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February 14, 2016

Questionable Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the Wilderness Lodge

I'm debating on a few Hidden Images around Walt Disney World. What do you think about the ones below? Let's start in Fantasyland. This first image is in the women's restroom in the Tangled area. Three purple spots are at the lower right corner of a mural painted on the left wall as you enter the restroom. (You can actually spot this wall from outside the restroom, but I recommend that guys not stand and stare!) (Thanks to Lauren Schell, Lindsey Stephens, Jordyn Freiermuth, Martha Tischler, and Kelsey Knee).

Inside Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant, look for a design with a circle and two arcs that might form a classic Hidden Mickey. This design is repeated around the middle of a pillar at the rear of the last seating room to the right, near the exit to the restrooms. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

In Storybook Circus, stroll to the exit of the WDW Railroad Train Station and locate a pile of tubs, trash cans, and luggage. The lower of two silver trash cans sitting upright has some suspicious indentations near the top of the can? (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Over in Frontierland, depressions in the rock wall to the right of the entrance to the Briar Patch store might look like a classic Mickey. This image is difficult to photograph. (It's in the middle of the photo). (Thanks to Ryan Bachman).

Visit Morimoto Asia Restaurant in Disney Springs and scan the walls for this image. As you enter the restaurant, study the walls to your left. Three dark circles are painted high on a wall behind the right side of the drink bar. (Thanks to Linda Eckwerth).

Our final stop is the Wilderness Lodge Resort. A tall totem pole stands at the front middle of the long reservations counter on the right side of the main lobby. Under the beak of the bird at the top of the pole are black semicircles. Do they form an upside-down Mickey? (Thanks to Lizzie Cochran).

Enjoy the search!

December 19, 2010

Christmastime at the Wilderness Lodge

My wife Vickie and I joined Marc Lorenzo and other Walt Disney World Moms Panel members at the Wilderness Lodge Resort to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Vickie found a Hidden Mickey (and Minnie) ornament on the huge Christmas tree in the main lobby.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

This small ornament is on the side of the tree that faces the registration area.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Cast members point out three red ornament bulbs that resemble a classic (three-circle) Mickey. It's hanging on the side of the tree that faces the rear of the lobby.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

I took the opportunity to check on a few Hidden Mickeys near the Wilderness Lodge lobby. An awesome classic Mickey is still in place in the rear room of the Whispering Canyon Cafe. It's the third decorative cutout from the left corner in the lower grillwork of the fireplace. You have to bend low to see it!

Wilderness Lodge Resort

The tiny classic Mickey traced in cement hasn't been worn away in the front car entrance drive-through. It's in the black stripe nearest the center steps from the parking lot.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Several classic Mickeys are etched in the large entrance poles supporting the roof over the car entrance area. This Mickey image is on the left after you walk up the center steps from the parking lot. It's partially covered by the upper black metal band; you can see the head and the lower part of each ear of the three-circle Mickey.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Although seasonal Hidden Mickeys come and go, some Mickey images last a long time (thank goodness!)

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Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

June 25, 2007

I broke one of my own rules!

I had a day off work and, naturally, I wanted to spend the day at WDW looking for Hidden Mickeys! The day was really special because I had a dinner meeting with my publisher, Kelly Monaghan, at Raglan Road in Pleasure Island at 6 pm.

Carousel of Progress
I studied my file of Hidden Mickey posts that needed verifying and planned my day. I arrived to the Wilderness Lodge at about 1 pm and located a HM on the lamps on the upper floors. (It's a good one; I think it's the same lamp cover that's in the Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach.) I took a boat to the Magic Kingdom. There might be a decent tiny classic Mickey on the moon to your left on Peter Pan's Flight. But the FASTPASS return time was already after 5:30 pm.

So I headed over to the Carousel of Progress. Someone thought one of the Grandmas had a Mickey-shaped broach; I'll have to study my photos on that one. I walked over to the Contemporary Resort to get a cappuccino at the small coffee bar on the lobby level (as it turned out, a big mistake!).

Photo of Minnie Moo

I hopped a boat to Fort Wilderness. Someone thought that a few of the horses or ponies at the Tri-Circle D Ranch had classic Mickeys shaved into their coats. I didn't find any, and a cast member there told me they haven't maintained those Hidden Mickeys for a while.

It was after 5 pm by now, so I decided to walk the trail from FW to the Wilderness Lodge. Actually I walked and jogged the trail so I wouldn't be late to Raglan Road.

There's a common thread here that I haven't mentioned. It was a hot day. I was zipping around nonstop like I normally do when I'm on a mission to find HM's. I know where every water fountain is at WDW, and I usually stop frequently to drink. Today, I broke that rule. I didn't drink nearly enough.

By the time I walked up to Raglan Road, I was feeling lightheaded and queasy. I couldn't eat any food or even keep down liquids. I would have to excuse myself to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. Thankfully, Kelly was understanding. I returned to my car, slept about 90 minutes in my back seat, then somehow made the 40 minute drive home. I was able to put ice cubes in my mouth and begin to rehydrate myself.

I'm an ER doctor, and I frequently treat patients in Florida with heat exhaustion! I should know better! Anyway, this experience will stay with me a long time. When at WDW, drink before you're thirsty! (And cappuccino is not a thirst-quencher).

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Steve maintains a Catalog of Hidden Mickeys on the Hidden Mickeys Guide.

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