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      I dined here with a friend on 8/18. This was the one reservation my friend requested, but when I had to switch the dates of my trip, the only time available was 9pm. Since we were staying at the Grand Floridian, we hopped on the monorail around 8:30, just in case there were breakdowns or resets. Thankfully there were no problems at all and we were checking in to the restaurant by 8:45. There was only one other family ahead of us in line for photos, and ours turned out very cute. They were linked automatically, but somehow we also ended up with the photos of the five families ahead of us!

      It was just a few more minutes before we were seated. Jessica was our server, one of the three that I actually remember from this trip, because she was excellent. Goofy came around almost immediately and was happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.

      I started out with caesar salad, fruit salad, focaccia bread, and corn bread. All good but nothing special. My friend was brave and tried the halibut, which we think was served on a bed of red quinoa. He said it was very good.

      Pluto and Minnie came around next, within 20 minutes of us being seated.

      The next plate I had consisted of grilled kielbasa and pierogies, corn dog nuggets, Mickeyroni and cheese, and two types of dinner rolls. The Mickeyroni looked good, but lacked any flavor. I understand that they're trying to make it a healthy kid's option, but it definitely could have used some salt. I also prefer my kielbasa boiled, not grilled, but that's personal preference. Everything else was good.

      Donald skipped us somehow, we had some fun waving our napkins, and then Mickey took photos with us, about 40 minutes after arrival.

      My last plate was mashed potatoes, roast beef, and another roll. It was all great, though the beef was a bit more fatty than I'm used to.

      We were on to desserts before Donald came by. Normally I love sweet treats, but these left a lot to be desired. The mini cheesecake was fine, the mini blue "Frozen" themed cupcake had no taste at all, the key lime tart was too tart for me, the Mickey Mousse dome was okay but the Oreo on the bottom was soggy, and the best of the lot was the Banana Cream Tart. They also offer soft serve ice cream at two dispensers, but they were both running out. One had the entire vanilla handle broken off, so it was only giving out chocolate. The other was just out of the chocolate, so you could only get vanilla. There were caramel and chocolate sauces, as well as candy toppings like gummy bears, Reese's pieces, and M&Ms. The problem was that there's no way to fit the bowl under the dispensers, so our solution was to put the candies on a plate and then pour them onto the ice cream.

      Donald didn't make his way back to us until 9:50pm. And then, he took a picture with just my friend and hurried off to the next table. We had to call him back to take a photo with me and sign my book!

      As we were waiting for the checks to be processed, about 15 minutes later, Donald came back again and took a selfie with my friend.

      A bit of a lengthy meal, and definitely not a gourmet one, but if you come in with reasonable expectations, you'll have fun and won't leave hungry. I was also pleased that they had no problem giving us separate checks, since I was on the DDP and my friend was not.
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