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June 7, 2018

Possible Hidden Mickeys at Disney's All-Star Resorts

Consider the following images. Some may qualify more than others as bona fide Hidden Mickeys.

At Disney's All-Star Music Resort, walk to the Country Fair Section to find this blue Mickey image. It's in a repeated decoration on the outer railings of the balcony walkways. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki.)

Inside the gift shop of Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, a few decorative colorful movie reels can be seen high up along the walls. A definite classic Mickey hole sits in the center of this red movie reel. Is it Hidden or Decorative? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison.)

While wandering the grounds of the All-Star Movies Resort, check out the inside ceiling of The Reel Spot, a small enclosed room for events outside near the Food Court. Holes of different sizes are in the ceiling design. Any classic Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Toni-Lynn Miles.)

Keep strolling to Andy's Room at the All-Star Movies Resort. Classic Hidden Mickeys are inside the checkers strewn about on the ground, but do these three checkers arranged together form a classic Hidden Mickey? They're at the feet of a huge Buzz Lightyear. The center red checker appears to be slightly larger than the two outer "ears." (Thanks to Elton Hughes and Jill Sullivan.)

Keep searching!

June 4, 2018

More Questionable Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Take a look at the following images. Some seem closer than others to qualifying as Hidden Mickeys.

In Disney's Animal Kingdom, as you enter Pandora - The World of Avatar from Discovery Island, search along the right side of the walkway for these circular splotches on the lower side of a lamppost. You'll encounter them after the walkway splits, and you curve to the right. The image faces you as you approach the pole. Do the splotches in the middle form a sideways classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Max Weitkamp).

Along the entrance queue of "Na'vi River Journey" in Pandora, glance up at one or more of these light fixtures. From certain vantage points, the center large bulb seems to line up with smaller bulbs into a Mickey image, or does it? (Thanks to Sharon Smith).

At Winter Summerland, you'll walk past this blue and yellow gift box at the 16th (and 17th) hole of the Winter Course. Do you see a yellow Hidden Mickey on the top of the box (a yellow candy glob in the middle with two yellow suns for "ears"). (Thanks to Lindsey Stephens).

At Disney's All-Star Sports Resort, inside a display case on the wall to the right of the entrance to the Sport Goofy gift shop, some Mickey images are drawn on the front of a cereal box. An obvious classic Mickey is above the "S" in "CHAMPS," but notice the small black Mickey shapes at the bottom of circles above the "CH." For some reason, it's difficult to get a crisp photo through the covers of the display case and over the cereal box. Are there Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to James and Alana Girard).

This last image seems more decorative to me, but if anyone thinks that it qualifies as a Hidden Mickey, please let me know! It's on top of a candy rack at the rear of the gift shop at Disney's All-Star Music Resort. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

May 21, 2018

Questionable and Lost Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Have you walked through the MouseGear store in Epcot lately? You can spot several cool Hidden Mickeys outside and inside the store, but what about this image? These round gears of different sizes appear along the upper wall of the room nearest the entrance/exit doors that face World Showcase. Any Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Michael Scibetta).

As you know, new Hidden Mickeys materialize, and established ones are Lost, on a continual basis. I have learned to accept the fact that (sad to say) good images will go away from time to time - like the wonderful ones in The Great Movie Ride. Here's a few more Lost images:

The classic Mickey etched in cement in the walkway outside The Mara Restaurant at Jambo House, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, has been disfigured - probably because of landscaping work. You can make out the lower parts of the "head" and left "ear" in the middle of the photo, in the shadows.

The wall clock Hidden Mickey behind the counter at Leaping Horse Libations Bar at the BoardWalk Resort pool is no longer. The current clock contains no compelling Hidden Mickeys.

A small gold classic Mickey on the frame of a painting hanging on a wall just inside the entrance (nearest the elevators) to the Marketplace shop in the Beach Club Resort has disappeared. The painting was removed and a generic resort sign, without any Hidden Mickeys, now occupies the space.

April 18, 2018

Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Let's study a few more possible Hidden Mickey images. As you might expect, Pandora - The World of Avatar is replete with unusual design elements. For example, lanterns and light fixtures of various shapes and sizes hang along the Standby entrance queue of "Na'vi River Journey." At the lower part of the cover of the following fixture, some of the dark threads might have suggestive classic Mickey shapes? (Thanks to Ryan Ott).

On Discovery Island, to the right of Adventurers Outpost (as you face the building), walk up to a totem pole with carvings of animals. It stands behind a wood fence. On the lower section of the pole, small circles are grouped on the right side of an elephant's headdress. Do three of these circles join to form a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Mandy Gainey).

Just inside the main entrance to Tiffins Restaurant, a large relief map of the world is on the wall behind the check-in counter. Disney parks are represented by castles. This photo shows the U.S. parks.

This second photo shows the other parts of the world. Do these castles qualify as Hidden Images? (Thanks to Bill and Kari Middeke).

More Hidden Mickeys to come in 2018!

March 7, 2018

Hidden Mickeys at Disney Springs

New Disney venues bring new Hidden Mickeys (at least, that's my undying hope - which is not assured by any means). Thankfully, we've spotted a few new Hidden images as Disney Springs continues to expand.

Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar and Restaurant is an underground speak-easy retreat located between The Edison and Maria and Enzo's restaurants in The Landing. High on a wall along a corridor to the Hideaway, a black musical note is drawn as a tiny classic Hidden Mickey! (Thanks to Cast Member Jill).

In a display behind glass situated in a hallway near the lower level seating area for Maria and Enzo's restaurant, a white classic Hidden Mickey is stuck on the front middle of an airplane propeller.

Here's an area photo to help you locate the airplane. It's on the middle shelf of the display.

What about the carpet at the inside entrance to the AMC Disney Springs Theaters; do the yellow circles form classic Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Donald Torr).

A new Hidden Mickey is a beautiful thing!

January 20, 2018

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs

As the Disney Imagineers add new venues and remodel a few established ones in Disney Springs, we'll encounter new Hidden Mickeys (thank you, Disney!). Like this classic Mickey in the World of Disney store. On a ceiling panel at the middle rear of the Women's Apparel room, a black classic Mickey spot is on Jessie's pants, on her lower right leg. (Thanks to Matt Mellarkey.)

I wonder about a few images at the Tren-D store. A black marking on the left ear (our right) of a Dalmatian looks suspicious. Look for a group of Dalmatians on the top of a merchandise bureau at the right side of the store as you enter from the main promenade. The Dalmatian of interest is under a chair. Is that a classic Hidden Mickey on its ear? (Thanks to Allison Wyatt.)

Multiple fanciful paintings of Minnie Mouse can be spotted on the walls and support posts inside Tren-D. A few of her outfits sport Hidden Mickeys, but some of the Mickey images are decorative (too obvious to be hidden). Is this pink classic Mickey patch on Minnie's skirt hidden or decorative? (Thanks to Tim Skazick and The Skazick Family from the UK.)

The following image has survived recent refurbishments. It's now on columns at both sides of the counter inside the Disney PhotoPass Studio next to Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop. Is it hidden or decorative? (Thanks to Rocky May, James Massoni, Alexander McClintick, and Alena White.)

D-Luxe Burger is a fairly new eatery, near the Welcome Center, in The Landing at Disney Springs. As you enter, this image is in a display cabinet along the wall to your left. On a lower shelf, a white plate and two cups might form a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron.)

Enjoy the search!

January 10, 2018

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickeys appear and disappear - that's the nature of the game. I attempt to size up a new Hidden Mickey: will it last a while? or not? Hidden Mickeys not only disappear, but some wear out with time, whether from natural causes or from human interference. Furthermore, as you know, some new images need to be studied and debated.

Like this one. It's a sprinkle on a vanilla ice cream cone on the left side of the rear wall mural inside Ample Hills Creamery on the BoardWalk. Stare at the topmost dark sprinkle. Is it a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

I hope you had the chance to admire this Hidden Mickey in Zuri's Sweets Shop in Harambe, Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's a striped Mickey figurine high on a shelf inside the shop. He lasted long enough for me to include him in the recent edition of the Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys book.

Well, he's gone! Maybe he'll return, maybe not. I'll keep an eye out for him.

I mentioned before that some images wear out with time, whether from wind or rain, or from folks walking over them or rubbing them with their hands. This great image along the left side entrance queue of Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom is fading with time. It's above a faux fireplace on the right side of the queue. Catch it while you can! (A circle was added to the photo.)

Have a wonderful 2018!

August 16, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Various paintings hang on the walls in The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. This painting is on a rear wall to the right as you enter. Two sets of small circles on the front of this woman's dress suggest classic Mickeys. One group of circles is near and below her right hand. The other sets of circles repeat down the middle of her dress. Any Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Wayne and Angie Vaughn).

On the Living with the Land ride in Epcot, groups of bushes in the field to the right of the farmhouse on the left side of your boat might come together as classic Mickeys? (Thanks to Kelsey Knee).

When you board The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, look down over the left side of your clam shell and spot this image on the bottom platform of your vehicle. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to James Girard).

Large sets of gears, partially covered, are in the outside walls on both sides of the rear entrance (the doors facing toward World Showcase) to the MouseGear shop. This one seems to be a pretty good classic Mickey image to me. (Thanks to Kolding Rasmussen).

What about these circular stones in the ground? Find them in a painting on the first floor lobby of the Polynesian Village Resort, near the elevators. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Rebecca Friedman).

Long live Hidden Mickeys!

August 7, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

A black Mickey-shaped image is suspended in front of the left side of an upper-story window along the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in the room with women chasing men in circles to the left of your boat. I'm not sure what it is; maybe it's the end of a bar or pipe? I don't think a Mickey balloon would've been frozen in place - unchanged - for several years. (Thanks to Donna McMurrey).

Outside, along the exit walkway of Swiss Family Treehouse, is an isolated wooden chair with a basket of fruit in front of it. Do the green apples (or whatever the fruit is) form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Terry Berringer).

In front of The Barnstormer, a pile of cannonballs sits at the base of a cannon. A Hidden Mickey anywhere? (Thanks to Anthony Bartiromo).

Inside the Plaza Restaurant, a mirror hangs on the wall near the main entrance door. Is there a Hidden Mickey in the design, at the top of the mirror frame? (Thanks to Louise Lloyd).

Keep searching!

July 23, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I'm updating the Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys book, so I'm visiting frequently. I check out potential new Hidden Mickeys and verify if old ones are still in place. Here are some images that I'll add to the book.

This first Hidden Mickey has stayed around a while, thankfully. At America Gardens Theatre, classic Hidden Mickeys are stuck on both sides of the stage apron / forestage, near the short brick wall that borders the front of the main stage. (Thanks to James Hansen).

What do you think about this image at Typhoon Lagoon? It's in a painting on the right wall inside the Board Room, which is a shed on a small deck that faces the front of the surfing lagoon. Imprints in the middle of a sand dune resemble a classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Jonathan Hoyle).

Deb discovered this great Hidden Mickey (actually two Hidden Mickeys), and they've stuck around for a good while. Find them in Fort Wilderness, across the walkway in front of the Bike Barn in the Meadow Depot area. (Thanks to Deb Wills).

This image is subtle and difficult to photograph! A tiny classic Mickey is indented in the lower right leg of the first letter "A" in "Trattoria al Forno." These words are engraved on the wall behind the check-in counter for the restaurant. (Thanks to Areyna).

Inside the Intermission Food Court at Disney's All Star Music Resort, a painting of an animal orchestra, with Mickey conducting, is on the wall to the right as you enter the food order area. Classic Mickey notes are on three of the music sheets in the painting. Here's one of them. (Thanks to Riley Swanson, and Scott Trask).

Have fun with the search!

July 3, 2017

Possible Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Some of the following images come close - I think - to forming classic Hidden Mickeys. Of course, some collections of circles are more convincing than others. What do you think of these?

In Epcot, along the "Frozen Ever After" Standby queue, at one point you walk through Oaken's Tokens shop. Circular impressions on the fireplace might form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Samantha Ann).

Along the Standby queue of Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom, the bottom of a necklace in a display has circular elements that may suggest someone we know? (Thanks to Frankie DaSilva).

Many of us are scouring Animal Kingdom's Pandora for Hidden Images. What about these large circles on the ground not far from the entrance to "Avatar Flight of Passage" - a Hidden Mickey?

Inside the Welcome Center at The Landing in Disney Springs, a painting entitled "Expo 1950" hangs high on a rear wall. At the left side of the painting, three of the balloons in a cluster suggest a classic Mickey, or not? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

This next one looks convincing to me. Find it at the Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom. In the last scene, one of the final images you see to Mom's right as you rotate away is a small fruit basket with a blue ribbon on top. A tiny black classic Mickey is in the basket at the left side. (Thanks to Jack Lynch).

On with the Hunt!

June 26, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I'll begin with a few images from Disney's Animal Kingdom. We should find at least a few Hidden Mickeys in the new Pandora, right? How about this image? Look for these small indentations in the rock wall (in the middle of the photo) along the lower exit walkway from "Avatar Flight of Passage," near the floor on your left as you walk out. (Thanks to Brooke Boyd).

Just before you enter the Standby queue for "Expedition Everest," check out these round objects on top of a small table to the left of the entrance. A Hidden Mickey when viewed from above? (Thanks to Carlos).

At the water's edge of one of two seating areas for "Rivers of Light" (the one near "Finding Nemo - The Musical"), search for these rocks embedded in a short cement barrier. Are the rocks arranged to be a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to onthegoinmco).

In the waiting room of Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at Disney's Hollywood Studios, a small container on the lower shelf of a display bureau near the restrooms is painted with grapes. Any Hidden Mickeys in the cluster of grapes? (Thanks to Charles Tyner).

I've heard that the images of a Prince and Princess are hidden in the entrance queue wall mural at "Living with the Land" in Epcot. I've studied the various murals here for years. Have I finally found the two royals holding each other? (Thanks to Craig Canady).

May 1, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in Africa and Asia, Disney's Animal Kingdom

What with Pandora unfolding at Disney's Animal Kingdom, I spent the better part of a beautiful day recently scoping out the park for Hidden Mickeys. Like this one in Africa's Harambe Village: silver balls in a basket perched on a shelf high above street level might form Mickey ears? Look for this basket across from Tusker House Restaurant and between Mombasa Marketplace and Tamu Tamu Refreshments. (Thanks to Josh P.)

Rafiki's Planet Watch is home to many great Hidden Mickeys, and some questionable images. Is this a sideways classic Hidden Mickey - the black marks (ears?) to the left of the turtle's eye (head?) or black marking to the right of the eye (head?). Find the turtle near the upper part of the wall to the left as you walk through the main entrance doors to Conservation Station. (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

At the rear of Conservation Station, walk to the Puerto Rican Boa exhibit, which is just to the right of the Nutrition Center exhibit. Two potential Mickey images can be found here; one in the white circles in a band crossing the top of the display window. Any Hidden Mickeys here; maybe in the middle of the photo? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

And a second image made of tiny markings or holes in the bark of the lower tree trunk at the back right inside the Boa enclosure. What do you think? (Thanks to Kate Whiddon).

Over in Asia, fruit sits in a basket in a cart along the walkway near Kali River Rapids. A fruit classic Mickey, tilted down to the left?

Make Disney memories with Hidden Mickeys!

April 23, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland and Splash Mountain

I've been wondering about a few images that folks have let me know about. This first image is on the steampunk dragon (Maleficent) in the Festival of Fantasy parade. Find it on the plate just below the right shoulder joint. Three faint circles in the metal might form a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Andy Webb).

As you know, lots of potential Hidden Mickeys are scattered through the newer areas of Fantasyland. Here's a collection of circle depressions in a rock wall that comes close to forming a classic Mickey, maybe? As you approach Be Our Guest Restaurant, look over the left side of the bridge at a wall of the restaurant. The image is at the lower left of a block in the fourth row of blocks from the top of the wall and not far to the left of the pillar at the end of the bridge. (Thanks to Anthony Flynn).

