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      Last Review Posted Chef Mickey's Dinner
      I booked a reservation at Chef mickeys at the Contemporary.

      I showed up 15 minutes prior to be reservation and ended up waiting for 30 an hour after the reservation time.

      I had done character meals before at Cinderella's Royal Table and Akershus at Epcot. Both of those had a picture with Cinderella or Belle included. The actual Princesses, not statues. here I was ushered to a statue of Chef Mickey for a picture I was charged $35 for on top of the cost of the meal.

      When I made the reservation and when I checked in I made one simple request. i love the monorail. I really love the fact that it travels INSIDE the Contemporary so i requested a table with a view of the Monorail. Instead I was put in the corner near the bathrooms.

      I'll touch on the food first. It was standard buffet fare. Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, salad, etc. My server said there was Prime Rib at the carving station. I get there and it is Roast Beef. The fact that they both come from a cow is the only similarity between the two.

      The dessert station consisted of the cheap ice cream that melts quickly, a variety of toppings including Recees Pieces, nuts, and chocolate and strawberry syrup. Also there were brownies there were very rich and delicious, tiny cheesecakes which had no taste, and small cupcakes that were barely one bite. I've seen a better selection at my local Golden Coral.

      5 characters in total visit you while you eat. Well, 5 characters in theory. Chef Mickey was the first to visit put only stayed long enough for a picture before leaving. Waitress Minnie was the same way. Only stayed long enough for a picture. Chef Goofy was the only good interaction as he took time to motion he liked my trademark fantasia style hat and lanyard full of Princess pins and staying for 2 pictures. Chef Donald passed my up. I had to ask my server to get him to come back for a picture. Chef Pluto merely high fived me on his way past. i asked my server to ask him to come back for a picture. I waited...and waited...and waited but he never returned. I ended up leaving without a picture with Pluto.

      Every 20 minutes or so was "dance party" consisting of the characters swinging napkins over there heads. A slap in the face from the tear inducing Wishing Ceremony at CRT or the super cute princess Parade at Akershus.

      Also the music in the background were pop versions of classic Disney songs which i did not like. Why mess like classics? But that's just me.

      I had better food at home. I had better character interactions at the parks which added to everything in the parks is the better value. I won't be returning to Chef Mickey's. I don't think you should go there either.
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