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      It had been about a year since I used Magical Express because I rented a car the last two trips I took.

      The DVC owner I rented points from was nice enough to call and ask them to send me extra yellow tags because this was an extra long trip with multiple destinations and I simply needed more than one bag! They did so in plenty of time.

      We tagged our luggage at the Buffalo airport and off we went. Found the ME location with no trouble (so much closer coming from the JetBlue gates than the Southwest gates!) and they waved us into the line. We did wait for about 10 minutes before boarding the bus and then sat on it for another 10 minutes before we were on our way!

      I enjoyed that they played the tilt shift park videos on the ride, as I adore them. It took us about 45 minutes to arrive at our resort, Saratoga Springs, because first we stopped at both Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside, then Old Key West, and finally SSR. Still arrived at our room right before 2pm.

      When we checked out, we had no problems with the airline check in. The bus was scheduled to pick us up at 2:50pm, I think, and our flight was at 5:45. Plenty of time. There were people on the bus already and it was a few minutes late...but then it made the very odd trek to Coronado Springs, totally on the other side of the property so that definitely added a lot of time.

      When we arrived at the airport there were some new policies that I am still confused about. They no longer drop off at terminals A & B, but B only. Then, they won't let you off the bus until the driver has unloaded all the luggage for "safety purposes". That makes no sense to me and has never been a thing in the eight years I've been using this service!

      There was a rather irate group of adults who were all up in the CMs face (she boarded the bus to tell us where we were and what was going on while the driver was unloading). They were outraged because their flight was going to begin boarding in 45 minutes and the bus took so long and they almost rushed the driver before she closed the door so they could not get off (as they were supposed to be waiting).

      I don't even know if that's coherent but they were rude. Disney schedules your pickup for about 3 hours before your flight. For them to be leaving in 1 hour (boarding in 45 minutes) that means they had to be on the bus for over two hours and I find that very difficult to believe. It was crazy.

      Thankfully the CM handled them very well and my friend and I apologized for this group's behavior and said it was certainly not her fault. So just be aware of these new changes to airport return policies.
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