Walk to the restrooms located near Fairytale Garden. In the wall between the restrooms is a green "Fire Hose" door. Indentations are hammered into the horizontal black metal strips that cross the doors. Three indentations near the middle of the bottom right strip might resemble a classic Mickey, tilted to the left? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez).

On the ceiling about halfway along the entrance queue for Splash Mountain, and near a wall picture of Brer Fox, you'll walk under this image made of the ceiling mount for a lantern and two nearby rocks. Is it close enough? (Thanks to Terry Berringer).

Keep up the search!

March 20, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs

Check out these first few images in the Magic Kingdom. In the Standby interactive queue of the Haunted Mansion, look for this skull on the wall with the musical instruments. Is the nose of the skull a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Deonna Hores).

In the third scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, a decorative item hangs on the wall between the stove and the kitchen table. Is a classic Hidden Mickey formed by the metal pattern in the center of the item? (Thanks to Meghan and Chris Lemmo).

In the last scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, at the upper right corner of the bulletin board on the far right wall, a piece of paper is tacked to the board with the words "Marty Called Wants Changes!" The "Marty" in this note is none other than Disney Legend Marty Sklar, who supposedly has confirmed that the note refers to him! (Thanks to Rick Giancarlo).

Over at Disney Springs, one of the wall paintings at the top of the escalators at the entrance/exit of the Lime Garage has an interesting image. Look at the tall palm tree at the right middle of the painting. Does the shape of the tree leaves and branches form a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

In a display of faux airplane seats outside the Disney TAG shop in Marketplace Co-Op, watch clouds float by the "windows." You'll be greeted by several different Hidden Mickeys! A classic one made of clouds:

A classic one made of holes in the clouds:

And a side-profile Mickey (minus one ear)! (Thanks to Lyndsey Stoehrer).

Keep searching!

December 19, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Japan, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and Tren-D

Stop by the Mitsukoshi Store in Epcot's Japan Pavilion and look for Hidden Mickeys in the oyster-pearl display. Sometimes, you can find pearls arranged as a classic three-circle Mickey, and other times Cast Members arrange the oyster shells into a classic Mickey in the water. I arrived right after store opening and watched the CM form the familiar image with shells. It's a cool Hidden Mickey! (Thanks to Sarah Ridgway-Rees, Katie Kushnier, and Alan Harrison).

Inside Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, a couple of images are suggestive of Hidden Mickeys. In the elaborate ceiling mural over the main Ballroom dining area, search for an opening in the clouds that might resemble Minnie Mouse. Is this a Hidden Minnie at the top middle of the photo? (Thanks to Luke Urso).

Vines of roses encircle some of the posts in the Rose Gallery seating area of Be Our Guest Restaurant. Does this group of roses form a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo, and Mary Jo Collins).

Minnie Mouse is painted in various sassy poses around the Tren-D store in Disney Springs Marketplace. In this image, are her lips pursed into a red classic Mickey? (Thanks to The Skazick Family from the UK, and Jenny Horn).

Keep searching!

December 9, 2016

Hidden Mickeys and other Hidden Images around Disney World

Many intriguing images are scattered here and there inside AbracadaBar on the BoardWalk. Like this photo of Walt Disney pulling a rabbit out of a hat! Look in the room to your right as you enter the Bar from the outside promenade. This photo of Walt is in the right lower corner of a huge display case next to an exit door at the opposite side of the room. (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

In Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, many folks have spotted this image: it's Captain Hook's nemesis - the crocodile - walking upright on the rooftop above Peter Pan's Flight.

While touring France in Epcot, stop by L'Artisan Des Glaces and admire (and taste!) the ice cream. In one of the display cases inside the shop, scoops of ice cream are arranged as classic Mickeys! (Thanks to Tyler and Brandie Bolton).

Stroll over to Germany and consider the following images. Inside the Karamell-Kuche shop, one image is part of the sculpted wood relief design on the wall over a window display facing outside. What do you think? A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Andrew Painter).

Also in Germany, find this image inside the Kunstarbeit in Kristall shop. Gauges that are part of the glassworker's equipment might form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Helen Vaterlaws-Whiteside).

Keep searching!

November 7, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's World Showcase - Italy Pavilion

Take a look at these images from Italy. Some resemble classic Hidden Mickeys more than others. Do any of them work for you?

Along the edge of the rooftop of the Il Bel Cristallo shop are these designs. Do the three circles at the tops of the designs form classic Mickeys? (Thanks to Scott Trask).

Leaves are part of the sculpted designs at the outside corners of Il Bel Cristallo. Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Jager Mitchell).

What about these swirls at the bottom of cabinets along the inside front wall of Enoteca Castello, the wine shop? (Thanks to Jessica Fraser).

A large mirror is on the wall along a hallway to the restrooms inside Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. Study the top of the gold design attached to the mirror. Anything resemble a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Austin).

I appreciate all the great Hidden Mickey Hunters out there! Never give up the search!

October 24, 2016

Hidden Mickeys around Epcot

Along the inside entrance queue of Frozen Ever After, three plates on the wall come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey. At least, it looks purposeful and properly proportioned to me. If you disagree, let me know! To find the image, after you walk into the room to the left (the "Ice Master & Deliverer of Arendelle" room) just inside the building, turn around back toward the entrance door and look above you. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki, AJ Leong, Samantha Ann, and Cherie Sulko).

Stroll around to the Japan Pavilion for some more images. The rear exhibit area is showcasing "Kawaii - Japan's Cute Culture." In one of the displays, magnets on the upper left of a refrigerator door are arranged like a classic Mickey. (Thanks to Matt Mellarkey, and Jennifer Dickey).

What about the apples inside the refrigerator? Any Hidden Mickeys in either group of apples? The first three apples are on the top shelf. (Thanks to Jennifer Dickey).

The second collection of apples is on the bottom shelf.

On your way back to Future World, say hello to Remy. He's standing near the water - just past France - below and to the right of the bridge to the United Kingdom.

Inside the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Center (the old Wonders of Life Pavilion), three pots and pans in a photo make Mickey. It's hanging on a rear wall, behind a demonstration workshop area. (Thanks to Lindsey Stephens).

Enjoy the search!

October 6, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs

As Disney Springs develops and fills out with new specialty restaurants and shops, folks are spotting Hidden Mickeys here and there. So, here are a few images to consider.

Walking away from the Lime Garage, you encounter a fountain with green inside tile work. The tile has circles or bubbles in the design, and some of the bubbles come together just above the water line to from classic Hidden Mickeys. Or do they? One collection of three circles is tilted to the right, at the right middle of the photo. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

Inside Amorette's Patisserie, look for the following three images. The first is on a display table right inside the entrance doors. The staff draw chalk classic Hidden Mickeys on small signs around the table that read: "For Display Only." (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

On the left wall (as you enter Amorette's), check out a drawing of a lady on the left side of a long bulletin board. The lady is wearing a crochet hat with a pattern of red dots. Three dots at the back of her head and just above the horizontal blue ribbon might form an upside-down classic Mickey? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

At the rear part of the right wall, and behind the counters, you can see the ends of white fabric or cloth rolls in an opening in the cabinetry. See any classic Hidden Mickeys in the stack of rolls - maybe an upside-down Hidden Mickey at the top? (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

Enjoy the hunt!

August 29, 2016

Hidden Mickeys on the BoardWalk

Take a look a some questionable images inside recently opened AbracadaBar on the BoardWalk, adjacent to the Flying Fish Restaurant. After you walk inside through the main entrance door from the BoardWalk promenade, turn around and stare above the door you came through. Keys are on both sides of a design above the "Exit" sign. What about the ends of the keys - sideways classic Hidden Mickeys? Looks close, right? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

To the left of the same "Exit" sign is a 'club' suit playing card symbol: an upside-down Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

A similar club suit image is in the wallpaper on the walls of the hallway to the restrooms.

How about this lock hanging on a wall in the hallway to the restrooms? Many locks with similar shapes can be found around Walt Disney World. Is this lock close enough to count as a classic Hidden Mickey?

Over inside the newly renovated Flying Fish Restaurant are a few images to consider. Like this one: in the small waiting area in front of the check-in counter, suggestive circles are in the side supports of a bench. Any Hidden Mickeys here?

Always study new carpets! This is the new Flying Fish carpet - what do you think?

Here's a lighting fixture on a wall of the room at the rear of the Flying Fish Restaurant. Do the circles suggest anything?

August 14, 2016

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I want to take you around Walt Disney World to find various images that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. Let me know what you think.

On "it's a small world," a scene of Great Britain is in the first room to the left of your boat. In the architectural design of one of the buildings, do you see an "M M" design that might represent the first letters of "Mickey Mouse"? (Thanks to Kimberly Rosati).

As an aside, you know that Hidden Mickeys disappear from time to time. While enjoying "Living with the Land" at Epcot, I was quite disappointed to discover that the great wire mesh Hidden Minnie in the shrimp tubes was gone! I hope she returns, but at least the Hidden Mickey was still there.

This next one is certainly not a purposeful image, but we do look for Hidden Mickeys everywhere, don't we? This television sits in the Tune-In Lounge next to 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Do the dials and screen make a Mickey? (Thanks to the Hade Family).

Over at the Grand Floridian Resort, this painting on the wall behind the cashier's counter at the front of the M. Mouse Mercantile shop changes at times. Look for two Mickey images in the current painting: one is a shadow of Mickey hat ears on the ground, and the second image is a classic Mickey formed by bushes at the shore line across the water. I hope this painting sticks around! (Thanks to Annie P.).

Also at the Grand Floridian, find this mural on the lower level of the lobby to the left of the scenic elevator doors. A trio of leaves hangs just below the right side of the rim of the vase. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

The hunt for Hidden Mickeys lives on!

July 6, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney's Animal Kingdom

We continue to be intrigued by circular images on Disney property, like the ones below. Are some of these images purposeful - planned and placed by the Imagineers? I'd like to know what you think.

In the Riverside Depot store on Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a mural on the wall behind the cashier's desk has these green swirls. The mural is near the first entrance door you come to on the main walkway from the Oasis. Do you see a classic Hidden Mickey in the swirls? (Thanks to Tanya Brooks).

A plaster relief on the stone wall inside the seating area behind Tamu Tamu Refreshments sort of resembles Mickey, or does it? It's on the wall nearest the path from Asia and is above and to the right of the Baloo image we know and love. (Thanks to The Hade Family).

Over in DinoLand U.S.A., the cement crack Hidden Mickey in the parking space across from TriceraTop Spin is well-known. Here is another set of cracks in the cement close to Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures shop. Is it close enough to be included in the Hidden Mickey catalog? (Thanks to Matthew and Emma Turrisi).

The Cretaceous Trail starts not far from Chester & Hester's. About halfway along the trail is this group of animal footprints embedded in the cement. Can you appreciate a Hidden Mickey here? (Thanks to April Beisser).

On hot days (that would be most days in Florida), Disney is encouraging guests to drink water frequently, and (free!) water dispensers are showing up in the parks and resorts. Here's one I saw in the lower lobby of the Contemporary Resort. As you can see, there's often a citrusy Hidden Mickey in the dispenser!

June 29, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney's Animal Kingdom

I'm constantly amazed at the new Hidden Mickeys (new for me, at least!) that folks tell me about. Like this one in DinoLand U.S.A. - walk to the rear entrance of Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures shop to find this classic Hidden Mickey, made of dark spots at the lower left of the left side of a "Cold Drinks" dispenser. It's just above the lower red horizontal band. I hope it lasts! (Thanks to Alicia Dakins).

Here's a cool Hidden Mickey image in The Boneyard. Upstairs to the rear left in a fenced-off archeology display, a small full-body Mickey figurine sits on the horizontal bar of a red bicycle. Various plastic dinosaurs perch on other parts of the bicycle. (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

Some Hidden Mickeys are changed over time due to weather or other external effects. This upside-down classic Mickey image seems to been distorted over the years. It's on the back of The Tree of Life - visible from the path between Africa and Asia. To find it, look above the eye of the hippopotamus. What do you think?

As you're exiting the park, stop by the restrooms to your right before the turnstiles. What about these rocks in the wall in front of the restrooms? A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to DisneyR&N).

Enjoy the hunt!

June 5, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom Resorts

As you know, some images seem more convincing than others as Hidden Mickeys. I like to get opinions on the ones that are questionable. In Magic Kingdom's Adventureland, I've walked over the following image many times without spotting it. Evidently, some Cast Members consider this group of circles one of the larger Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom. It's a large circle surrounded by four "ears" in the tile pattern on the ground at the transition from Adventureland to Frontierland, near Pirates of the Caribbean. Is it close enough to be a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to jadekitty).

Objects hang from the ceiling in a small display room near the restrooms and to the right of the gift shop at the exit from Pirates of the Caribbean. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Terry Foreacre).

In the Boys' Bedroom up high in the Swiss Family Treehouse, does this plate with cups above it form a Hidden Mickey?

At the Grand Floridian Resort, on a wall outside the entrance to 1900 Park Fare Restaurant, circles in the center of the framed design might suggest a Hidden Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

On the fourth floor of the Contemporary Resort, look for this painting of a Centaurette (from the movie Fantasia) on an outside wall of the store in the middle of the lobby. A group of red and yellow flowers on the ground under the middle of the Centaurette suggest a classic Hidden Mickey, or does it? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

How about the ears and head of one or more of these skunks on the grand mural in the lobby of the Contemporary Resort? Do you see Mickey? You can see these skunks from the fourth floor, on the wall facing the Contempo Cafe. (Thanks to Deonna Hores).

Have fun searching for Hidden Mickeys!

May 7, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

One fine, sunny Florida afternoon, I visited Disney's Animal Kingdom to check out a few Hidden Images in Africa. As you know, new Hidden Mickeys can appear from time to time, especially in refurbished areas. Like this striped Mickey Mouse figurine inside Zuri's Sweets Shop, which is across from Harambe Market. Look high to your right for this Mickey in a small display on a shelf opposite the entrance door to the shop. (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Ponder the next two images. Are they Hidden Mickeys? The first image is made of tires hanging on a fence across from the entrance to Harambe Market. This collection of tires is to the right of a "Bi-Cycle Land" sign. Do you see Mickey? (Thanks to Isabel and Jeff Blank).

The following image is on a leopard painted high on a water tower behind Chef Mwanga's Ribs Shop in Harambe Market. Do some of the groups of leopard spots form one or more classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

Back in Harambe village, walk up to the Harambe Fruit Market. A tiny, colorful Mickey Mouse doll is hiding on support poles halfway to the top of the ceiling. A Cast Member told me that Mickey has been perched there high above her for a while. (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

Enjoy the Search!

April 10, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

Look for this big spoon standing upright just before you meet Tinker Bell at her Meet 'n' Greet in Town Square Theater on Main Street, U.S.A. Do the three round flowers on the handle form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey?

Folks continue to wonder about this image in the second scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. In the right half of the rectangular painting on the rear wall of the kitchen, three flowers or fruits might form a classic Hidden Mickey. Is it close enough? (Thanks to Brian A. Leong).

Near the end of the South Pacific room on "it's a small world," several koala bears hang on a tree to the left of your boat. I've liked the back of the blue bear's head and ears as a classic Hidden Mickey.

The back of the brown koala bear's head and ears might be just as convincing. What do you think?

Near the end of "it's a small world," a dancing boy holds a doll in his right hand. Is the doll a character that you recognize? (Pinocchio usually wears red shorts, a yellow shirt, and a yellow hat). (Thanks to Nick Rosa).

Enjoy Hidden Mickeys!

March 21, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in and near the Magic Kingdom

The quest for Hidden Mickeys is ongoing - I hope it never ends! Folks continue to spot new images, like this one from the M. Mouse Mercantile shop in the Grand Floridian Resort. Behind the check-out counter, a classic Hidden Mickey is on the right lower edge of a picture frame. I wonder if this image will last. (Thanks to Annie P.)

