out the kinks in ordering and it's great that it's a QS with a table service feel. I hope to try the dinner on another visit and then I can decide which may be more worth the visit.
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      Registered: February 2007
      Posts: 16
      Review Date: Wed February 25, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food, Staff, atmosphere
      Cons: None

      EAT HERE! I can't believe it's only considered counter service.
      This was our family's second time eating here. The first time was last year.
      The staff is polite and friendly, the place is really cool. I have two sons who aren't interested in Beauty and the Beast but they like the food and we eat in the rose room. So for them it's not too girlie.

      This is the best food in all of the Magic Kingdom.
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      Registered: April 2012
      Location: Leesville, LA
      Posts: 29
      Review Date: Wed January 28, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): food, atmosphere
      Cons: none

      I was surprised at how good the food was! Great sandwiches, and the braised pork roast was really yummy! We order the four gourmet cupcakes and shared them (table of 8) and all were great. I had lower expectations going in based on many seeming to not love the food. For QS, I think it is one of the best food options.
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      Registered: October 2010
      Location: Texas
      Posts: 64
      Review Date: Tue January 20, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): great food, wonderful atmosphere and setting, quite enjoyable
      Cons: a bit loud inside

      I was able to get a Fastpass reservation for lunch through a special link/website and although I did not get email confirmation I crossed my fingers and showed up at the appointed time and Yes! I indeed had a reservation and was given a menu to look at while I waited. The check in process is a little different. They gave me a menu and I walked across the drawbridge to the castle and entered. Upon entering they have you wait by the suits of armour and then they take you into another room and took my order and scanned my wrist band for my dining information and plan. They were handing out red roses to some diners and I asked about it but those people were not on the dining plan or didn't have a reservation or something like that. I can't remember why, all I remembered is I didn't need one. I was able to choose my own table in any room I wanted as my wrist band had the locator in it and would tell them where I was sitting. I chose the room with the music box centerpiece which featured Belle and The Beast. Drinks were serve yourself and beverage stations were located in all the rooms. I was only seated a few short minutes before my food arrived. I ordered the braised pork with masked potatoes and green beans. It was mostly lean and only had one fatty section which I removed and there was still plenty of lean tender pork to eat. I chose a chocolate cream puff for dessert as I was quite full from lunch and the cupcake with the "grey stuff" sounded too heavy after such a filling meal. I really enjoyed my meal here and will definitely return for lunch. I walked around the place taking pictures after my meal was finished and there was so much detail and this was a fascinating place to dine. The next time I will dine in the main room to watch the snow falling outside the floor to ceiling windows. This is a stunning place and definitely worth visiting. I am surprised that this is a counter service meal as the setting was worthy of a signature meal and the food quality was above counter service and equal to what I experienced at other sit down locations. If you get an opportunity to dine here for lunch, don't pass it by. I'm not going to make this a must do every WDW visit, but certainly I will return.
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