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    • Alson

      Registered: June 2017
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Thu June 8, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 0 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good food, enjoyable show
      Cons: None

      We had never done this show and I wanted to try it. Called Disney dining and got a table that night, Saturday for 4, category 2. We had the 8:15 time slot and I was worried because it drizzled rain all afternoon and was still raining when we got there but all the seating is covered so no worries. My 3 daughters enjoyed the show and the meal as did I. Out server was attentive and took great care of us. We would do this again. No complaints.
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      Registered: August 2006
      Location: Connecticut
      Posts: 69
      Review Date: Mon May 29, 2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Everything
      Cons: n

      I have to say I was nervous after reading the reviews about attending this. So glad we decided to do it. It had been quite a few years since we saw the show and since we had a couple of people with us who had never been, we booked it. We were here on May 19th and it was one of the highlights of our trip. The show was good and the food was delicious.The noodle salad,tossed salad and fresh pineapple were wonderful. The rolls were good. The ribs were tender and fell off the bones. The sauce just right. The pulled pork was tasty and the chicken was juicy. Our server was very attentive and our glasses of sangria were never empty. He even made sure we had enough at last call. Everyone enjoyed the evening. I am so glad we took a chance.
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      Registered: December 2016
      Posts: 1
      Review Date: Thu December 29, 2016 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 2 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): fire dancer
      Cons: bad food bad first half of show

      I experienced this show as a child back in the 1980's and it was wonderful along with the food being great. I took my kids on November 9, 2016 and it was awful. The ribs were boneless globs of fat and the rest of the food wasn't much better. The dessert was obviously thawed from frozen and even my kids would't eat it and they are not picky about sweet stuff. Our category 3 seating wasn't bad but considering I made or reservation 180 days out it would have been nice to have been at the front of the category 3 area instead of in the very back next to a bathroom. Now the show, the entire first half of the show was not even watched by the audience. I felt terrible for the actors because the audience was talking the entire time. The story was silly and kind of an insult to real Polynesian luaus. Finally after dinner was over they did some traditional dancing and the fire dancer which were great but by then it was too little too late. If they had just served even a mediocre dinner and then done the second half of the show I would have been happy but we will never go back to this. Do yourself a favor and skip this and do Hoop De Doo instead. That is a show that after many years does not dissapoint.
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      Registered: October 2012
      Posts: 14
      Review Date: Thu October 20, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Amount of food, the show and the view for watching
      Cons: Change in ribs

      On Tuesday October 11, 2016 my family of three and another of four sat down for what we had come to expect was a good show and food.

      I am not one to complain but per our waiter a couple days prior the ribs were changed from on bone to off. We had five plates of ribs. Each rib was half fat. The waiter said he could not do anything about it. Very disappointed about the lack of quality rib meat and the waiter's attitude. So were others at other tables. We all compensated by eating the other items, we did not leave hungry.

      The show was good as usual. We will go back. One time does not spoil years of experiences.
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      Registered: November 2015
      Posts: 4
      Review Date: Thu November 12, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Lots of food, great entertainment
      Cons: Close seating

      We had a party of 4 and booked this last minute so we were in the category 3 seating. We sat more on the side but still able to see the stage clearly. They had the performers spread out on the stage so there really is not a bad place to sit. We were also right by the big fans which was nice because it was unseasonably hot.

      The food was good although it would have been nice to have some butter to go with the rolls. There was also not salt or pepper on the table (not that we needed it because the food was seasoned well). The portions were large and our waiter brought us over plenty of extra food. Our drinks were also refreshed any time we were half way done with them which was nice.

      Overall, this was a fun experience to try but I don't think we will revisit.
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      Registered: May 2008
      Posts: 2
      Review Date: Mon August 24, 2015 Would you recommend the product? No | | Rating: 1 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros):
      Cons: bad service, undercooked food, tight seating, bad views

      I am usually the one to go out my way to post positive reviews, especially at Disney where there are so many excellent experiences to enjoy. Sadly, Spirit of Aloha is literally the worst food and entertainment experience we have ever had at a Disney property, hands down. Weak story, terrible acting, our food was flavorless and even undercooked (chicken! dangerous), the servers were surly and unhelpful. A wine glass got dropped by my feet (open toe sandals) and the server who saw it happen didn't even clean it up. I got down under the table to pick up the largest pieces and brush the glass off my toes. Though the drinks are supposedly bottomless, I couldn't get a refill on my wine to save my life. Also of note: we were Cat 1 and actually got good seats, but there are many highly obstructed views throughout the venue.

      Everyone around us was looking bewildered by the bad service, and we heard lots of people grumbling on the way out. It was SO un-Disney, and since our experiences are pretty universally amazing in every way at WDW, this was a sharp contrast. I went with my husband and sister, and we all use it as a comparison for terrible things to this day 'Well it was bad, but was it Spirit of Aloha bad?' Haha! When I got back from the trip, I read reviews I hadn't taken the time to read before I went. I am surprised by the number of positive reviews here, because elsewhere there is an abundance of negative reviews which warn people not to waste their time and money. I completely concur and wish I had read those warnings. Sad

      IF you have ANY chance to change your plans, Hoop Dee Doo Revue is THE BEST. It is literally the longest running dinner show in America, and it has run this long for a reason: it is a great show, delicious food, impeccable and fun service. Several of the servers who work there have been working that show for all 40 years, in fact. We got to chat with two of them on our trip. They said the turnover at the show is very low because everyone loves their job there, loves the show, and it's like a big family barbecue every night. But I will save my gushing on that for a review on HDD itself.

