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Join Team AllCheers!

Are you not quite ready to commit to running the Disney 5K/Half Marathon/Marathon but want to support Team AllEars and Deb Wills’ fight against Breast Cancer?

NEW in 2010, join Team AllCheers!
No pom pons required, just some spirit…

What is Team AllCheers?
• Comprised of family/friends of Team AllEars, members and friends of AllEars.net, and the Disney community, Team AllCheers members will support the Team AllEars runners while enjoying camaraderie and a common charitable goal.

Why should I join Team AllCheers?
• Attend marathon weekend and cheer with other Team AllCheers members during the races. It’s more fun to cheer with friends! Advice regarding Disney transportation, viewing locations etc will be provided. Team AllCheers will help you plan and navigate the busy weekend.
• Can’t make it to marathon weekend? Team AllCheers helps you support Team AllEars from home (instructions on following racers on line, sending good wishes etc)
• Team logowear will be available for purchase- Show your team spirit on marathon weekend and to support your favorite Team AllEars runners (details to follow).
• If you would like to raise money to help Deb Wills’ fight against Breast Cancer (support specific team members or raise money on behalf of Team AllCheers), pointers will be given through ongoing updates.
• Participate in discussions about supporting your friend/family during training (you know you live with someone training for the Disney marathon when…)
• If all this fun has given you the running bug too, now what? Advice for new runners as well.

How do I join Team AllCheers?
Joining Team AllCheers is simple! Join the Facebook Group by searching for Team AllCheers.
The Facebook Group will be filled with discussion groups and event updates.

What if I am not a Facebook member (and don’t intend to be), can I still join?
Yes, you are welcome to be part of Team AllCheers and will receive updates via email. The email updates will feature the highlights of the Facebook discussions. Join Team AllCheers by emailing allcheers@teamallears.com

What is required of me to be on Team AllCheers?
Being a member of Team AllCheers is a commitment of support. Promoting Team AllCheers both by “word of mouth” and through social networking sites helps promote both Team AllEars and their fundraising efforts. The more involved you are in Team AllCheers, the more fun you will have and the bigger impact you can make on the fight against Breast Cancer.

Questions? Email allcheers@teamallears.com

The Team AllCheers Facebook page is a family oriented page and welcomes all fans. Any post deemed to be inappropriate will be deleted.

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Helen Norlund:

Want to run in the Disney Half-Marathon but am mostly a fast walker not a runner. Want to support Deb Wills and the All Ears Team with support for Avon Walk. Need some help and advice for getting up to speed to possibly run and not walk this race....looking for anything that you can send my way to help me. Thanks...Helen


Hey Helen - Another Helen here!

Just saw your comment and I wonder if you've looked at any of the "couch to 5k" programs that are online? They give some hints at how to transition from walking to running.

Also, Jeff Galloway has some great information about how to use the run/walk method to complete half and full marathon distances.

Also - no harm in walking the full race either.

Good Luck!

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The previous post in this blog was Team AllEars 2011: Running with Purpose.

The next post in this blog is The Struggling 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

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