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      The idea behind MDE is sound. Give people control of their entire vacation at their fingertips.

      The implementation is horrendous. I'll give you two examples, but I could go one for pages about this terrible product.

      I took a couple to Disney, friends that I hardly get to spend time with. They had never been to WDW and knew nothing about it, so I was the person in charge of planning (before MDE, I used to enjoy the planning; now it's become a chore). When I booked the rooms, I was told that I had to give them the names of the people staying in each room. My warning bells were going off, so I asked if I could still make changes to the reservations once I did this. I was assured that I could. When I later called back to alter the reservation, I was told that the second room was reserved in the name of the other couple, and I couldn't change it. I explained that not only had I made the reservation but also that I had paid for it. No matter, this reservation was not mine to change. On the third attempt I was told that I could change "their" reservation is I could supply his address, phone number, or social security number. Problem is, I was working in Saudi Arabia at the time, and I didn't want to leave anyone else's personal data around unsecured, so I didn't have it available.

      Flash forward, to when I'm planning another trip with my girlfriend. I noticed that the couple mentioned above were still on my MDE account. I tried to delete them...but I couldn't. I called Disney, and I was told that once I've added someone to my MDE account, they're they forever. I told them that when I wanted to make FastPass reservations for the upcoming trip I didn't want to be slowed by by having to deselect this couple. Tough; I've added them to my account, and that's final. I did finally get them removed, but it took four phone calls, plus the approval of the CEO apparently, to accomplish this.

      And that's really my beef. This system is supposed to give the user control of the vacation, but what it really does is consolidate control of the vacation with Disney. They get all your information, and lots of benefits that go along with that, and I was willing to give them this information in exchange for flexibility and ease of use. MDE is neither flexible no easy to use.
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