      Anyway, bottom line: this show is disappointing in the extreme. Save your money and time.
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      Registered: August 2008
      Location: Palm Coast, FL
      Posts: 20
      Review Date: Thu August 6, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Generous quantities of food, good service
      Cons: Show was very long

      Husband and I attended the 8pm show on 7/29 in the category 1 section. We were a party of 2 and we were served the same amount of food as the party of 4 next to us. Our drinks were refilled often and server was present throughout the meal to make sure we were well taken care of. Enjoyed the interactive parts of the show where the audience was invited to come up and dance for birthdays/anniversaries etc. Also enjoyed the fire twirler- highlight of the show. We would probably not bring our young children as the show was over 2 hours long, but would definitely return for a date night without kids.
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      Registered: June 2012
      Location: Peoria, IL
      Posts: 10
      Review Date: Fri June 26, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Good entertainment, plenty of food

      We had great service and enjoyed the family-style serving of the food. Our server made sure our drinks were always refilled along with the food. We booked a few weeks prior so we didn't have a choice of the seating section to the very back and right of the stage. The columns often blocked our view of the show. Our favorite part was the fire twirler of course. He was amazing! It was nice to see the show once, but I don't know that I'd do it again.
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      Registered: June 2007
      Location: SOUTH CAROLINA
      Posts: 12
      Review Date: Thu June 11, 2015 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 5 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): member participation
      Cons: food quality,price,viewing from my seat

      We had done the lua many years ago and wanted to try it again.I pad extra to sit in section #1 so i could see better since i am short.We got sat at the far end of section #1 behind a pole that holds up the roof and guess what i only could see one section of the show.The entertainers seem to stay right in the center and focus on that area ,bot on both sides like alot of shows do.The food was just ok.The salad appetizer was the best part,but our pineapple was not ripe and very hard and tasteless.The entree was served family style and was hot.it looked better than it tasted though.The sangrias were good ,but came in very small glasses.the show was ok,but my missed some of the older comical stuff they use to put in there.There was one dancer that seemed to be dancing a little too provacative for my taste but it wasn't outrageously done.Our server did good,but seemed to be focused more on another section of our table and i had to flag him down to get attention.All in all,it was an ok show,but probably want do it again.
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      Registered: January 2008
      Location: Refton PA
      Posts: 55
      Review Date: Sun August 31, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): surroundings - beautiful gardens
      Cons: not being able to see

      large party of 14 - had tables in wonderland - got a discount for the second show. we were on the top level - seating 3 - I didn't have a problem seeing and I was the last one seated at back of table all the way in the back, the last seat. others in my party complained they couldn't see. I wasn't disappointed in the food or show, just upset that my family didn't enjoy it for the amount of money I paid. I should have gotten down front but it would have cost me an additional $200. I did enjoy Ohana's more. we did that last year. Nice to try once. The fire dancer did a great job and it was nice seeing the different dances from other islands. I enjoyed eating outside even though it poured, we did not get wet and there was a delay in the show. I did feel like I was on the island.
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      Registered: April 2007
      Location: Peterborough, NH
      Posts: 75
      Review Date: Wed June 25, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 9 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Lots of food, fun show
      Cons: not the best dessert

      We enjoyed the later show, which wasn't very crowded. The food was plentiful and very tasty. This isn't gourmet food, but it's well prepared. The servers were fantastic. The show is a good family friendly show with some audience participation. I felt bad for the performers because their small audience was more interested in their food than the audience participation.
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      Registered: April 2009
      Posts: 13
      Review Date: Mon April 7, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): show
      Cons: none

      I read some reviews that the show was cheesy, but I thought the show and food was good. The food was served family style there was plenty of food and the dessert was very good. I would recommend to do the dinner show at least once especially if you are on the dining plan.
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      Registered: July 2013
      Posts: 6
      Review Date: Sun September 1, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 8 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): Show esp. Fire Dancer
      Cons: Food

      We attended the late show on 24 August 2013. This was the first time we attended this dinner show. The food was not bad but just not spectacular. My son enjoyed the chicken but there are other menu options for children who do not like the main menu. The show was good, family entertainment. There was just enough audience participation. The fire dancer was great and well worth seeing. I would definitely go to this dinner show again.
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      Registered: August 2013
      Posts: 17
      Review Date: Sun August 11, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 10 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): fire dancer, in show, fun, romantic time for couples
      Cons: none

      We attended this dinner show the last night at the park. It was a great distraction to the woes were had that we had to leave! Ha! Book this show for one reason and two words: FIRE DANCER. Enough said. : )
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      Registered: July 2010
      Posts: 53
      Review Date: Sat August 3, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | | Rating: 7 

      Positive aspects of the product (pros): The show
      Cons: Food

      I finally saw this show recently while at WDW after having it on my bucket list for a while. Unfortunately, I didn't think the show lived up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, the show is fun. Unfortunately, because I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center while I was in Oahu last year, the traditional dances were versions of ones I had seen there. I have never really liked luau food, so I wasn't there for that. Of the dancers, the fire dancer was phenomenal!

      If you've never been to Hawaii, this is a great show. If you have, you won't see many new things.
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