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The Night Before runDisney

By Michael P. Miller*

'twas the night before runDisney, when all thro' Jambo House,
Not a character was stirring, not even The Mouse;
The compression socks where hung on the balcony with care,
In the realization that the wakeup call was ever so near (*1);
The children were nestled on the pull out sofa beds,
While visions of Dole Whips and Mickey Ears danc'd in their heads,
And Mama in her running skirt and I in my wicking cap,
Had just settled our brains for a very short nap (*2) --
When out in the night arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
And tripped over the souvenirs on which I spent all my cash.

Peaked through the curtains and looked down below,
(as we had a Standard View that overlooked the front portico,)
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a line of people by a bus labeled “Mears,”
I knew in a moment I must have over slept,
And into my mind some panic now crept;
More rapid than I thought I could move at the time,
For in a minute I was to learn it was only Two Twenty-Nine (*3);
I called out for items, my Drinks, and my Gus,
My Team All Ears shirt, my shorts and my Shoes,
Through the room I moved like a man possessed,
So much so that I left the room partially dressed!
Down the stairs, ‘cross the lobby and out the front doors,
I got into line and waited... and waited.... and waited 'til Four (*4).


During this time my wife, she did purposefully come,
Apparently she realized she had time to prepare some.
She brought me my bib, my race bag and body glide,
The running bottle I always carry in a belt on my side,
And then on the bus all of us did load,
As finally to our race we are all sure to go.
Now dash away! No, Galloway! Galloway all!
Until Epcot Drive, where we slowed to a crawl!!
We waited in traffic, moving at a snail’s pace,
Eagerly trying to get to our race.


When we arrived at the lot, outside it was still dark (*5),
Got off the bus and trudged past the theme park.
“Bag Check,” “Reunion,” “Refreshments” said the signs,
Must be near the Start, so we sat on our behinds.
To conserve energy we thought we would rest,
But with DJs blaring, racers dancing, we were put to the test.
We saw Princesses, fairy wings, and even a Goofy,
And of course the lead characters from the new Disney movie.
People were entering the Runners Retreat (for which entry was sold),
A source of great debate about whether it’s worth all that gold.
We were searching for the spot where we’d line up to run,
When over the speakers came something most fun,
The song, Gangnam Style, to which we danced with a smile,
Until we were told to the race start was over a mile.

Another slog down a dark, winding path,
How far have we walked? I won’t do the math,
Finally, bright lights, blaring music and all the corrals,
Into which we were jammed with a thousand new pals.
Up ahead, out of sight, witty banter from someone I could not see,
Only later would I learn that was the famous Rudy Novotny.
As the clock counted down, the darkness still loomed (*6)
As I eagerly awaited the start guns’ big boom,
More jokes, more banter, they said “look at the running-short clad tooshes,”
‘cuz, on the big screen they were showing some men peeing in bushes.

From 10 down to 1, the big clock counted,
And blasts of horns, music and fireworks abounded.
But lest my excitement get my heart racing too high,
I remembered I was way back in Corral Letter I.
So again, and again this specter played out,
‘til finally it was our turn and we all let loose a shout.
And as we passed the Fab Five with a wave and a cheer,
My dreams of this day was finally here,
So whether it’s the Goofy, the Full, the Half or Family 5K,
There is only one thing left that I have to say…..
So a runDisney to all, and to all a good night,
For you see, we have 2 more hours ‘til we see any sun-light. (*7)


******with apologies to Clement Moore.

*1 we had a 2:30 wake up call
*2 seriously a 2:30 wake up call, seriously?
*3 outstanding, I am up before my wake up call
*4 AM.... as in Ahhhh Mother of God it's early
*5 who was the genius who thought to start a race this early
*6 for any other race I would be getting up at this time
*7 I mean really, this entire race is run on property….couldn’t we have started this at a reasonable hour?

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