I receive messages about this clock and gears above the entrance/exit of the Space Mountain gift shop. Do you see a Hidden Mickey in the clock, or anywhere in the various circles? (Thanks to Julie Millan and Matthew Lounds and Emily Lounds)

You know that Hidden Mickeys disappear from time to time. It saddens me when this happens, but that's (Disney) life! For the first time in many years, I didn't find the baggage ticket with the Hidden Mickey inside the faux ticket office window on the second level of the Main Street Train Station! Bummer! There were no tickets at all on the front counter, and the ones hanging on a rung on the rear wall of the office had no Hidden Mickeys. Sad.

Don't fret. The Hidden Mickey lock is still hanging on the wall to the right inside the faux ticket office. Sorry, in the photo, you have to look behind the glare and reflection on the ticket office window to spot the gold lock.

I'm truly in mourning today. As you know, Disney has generously displayed my Hidden Mickey books on property for over 10 years. As of this summer, that will no longer happen. (Remember, I don't work for Disney). So, before they disappear from the Disney parks and shops, I'm gathering photos of my books currently on property so I can remember these magical years forever! This photo is from M. Mouse Mercantile shop in the Grand Floridian Resort.

March 5, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs and at Epcot Future World

Let's study some possible Hidden Mickey images. On the Fantasy Fare Food Truck at Disney Springs West Side, does the group of swirls above the word "Culinary" or the repeated red design on the yellow stripe resemble a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

This new image recently appeared in the walkway between Lefty's "The Left Hand Store" and Disney's Pin Traders store in Disney Springs Marketplace. Is it Hidden or Decorative? (Thanks to John Bruederle, and Orlando Attractions Magazine).

This image inside Tren-D store seems legitimate to me. It's a yellow side profile of Mickey Mouse at the top (maybe the clasp?) of Minnie's handbag. Minnie is painted on a "Cast Members Only" door at the rear of the store. Let's hope it sticks around a while! (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

Glass window paintings are behind a check-out counter in the Princess Room of the World of Disney store. In the leftmost set of windows, look for two groups of flowers, one orange and one red. Does either group form a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

In Epcot's Innoventions East, stop by Spinning Spectrums, which is on a wall inside Colortopia. Several of the wall designs that spin seem to have yellow and orange classic Mickeys. What do you think? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Enjoy the search!

February 24, 2016

Hidden Mickeys in Disney Springs and World Showcase

Take a look at some images around Walt Disney World that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. Let's start in Disney Springs, at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. In a display case in the middle of the bar seating area, holes in the side of a silver piston bookend resemble a classic Mickey, or do they? (Thanks to AJ).

Walk toward the restrooms of the Hangar Bar and study a "Lost & Found" display case along the wall between the restrooms. In the middle of the display case, do these copper circles (lenses?) form a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Attractions Magazine).

At the left lower part of the same "Lost & Found" display case, sunglasses over a circle (the lower circle of a mask?) might make a Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to James Massoni).

Now let's visit World Showcase at Epcot. Along the food display case inside the Tangierine Cafe, some items, such as the Chicken Wrap dish, may be arranged as classic Mickeys. Is it convincing enough? (Thanks to Michael Manall).

What do you think of the circles below the leaf design atop the sundial in the France Pavilion? Find the sundial in front of the Plume et Palette shop and next to the parterre garden. (Thanks to Sean Hendrix).

Happy Hunting!

December 21, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disney Springs and inside Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The World of Disney store at Disney Springs Marketplace is home to plenty of good Hidden Mickeys. I don’t know how long the following image has been peeking out under the radar, but it seems to be a decent Hidden Mickey, don’t you think? This metal emblem is used to cover holes or the ends of rods on the sides of some of the merchandise stands in the store. Tiny classic Mickeys are at the sides of the “World of Disney” banner on the emblem. (Thanks to Alena White).

Concept art is posted on construction walls in The Landing. Mickey hides in the leaves of a tree (on the right side of the photo) in this wall painting across from Fulton’s Crab House. (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

A classic Hidden Mickey is at the base of a stone pillar at the front left of a Pastries shop in another wall painting across from Fulton’s Crab House. I don’t know how long these concept art paintings will be on display at Disney Springs, so check them out soon if you can! (Thanks to Martha Tischler).

This winking Mickey may not be hidden, but it’s a cool image anyway! Find him on a pillar just inside an entrance to the D Street store at Disney Springs West Side. (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

Here’s an image inside the D Street store that appears to be a decent Hidden Mickey. Look near the floor for several groupings of bolts and washers that form classic Mickeys along the bottom of some of the merchandise stands inside the store. (Thanks to Nick Skiles).

What do you think of this image at the Star Wars Launch Bay in the Studios? Above the left side of the large metal door in the “Wookiee on Base” Meet and Greet area are three black smudges that might make a Mickey. I need help with this one! (Thanks to Luke Urso).

Enjoy the search!

November 23, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at the Polynesian Village Resort and the Magic Kingdom

Folks find images on Disney property that may or may not be Hidden Mickeys. What do you think about the following images?

On the upper and lower levels of the Polynesian Village Resort's main lobby, multiple circles are on top of some of the side tables. Each tabletop's design differs. Do you see any classic Hidden Mickeys in the circles? (Thanks to Elaine Smith).


Outside the window behind the seating area of Kona Cafe, three nails are grouped in a vertical wooden beam. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Benjamin K.).

On Main Street, U.S.A., small circles are scattered in the design of The Plaza Restaurant's outside signs. Any Hidden Mickeys in here? (Thanks to Scott Trask).

At the rear of the gift shop at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, a wall parchment of a Pirates map has various black symbols. Is one of them a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Caleb Pryor).

Keep searching!

November 2, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's Future World

Hidden Mickeys may be lost as Walt Disney World changes during refurbishments and with the addition of new areas and attractions. However, even with change, Disney preserves some Hidden Images. Let's walk to the Epcot Character Spot.

Near the Character Spot, a Mickey Mouse hat appears in a mural of silhouettes on an outside wall of Innoventions West. The wall faces The Land Pavilion and borders the walkway from Innoventions Plaza to Future World West. So far, this image has survived refurbishments. (Thanks to the Luckner Family, and the Hade Family).

At The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, I like to check to see if Cast Members have drawn classic Mickeys on the chalkboard at the upper level of the Manatee viewing area. The board lists the names and other information about the manatees in the pool. Not surprisingly, Hidden Mickeys on this chalkboard come and go. (I took this photo recently.)

What about this image? On the left side of the sign at the picture spot area outside The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction, look for three bubbles below the words "The Movie." Do the bubbles form a convincing classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Nancy Blevins, and Scott Trask).

This Mickey is worth searching for. Look high! It's a tiny white classic Hidden Mickey at the apex atop an outside sign on the roof for the Electric Umbrella restaurant. (Thanks to Julie Lawrence.)

Happy Hunting!

October 17, 2015

Questionable Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I visited the Studios to search for the following images. Let me know what you think!

Our first stop is Sid Cahuenga's Antiques and Curios, which is now a MyMagic+ service center. In the rooms at the right side of the shop, you can find remnants of the original shop, like these cameras on an upper shelf along the right wall of the room at the rear. Is there a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey on the front of the cameras? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

Here's another image in Sid Cahuenga's. It's on the top right shelf of a cabinet with glass doors at the rear wall of the last room to the right. Is Mickey on the Ferris wheel a hidden image?

In the pre-show room of MuppetVision 3D, look for these faux vegetables or fruit in a crate at the left side of the wall to the far left (as you face the doors to the theater). Do the swirls in the green vine inside the crate and to the right form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

A few feet to the right in another crate along this same wall in the pre-show room is this collection of gauges at the right edge of the crate. Do they make a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison).

Perk your ears for this Hidden Surprise in the final scene of MuppetVision 3D. Concentrate amidst the loud music and noise, right after the band member has a tuba stuck over his head, and you'll pick up the famous refrain: "It's a small world after all, It's a small ..." Sorry, I know you'll be humming the song for the rest of your day! (Thanks to Jacob DePriest).

Enjoy the search!

October 15, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Tom Sawyer Island, Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer Island is a huge playground for kids (and adults like me). Not surprisingly, Disney placed some cool Hidden Images here. Let's start at the very back of the island, at Fort Langhorn. What do you think of this image? It's hanging on the left side of the outside wall of the Blacksmith's shop inside the fort. At the far left of the wall, markings on the side of this lower piece of horse bridle gear might form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

This next Hidden Mickey has been in place for a few years. It's on a handrail along stairs to one of the Rifle Roosts. Climb the stairs to your immediate right after you enter the fort and walk across the right upper walkway to the far right Rifle Roost. On top of the right handrail, about halfway up the steps to the top of the Rifle Roost, there is a Hidden Mickey created by: a wood knot, an additional mark, and an indentation in the wood. In the photo, the Hidden Mickey is sideways to the right.

In Old Scratch's Mystery Mine,

look for this image of Goofy on the wall. Halfway through the mine, bright shining gems embedded in the wall form a side profile of Goofy. He's looking to your right.

On the raft back to the mainland, don't miss this Hidden Mickey in the rocks. Across the river from the Tom Sawyer Island docks, look at the right end of the bridge in Frontierland for three rocks that form a classic Mickey. They're located halfway between the last two vertical posts that support the handrail, about one foot down from the top of the rocks. The Hidden Mickey is in the second row of rocks from the top. (It's also visible from the Liberty Square Riverboat.)

Whenever I'm in Frontierland, I like to check out the Hidden Tinker Bell. Walk across from the entrance to the Tom Sawyer Island rafts to an exit from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - the exit closest to the Standby line entrance. A cutout in the reddish rock along this exit walkway resembles a side profile of Tinker Bell. She's behind the fence and between two metal carts, and she faces to your left.

Enjoy the search!

Looking for even more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

July 27, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Fort Wilderness

Mickey images are spread throughout the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground at Walt Disney World. For example, the Disney Navy decorates the front of some of the Sea Raycer display boats with classic Mickey coils of rope. You can often spot this Hidden Mickey at the marinas of various WDW Resorts, including Fort Wilderness. (Thanks to The Lindberg Family).

Look for the following classic Hidden Mickey images inside the Tri-Circle-D Ranch Horse Barn. In the room to the right as you enter the barn, Hidden Mickeys decorate the horse bridle gear hanging in a display.

Horse stalls inside the barn are identified by numbers, which are posted on Mickey-shaped labels above the stall gates. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

At the Campfire Program area near the Meadow Trading Post in the middle of Fort Wilderness, large signs on a wagon advertise "Doctor Terminus," the con artist from the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon." (Thanks to Todd Perlmutter).

Do circles on some of the letters on the sign form Mickey ears?

Many of the Mickey images at Fort Wilderness are decorative and not hidden. Like these classic Mickeys on a building at the Campfire Program area.

And this large decor image on a gate near the Horse Barn.

Decorative or Hidden, Mickey is everywhere at Disney!

July 20, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Harambe Market in Africa can be accessed from the path from Africa to Asia or from an entry near the path to the Wildlife Express Train for Rafiki's Planet Watch. Find new taste experiences in the Harambe Market (e.g. African-style ribs, chicken, sausage, and corn dogs) and new Mickey images! These aren't necessarily Hidden images, but they're interesting nonetheless. Like this one: Mickey Mouse waves at us from an outside building wall near the Wildlife Express Train pathway. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

Another relaxed Mickey Mouse enjoys hot coffee from a wall inside a seating area for the Harambe Market. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

What about this Mickey reference? It's in a display behind another of the seating areas for the Market. These particular clothing items are for display only and not for sale.

Over in Asia, along the FASTPASS queue for Expedition Everest, look for this mention of the Disney Imagineers. It's on a blue book under an animal statue, on the left side of an upper shelf of a bookshelf at the side of the queue. (Thanks to Winnie, and Donna McMurrey).

On the Expedition Everest ride, you'll encounter a painted Yeti image above you at the first climb. At the middle left of the Yeti, do you see a Hidden Mickey in the swirls? (Thanks to Winnie, Nancy Blevins, and Troy Kubes).

Disney likes to surprise us; never stop searching!

Looking for more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

March 30, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Many of the Hidden Mickey images in moving attractions are fleeting and difficult to capture in a photo and thus challenging to verify. I think I finally snapped a decent photo of this Hidden Mickey on C-3PO's right forearm at Star Tours - The Adventures Continue. Just after you're seated for the ride, C-3PO appears in a screen at the front right of the room. A tiny, white classic (three-circle) Mickey is on the lower part of his right forearm near his wrist. (Thanks to Madison, Gracie and Dana Hall, and Richard Rando).

Someone (a guest or maybe a Cast Member?) has embellished this Hidden Mickey in Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano. On the left wall between the waiting room and the dining area, a classic Mickey is plastered on the brick. You'll find it in the middle left part of the wall, just above the counter. Recently, red and green crayon markings have appeared on the Mickey image.

It's difficult to get clear photos from a 3D film such as the MuppetVision movie. I think you can make out the Mickey balloons in this photo, taken near the end of the movie. After the cannon shoots holes in the theater and as Kermit rides in on a fire truck, you can see that some of the observers outside are holding Mickey Mouse balloons.

Keep watching that same fire truck for a Hidden Surprise! An image of Cinderella Castle is on a license plate at the right lower corner of the fire truck Kermit is riding. (Thanks to Devon Newport, Donna McMurrey, Sharon Dale, and Matt Perkins.)

Another video image that is often elusive to photographers is the coffee mug with the white classic Mickeys in the Magic of Disney Animation movie. I think you can see them in this photo!

Happy Hunting!

Looking for more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

March 5, 2015

Newer Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickey fans continue to find new Hidden Images. Disney Imagineers can camouflage images so well, it takes us a while to spot them! In the Magic Kingdom, this tiny classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is in the "When You Wish Upon A Star" mural on the left wall as you exit Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant toward the restrooms. Look to the right of Pinocchio in the stars below and to the left of the word "All" in the mural. (Thanks to Alena White).

Along the left wall of the Standby entrance queue of Space Mountain, you can play interactive video games. In one game segment, if you connect space equipment in the right configuration, a classic Hidden Mickey appears! (Thanks to April Beisser).

You can sometimes spot a classic Hidden Mickey made of rocks at the bottom of a shallow pond next to Katsura Grill in Epcot's Japan Pavilion. I say sometimes, because this rock image is not always present. In the photo, the rocks form an upside-down Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Claudia, and Ian B.)

On the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios, look for Mickey's big black shoes sticking up from the beach sand. They're in a photo on the floor of a display window of the Venture Travel Agency, which is on your right as you walk away from the Empire State Building. The photo's location changes in the window from time to time. (Thanks to Traci Garber and William Miles).

Don't miss this tiny red classic Hidden Mickey in the waiting area of Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano! It's on the exposed brick to the right and above the check-in podium and just to the left of the clusters of grapes. (Thanks to James Carraher).

Keep searching - you may find a new Hidden Mickey!
Looking for more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

February 16, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

Check out these images in various lands in the Magic Kingdom. Some are convincing to me as Hidden Mickeys; others are, well, maybe a stretch? Along the inside Standby entrance queue of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you'll pass this sign:

Look for gems, embedded at the tops of the barrels, that sometimes line up to form classic Hidden Mickeys. Like this one (Thanks to April Beisser):

Along both entrance queues (Standby and FASTPASS) of Splash Mountain, a Mickey sticker has been placed on an overhead light cover. Find it just past the area where you can see the Walt Disney World Railroad train. I think it will be in place for a while! (Thanks to Jackie Kushnier, and John Anthony D'Alotto).

A children's play area is along the outside exit area of Splash Mountain. Three logs stuck to the outside of the crawl space form a classic Hidden Mickey on its side. (Thanks to Tyler Glynn).

What about this image in the small rocks on this map on a wall toward the end of the entrance queues of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? Is there a Hidden Mickey at the lower part of the rocks? (Thanks to Cheryl Costello).

