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February 22, 2010

February Afternoon in Epcot

I met up with Valerie, Hailey and Alex in the seating area behind the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion. Valerie is a very active Disney fan blogger, and her son and daughter like Disney, too! Hailey interviewed me about Hidden Mickeys for a school project. In the photo from the left is Valerie, me, Hailey and Alex.

Valerie, Steve, Hailey and Alex

Epcot had a good-sized crowd on this cool day in mid-February.

Spaceship 'Earth

My son and I are pictured in etchings on a stone block in front of Spaceship Earth. The photo was taken back when I still had hair!

Steve and Stephen Leave a Legacy

In the Project Tomorrow interactive area at the exit of Spaceship Earth, two sets of classic Mickey bubbles float by on the overhead blue screens. (Thanks to Tim Rachuba, rjf1423, and Frank Tonra, Jr.)

Project Tomorrow Hidden Mickey

I took the opportunity to check out a Hidden Mickey in the United Kingdom Pavilion. I'm worried this image may disappear some day, but it's been in place now for several years. On the right side of the inner street, a small Hidden Mickey is in the Crown & Crest Shoppe, inside a left rear cabinet post. You have to put your head inside the cabinet and look left to see it. A similar image behind the cash register nearby is not reliably present. (Thanks to Donna McMurrey).

United Kingdom Hidden Mickey

blue line

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Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

March 31, 2009

Meeting Disney Friends and a Hidden Mickey Double Take

I joined my sister Donna and a few friends recently at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Debbie and Randy are old friends of Donna's, and they came to Disney World for a short visit with their grandson Charlie.

Donna made her own travel plans without their knowledge and surprised them on their arrival day to Disney World! That's pixie dust for you!

We enjoyed Voyage of The Little Mermaid and then dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe. From left to right in the photo are Debbie, Charlie, Randy and Donna. (Notice the decorative Mickey on the red utensil holder near Donna.)

Dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe

Like many Disney veterans, I relish new experiences in the Land of Magic. Carol and Bob allowed me such an experience.

They escorted me through a side door of the Test Track pavilion and up a private elevator to a lounge area overlooking Future World. This lounge is for General Motors employees (such as Bob) and their families and guests. On one side are windows with views of parts of the Test Track ride, such as the vehicle entry into the environmental heat chamber.

On the opposite side of the lounge is an awesome overlook of the center of Future World. After relaxing for a while in the lounge, you receive a special pass to the ride. Another special elevator takes you down to the loading area for direct access to the ride vehicles. Makes you feel a bit special! Carol, Bob and their grandson Curtis are in the photo with Spaceship Earth in the background.

Carol, Bob and Grandson GM VIP Lounge

Marie and Bruce Daigneault and Matthew Clemons let me know about an interesting Hidden Mickey image in the Spaceship Earth ride.

As soon as you enter the large computer room, look to the right of your vehicle and find an orange mug on a desk. You'll see one side of a Mickey Mouse sticker on the mug. That's a good Hidden Mickey in itself, but here's the really cool part.

As you pass by this desk, look back to your right to the large mirror at the rear of the room. You can spot the full Mickey sticker on the mug! A Hidden Mickey times two! As you can see, it's difficult to get a decent photo of this Mickey. I think it's a terrific effect! Circles highlight the mug and its mirror image in the second photo.

Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey

Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey

March 13, 2008

An Early March Visit to Spaceship Earth

The weather in central Florida has been a bit cool lately. I've worn my windbreaker several times this winter already, but this day in Epcot did not quite require a jacket. It was a short sleeves day.

Early March is typically a great time to visit Walt Disney World, since the bulk of the Spring Break crowds hasn't materialized just yet.

In the early afternoon, I spotted fewer than ten guests in the walkway up to the entrance to Spaceship Earth, so I hopped in line for a minimal or no wait. As you may know, this attraction has been a work in progress for the last few months. I wanted to check out the most recent changes and look around inside for new Hidden Mickey images.

In the ride vehicles, each guest faces an interactive computer monitor. After some initial questions posed on the touch screen, your photograph is snapped. During your descent back to earth near the end of the ride, your smiling mug appears on the interactive touch screen as you make choices that determine your future. (This future choice addition is reminiscent of the retired Horizons pavilion.)

I want to ask for opinions about two images along the ride.

Kim Lamb reports: "on the right side of the ride vehicle, in the section with classic black and white movies playing, a chalkboard marquee has listings of upcoming features. One of the features is "The Band Concert", not an image of Mickey, but a reference to him." Does this qualify as a Hidden Mickey? (Yellow arrows were added to the photo).

Spaceship Earth Band Concert Marquee

Spaceship Earth Band Concert Marquee

Another image in the same section of the ride, across from the chalkboard marquee on the left side of the vehicle, is a radio announcer. His microphone flag has the letters "WDI". Tim Devine suggests that these letters are a tribute to Walt Disney Imagineering. It's a cool image, but I don't think this qualifies as a Hidden Mickey. Let me know if you disagree.

Spaceship Earth Radio Announcer

Spaceship Earth Radio Announcer

The exhibit area at the exit of Spaceship Earth has been remodeled several times recently. Now you can spot your face photo on a large overhead screen, and you can e-mail your photo to someone from one of several computer monitors that face the screen. (I didn't have a chance to try this out, but I believe that's what guests were doing at these monitors).

Anyway, this new overhead screen replaced other screens that contained a cool classic Hidden Mickey made of star clusters. Alas, this now Lost Hidden Mickey was short-lived indeed!

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Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

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