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      Last Review Posted Bay Lake Tower (Disney Vacation Club)
      I wish there was a conditional recommend feature on these reviews - here's how I'd recommend truly:
      DVC: Yes, if you don't like heavily themed resorts
      Cash: No

      We usually stay at the GF, but with the construction, pool closures, and general goings on over there, we decided to branch out. We were going to stay in the Contemporary (and did for one night, but more on that later), but decided to give BLT a try since we're considering going DVC in the future. Our stay was from 10/24-10/30/12.

      Parking: If you want to valet your car, this isn't the resort for you as it's not offered except over at the Contemporary. We always valet, but to be honest - it's not necessary at BLT, which is super nice. We always found a close, convenient parking space whenever we used our vehicle.

      Check in: The process was a breeze - there was a short line at the desk, but instead of having to wait, a CM with an iPad approached me, asking if I was me - a very personal, nice way to be welcomed to our vacation. She (like all the front desk staff we interacted with) was helpful and friendly, and our room was ready at 11am, always a lovely thing! Oh - if you want bell services though, you need to check in at the Contemporary or ask them to send someone over. We didn't bother with that wait.

      Room/Resort: After reading the reviews, I was expecting to see run down furniture and accents all over the place - that wasn't the case at all. Granted, I did notice some wear and tear, but only because I was on the look out for it - but it wasn't what I would consider outside the acceptable limits for any resort. We got a chance to go through our friend's 1 bedroom villa as well, and theirs was in the same good condition. The only real issues were a) the bridge doors, which were broken in some way every day, b) when it rains, the downstairs seems to have numerous leaks, and c) in between/in the elevators there's a surface that you can (not intentionally) write on with fingers. It just looks terrible, and everyone writes on it/draws on it.

      We had a studio - please, please listen to all the reviews when they say that if there's more than two of you in the room it's too small. We had two adults, a 4 and a 2 year old, and it felt super cramped. We were always in each other's way, and even with the couch put away it just wasn't somewhere to hang out in any more than necessary. The balcony was nice, but small and cramped with uncomfortable furniture.

      The pool area is beautiful and uncrowded - we had some cold weather so unfortunately we weren't able to go but once, but it was a great time. Since we had friends who were DVC there in another room, we were able to watch Hallowishes from Top of the World. Perimeter Fireworks up there are not to be missed!! The staff at the bar was not quite what I'd consider Disney, as they weren't really all that friendly and seemed generally annoyed to be there.

      Staff: As a cash guest, we definitely felt the difference. The fact that you're paying money to stay in this resort, but you can't go to the Top of the World lounge because you're not DVC? Of course they CAN do it, but if I'm paying a premium to stay there, I should be able to use all of the amenities. Also, community hall - a great , if underhyped - area where kids can unwind, do arts and crafts, and play video games - also lets you rent movies. Free for DVC, $5 for cash guests. Seriously? There were a lot of opportunities like this where they could sell this resort to cash guests, but instead of positioning things to encourage future DVC purchases (talk about how rare it is to get a cash room, in the future probably only DVC in there, something!) they really made you feel like less of a guest.

      Other than these issues, housekeeping was wonderful as a cash guest, and everyone was nice as could be.

      Location: Compared to other resorts, the walk to quick service/drinks in the Contemporary was super quick. The walk to the MK was a huge plus as well, but our family found that we missed our frequent monorail rides. If you like the Monorail, you might find yourself missing it a lot staying here.

      One other thing - we had to stay an extra day since our train was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, and Disney was great about getting us another room. However, we weren't able to stay in our BLT room, and were moved to the Contemporary Tower (which was awesome) - they must not have hurricane rates at BLT though, but didn't say. We could see our old room, and no one checked in. Sort of a pain to have to move for just one day. One more cash guest 'perk'!

      Overall, we enjoyed our stay - but nothing was added to it - at the Bay Lake Tower resort. We found no Disney Magic there however, and won't be returning.
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