Here's a pretty good image on a map on a wall, about halfway along the Standby entrance queue of Jungle Cruise. Three dark circles form a classic Hidden Mickey tilted to the right. (Thanks to Deonna Hores).

Thanks, Disney, for all the great Hidden Mickeys!

Looking for more Hidden Mickeys? Have one to report? Visit Steve's website at:

September 21, 2014

More Questionable Hidden Mickeys from Disney's Animal Kingdom

What do you think of these images? The first one is on the Rainforest Cafe sign. After you enter the park, turn left to the short walkway to the Rainforest Cafe. Stop at the sign at the beginning of the walkway (it's a popular photo stop!) See the growling cheetah at the far left of the sign? Step to the side of the sign and look on the top of the cheetah's head. Is that black spot near the cheetah's right ear (on your left) a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey? It's the second spot down from the very top and toward the left of the photo. (Thanks to Zach Souders).

At the far left room of the Disney Outfitters shop, look for the constellations above an inside doorway.

One of the constellations has these three stars (in the middle of the following photo.) A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Lydia Hall).

Stare at this image on a rock wall along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. Walk to the suspension bridge past the gorilla viewing area and look left, across from the Jafar rock. A profile of a possible character (Mufasa or Scar? from The Lion King movie) appears at the top right of the rock wall, in the top right corner of the photo. I think I see a forehead, nose, frowning mouth and chin in relief. What do you think? (Thanks to Kevin Booton, Kenzie Tapia, and Keith Hudson).

Enjoy the Hunt!

June 27, 2014

Looking for Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

One of my real joys is having fun at the Disney Parks with friends and relatives who enjoy Disney as much as I do! Here's a fun group standing over the classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey in the pavement across from TriceraTop Spin at Disney's Animal Kingdom (right to left in the photo: Lindsay, Lane age 6, my son Steven, and Christine).

Lane and Steven point to the classic Hidden Mickey formed by a utility cover with pebbles for "ears" just outside Mombasa Marketplace store in Africa's Harambe Village.

Over at Epcot, a Goofy has appeared in the rocks at the bottom of The Seas with Nemo & Friends aquarium! Look for it through the windows on the right as you walk along the corridor toward the circular observation area on the upper floor. I hope this image sticks around for a while! (Thanks to Denise Morelli).

When you're queued up to Meet Mickey in Town Square Theater, don't miss Mickey's mailbox. It's in the large group of mail cubbyholes along the wall in the room just before you're escorted into the next room to meet Mickey.

In the Grand Floridian Villa guest rooms, a classic Hidden Mickey cloud is near Dumbo along the perimeter of a plate in a wall decoration.

Happy Hunting!

June 8, 2014

Some Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom's Mine Train and Tomorrowland

Vickie and I got FASTPASSES for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in Fantasyland.

The ride's exit walkway parallels the FASTPASS queue in front of the dwarfs' cottage.

Along the FASTPASS queue, just before the inside part of the queue, three rocks in the short wall seem to create an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey. What do you think?

Along the ride, the witch with her basket of apples makes an appearance behind the dwarfs' cottage.

Check out these subtle Hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland!

Along the FASTPASS queue of Tomorrowland Speedway, a map of the course is on the left wall. Look for two three-circle (classic) Hidden Mickeys formed of blue "heads" with two faint white "ears." One is at the right middle of the map (a red object points to this Hidden Mickey).

The second Hidden Mickey is in the right lower corner of the map, next to an angle in the blue field. (Thanks to Maya Perez).

You have to stand right next to the map to spot these Hidden Mickeys!

May 28, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at Art of Animation and Port Orleans Riverside Resorts

On a quest to check out a few sightings of Hidden Images, I visited two Walt Disney World Resorts: Art of Animation and Port Orleans Riverside. Both resorts are filled with interesting Disney detail, including the occasional Hidden Mickey. At Art of Animation, I stopped first in the main lobby and looked up at the imposing chandelier just inside the entrance doors.


On a drawing in the chandelier, what do you think of the head and ears on Simba and Nala? Are they Hidden Mickeys?


Walk out of the rear doors of Animation Hall (where the main lobby is) and turn left. Take the sidewalk left along the fence that encircles the Big Blue Pool until you spot a green fish perched in the grass near the fence. You'll find the fish before you reach the Finding Nemo Guest Room Building on the left side of the pool. A decent sideways classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is on each side of the fish, below each eye and near each corner of the mouth. (Thanks to Doug Means and Max Kirkpatrick.)


What do you think of this image made of three purple corals stuck to the rear side of the blue coral reef play area behind the Big Blue Pool? It's near the bottom and close to the sidewalk. Do you think it's a sideways Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to The Family Edmondson.)


Now over to Port Orleans Riverside. A subtle classic Hidden Mickey is in the sidewalk in front of the Acadian House Building. Walk across Ol' Man Island and around the right side of the pool, cross the first bridge on the right over the waterway and then turn left on the sidewalk. Just before you reach the white benches in front of Acadian House (Rooms 8001-8432), spot this Hidden Mickey made of light coloration in the stone walkway. (It's just below the midpoint of the photo.) A nearby guest told me it looked more like a Hidden Oswald to him. This image is difficult to spot, but it seems to be purposeful, and it's been there for a while! (Thanks to Amber, and Werner Grundlingh.)


Happy Hunting!


May 16, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at Downtown Disney Marketplace

I strolled through the Marketplace on a fine sunny afternoon to check on Hidden Mickeys. I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy music from a High School concert band playing at the Waterside Stage.


On a wall inside Disney's Pin Traders store, Russell from the movie 'Up' has a few classic Mickey-shaped badges on his sash. (Thanks to Alena White, and Kolding Rasmussen.)


On a large statue of Donald Duck inside Disney's Pin Traders store, the red, white and blue classic Mickey pin is still on the upper right side of Donald's green duffel bag. (Thanks to Katie Slater.)


Another classic Hidden Mickey is on the Donald statue, at the front of his suitcase. Here's a photo of his suitcase.


A red Hidden Mickey is on the inside of one of the black Mickey-shaped pins spilling out of the suitcase. (Thanks to Denise Morelli.)


As part of the renovation of Downtown Disney, Team Mickey Athletic Club has closed and will be replaced, so its Hidden Mickeys may have been Lost. We'll wait and check out the new shop.


Starbucks is coming soon to Downtown Disney!


Happy Hunting!


April 19, 2014

Hidden Mickeys at The Seas with Nemo & Friends and around World Showcase

I visited The Seas with Nemo & Friends and then the Morocco and Japan Pavilions at Epcot to search for Hidden Mickeys. As you'll see, a few of these images are questionable. Whenever I visit an area, I also check to verify existing Hidden Mickeys, as they change or even disappear at times (as you well know!).

Along the queue of The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, circles in the sand to the left of the lifeguard stand might form a classic (three-circle) Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Stacy and Jenna and Barry Berger, Todd Grasley, and Jared Tavernari).

Just past the circles in the sand are these starfish stuck on the rock wall to the right along the entrance queue. Again, does this image look like a Hidden Mickey to you? (Thanks to Michael Walsh).

One final questionable image. Near the large classic Mickey made of small rocks on the floor of the aquarium is this collection of rocks. Find it at the far end of the circular observation deck on the upper level. Do you think this qualifies as a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jason Gall, and Jean).

Two of our standard Hidden Mickeys have changed. At the Morocco Pavilion, different plates have appeared on the shop door along the World Showcase promenade. (They disappeared for a while, but thankfully, Disney has created the image again.) This current image isn't as compelling a Hidden Mickey as the previous one, but I'll take it!

Another changed Hidden Mickey is at the Japan Pavilion. It's been one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World. The landscaping was recently altered a bit, and the specific rocks and location have changed, but this great image is still there! Find it on the right side of the pavilion, next to the far right sidewalk to the Mitsukoshi store.

Happy Hunting!


March 1, 2014

Searching for Hidden Mickeys in Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

On one fine sunny Florida afternoon, I finally found a Hidden Mickey I'd been looking for (All right, I confess, I had a little help from a friendly Cast Member). I'd been told the image was on a merchandise/drink cart along the exit from Kilimanjaro Safaris, not far from the entrance to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

For months, I'd been looking in the wrong places. This time, I walked right up to the Safari truck exit docks and worked back. The image is on a tile somewhere on the cart. From the photo I had, I'd assumed the tile was on the side of a cart, but I was wrong. I stepped up to the cashier for the drink and merchandise carts and spotted the tiles on top of the cart. The Cast Member behind the cart smiled and pointed to a tiny image near the pay area. There it was! Small ceramic circles, a white and blue "head" and two black "ears," stuck in the surface of the cart formed a classic Hidden Mickey! (Thanks to Jackie Gailey).

I have a couple of Questionable images for you to consider. Not far from the above collection of carts and back toward the Kilimanjaro Safari exits, a utility cover at the left side of the walkway (as you exit from the Safaris) has two small irregular rocks adjacent to it that are embedded in the cement.

The rocks are the larger ones toward the top of the photo. Do you think this forms a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to David and Celia Berset).

Over the years, folks have written to me about the following image, but it never "spoke to me." However, recently a few people have prompted me to reconsider the image. It's on the outside of a blue side door toward the rear of Tusker House Restaurant.

Is this a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Traci Curth, Keith Tonra, and Alena White).

Keep searching!


December 27, 2013

More Hidden Mickeys in Fantasyland

Folks continue to unearth Hidden Images in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. What do you think about this depression in the rock ceiling? Is it a side profile of Mickey Mouse? Find it on the left upper part of an archway, as you first walk into the cavern part of the entrance queue of the "Under the Sea" attraction. (Thanks to Wesley Snyder).

Another questionable image is at the middle right of a painting on a wall inside Gaston's Tavern. Look to a right wall in the first seating room to your right as you enter. A clearing in the snow on a slope at the right side of a mountain resembles a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Alena White).

Fantasyland is filled with loose rocks, embedded rocks, and images on rocks. This plentiful supply of rocks and stones enabled the Imagineers to have a field day with Hidden Images! At the bottom of a pond, three rocks seem to form a classic Mickey. Walk to the middle right of the bridge walkway entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant and search the middle of a creek to your right. Is this a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Denise Hoffman).

I've been debating this next image for years. It's the shape of the sign outside "it's a small world." Do you think it's a sideways classic Mickey, or maybe a Hidden Stitch? The shape of the "ears" is different on the sign at the left side compared to the sign at the right side of the outer railing of the attraction. This photo is of the sign at the right. (Thanks to Meradith McGee-Hale and Carter, Robert Anschuetz, Jeff Love, Nancy Ahlsen, and Christine Peruski).

Happy Hunting; the search for Hidden Mickeys never ends!

December 20, 2013

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

I journeyed to the World Showcase at Epcot to search for new Hidden Mickeys. Luck was with me as I discovered a few interesting images inside the Mexico Pavilion. First, I checked on old standards, like the Hidden Mickey that materializes at times in the smoke that rises from the volcano. You can admire the volcano from in or near the San Angel Inn Restaurante or from your seat in the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride. I hadn't been able to capture a decent photo in the past, and today, I almost got it! As you can see, a photo image a second or two after this photo might capture the entire Hidden Mickey, but I think you can see the image forming.

I snapped a photo of the blue necklace classic Mickey on the neck of the fifth person back from the end of the left wall as you enter the first tunnel in your boat, just after the volcano. The left "ear" of the classic Hidden Mickey is mostly covered.

In the "Fiesta Hoy" room

look up to your left at the blue circles on the yellow roof of this building. Is there an upside-down classic Mickey at the left side of the roof? Let me know what you think!

These next Hidden Mickeys can only be seen with a light from your camera or cell phone, etc. As your boat floats by the last scene of the ride with the map of Mexico on the wall, look down at tiles that line the base of the platform to your left. The tiles are just above the side of your boat. With my light on, I spotted two Mickey stickers on the tiles! They're located about one-third of the distance along the row of tiles. (Thanks to James West, and Alexis Miller). The first one is a full-body Mickey.

Several tiles further along is Mickey's face and ears.

I hope these truly Hidden images last a while!

November 27, 2013

Holiday Hidden Images at Disney's Hollywood Studios

You probably know about the seasonal Hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights along the Streets of America each Holiday season. Disney usually adds a few new Hidden Mickeys every year, and, thankfully, many of our favorite ones return. On San Francisco Street, the Dalmatian with the classic Mickey spot on its right hip is back this year. (Thanks to Sarah Del Grande).

I look forward to my annual search for the Hidden Cat. This year, it's up a tree! Look for it next to the City Hall building near the entrance to Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show.

In recent years, Disney also hides a red razorback hog (in honor of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks in Jennings Osborne's home state) somewhere along the Osborne Lights. I found it in front of City Hall, not far from the Hidden Cat.

Close to Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano, I stopped and said hello to Lightning McQueen and Mater at their Meet and Greet area. Most of the time, Mater has a wing nut that resembles Mickey ears on his engine air cleaner. As I'd hoped, it was there. (Thanks to Brian).

Speaking of Mama Melrose's, Vickie and I had a fabulous dinner there before admiring the Osborne Lights. My Minestrone Soup and Chicken Cacciatore were outstanding! Just before dinner, right outside Pizza Planet, I spotted Santa about to deliver goodies to someone on an upper floor.

Each Holiday Season, it's great fun to look for Hidden Images in the fabulous Osborne Lights!

November 20, 2013

More Hidden Mickeys from Under the Sea in the Magic Kingdom

The Disney Imagineers unleashed their creative forces when they designed and built the New Fantasyland in WDW's Magic Kingdom. For example, we continue to discover new Hidden Mickey images in Ariel's Under the Sea attraction! The ornate rock formations lend themselves to Hidden Mickeys galore, so it's likely that even more Hidden Mickeys await discovery!


Along the right side of the outside queue, look to the rear right of the small lagoon to spot this interesting image in the rock wall. It's behind the rock (with the Hidden Mickey impressions that we know about) jutting out of the middle of the lagoon. There may be two classic Hidden Mickeys in the wall, one upright and another sideways image just above the first one.


After you've spotted these images at the lagoon, look to the right and high up on the rock hill to locate this beautifully proportioned classic Hidden Mickey impression in the rock surface. It's above left of a crevice and near the top of the rock wall and to the right of the edge of the large opening into the cavern inside queue. It's just left of the center of the photo below. (Thanks to Mark Fowle.)


It took me a while to spot this gem of a Hidden Mickey. Walk further along the outside queue and stare up to your right to find an arch of rock. On the right side of a small waterfall, a tiny classic Mickey impression in the rock is in the upper middle of the arch. (Thanks to Ashley Fayett).


Great job by the Disney Imagineers and architects!

October 31, 2013

Hidden Mickeys at Saratoga Springs and the Magic Kingdom Resorts

Vickie and I visited Saratoga Springs Resort and a couple of the Magic Kingdom Resorts to check out a few Hidden Mickeys. At Saratoga Springs, an image at the High Rock Spring swimming pool behind the Registration building suggests a Hidden Mickey (or two). At the left side of the pool (as you face it from the main building), impressions in the rock wall that borders the zero grade entrance to the pool resemble classic Mickeys. Three large circles and also three smaller circles on the right middle of the rock face both may form Hidden Mickeys. What do you think? (Thanks to Jay Stonefield).

Inside The Turf Club Bar and Grill, the display on the left wall (as you enter) still shows the upside-down classic Mickey in the equestrian equipment, at the upper part of the display.

Along the covered walkways outside the Grand Floridian Villas, look up for Hidden Mickeys in the latticework design. They occur only at certain points along the walkways near the Villas. (Thanks to Orlando Attractions Magazine).

We had a savory dinner at Artist Point Restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge Resort. I checked on the image painted on the ceiling above the center of the bar inside the Territory Lounge. The dark Hidden Mickey marking on the beige mule's right rear hip is still there!

Happy Hunting!

October 16, 2013

New Hidden Mickeys at Epcot's Future World

I like to check out the Festival Center each year at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival, because it's a rare opportunity for us to revisit the Wonders of Life Pavilion!

