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March 7, 2013

Who Is Team AllEars

by Michael Miller

Over the past year, I've been repeatedly asked about the team and who we are.....the following is a summary of some of the key points I've used in describing the team.....

Who are we? Team AllEars, over 100 strong.

Professionally we are a cross section. From teachers to students, engineers and sellers of ball bearings, administrators, PhDs and an accountant (or two); consultants, podcasters and nurses by the bunch. Vets who are retired, school kids, bankers, homemakers and even a cartoonist. On and on our professions range and on paper we are diversified in our background, our training and our vocations. While we are a team, it is our individuality that united us.

Individually we are mothers, daughters, sisters. Fathers, sons, brothers. Grandparents, grandkids, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews. Significant others. And while we hold multiple roles in our family, mother to some, daughter to others, it’s our other roles that bring us here. Survivors, fighters and supporters of each. And sadly, tribute makers honoring those who could not be there, remembering friends and family alike. Keeping their memories alive, for ourselves and for their families. In this we are all sharing a common purpose.

Our purpose is Active Remembrance. Active not in our thoughts, but by our actions. We walk, we run, we Galloway. We strive with each step to reclaim a sense of control for ourselves and for those who are impacted by Breast Cancer, by cancer, by any life changing malady. For the survivors and fighters it’s a chance to physically reclaim not just the body, but the spirit. And for the supporters and remembers we are doing it for those who can’t, a physical tribute to lay claim to the idea that with each step you are not forgotten. We do this with a determined goal.

Our goal was to raise money….and boy did we ever. $79,027, to be exact, for this year alone; and just under $225,000 since the team began. Though impressive, we don’t measure our success in dollars…..we measure it by impact. And what an impact we are having, roughly:

• 1200 meals for homebound breast cancer patients will be delivered
• 200 mammograms or bone scans for uninsured patients will be done
• 200 uninsured patients now have access to chemotherapy
• 100 people will have bloodwork to identify the best course of treatment for their breast cancer

While we don’t know the specifics of how our contributions are used, we do know that either through some subset of the mechanisms above, or in the funding of research that will spawn cures. By meeting our financial goals, we are not collecting dollars, we are impacting lives.

This is Team AllEars, 100 strong. A running team of professionals, of individuals, with a common purpose and a shared goal. We are “In It to End It” and our focus isn’t on winning the 5K, the Half or Even the Full (except for Eddie, he would like to win each) it is on winning the race to a cure.


March 13, 2013

Defining Success

By Christine Surh

After signing up for the WDW Half Marathon early last year, the only goal I could think about was finishing. I had done two half marathons previously with finish times of 4:05 and 4:01. I knew it would be a challenge to train to finish under 3:30. I signed up for local half in September to use as a gauge to see how I was doing. I trained all summer and finished the half in September in 3:39. It would have been even better except that at mile 8 I was hit with knee pain and had to slow to a walk for the rest of the race.

Because of my knee problems, I had to revise my training and worked out mainly on the elliptical during the week with a long distance walk on the weekends. There was still only one thing on my mind. Finish the half marathon.

Marathon weekend arrived and I was nervous to say the least. On top of not being able to train like I had planned, the weather was hot and humid. Humidity and I are not friends. I knew it was going to be rough but the only goal still in my mind was to finish.

I was lucky enough to be running with my mentor, Julie, who had been a constant source of support throughout all of my training. As we started it out, it didn’t take me long to realize this was going to be rough. By mile 3, I knew I was in trouble but kept going. We ran through the Magic Kingdom which seemed to go by pretty quickly but by the time we got out onto the highway in the blazing sun with the humidity, I was really struggling. By mile 8, I was just felt like I was done. I had no energy left. Julie was willing to stay with me but I couldn’t let her take the chance of not finishing so I sent her on ahead. I was not going to quit but I could not run anymore.

At that point, I made the decision to just keep moving and if they stopped me, so be it. Around mile 10.5, a woman on a bike started riding next to me to make sure I was ok. She asked if I had 2.5 more miles in me. I said I did but it wasn’t going to be fast. As we got to the mile 11 sign, another man on a bike told me that I was too far behind and I was going to be swept at that point.

So there it was. I didn’t finish. The only event that was going to make the weekend a success for me didn’t happen. But did that really make the weekend unsuccessful? Absolutely not!

Here are just a few of the many successes I experienced this weekend:
- I got to meet a great group of people who together raised over $78,000 for breast cancer
- I got to participate in the family fun 5K and have a great time
-I got to be in the Magic Kingdom to cheer on all the marathon runners
-I got to have an opportunity to challenge myself in difficult conditions and do the best I could do.

Would I have liked to have finished? Of course. Does not finishing make that event a failure in my life? I don’t think so. Will I be back next year to go for it again? You bet!!!

March 27, 2013

3...2...1....Launching Team AllEars 2014


Team AllEars Logo

It's that time of year again; spring...a time to start anew...or a time to start over.

