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      Ok, so I am a very paranoid and worrisome doggy parent. My two dogs, Lilo and Tito, are over 7 years old and have only ever been caged when they were spayed/neutered and recently when they had some teeth removed. So I was very nervous when I had no one to watch them on one of our multiple WDW trips and we had to reserve at Best Friends for the first time.

      I was nervous because of how they would act, but was confident in the company and having the "Disney reputation" we've all come to know and appreciate. Anyway, the drive up from Miami was good and the dogs were ok. We checked in after 11 pm and that is the one time I encountered a less-than-friendly employee. I guess it was the late hour? But her two co-workers there with her were just fine. We brought toys, their food, treats, and signed a waiver in order for them to have blankets.

      My first moment of worry was when Lilo and Tito had to be dragged and then the CM came and asked me to go out to their indoor/outdoor kennel to fix Tito's collar because it came off and he wouldn't let anyone near him. This is when I realized how small these cages were. For both Lilo and Tito, their bed, and the toys, I found it uncomfortably small. I wish I had gotten a vacation villa but none was available.

      Next day I call to see how they are. Turns out from 11pm to 4pm the next day, they haven't eaten nor have they used the bathroom (even though the outdoor run is open a few times a day). Of course, they were nervous. We set out to visit them and reluctantly took them into the doggy park. I didn't expect for them to take to it so well but they did, running back and forth to us, drinking water, using the bathroom, etc. I definitely felt better and they didn't need to be dragged off at the end of the visit. The next day, the girl told me they ate a little but again no potty. We stayed longer and both dogs did a lot. I even requested their food and treats and both dogs ate like champs.

      Memorial Day we picked them up and they made the trip home fine. For their first time, it was better than I expected. I would prefer paying for a vacation villa, but it's ok if all that was available was an indoor/outdoor run. I just hope next time they are better adjusted. Guess their timidity didn't warrant any pics or postings on Facebook about them *shrug*

      I do recommend this. I prefer having someone come and take them out and feed them, but as a last resort I like the convenience of having them near us.
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