In addition, there are usually some seasonal Hidden Mickeys inside. Here's one I spotted on the carpet just inside the entrance to the Festival Center.

Rick Kordalski informed me of two great Hidden Mickeys in chocolate displays at the Ghirardelli section inside the pavilion. These scrumptious displays are behind windows and are created by the skilled Disney chefs. This first red Hidden image is on a beach towel.

Let's give credit to the Epcot and Disney's BoardWalk Resort chefs who designed this display!

Two other Hidden Mickeys in bubbles are nearby in an Ariel display.

These chefs represent Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Pastry Shop.

Rick Kordalski also let me know about a Hidden Mickey inside The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion. It's in the room just above Turtle Talk with Crush, in the far left window as you enter.

Under the words "Finding Solutions," look for a bubble classic Hidden Mickey in the upper left panel.

I have no idea how long that bubble Mickey has been present, but sometimes new Hidden Mickeys pop up right under our noses! Happy Hunting!

October 2, 2013

Searching for Hidden Mickeys at Animal Kingdom Lodge

One recent evening, Vickie and I drove to Walt Disney World for a dinner reservation at Jiko Restaurant. The Animal Kingdom Lodge abounds with Hidden Mickeys, so I took the opportunity to do some exploring before dinner. First, we strolled around Kidani Village. There is one appealing characteristic to me about the Animal Kingdom Lodge Hidden Mickeys: many are etched in rock or embedded in cement and are likely to last a long while! Check out this image outside the Kidani Village Resort. To find it, walk to the far end of the Samawati Spring Pool area to the lookout for the Pembe Savanna. If you smell the marshmallow roast, you're warm! Find a tree surrounded by grass and plants and locate a classic Mickey made of three gray stones embedded in the cement walkway. (Thanks to Sarah Barnes and Michael Cross).

Wandering around in the Pembe Savanna were several animals, including this majestic bird.

Don't worry, I won't leave you guessing!

Several compelling Hidden Mickeys are in the pool area. This classic Mickey traced in rock is at the rear of the hot tub spa. (Thanks to Keri Madeira).

Inside Jiko restaurant, a classic Mickey is formed on the ceiling above the two large orange oven exhausts and the white column behind them. (Thanks to Len Testa).

Here is our fun group after a delicious African-themed dinner!

September 20, 2013

Checking out Hidden Mickeys at Splitsville and the Magic Kingdom

I started my day at Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney West Side. I was expected to bowl at a charity event for Give Kids the World. I say "expected" because I haven't bowled seriously for many, many years, so I was a bit nervous. I didn't need to be; the event was a blast, and I even bowled a strike or two! Our lane was next to the large orange with the classic Mickey holes on the upper level wall mural near the escalator.

Mayor Clayton from Give Kids the World greeted everyone!

I toured Give Kids the World several years ago, and if you've never visited this awesome resort not far from Walt Disney World, schedule a tour during your next visit to Orlando. You'll never forget it! Over the years, many children with life-threatening illnesses and their families have been sponsored to stay and enjoy this resort along with all the other terrific attractions in central Florida.

My next stop was the Magic Kingdom, where the Princess Fairytale Hall is slated to open soon in Fantasyland. I hope a Hidden Mickey or two will be waiting for us inside!

From time to time over the years, someone writes to me that the Hidden Mickey dishes are gone at the Haunted Mansion. I had that message recently, so I had to check out the banquet table. Thankfully, the plates are back in place where they usually are, at the bottom left corner of the table! (This dish image vanishes at times, but it seems to magically reappear later!)

What do you think about this image? A cart wheel and two barrels outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction seem to form a classic Hidden Mickey image. To spot it, you have to walk behind the cart away from the main Adventureland path. Let me know if you give it a thumbs up or down! (Thanks to Fred Bastien, Bonnie Smith, Bob and Liz and Robert and Liam and Cailin, Len Reeves, and Martha Tischler).

July 5, 2013

A Day at Disney's Hollywood Studios with Friends and Hidden Mickeys

I enjoyed an afternoon at Disney's Hollywood Studios with my sister Donna (on the right in the photo) and two friends from Texas, Laurie and her daughter Becky.

On The Great Movie Ride, the two Pocahontas bulletins are still there in the Western scene, one bulletin on a wall behind the barber pole to the right of the vehicle.

and the second just past John Wayne to the left on a wood fence.

I've been debating about this image for a while. It's the small concentration of light on the screen in front of the airplane headlight in the Casablanca scene along The Great Movie Ride. What do you think, is the image a Hidden Mickey?

Alas, I have another Lost Hidden Mickey to report. Outside and above the Keystone Clothiers shop, the billboard has changed and no longer shows the girl crouched over Mickey's handprints in the cement. The photo shows the new billboard.

Before dinner, we were treated to a steel drum musician in the lobby of the Dolphin Resort! He definitely brought a Caribbean flavor to the Dolphin that day. He's playing in front of the lobby chairs that have classic Mickey circles in the design of the chair backs and sides.

August 1, 2012

An Afternoon at Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland Area

Vickie and I enjoyed a warm Florida summer afternoon in the Magic Kingdom. We checked out the new attractions in Fantasyland. Goofy (my favorite Disney character) has his own ride: The Barnstormer.

At the bottom of the sign at the entrance to The Barnstormer (below Goofy's picture) are swirls that might form an image of Mickey. What do you think? Is this a legitimate Hidden Mickey?

Kids (and adults!) can get really wet at Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station!

I cooled off inside the air-conditioned tent, part of the entrance queue of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This sign inside the circus tent area explains it pretty well:

Dumbo flies high above us near the top of the tent.

Kids can work off energy climbing up through the "Thrilling Tower of Flames," one of several play areas inside the circus tent. I heard several parents calling for their kids (sometimes in vain) when their pager notified them that it was time to ride Dumbo.

Guests around me seemed to appreciate this imaginative Disney approach to attraction queuing. Imagine the parents' smiles as they watched the kids play while waiting for their time to ride!

July 20, 2012

Hidden Mickeys at The Magic of Disney Animation, Disney's Hollywood Studios

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, I like to check out the Animation Studios from time to time. As you know, this area is not static, but for a while now, the Mushu (voiced by Eddie Murphy) theater show has entertained guests. You can choose to bypass the show and walk to the indoor character greeting areas (and queue up for The Animation Academy if you want) and return to the Mushu theater at show time. Outside the theater is a plaza with cement squares commemorating a few Disney Legends.

Mickey is traced in Ward Kimball's square.

During the video theater show, a Cast Member interacts with an animated Mushu (the dragon from Mulan). Many Disney figures are on display on the desks and cabinets at the rear of the stage of the theater show. These images change at times, but you can still spot the classic Mickey at the end of a pencil sticking out of a container on the top of the animator's desk in the middle of the stage, as well as the Mickey balloons on the large round button at the top left of the animator's drawing board on the front of the desk.

Look for the coffee mug with a classic Mickey on a middle shelf on the right side of the animator's desk.

I spotted a Mickey figurine peeking over the edge of the lower shelf at the far right of the stage, visible as you exit the theater.

Check out these Mickey images the next time you visit Disney's Hollywood Studios!

June 30, 2012

Wandering Epcot on a June afternoon

I wanted to check out a Hidden Mickey in the Japan Pavilion. It appeared a few months ago, formed by rocks in a pond near Katsura Grill. On my way to World Showcase, I stopped by Test Track, which is closed for refurbishment. GM is showing off a few cars in front of the walled-off Pavilion.

I sat in the Camero as a kind Cast Member took my photo. This car swallowed me up!

I enjoyed the Mariachi Cobre music along the lagoon waterfront at the Mexico Pavilion.

The "Sounds Like Summer" tribute band concert series is going strong at the America Gardens Theatre. The "Stayin' Alive" Bee Gees band is awesome!

I've been a fan of the Beatles from way back, so I visited the Toy Soldier shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion to admire the merchandise honoring the Beatles 50th Anniversary.

I noticed the Abbey Road album cover in a display window of the store. I visited London years ago and walked across Abbey Road in the same spot!

Sadly, the rock Mickey image in the Japan pond has disappeared. This current rock formation doesn't look like Mickey to me; the "ears" are way too small! As you know, some Hidden Mickeys don't last.

May 4, 2012

Phineas and Ferb, Art of Animation, Splitsville, and Hidden Mickeys

Vickie and I were recently treated to Phineas and Ferb's Backyard BBQ at Fort Wilderness. The event was part of the "Summer to Remember Media Event" at Walt Disney World.

I was honored to meet the creators of Phineas and Ferb: Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. I'm awed and inspired by their story. After first brainstorming and perfecting their concept for the animated show, they pitched the story to multiple networks. Many rejections and 16 years later (yes, you heard right - 16 years), Disney finally picked up the show! Now that's a wonderful example of persistence and believing in yourself and your creation! Kudos to Disney for recognizing the great potential for their ideas. (From left to right in the photo: Vincent Martella, the voice of Phineas, me, Dan Povenmire, and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh).

I snapped a decent photo of a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey on the right side of the mural at the rear of the Backyard BBQ stage.

As part of the Summer to Remember Media Event, we toured the new Disney's Art of Animation Resort, next to the Pop Century Resort.

As you might expect, Mickey images are hidden around the resort! Here's a cool Hidden Mickey on the guest room bedspread. To find it, you have to flip up the bottom flap of the bedspread at the end of the bed.

One cool surprise: in the huge chandelier inside the main lobby entrance,

look for the concept drawing signed by John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios and Director of many films including Cars 2):

At a Disney Expo at Coronado Springs Resort, the Splitsville ("Roll In and Rock Out!) display caught my eye:

This new two-level attraction at Downtown Disney West Side, opening Fall of 2012, will feature 30 bowling lanes, live music, a wide variety of food choices (including sushi, steaks and even breakfast) and several bars where you can sip your favorite vacation beverage. I anticipate spending hours here!

March 10, 2012

2012 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, and Hidden Mickeys

March is a colorful time of year at Epcot! Mickey greets you at the main entrance.

All Ears Leader Deb Wills told me of a Hidden Mickey in the Haiti exhibit. "Haiti: Garden of Many Colors" is a new garden exhibit next to the Germany Pavilion in World Showcase. At the rear of the Haiti area is a painting of a large van.

A white Hidden Mickey is on the right front fender!

And yes, Mater has arrived in Japan!

However, he somehow lost his Hidden Mickey wing nut. Mater usually has a wing nut with ears on top of his engine air cleaner (shown below on a previous Mater at California Adventure).

Whenever I'm in Epcot's Japan, I pay my respects to some of my favorite rocks anywhere on Disney property.

I caught a performance of "Off Kilter" in the Canada Pavilion. They played two of my favorite Off Kilter songs: "Dirty Old Town" and "Amazing Grace." (The latter song is the #1 most requested bagpipes song, as I'm sure any bagpipes musician will tell you).

Along the Imagination Walkway, the sand sculptors were busy, but they'll still answer your questions!

This amazing sand sculpture highlights the "Disneynature Chimpanzee" film that will help celebrate Earth Day 2012.

Check out these Mickey bushes in the kids' area "Let's Get Moving," located along the Imagination Walkway.

I hope you can visit Epcot to enjoy this great Festival!

February 18, 2012

Habit Heroes - Bad Habits (and a Hidden Mickey)

Vickie and I visited Epcot's Innoventions to experience "Habit Heroes." We were admitted into "Will Power's Gymnasium" to learn more about our bad health habits.

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

On top of some lockers in the pre-show room, I spotted this image: a Hidden Mickey made of sports balls!

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Will Powers and Callie Stenics led our group through three interactive sessions. We passed by Callie's office on the way to the first room.

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Along the trek to better health, I destroyed a pizza by blasting it with carrots and broccoli.

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

We witnessed a young boy learn to cast off his bad health habits, to protect himself as much as possible against high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

After we left our own bad habits behind, we waved goodbye to Callie and Will.

Habit Heroes - Epcot's Innoventions

Here's to a healthier life!

January 10, 2012

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Jan, 2012

One gorgeous Sunday morning, my wife Vickie and I drove to the BoardWalk area to join Deb Wills and other All Ears folks to encourage the Disney marathoners as they struggled toward the finish line. We staked out a spot near the bridge from the Swan and Dolphin Resorts to the Yacht Club promenade. This spot was just past the 24-mile marker, so the finish line was not far away! The runners had already jogged through the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Yellow cones marked the walkways for nonrunning observers like us.


I walked through the rear entrance to Epcot at 9:00 A.M. to make my way to the marathon finish line, which was in the Epcot main parking lot. The runners entered World Showcase through a gate between the United Kingdom and Canada pavilions and then turned right to circle World Showcase lagoon. I don't think most runners were enjoying the Disney details after laboring for almost 26 miles, although many could manage a smile as we cheered them on.


The runners passed through Future World to the right of Spaceship Earth


on their final leg to the Finish Line, shown here on a large screen.


A friend and neighbor of mine was running this day to qualify for the Goofy medal (completing the half-marathon and then the marathon the next day). Sounds Goofy, right? I had this crazy idea that I would congratulate him as he crossed the Finish Line. That idea didn't work. Thousands of people lined the fences and crowded the bleachers at the Finish Line area; I couldn't get anywhere near the 26.2 mile completion point! So later I let him know that I'd celebrate with him back in our neighborhood.


On my way back home, I spotted a classic Mickey Mouse image on a bell at the Valet Stand outside the entrance to the Beach Club Resort.


I hope this Mickey sticks around a while!


November 29, 2011

2011 Osborne Lights, and a few Hidden Mickeys

Vickie and I visited Disney's Hollywood Studios to check out "The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights." I stopped by a Hidden Mickey in a painted window at the entrance to the Streets of America, not far from the Writer's Stop. A classic Mickey sand trap is in the leftmost window as you face the New York backdrop.

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

We moved to the beat of "Mulch, Sweat and Shears," who were rocking at the New York end of the Streets of America, just before the Osborne Lights came to life.

Mulch, Sweat and Shears

At dusk, we waited with other excited fans for the Osborne Lights to brighten up the Streets of America.

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

The music started and the lights came on!

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Colorful images appeared in windows of a building along the Streets of America, toward the New York end of the street.

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Hidden Mickeys decorate this basketball goal in an alley toward the "Lights, Motors, Action" end of the Streets of America:

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Another returning Hidden Mickey above the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" marquee:

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

We always look for the lighted cat, which changes locations each year. A Cast Member told me that they place the cat high or low on alternating years. This year, it was high on a roof edge, above the alley where the basketball goal Hidden Mickeys are located.

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

The Osborne Lights are a wonderful annual holiday tradition at Walt Disney World!

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

November 5, 2011

October Fun at Coral Reef Restaurant and Magic Kingdom

I have to make reservations at the Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot to admire the classic Hidden Mickey in the decorative tile inside. (This is one of the Disney restaurants that you can't just stroll into for a Hidden Mickey hunt; you need to make reservations for a meal in order to study the inside restaurant decor). We had delicious food with friends Mark (on the left) and John (in the middle) at Coral Reef:


As you face the Seas with Nemo aquarium on the second level of the Coral Reef Restaurant, look for a small classic Mickey made of tiles on the third vertical divider from the left. It's about one quarter of the distance down from the top and on the rear of the divider.


Each year, I like to wave at the Headless Horseman at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. He gallops through the Magic Kingdom before the parade.



Plenty of Disney Characters greeted us during the parade, including one of my favorites - Goofy:


The wait to meet the Seven Dwarfs (near the Splash Mountain exit) was really long.


The Halloween Wishes fireworks show was awesome


Autumn is a wonderful time of year at Walt Disney World!

August 29, 2011

Magic Kingdom and the (New) Retro Tiki Room

Vickie and I visited the Magic Kingdom to experience the refurbished "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room." This show is a tribute to the original Tiki Room show that Walt Disney put together in 1963 and which opened at Walt Disney World as the "Tropical Serenade" in 1971. Iago and Zazu have flown the coop, but the other Tiki characters have stayed behind. Furthermore, the upside down Hidden Mickeys at the bottom of several perches inside the Tiki Room are still in place!

