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    • boudrek

      Registered: October 2011
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Mon September 2, 2013 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 2 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Remy was OUTSTANDING
      Cons: Main Dining Rooms offered substandard fare

      Dining at Royal Palace, Enchanted Garden & Animators Palate was a shock. DCL is the 6th line I've cruised on, and their standard fare was below par for the industry. The real disappointment was how they dealt with DW's food allergy. We've been spoiled at WDW... the chefs always have a "I'll create something great you can eat" attitude, and WDW is our favorite destination partly for that reason.
      On the Dream, we never saw a chef (except at Remy, which was fantastic) and our server was constantly struggling with the kitchen to prepare something DW might enjoy. It isn't so much that the kitchen tried and came up short... its that they didn't try at all. Given many years of stellar dining at WDW, this outcome was a real shock. I can't imagine how management can permit this total repudiation of Disney standards, but it is what it is. And the servers admitted they were helpless to get the kitchen to deliver decent food in these cases. (Its a gluten allergy, not some rare tropical disease we're talking about). Conclusion is if you're looking for a Disney-level fine dining experience, eat only in Remy or Palo.
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      Registered: July 2010
      Posts: 51
      Review Date: Sun August 25, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Service, food
      Cons: Nothing

      I did both the Remy brunch and dinner during my recent Fantasy cruise. Remy has two chefs, one from France and one from the US. Both are from Michelin rated restaurants and the US one is from Victoria & Albert's. Having eaten at V&A, the food and dining experience is on par with what you get there but for less money.

      The brunch is $50 with an optional $25 champagne pairing. I did the pairing and had a fabulous meal. Remy will accommodate food allergies, but I opted to take my Lactaid for my lactose intolerance in order to have the original experience. The chef did come and tell me that he could fix me dairy free versions of the food, but I opted not to. Unfortunately, everything at Remy includes dairy.

      The dinner is $75 with an optional $99 wine pairing. I also did the wine pairing, but be advised it is only a two ounce pour for each of five wines. To me, the champagne pairing was more worth it because you got four full glasses of champagne. A 15% gratuity is automatically added to brunch and dinner if you do the pairing. However, the tip for the waiter is not.

      I can't say enough about the food, service or atmosphere. I've done Palo many times and this far surpasses it.
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      Registered: January 2013
      Location: Maine
      Posts: 3
      Review Date: Sun January 20, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Amazing Food, Service and Presentation

      We elected for a later seating after enjoying a Couple's Choice Villa Treatment at Senses earlier in the day during the DVC Member Cruise 1/10-1/13/13. Remy's called to say an earlier seating was available due to cancellation and we were happy to accept (glad we did as this seating was approximately 3 hours of delight and wonderment). We each chose one of the dining options (American or French) and also the wine pairing experience. Nabil (our head server) and our sommelier (I apologize, but can't remember his name), were both fantastic. The food was just delightful. A full explanation of each course and each wine was very helpful. Rather than review each course, just do yourself a favor and try the Remy "Experience". In our view (both from a lengthy food and beverage and hospitality background), well worth the time and additional cost.
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      Registered: January 2010
      Location: centralia,washington state
      Posts: 18
      Review Date: Sun January 13, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Friendley waite staff
      Cons: didn't try the cheese course

      This was so worth the extra charge. I did the a la carte menu and the champagne cocktail was refreshing. I was seated in the private dining room and I had a window view. I didn't have the cheese course. I told the head waiter that I would like to be finished with dinner so that I could watch the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night football. I loved it when he explained to the servers that I wished to watch the match on the telly. He was from England. I was so spoiled from everyday meals. I didn't have the wine pairing because I had gotten a bottle of pink champagne in a gift basket. I do wish that I had tried the cheese course.
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      Registered: April 2012
      Posts: 8
      Review Date: Sat December 29, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Phenomenal service; awesome food
      Cons: None

      Our server choose our menu based on our likes/dislikes. It was the best meal we've ever had!!! We recommend paying the extra surcharge over Palo - see our Palo review. After 6 courses, we felt satisfied but not over full.
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      Registered: March 2011
      Posts: 12
      Review Date: Sat November 24, 2012 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 3 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Well executed
      Cons: Overpriced, no accomodation for changes

      My wife and I visited Remy October 6th on the Fantasy, and I must say I was very disappointed. I had large expectations, having enjoyed California Grill, Citrico's, Le Cellier, Narcoosee's, Jiko's and loved Flying Fish. However, I would choose Flying Fish every day and twice on Sundays over Remy. While the attention to detail was apparent, and it is a fine dining experience-- there are several people detailed to each table in varying capacities-- I can give good ratings on the service but the food.... was just not that enjoyable. Remy enjoys over twice the number of chefs than the normal dining rooms, and as such the presentation is excellent. My problem is that we had no options but to order from the menu. While you can mix and match from the two presentations, substitutions were politely declined. This resulted in much of our dinners remaining uneaten, something the waiter should have picked up on and asked about. Customization is something that any restaurant, especially Signature dining, should easily handle. However, despite the extra kitchen staff, this was frowned upon by our wait staff. At Remy's price point this is clearly unacceptable. The main dining room dinner, while prepared en masse, was great... and if you don't like it you can ASK FOR SOMETHING ELSE!

      We literally went to Luigis and ate pizza afterward- we were still hungry even after spending $150+tip above and beyond the cruise cost.

      While we can say we went, we have no interest in returning. We may try Palo, but advise all--- the service is there, and if you find the menu attractive, you probably will enjoy Remy. If you don't like it as is, I recommend you enjoy the fabulous regular dining rooms, save the money,and enjoy a dinner at one of WDW's signature restaurants.
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      Registered: January 2006
      Posts: 31
      Review Date: Tue August 28, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Food that was artwork, both in appearance and taste
      Cons: None as long as you are a bit adventurous in your eating

      We were the first table seated for the evening and the restaurant never got very full, so we got a lot of really special attention and had time to ask about the food and joke a bit with our servers and the sommelier.

      The food was exquisite! After having read other reviews, it would appear that the menu changes depending on what is available because some of the items mentioned, we didn't have. So, I won't describe each item. Just know that everything is prepared with the utmost care and love and served beautifully.

      We did the wine pairings (an additional $99/person) and enjoyed them very much, but it was probably more wine that I personally cared to drink. I would have been better off just purchasing a glass, maybe two.

      Food, setting, service, atmosphere was all perfect. Couldn't have had a nicer evening.

      One thing though, you have to look at the whole evening, not just as an expensive meal, but rather as a total "experience." If you just think about the food, it's probably not worth the cost. If you look at the experience as a whole, it is a reasonably priced evening of food, drink and "entertainment." We loved it!
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      Registered: January 2009
      Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
      Posts: 36
      Review Date: Tue May 29, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Party in my Mouth
      Cons: None

      My friend who highly recommended we do this said this;

      "think of eating as Remy as eating at Victoria and Alberts but with a 50% off coupon"

      Dead on description! LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS PLACE!!

      The food was insanely good! The Wagyu beef was just crazy delicious. 4.5 hours later we had reached food nirvana.

      The service was just as insane as our waiter upon seeing me excuse myself to the rest room raced to pull my chair out and escort me ALL the way to the restroom door.

      Sounds weird BUT it allowed them to allow no gaps in the exceptional service they were providing. Very professional.

      I think I would only do Remy on a 7 Night as 4.5 hours on a 3/4 day would take up a large portion of a your night.
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