For the members of Team AllEars that means it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work again as we launch Team AllEars 2014

The Origin of Team AllEars

The Team AllEars Running Team was founded in 2009 to motivate everyone into a healthier lifestyle via the activities of walking, jogging, and running. The team also had another goal in mind as well and that was to do more than just motivate people into adopting a healthier lifestyle. The goal was to serve others who were dealt a challenge...the challenge of dealing with breast cancer.

Team AllEars focused on increasing breast cancer awareness by raising funds for Deb Wills' Avon Walk for Breast Cancer .

Regarding launch of Team AllEars for 2014, Deb Wills expressed:

"Team All Ears has exceeded every expectation I could have ever imagined. Each year veteran and new runners join together to Run With Purpose - to get healthier and fight breast cancer. Together we can and do make a difference and since its inception, Team AllEars has raised over $220,000 in the fight against breast cancer and touched countless lives through awareness and fundraising. I look forward to this year being the best ever!"

A Family Strong

Every year during the annual Team AllEars Official Team meet at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, team members celebrate their accomplishments of not only completing their goal of finishing their target race for that weekend, but also on how much they have contributed to breast cancer awareness through various means of fundraising.

At the 2012 Team meeting Team AllEars Co-Captain Michelle Scribner-McLean used “family” as the proper word to define what Team AllEars has become over the years. Those words have rung true as this team, this family, continues to do things far above the expectations set when the team was first created.

Team AllEars has become well known in the runDisney world and at every runDisney sponsored race you will always hear runDisney race announcer Rudy Novotny pay tribute to the efforts of the team members and all they do. Novotny has been quoted as saying runDisney "...is better for having Team AllEars out on the roads. All of those that are touched and benefit from AllEars fundraising efforts surely appreciate the blessing you all bring more than you will ever know."

How Team AllEars Works

The members of Team AllEars commit to walking, jogging, or running in one of the various races held in January, during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. These races include a range; a 5K distance (3.1 miles), a 10K distance (6.2 miles), a half marathon (13.1 miles), and finally to a full marathon distance (26.2 miles).

Each team member commits to running "with purpose" and that means a commitment to raise $500 in funds for Deb Wills' Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Members are also asked to sign a liability waiver before becoming official members of the team. The team has fundraising experts who assist team members with ideas on fundraising events and, in fact, the entire team shares ideas in this area, which in turn aids towards the success of the team.

Mike Scopa, Co-Captain for Team AllEars, says of the membership, "These folks are tireless in their quest to help those who have been ravaged by this demon Cancer. We and all families have all been victims of this terrible disease and thus we work together to help the fight to snuff it out. I cannot express how proud and in awe I am by the devotion, the effort, and the labor of love each member gives year after year in this cause."

During Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend the team holds meets and its annual Illuminations dessert party to top off the weekend and celebrate their success.

Team AllEars has much more than runners. It has Team AllCheers who support the Team AllEars runners and their efforts by also attending the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and rooting them on.

Beyond the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January, team members join up throughout the year to run in other races around the country and to enjoy friendship and support.

The Fifth and Final Year for Team AllEars

Earlier this year honorary Team captain Deb Wills and co-captains Michelle Scribner-MacLean and Mike Scopa announced that this would be the final year for Team AllEars and that the goal is to have the best year yet. The call has gone out to have Team AllEars alumni come back and help the team go out with a rousing success.

Everyone who has and will be part of Team AllEars will take with them a legacy that will have them smiling and continuing with their own personal fight to help those who need help in the fight against breast cancer.

So the call has gone out...to our present members...to those who are coming back for one final year...and for those of you who have wanted to be part of Team AllEars and have said, "Maybe next year."

Well, next year is now. Cancer does not wait until next year...it strikes as soon as it can.

How to Join Team AllEars

Team AllEars 2014 has a limited number of open slots and we are offering these slots to those who would like to join the team.

For you to join the Team AllEars 2014 you must plan to register for at least one of the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend races.

Secondly, you are asked to commit to raising $500 or more to Deb Wills' Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, along the way raising breast cancer awareness as well.

Member Benefits

Team members will receive official AllEars® Running Team Newsletters that will feature special articles along with some tips and hints on preparing for the big race.

Team members will be encouraged and welcomed to contribute to the team newsletter with questions regarding training and to share their success stories in the team blog.

If you need help in the form of a coach the Team AllEars Mentor Program is ready to help you achieve your goal.

Team members are encouraged to participate in the private Team AllEars Facebook page (open to members only).

All team members will be invited to special team events during the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend.

If you would like to become a member of the Team AllEars Running team please send an email to Team AllEars Co-Captain Michelle Scribner-MacLean at michelle@teamallears.com.

This is your last chance to join Team AllEars and become part of an amazing group of individuals who Run with Purpose.

Lift off!

Team AllEars Logo

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