Tiki Room

We also stopped into the Carousel of Progress for a spin through the last century. I like to check out Dad's two left shoes in the second scene.

Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress

In the third scene, Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat is still perched on the right side of the stage, next to the girl in the shaker machine.

Carousel of Progress

Interesting fact from the last scene: the father is preparing dinner, but only six chairs are around the dining table.

Carousel of Progress


Yes, there are six people on stage in the last scene, but what about Uncle Orville (the seventh person), who is off stage in the bathroom?

Anyway, the Magic Kingdom is always fun for us, especially when Disney leaves our Hidden Mickeys intact!

July 23, 2011

Summer Afternoon in the Studios

Vickie and I had lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby, Disney's Hollywood Studios, with Anthony and Ken, who are avid fans! In fact, they've signed up for Deb's cruise next year! Anthony and I had the famous Brown Derby Cobb Salad (one of my favorite salads), Ken had a delicious grouper (I say delicious with confidence since his plate was the first bare plate at our table), and Vickie enjoyed a salad and crab cakes. From left to right in the photo are Anthony, Ken, me and Vickie.


After lunch, the wait for the Great Movie Ride was only 5 minutes, so we hopped on board. I showed Ken and Anthony the great shadow Hidden Minnie image on the loading dock mural. Look above the roof in the photo. Minnie is just above the short tree stump and she's looking to the left:

I pointed out to our group the advertisements that reference Pocahontas in the Western scene. One sign is to the right of your vehicle on a wall behind a barber pole:
and another is to your left on a fence just past John Wayne.

In front of the entrance to the Great Movie Ride, Anthony, Ken and I posed over the imprint of Carol Burnett's Mickey ears:

I checked out the afternoon Pixar Pals parade (I'm a real fan of the Disney-Pixar movies!). Mike Wazowski from "Monsters, Inc." waved at me:

Carl Fredricksen from "Up" floated by me in front of his balloons:

This summer day in Florida was hot, but who cares? We're at Disney World!

July 7, 2011

An Evening with Star Tours and Jellyrolls

My sister Donna visited WDW for one of her twice yearly trips from her home in Texas. Donna, Vickie (my wife) and I checked out Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The Hidden Mickeys and other hidden images are surfacing! Along the entrance queue, a three-circle Hidden Mickey is on C-3PO's control panel, to the right of his head.

Also along the entrance queue is a humorous security robot scanning luggage that rolls by on a conveyor belt. It's worth a few minutes of your time; some interesting images show up on the scanner! Like Goofy -

Buzz Lightyear -

Aladdin's lamp -

and of course Mickey -

and his Sorcerer's hat -

Vickie, Donna and I topped off the evening at Jellyrolls and sang along to some terrific piano rock tunes.

Jellyrolls is one great place to end a day of fun in Orlando!

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May 30, 2011

Star Tours Hidden Mickeys

The retooled Star Tours attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios represents a spectacular leap in the technology of simulator experiences.

For many years, I enjoyed the original Star Tours, in which you'd fly the same harrowing, out-of-control route to the Moon of Endor. The refurbished attraction provides over 50 random combinations of journeys throughout the Star Wars Universe! This renders the sighting of Hidden Mickeys on the ride (and several folks have spotted at least one possible Hidden Mickey image) a bit difficult to capture and describe. I didn't experience the specific sequence that these folks did, and I saw no Hidden Mickey images during my several trips through the galaxies.

I was delighted to discover that one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys anywhere is still in place (thank you, Imagineers!). About halfway along the outside winding queue, a white classic Mickey is high on a tree trunk, just below the walkway platform for the Ewok village above. It's on the huge central tree, directly across from the Imperial Walker.
Star Tours Hidden Mickey

Another classic Hidden Mickey still in place is in the gift shop at the ride exit. On the right side of the shop, near the exit doors from the shop, a Mickey image is on a front right panel of a counter. It's formed by bullet holes with surrounding black burn marks as the "ears" and a center raised circle as the "head."
Star Tours Hidden Mickey

An interesting image in the gift shop is a collection of tiny creatures (Jawas) peering out from "windows" on the upper corners at both ends of a long counter on the left side of the shop.
Star Tours

Alas, a few Hidden Images are no more. Kermit the Frog, made from tubes and robot parts, no longer sits along the inside entrance queue. The pre-boarding instructional video has changed, and the Ewok who carries a plush Mickey Mouse has vanished.

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December 19, 2010

Christmastime at the Wilderness Lodge

My wife Vickie and I joined Marc Lorenzo and other Walt Disney World Moms Panel members at the Wilderness Lodge Resort to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Vickie found a Hidden Mickey (and Minnie) ornament on the huge Christmas tree in the main lobby.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

This small ornament is on the side of the tree that faces the registration area.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Cast members point out three red ornament bulbs that resemble a classic (three-circle) Mickey. It's hanging on the side of the tree that faces the rear of the lobby.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

I took the opportunity to check on a few Hidden Mickeys near the Wilderness Lodge lobby. An awesome classic Mickey is still in place in the rear room of the Whispering Canyon Cafe. It's the third decorative cutout from the left corner in the lower grillwork of the fireplace. You have to bend low to see it!

Wilderness Lodge Resort

The tiny classic Mickey traced in cement hasn't been worn away in the front car entrance drive-through. It's in the black stripe nearest the center steps from the parking lot.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Several classic Mickeys are etched in the large entrance poles supporting the roof over the car entrance area. This Mickey image is on the left after you walk up the center steps from the parking lot. It's partially covered by the upper black metal band; you can see the head and the lower part of each ear of the three-circle Mickey.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

Although seasonal Hidden Mickeys come and go, some Mickey images last a long time (thank goodness!)

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August 3, 2010

Pixie Hollow Magic Kingdom Hidden Mickeys

I checked out a few Hidden Mickey sightings at Pixie Hollow inside the Toontown Hall of Fame Tent, Mickey's Toontown Fair.

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

A feeling of nostalgia was part of my motivation for returning to Pixie Hollow, since this colorful area may disappear with the ambitious Fantasyland renovation, although I hope some of these Hidden Mickeys are preserved and relocated, or at least replicated elsewhere.

The first one is encountered near the bottom of the left wall mural inside the first doorway of the long entrance queue, toward the far end of the wall and just before you meet the Disney fairies. A black three-circle (classic) Mickey is on the side of an orange ladybug, who's sitting on a horizontal leaf above a white flower. (Thanks to Dr. E. Kye Layton, and Makenzie).

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

A friendly Cast Member pointed out to me a black classic Mickey marking at the bottom of a blade of grass along the right wall mural, just as you enter the Fairies room.

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

On the first winter wall mural to your right is a subtle classic Mickey in white at about eye level, in the snow covering on a tree. (Thanks to Sharon Dale).

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

Another great classic Mickey image is in the middle of the room on the top of a coin, which is the seventh coin down from the top of a stack of large coins. (Thanks to Lydia and Michael Cross).

Pixie Hallow in Magic Kingdom

The wait to meet the Disney Fairies is worth it; these images are fine examples of artistic Hidden Mickeys!

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July 9, 2010

Magic Kingdom Resort Hidden Mickeys

I visited the Magic Kingdom monorail resorts one afternoon to look for Hidden Mickeys. Disney characters hide in the marble floor around the Grand Floridian lobby. (Baseer Muqri informed me that Mickey and Minnie are also in the marble floor at the entrance to 1900 Park Fare restaurant). Here's Mickey near the lobby entrance doors.

Grand Floridian Hidden Mickey

Tinker Bell is near the left-side lobby elevators.

Grand Floridian Hidden Tinker bell

Several folks (Brianna and Stephen Millevoi, Herb Miller, and Holly Bowling) alerted me to this Hidden Mickey image at the top of both elevator towers at the sides of Bay Lake Tower. Ceiling lights hang from the Mickey-shaped metal plates. You can spot the images at night:

Contemporary Resort Hidden Mickey

In daylight, the image may be obscured, but you can take the elevator to floor 16 to find it on the ceiling.

Contemporary Resort Hidden Mickey

Fellow AllEars® team member Erin Blackwell spotted these Mickey shapes on small grill work covers high on the walls along the bridge walkway that connects Bay Lake Tower to the main Contemporary Resort.

Contemporary Resort Hidden Mickey

My wife Vickie and I had a refreshing dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe; we walked up to the check-in podium (no reservations) at about 5:30 p.m. and were seated without delay. Vickie approved of the French onion soup, and I savored a well-prepared salmon dish.

We then rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom to marvel again at Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade. The Mickey images in the parade are on the first few floats and are generally more decorative than hidden.

Here's Goofy in the train that pulls the float with the parade sign.

Main Street Electric Parade

Here's the float with the name of the parade.

Main Street Electric Parade

We experienced the Summer Nightastic Fireworks Show from the hub area in front of Cinderella Castle, and the perimeter fireworks later in the show literally surrounded us! The guests near us applauded throughout the show. Disney knows fireworks!

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February 22, 2010

February Afternoon in Epcot

I met up with Valerie, Hailey and Alex in the seating area behind the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion. Valerie is a very active Disney fan blogger, and her son and daughter like Disney, too! Hailey interviewed me about Hidden Mickeys for a school project. In the photo from the left is Valerie, me, Hailey and Alex.

Valerie, Steve, Hailey and Alex

Epcot had a good-sized crowd on this cool day in mid-February.

Spaceship 'Earth

My son and I are pictured in etchings on a stone block in front of Spaceship Earth. The photo was taken back when I still had hair!

Steve and Stephen Leave a Legacy

In the Project Tomorrow interactive area at the exit of Spaceship Earth, two sets of classic Mickey bubbles float by on the overhead blue screens. (Thanks to Tim Rachuba, rjf1423, and Frank Tonra, Jr.)

Project Tomorrow Hidden Mickey

I took the opportunity to check out a Hidden Mickey in the United Kingdom Pavilion. I'm worried this image may disappear some day, but it's been in place now for several years. On the right side of the inner street, a small Hidden Mickey is in the Crown & Crest Shoppe, inside a left rear cabinet post. You have to put your head inside the cabinet and look left to see it. A similar image behind the cash register nearby is not reliably present. (Thanks to Donna McMurrey).

United Kingdom Hidden Mickey

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February 3, 2010

Searching for Mickey at the Studios

My wife Vickie and I visited Disney's Hollywood Studios one rainy afternoon to check out new and old Hidden Mickeys. The wait was short at The Great Movie Ride, so we stepped up to the queue. I like to say hello to Minnie before the ride starts! Her shadow is to the left of the vehicles on the loading dock mural.

Great Movie Ride Queue

From a window in Gangster Alley, Mickey is still watching over us guests, although most folks don't know he's there!

Gangster Alley at Great Movie Ride

Vickie and I waved goodbye to Dorothy and her friends.

Great Movie Ride Wizard of Oz

At the Writer's Stop, Vickie and I met some Hidden Mickey fans from Oklahoma! They were having a great week at WDW. Even though the recent Florida weather has been cool and drizzly, it's still more comfortable here than in many other parts of the country. In the photo from the left are Mikki, Chris, Sara and me. The smiles are genuine; we were enjoying ourselves!


I have a question for any New York residents. Do the letters "W" and "D" in the photo below have any Disney-related significance? This sign is along the Streets of America.


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June 9, 2009

Fun in The Magic Kingdom with a College Friend

If you live in Florida, especially if your address is near Walt Disney World, you can expect to be visited often by friends and relatives. Occasionally, you'll be pleasantly surprised by friends from long ago.

Judy, a past college friend of my wife and mine, recently journeyed to central Florida. She was accompanied by her husband Steve, daughter Amy, and grandkids Isaac and Noah. We rendezvoused in the Magic Kingdom, had lunch, and wandered around looking for Hidden Mickeys.

Judy's family met Mickey at the Judge's Tent in Mickey's Toontown Fair. I showed them the classic Mickey images in the apples near the end of the queue under the video screen and inside the blue ribbon on the wall behind Mickey.

Judges Tent Hidden Mickeys in Toontown Fair

In the photo, Steve is holding a shy Noah, and Amy stands left of Judy.


The Hidden Mickeys game interested Isaac from the start. He quickly discerned the difference between Hidden and decorative Mickeys. In the photo, Isaac stands between Mickey and Minnie. Notice the blue classic Mickey in the middle of the blue ribbon on the wall behind Mickey and Minnie in the photos.

Mickey's Toontown Fair Judges Tent Hidden Mickey

We wandered around Tomorrowland and shot targets in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. The boys got their photos with Buzz Lightyear at his greeting area near the Carousel of Progress.

I pointed out one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys traced in the cement close to a support beam near Astro Orbiter on the side toward Space Mountain, between Cool Scanner and The Lunching Pad. This image always inspires Hidden Mickey hunters, newbies and oldsters alike!

Hidden Mickey near Astro Orbiter

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May 26, 2009

Lost Hidden Mickeys at Hollywood Studios

Recently, I was reminded that Hidden Mickey images, even some really good ones, may disappear. When areas are refurbished, Disney can decide to remove perfectly decent Hidden Mickeys. I was searching out Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios and discovered that several were gone.

When the Block Party Bash revved up last year, Hidden Mickeys were in the confetti decorations around the "Block Party Bash" post on the Tip Board.

Tip Board

A Cast Member told me that these Hidden Mickeys were not "official," and that the Manager or Imagineer for the area could remove them at any time. The CM's warning was accurate. I checked the Tip Board recently, and the Hidden Mickeys were gone.

rip Board

The Studio Backlot Tour was refurbished this winter. The mural backdrop for the Special Effects Water Tank area was repainted, and three decent Hidden Images (two Hidden Mickeys and Clarabelle the Cow) disappeared!

Special Effects Water Tank Backdrop

Here is the new one. I couldn't find any Hidden Mickeys in this new mural. If you can, let me know!

Special Effects Water Tank Backdrop

For years, classic Mickeys were in the tile floor along the inside entryway to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. I wasn't fond of these images, since all the circles were the same size, but many guests and Cast Members liked them as Hidden Mickeys.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Tile Floor - Old

As you can see, these images were not continued in the new tile floor.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Tile Floor - New

We must stay vigilant about Hidden Mickeys (especially our favorite ones)!

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February 9, 2009

California Grill and Pirates of the Caribbean

One evening, I met Jim and Mark, two friends and neighbors of mine, at the California Grill Restaurant. It was their first time to dine there.

We had reservations for 9 p.m. or so, but we arrived at opening (5:30 p.m.) in hopes of getting an earlier seating. It worked! After about 40 minutes, we were seated in the table area to the right, where we had a great view of Cinderella Castle.

As you can see in the photo, Mark and Jim (with the red wine) were impressed with this fine venue.

Mark and Jim

After sunset, we walked to the outside viewing area overlooking the Magic Kingdom from 15 floors up. We watched Cinderella Castle change colors.

Cinderella Castle

We had a panoramic view of the Wishes fireworks show.
Wishes Fireworks

We all had good food and a fun evening at the California Grill!

Although it was Saturday night and I knew it would be crowded, I suggested we meet up at Jellyrolls on the BoardWalk. Sure enough, it was standing room only inside the dueling pianos club. At least, Mark and Jim now know about this great night spot, and we'll return soon when it's not so crowded.

The next day, I rode Pirates of the Caribbean several times looking for Hidden Mickeys.

Several locks on the left side at the end of the boat ride are decent classic (three-circle) Mickeys and are more convincing Mickey images than the lock on the jail cell door (to the right of the boat). This lock with a key is on the left door at the entrance opening of the treasure room. (Thanks to Sharon Dale, and Kristy, Scott, Jim and Kim Todd)

Pirates of the Caribbean

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December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Week at WDW

I had the pleasure of spending time at WDW with family and friends during Thanksgiving week. We enjoyed a few of the Christmas decorations in the parks and resorts; more and more of them appear as the week unfolds.

Most of the decked out Christmas trees and elaborate gingerbread displays have decorative and hidden Mickeys. I snapped this photo of a Hidden Mickey on the Epcot holiday tree, which is located between Future World and World Showcase.

Hidden Mickey Epcot Tree

I met my sister and cousins from Texas at the Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast. My server put a cinnamon classic Mickey on my cappuccino. Check it out!

Cappuccino Mickey

After breakfast, we rode the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. My sister Donna showed me a tiny classic Mickey she'd found along the entrance area of Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. It's in a window display of a city, on the rear of the wall to the right just past the entrance doors to the second room. The classic Mickey is under the apex of the triangular roof segment on the building in the front center of the window display.

Monsters Inc Window Display

We had a fun day at the Magic Kingdom, using FASTPASS to our advantage and stuffing ourselves with soup, sandwiches and ice cream at the Plaza Restaurant for lunch. We screamed on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as the Wishes fireworks lit up the night sky. (I like to ride Big Thunder at night!) This photo shows (from the right) Sherry, Olan, Donna, Camp, Carson, and Landon waiting near Liberty Tree Tavern for the second SpectroMagic parade. The kids' parents, Amy and Kevin, stood near the rope with me. (The later parade is almost always less crowded than the earlier one).

Hidden mickey Hunters

Sharon Dale wrote to me about a possible Hidden Mickey in SpectroMagic.

Cinderella Carriage Spectro Magic

Does the Cinderella carriage form an upside down classic Mickey? I'll put it to a vote on my website; let me know what you think!

Cinderella Carriage Spectro Magic

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November 13, 2008

A Visit to The Oasis in Animal Kingdom

I enjoy visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Some folks don't consider that this park has a full day's worth of activities, but I beg to differ. The Animal Kingdom has plenty to offer, especially if you can slow down and observe the animals after first enjoying the headliner attractions.

I like to spend time in The Oasis. This area with its tranquil animals has a relaxing effect on me. I wandered along the trails and said hello to the Scarlet Macaws.

Scarlet Macaws

and the Patagonian Cavy (a long-legged rodent)

Patagonian Cavy >

and two chattering Black Neck Swans.

Black Neck Swans

These trails are usually not crowded, so The Oasis is a great place to unwind.

I strolled over to Camp Minnie-Mickey.

Bradley Lewis submitted to me a photo of a distorted Mickey image, formed by pebbles in the cement. It's near the bridge over the creek before the Lion King Theater. Go to the second fence section between the creek and the cabin in front of Grandmother Willow's Grove (theater). Stand near a bench and close to Donald Duck, who's fishing in the creek. I'll put this image on my website, in the Questionable section. Let me know what you think.

Camp Minnie Mickey Hidden Mickey

Disney's Animal Kingdom is filled with rocks and pebbles embedded in the walkways, posts, walls, benches and other structures. Which three-pebble images are Hidden Mickeys? I try to imagine if a specific image is purposeful, placed by an Imagineer, or is it just a random collection of rocks? Sometimes that's a difficult decision!

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October 23, 2008

A Visit to the Food & Wine Festival

I enjoy the music of the Epcot Festivals, so I visit whenever I can to hear great musicians from the (recent) past.

I had the opportunity to catch a performance by David Sanborn, a well-known jazz saxophonist. The America Gardens Theatre was already full of jazz fans when I arrived. After his first few sax notes, the place was rocking! It was a terrific performance by him and his group of fine musicians. The audience was bobbing along to the beat and gave him a standing ovation at the end of the 30-minute performance.

David Sanborn Signage

Before Mr. Sanborn's concert, I'd checked out an image in Camp Dolphin, the kid's club in the Dolphin Resort. It's not alway convenient to visit WDW kid's clubs to find Hidden Mickeys; the best time is just after opening when they're not too crowded.

The Cast Members are generally helpful and often excited about this temporary diversion from their usual activities. Sharon Dale had sent me an image from inside Camp Dolphin, but her Hidden Mickey had disappeared. Instead, a CM showed me a new image in a picture on a wall to the left as you enter through the front door. Mickey is giving Pluto a bath, and three floating soap bubbles form a sideways classic Mickey.

Camp Dolphin Hidden Mickey

After the concert, I walked to the Germany Pavilion to study an image in the rear of the courtyard. Jennifer Moon had described this image, which is a three-circle formation in the ironwork support behind the bell on the front of the clock tower. I think it's a decent classic Mickey! Let me know what you think.

Germany Hidden Mickey

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October 6, 2008

Cinderella's Royal Suite Hidden Mickeys

I was fortunate to able to join a tour of the special suite in Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom. (Actually, Deb Wills had toured the suite before, so she kindly offered me her spot! Very cool!)

We entered an anteroom through a door at the side of the walkway through the Castle. An elevator took us up to another vestibule room that opened through a door into the bedroom of the suite. The bedroom had openings to the bathroom and to a sitting room (at the far end of the bedroom) with windows that overlooked Fantasyland. Although it's easy to lose one's concentration when in this marvelous suite, I was intent on checking out the Hidden Mickeys here.

Two images impressed me. One is on the mural at the rear of the bathroom. Look in the reddish-orange clouds to the right of the castle in the mural. Some swirls approximate a classic Mickey image.

Cinderella Castle Suite

The Cast Member Tour Guide told me that some guests like an image of three blue flowers at the bottom left corner of a mural on a right wall of the bathroom, just to the right of the mural with the castle mentioned above. She implied that it wasn't an "official" Hidden Mickey. However, I agree with the guests; I like this image as a classic Mickey!

Cinderella Castle Suite

Now comes the difficult question. I'd heard of a Hidden Mickey in the fireplace in the bedroom of the suite.

Cinderella Castle Suite

Lights at the rear of the fireplace repeatedly form circle patterns. The Cast Member pointed out an image to me as a Hidden Mickey. Two light blips form "ears" on a larger circle "head." I'll put it as a Questionable image, since I'm not convinced at this point. Let me know what you think!

Cinderella Castle Suite

As to the suite itself, yes, it's magnificent! I could imagine Cinderella walking with us inside her elegant suite. I'm sure most Disney fans (including me!) would very much enjoy spending a night here.

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August 17, 2008

Visiting BoardWalk and Lights Motors Action!

My wife Vickie and I strolled around the BoardWalk area recently on a warm Florida afternoon. Inside the BoardWalk Bakery, I ordered an espresso and Vickie a bottled water. I'd spotted two Mickey images in the past, on two aprons hanging on the right wall, and they're still in place. Vickie thinks they're more like decor Mickeys rather than Hidden. What do you think?

Boardwalk Bakery Aprons Mickey

Boardwalk Bakery Aprons Mickey

I looked for a Mickey sugar bowl that was in place several years ago on a high shelf directly opposite the entrance doors of the Bakery. Alas, it's still lost!

Lost Hidden Mickey - Mickey Sugar Bowl Once in Boardwalk Bakery

We drove over to Disney's Hollywood Studios later in the afternoon. My sister Donna had e-mailed me a few weeks ago that one of her favorite Hidden Mickeys was lost: the "Monet" Mickey in a display window at the end of the Streets of America!

Vickie and I confirmed that indeed it wasn't there! Another lost gem, but I hope only temporarily. Some Hidden Mickey images do reappear, and I'll wait to see if the Imagineers replace the Monet Mickey.

Lost Hidden Mickey - Monet Mickey Streets of America

We checked out a Mickey sighting along the entrance queue of Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show. I think it's a cool image.

It's on the right side of the entrance walkway. As you walk around the first building, look in the middle set of windows at a red tool chest to find the black classic Mickey magnet. (Thanks to Denise O, Elton Hughes and Jill Sullivan, and Jennifer Lynch).

Entrance queue of Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show

Vickie and I then relaxed with an excellent meal at the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant, one of my favorites!

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July 7, 2008

Toy Story Midway Mania Hidden Mickeys

New Hidden Mickeys can appear anywhere on Disney property at any time. Your best bet is to check out a refurbished area or a new attraction.

Toy Story Midway Mania, a new attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, doesn't disappoint!

A compelling new classic Mickey image is near the end of the Standby queue (the attraction also has FASTPASS and Single Rider queues).

It's on the wall past the large map of the U.S.A. below a green dinosaur and a red fish, near the floor and behind the handrails on the left side of the queue. So far, 14 folks have written to me about this cool image, but Matt Hochberg, Jesse Kline, and Jennifer Bogdan described it to me first.

Toy Story Midway Mania Hidden Mickey

Orlando Attractions Magazine and Jake Thompson wrote to me about another Hidden Mickey on the ride.

Look for the words "Circus Fun!" on the wall to your right as you rotate into position for the last screen stop. The dot below the exclamation point is a decent classic Mickey.

I was on the ride with Amy from Massachusetts when we spotted this Hidden Mickey, and she was in position to snap the photo for me. Thanks, Amy!

Toy Story Midway Mania Hidden Mickey

You can see this third image at loading and unloading, and you can study it as you take the exit walkway. Three ovals encircle Toy Story characters on the wall to the left of the ride vehicles.

Matt Hochberg, Alexis, and Frank Marando described this image to me, and it seems close for a classic Mickey image. Let me know what you think!

Toy Story Midway Mania Hidden Mickey

The walls, ceiling and floor inside Toy Story Midway Mania are blanketed with colorful images. Undoubtedly, more Hidden Mickeys are waiting for us to find them!

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June 19, 2008

Main Street Magic Kingdom Hidden Mickeys

Now and then, I'm enlightened about an awesome new Hidden Mickey. At least, new to me.

Kelly McAdams wrote to me about a classic Mickey image in Tony's Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I'll admit, I get really excited when folks direct me to any new Hidden Mickey images. However, some images are more intriguing than others.

This one in Tony's is spectacular! It's a tiny imprint on a black tile on the floor in front of the bureau to the immediate right as you enter the restaurant. Look to the lower right corner of the tile as you face the bureau. I have no idea how long this Hidden Mickey has been there; it may have been placed recently. It's a perfect classic Mickey, and it's likely to remain for a long time.

Tony's Town Square Hidden Mickey

Tony's Town Square Hidden Mickey

A cast member in Tony's told me that the roses in the rear left of the restaurant formed a Hidden Mickey. The photo shows that the roses are all about the same size. As you know, I have trouble accepting three same-size circles as classic Mickeys. Mickey's head is larger than his ears! However, I understand the CM's dilemma: how can you tell an excited child that a three-circle image is not a Hidden Mickey?

Tony's Town Square Hidden Mickey

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Christina Santoro wrote me about an image in the Crystal Arts Shop on Main Street. It's in the upper section of the left rear wall of the store. It's a "positional" Mickey, in that you must stand right below it to spot the classic Mickey relationship.

I've been told that the CM's in the shop made this arrangement of articles on purpose to form a Hidden Mickey image. I'm normally not fond of positional images, but I'll put these photos on my website soon, in the Questionable section, to let the voters decide. Let me know what you think.

Crystal Arts Shop Hidden Mickey

Crystal Arts Shop Hidden Mickey

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I tend to wait a while to see if missing Hidden Mickeys reappear.

Alas, I think that the classic Mickey on the rose stem in the display window of the Uptown Jewelers Store is gone for good. Display window Hidden Mickeys are especially vulnerable, as displays are constantly changing. Find this image in the Lost section of my website.

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June 5, 2008

Conservation Station at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Recently, I visited Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

This area is a real treasure trove of Hidden Mickeys; you could easily spend several hours here searching for the little gems. On the order of 42 Hidden Mickeys live here, and a few more undiscovered ones may be waiting for us to find them.

One of the best side profile Mickeys anywhere is just past the entrance doors to Conservation Station, on the chin of a hippopotamus. It's the fifth animal from the left along the bottom of the entrance mural on the left wall. A side profile of Mickey Mouse is on its lower jaw, under the middle tooth. One of my favorites!

Hidden Mickey - Hippopotamus Conservation Station Animal Kingdom

Now for some new images.

Sharon Dale alerted me to three circles arranged correctly on the ground in a mosaic just before the entrance doors to Conservation Station. This Mickey is below and between the elephant tusks and above the second "T" in "STATION". It's not a perfect image, but it's close enough for me!

Hidden Mickey -  Conservation Station Animal Kingdom

Sonali showed me a new image in the main lobby of Conservation Station. It's formed from holes in the tree leaves overhead, directly above the first left entrance (as you enter the lobby) to the Song of the Rainforest area. It seems a bit distorted to me, so I put it in the Questionable section of my website for folks to vote on it. What do you think?

Hidden Mickey -  Conservation Station Animal Kingdom

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May 17, 2008

Fort Wilderness Hidden Mickeys

Recently, I stayed in a cabin at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. The best way to research Hidden Mickeys is to stay in the middle of the magic! I like the cabins; they're spacious and well-maintained, and you can park your car right in front of your cabin.

Disney has been placing more and more Hidden Mickeys in guest rooms at their on-property resorts, in the carpets, wallpaper, wall paintings, curtains, and elsewhere.

Here are two Hidden Mickeys I found in my cabin:

One on the Bedspread

Bedspread Hidden Mickey Fort Wilderness Cabin

One on the Door Curtain

Curtain Hidden Mickey Fort Wilderness Disney World

Guests can enjoy many activities at Fort Wilderness, including

Carriage Rides

Ft. Wilderness Carriage Ride Sign

Pony Rides for the Kids

Ft. Wildernes Pony Ride Sign Disney World

and Trail Rides on Larger Horses

Ft. Wilderness Trail Rides Sign

Now for some Mickey images.

Many of the classic Mickey forms at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch are decorative, in my opinion, and not hidden. The sign for the Trail Rides in the photo above has decorative Mickeys.

These images on the fences and gates in the pony ride area are too obvious to qualify as Hidden Mickeys, as is the three-circle logo under the sign for the Tri-Circle-D Farm (where the pony rides take place).

Ft. Wilderness Tri Circle D Farm Mickeys

Ft. Wilderness Tri Circle D Farm Sign

However, this sign for the Blacksmith Shop has a hidden classic Mickey between the "L" and "A" of Blacksmith. If you're not actively hunting for Mickey, it's easy to overlook this image.

Ft. Wilderness Blacksmith Shop HIdden Mickey

In the evening, I enjoyed Chip 'n Dale's campfire program near the Meadow Trading Post in the middle of Fort Wilderness.

Folks roasted marshmallows over the campfire as a guitarist serenaded the guests with sing-a-long songs and Chip and Dale wandered around greeting everyone. A Disney movie was then displayed on a large screen.

This evening program has been a staple at Fort Wilderness for many years, and I hope it sticks around for many more!

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April 11, 2008

Texas Friends at WDW, Wide World of Sports

I had the good fortune recently to meet up with some old friends from Texas. Vickie and I joined Ed, Karen and their daughters Abigail (Abby) and Caroline for dinner at the California Grill. Ed was in Orlando for a business meeting, and they spent their first few days at Universal Studios. On the evening in question, we had originally planned to meet at Emeril's Restaurant at City Walk. However, I received an e-mail from them that they wanted to cut their Universal stay short and get into Disney! So, California Grill it was!

After an enjoyable meal, we drove over to Epcot for IllumiNations. Ed and family hadn't seen the fireworks show for 4 years or so. We watched from the Morocco Pavilion area. As usual, it was moving and spectacular, and the large crowd around us applauded at the finale. We then walked to the France pavilion to check on a classic Mickey on a book. It's in the room where characters appear for photos and autographs. In the photo, Abby (the taller girl) and Caroline are pointing to the Hidden Mickey.

Abby and Caroline point to a Hidden Mickey

We ambled over to the Yacht Club and stood in the lobby as a Cast Member snapped a picture. Ed, Vickie, Abby and Caroline, Karen and I are posed left to right in the photo.

Ed, Vickie, Abby and Caroline, Karen and I

We had a terrific few hours together. I think they'll return someday, hopefully soon!

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A few days later, my son Steven and I took in a baseball Spring Training game at Disney's Wide World of Sports. The Atlanta Braves beat the Houston Astros 4-2. (I've been an Astros fan for many years!).

A classic Mickey image is planted in the center of the outfield. I've known about this image for a while, but I'd considered it a decorative image and not hidden. I'm not so sure now as it seems more faded and not as obvious as I remember. I'll put it on my website in the Questionable section to let the voters decide!

classic Mickey image is planted in the center of the outfield

Steven and I wandered to the Milk House (the Field House) where an amateur basketball tournament was in progress. I wanted to check out the Hidden Mickey high in the rafters. Thank goodness, it's still there! He's above a hanging photo of Jason Kidd.

Hidden Mickey in the Field House

Steven and I completed the evening with dinner at the House of Blues: decent fare and decent service. Since he was a child, I'm happy that Steven and I have enjoyed many visits together to WDW. If you plan your trip right, WDW is a great place to bond and create memories as a family!

(P.S. In a previous blog, I spoke about the new computer monitors at the exit of Spaceship Earth. I want to confirm that from these monitors, you can indeed send e-mail postcards with your photo from the ride).

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March 27, 2008

WDW with Neighbors

Recently, I met up with neighbors and friends for dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort.

Bob and Rita Ondercik are long-time Disney fans and have been DVC members since the beginning of DVC (when awesome benefits were added for joining). Bob and Rita also volunteer at Give Kids The World, a resort near WDW that is a retreat for children with medical problems.

Paul and Gretchen Gregg are Disney fans, though not as rabid as the Onderciks and me. (However, I think we've stimulated their interest!). Of course, we all had to pay tribute to Minnie Moo. Rita and Bob are on the left side of the photo, and Paul and Gretchen are on the right.


I like the Yachtsman Steakhouse; I usually order fish or chicken, and my wife Vickie assures me that the steak is decent and worth a trip for dinner.

Before the meal, Vickie and I explored the Yacht Club for Hidden Mickeys. We found a cool one made of coiled rope in a display window of the Fittings & Fairings shop; it's in the closest display window to the main lobby. Display window Hidden Mickeys at WDW tend to come and go, as the displays change from time to time.


The next day, I joined Bob and Rita at Epcot. We flew on Soarin' several times, and I snapped a somewhat decent photo of the classic Mickey made of rocks in the snow. It's at the top center of the photo, which is a difficult photo to get right! This Mickey image is more convincing when you first spot it, as you're soaring up to it. (Thanks to Jen T, Beci Mahnken, and Annette Owens for first alerting me to this classic Mickey).


Rita found a Hidden Mickey in the House of Innoventions (the House of Tomorrow) inside Innoventions East, on the rear wall of the bedroom. It's an upside-down Mickey made of ad buttons. You have to queue up and wait for a tour of this futuristic house, but it's worth a short wait, especially to find Rita's classic Mickey!


Before we called it a day, I snapped a photo of Bob and Rita in front of the upside-down waterfall at the Imagination Pavilion. A day at WDW can be quite refreshing!


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March 13, 2008

An Early March Visit to Spaceship Earth

The weather in central Florida has been a bit cool lately. I've worn my windbreaker several times this winter already, but this day in Epcot did not quite require a jacket. It was a short sleeves day.

Early March is typically a great time to visit Walt Disney World, since the bulk of the Spring Break crowds hasn't materialized just yet.

In the early afternoon, I spotted fewer than ten guests in the walkway up to the entrance to Spaceship Earth, so I hopped in line for a minimal or no wait. As you may know, this attraction has been a work in progress for the last few months. I wanted to check out the most recent changes and look around inside for new Hidden Mickey images.

In the ride vehicles, each guest faces an interactive computer monitor. After some initial questions posed on the touch screen, your photograph is snapped. During your descent back to earth near the end of the ride, your smiling mug appears on the interactive touch screen as you make choices that determine your future. (This future choice addition is reminiscent of the retired Horizons pavilion.)

I want to ask for opinions about two images along the ride.

Kim Lamb reports: "on the right side of the ride vehicle, in the section with classic black and white movies playing, a chalkboard marquee has listings of upcoming features. One of the features is "The Band Concert", not an image of Mickey, but a reference to him." Does this qualify as a Hidden Mickey? (Yellow arrows were added to the photo).

Spaceship Earth Band Concert Marquee

Spaceship Earth Band Concert Marquee

Another image in the same section of the ride, across from the chalkboard marquee on the left side of the vehicle, is a radio announcer. His microphone flag has the letters "WDI". Tim Devine suggests that these letters are a tribute to Walt Disney Imagineering. It's a cool image, but I don't think this qualifies as a Hidden Mickey. Let me know if you disagree.

Spaceship Earth Radio Announcer

Spaceship Earth Radio Announcer

The exhibit area at the exit of Spaceship Earth has been remodeled several times recently. Now you can spot your face photo on a large overhead screen, and you can e-mail your photo to someone from one of several computer monitors that face the screen. (I didn't have a chance to try this out, but I believe that's what guests were doing at these monitors).

Anyway, this new overhead screen replaced other screens that contained a cool classic Hidden Mickey made of star clusters. Alas, this now Lost Hidden Mickey was short-lived indeed!

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February 2, 2008

Typical Research Day - Animal Kingdom

I thought I'd talk about what I do to verify Hidden Mickey sightings that folks send me.

As many of you know, I like to use fairly stringent criteria for the "classic" (three-circle) Mickey.

The highest order criterion is if an Imagineer or Disney artist tells me directly that he or she placed a Hidden Mickey image. That's a no-brainer, but that's happened only twice. An Imagineer took me to a classic Mickey image in the interactive area at the exit of Mission: SPACE.

Mission Space Hidden Mickey

A Disney artist e-mailed me a few months ago that I have all the Hidden Mickeys he knows of in Conservation Station at Disney's Animal Kingdom (he painted most of them in the entrance mural). That made me feel great!

One other instance that didn't involve me directly is when a graphic artist posted on a website that he'd painted a Hidden Mickey on the rotating earth (the "O" of Epcot) on the Tip Board in Innoventions Plaza. He made Australia appear as a classic Mickey, and he had to tell someone since nobody had discovered it!

Most of the time, I check out submissions by myself. I work faster and more intensively if I'm alone. I observe images from different angles, reading the descriptions several times over, as I try to re-create what the submitter saw.

One recent day, I was at Animal Kingdom with my bag of papers. The sky was cloudy, but it didn't rain. The temperature was comfortable and the crowds were moderate. My first stop was the Spoonbill area, just to the left as you walk onto Discovery Island from the Oasis bridge. Some rocks suggested a classic Mickey image. I understand the poster's idea, but the rocks are not proportioned quite right and are a bit too distorted for me, especially the "ear" to our left.

Questionable Hidden Mickey in Animal Kingdom

Next stop was the "Creature Comforts" shop. Close to a large decorative giraffe inside the store is a beetle with a classic Mickey marking. The photo shows this image, which is acceptable to me, as the "head" circle is larger than the "ears," which touch the head but not each other. (Jesse Kline sent me this image).

Hidden Mickey in Creature Comforts

Near the bridge to DinoLand, I enjoyed a group playing South American music (from Peru, Ecuador, etc.); excellent performance!

Musical Group

Inside Pizzafari Restaurant, I revisited a classic Mickey in the trees in the first room to the right as you leave the food order area. The three highest circles form a sideways Mickey, and they seem somewhat proportionate. I like it, and the MouseFest, 2007 Hidden Mickey Hunt group liked it, too! (Thanks to Sharon Dale for this image).

Pizzafari Hidden Mickey

I checked out many more sightings, some I liked and some I didn't like. As usual, I ran out of time before I could finish. No matter, this was a satisfying day of research, the kind of day I live for!

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September 29, 2007

Beci's Birthday on the water

What's more fun at Disney than a birthday party? Well, maybe staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite? No, Beci's Birthday Party had to be even more fun.

Recently, my wife Vickie and I were honored to be invited to a surprise birthday party for Beci Mahnken. Many of you know her as the head cheese (I mean, President and CEO) of a successful travel company: MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel. Vickie and I showed up on time at the marina for the Grand 1 Yacht at the Grand Floridian Resort. Our group also included Colleen from MEI and several terrific Disney Cast Members.

Grand One Yacht

We floated over to the Polynesian Resort, where Annette escorted Beci onto the yacht. She was definitely surprised! Annette and Colleen had camouflaged the event very well. We puttered around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake for almost 2 hours, enjoying the scenery on the shores, including the monorail resorts, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, and the Magic Kingdom.

Beci's Surprise

We raised our glasses (whether we drank or not!) and toasted the occasion (I think Beci said it was her 30th, although I wouldn't swear to it. You know, 20-something and 30-something sound kind of alike if you say it fast.) Beci was all smiles as she opened her (mostly Disney-themed) gifts. Our Disney friends were perfect hosts, and we could've partied on the elegant yacht into the Extra Magic Hours. But, alas, no EMH for this yacht! No matter, the party was pure fun, and there's nothing better than celebrating at Disney with good friends.

The Toast

There was one "hitch". At one point, our festive yacht passed by the "shoe tree". Many of you know about the "shoe tree," that tree in Bay Lake onto which retiring watercraft cast members toss their shoes. (I've heard it called the "Disney Navy," but our yacht captain referred to his team as "Disney's Watercraft Fleet"). Anyway, watercraft CM's that are leaving the fleet tie their shoestrings together and toss the shoes onto the branches of the shoe tree. Any decent boat tour into Bay Lake includes a pass by this unique tree, covered with shoes. Imagine our surprise and dismay when we espied the shoe tree without any shoes! Our yacht captain informed us that someone in Upper Management decided that the shoes had to be removed! The tree, bereft of its badges of honor, looked as sad as we felt. Maybe if we all complain, the shoe tree tradition will return someday. (Or maybe there's a good reason or two for dismantling the shoe tree. We may never know.)

Beci, the cake and the Castle

September 1, 2007

Carousel of Progress and Sci-Fi Dine-In: Hard to Find Hidden Mickeys

I wish to let you know about a couple of Hidden Mickeys that I've been searching for (for years!). Thanks to great photography and better eyes than mine, I can describe them to you.

The first one is in the last scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom. Other people have seen it and tried to describe it to me. But it took the excellent camera work of Tim Devine ( and Shannon Hamilton's description for me to finally appreciate this Hidden Mickey.

As Shannon writes: On the last stage at the Carousel of Progress, one of the Christmas presents under the tree (near the grandfather's chair) is wrapped in red and white paper, but has a large classic Mickey head cut out of green paper glued to the side of the gift. The gift is partially hidden by another present, so you see the ears and part of the top of Mickey's head. The green Mickey ears are to the right of Grandpa's lower leg and behind the present with the silver bow. Check out Tim's photo, and you'll see why I had such a difficult time finding this one!

Carousel of Progress Hidden Mickey

I'd been informed about this second Hidden Mickey by the Cast Members at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. I'd never really spotted it, even when I was close to it and had studied it for long periods of time. The CM's told me that the lighting had to be just right. Well, finally a prolific Hidden Mickey spotter (Sharon Dale; you'll see her name all over my website) sent me a photo of the colorful tile mural inside at the rear of Sci-Fi that I think shows this amazing side profile Hidden Mickey. Mickey seems to be looking to the right (our right) side of the mural. I think I can see Mickey's jaw line curving to the front of his face, and his ears seem to be visible above his head. Let me know what you think! This Mickey is truly hidden!

Hidden Mickey - Sci-Fi Drive In

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July 6, 2007

Enjoying Epcot Summer Music with my sister

My sister, Donna McMurrey, stayed at Pop Century last week for one of her twice yearly visits to Disney World. Donna is an Assistant Principal at a Dallas area high school. When she visits, we plan days or evenings in the parks (depending on my work schedule); we look for Hidden Mickeys and generally have fun.

One evening, we had dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. I had heard that the Yachtsman had a new Head Chef, and I wanted to try out the food. I ordered the sea bass, and Donna had filet mignon. We both cleaned our plates; the food was delicious!

On our way out, we paid homage to Minnie Moo (a photo of the famous cow with her Mickey Mouse marking is on the wall near the entrance podium).

We walked into Epcot to catch the next show of the Bee Gees tribute band. For the last few summers, WDW has scheduled tribute bands (i.e., not the original band but experienced musicians who mimic the real thing). Last summer, Donna and I enjoyed the Eagles tribute band (excellent!), and the Bee Gees tribute group was equally good. After numerous shows at WDW (three shows nightly for several nights at Epcot), the lead singer had to work hard to hit those HIGH notes ("Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive!"). Anyway, I was hoarse after singing along for just one show! I believe Disney is doing a great job with the music groups scheduled each year for the Flower & Garden and Food & Wine Festivals, and now for the last few years, the summer season. I'm lucky: I live near WDW and can enjoy these musical treats whenever I'm not working! Rock On!

P.S. You can also see a photo of Minnie Moo and her Hidden Mickey just inside the horse barn at Fort Wilderness. I'll post this Fort Wilderness photo on my website soon.

Minnie Moo

Larger Version Here

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June 25, 2007

I broke one of my own rules!

I had a day off work and, naturally, I wanted to spend the day at WDW looking for Hidden Mickeys! The day was really special because I had a dinner meeting with my publisher, Kelly Monaghan, at Raglan Road in Pleasure Island at 6 pm.

Carousel of Progress
I studied my file of Hidden Mickey posts that needed verifying and planned my day. I arrived to the Wilderness Lodge at about 1 pm and located a HM on the lamps on the upper floors. (It's a good one; I think it's the same lamp cover that's in the Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach.) I took a boat to the Magic Kingdom. There might be a decent tiny classic Mickey on the moon to your left on Peter Pan's Flight. But the FASTPASS return time was already after 5:30 pm.

So I headed over to the Carousel of Progress. Someone thought one of the Grandmas had a Mickey-shaped broach; I'll have to study my photos on that one. I walked over to the Contemporary Resort to get a cappuccino at the small coffee bar on the lobby level (as it turned out, a big mistake!).

Photo of Minnie Moo

I hopped a boat to Fort Wilderness. Someone thought that a few of the horses or ponies at the Tri-Circle D Ranch had classic Mickeys shaved into their coats. I didn't find any, and a cast member there told me they haven't maintained those Hidden Mickeys for a while.

It was after 5 pm by now, so I decided to walk the trail from FW to the Wilderness Lodge. Actually I walked and jogged the trail so I wouldn't be late to Raglan Road.

There's a common thread here that I haven't mentioned. It was a hot day. I was zipping around nonstop like I normally do when I'm on a mission to find HM's. I know where every water fountain is at WDW, and I usually stop frequently to drink. Today, I broke that rule. I didn't drink nearly enough.

By the time I walked up to Raglan Road, I was feeling lightheaded and queasy. I couldn't eat any food or even keep down liquids. I would have to excuse myself to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. Thankfully, Kelly was understanding. I returned to my car, slept about 90 minutes in my back seat, then somehow made the 40 minute drive home. I was able to put ice cubes in my mouth and begin to rehydrate myself.

I'm an ER doctor, and I frequently treat patients in Florida with heat exhaustion! I should know better! Anyway, this experience will stay with me a long time. When at WDW, drink before you're thirsty! (And cappuccino is not a thirst-quencher).

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June 21, 2007

Hidden Mickey Guy

Hi there,

I"m Steve Barrett, the Hidden Mickey Guy!

Peter Pan's Flight

When I have a large number of Hidden Mickey sightings to verify or photograph at WDW, I tend to go it alone and motor around at top speed. Talk about aerobic exercise, especially in the summer! But I have more fun when a friend or family accompanies me to help find the little gems. Like a few weeks ago, when I had the pleasure of joining up with Beci Mahnken and Annette Owens to scout out some Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom.

I think there may be a decent classic Mickey on the moon in Peter Pan's Flight. I can't seem to come by a good photo of it, so if anyone out there can get one to me, I'd really appreciate it!

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