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March 13, 2017

Hidden Mickeys on the Disney Wonder, Part 2

New Hidden Mickeys have appeared, and some old ones were lost, during the re-imagining of the Disney Wonder. Many of the new Hidden Mickeys are high-quality images and are fun to search for! Such as the ones I present below.

White bubbles on the aft side deck (closest to Dory's Reef) of the Aqualab Children's Pool form a decent classic Mickey. (Thanks to Bill and Kari Middeke).

In Vibe (a club for ages 14-17), a poster entitled "The Endless Summer" is on a rear wall to the left as you enter the club. A tiny black classic Mickey is in the sand at the bottom middle of the poster, above the word "The" in the phrase "In Search Of The Perfect Wave." (Thanks to Jared Markowitz).

You'll see the "After Hours" logo along the hallway to the adult lounges. The martini glass represents an upside-down Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat! Indeed, the crescent moon and stars are there! (Thanks to Bill and Kari Middeke).

At Mickey's MainSail shop, the title is painted on the outer glass walls of the shop. At the lower left, below the "M" in "MainSail" is the tiny head of Mickey Mouse, who sits in a boat and faces left.

My friend Dennis Wazaney found a microscopic classic Mickey in a symbol before the words "Consuming raw or undercooked . . ." at the bottom of the Triton's Restaurant lunch menu. Sharp eyes, Dennis!

Enjoy the search!

October 27, 2014

Disney Magic Cruise Ship Hidden Mickeys

Vickie and I recently sailed on the Disney Magic. Many Hidden Mickeys were lost during the "reimagining" of the ship, but (thank you, Imagineers!) many new Hidden Mickeys appeared! Some of the best new ones are in Disney's Oceaneer Lab on Deck 5 midship.

I checked when "Open House" was scheduled for the youth clubs, so I could enter and take photos to my heart's content! Paintings adorn the walls of the Oceaneer Lab, and many of these paintings contain subtle Hidden Mickeys. I'll start at the rear of the Lab, just as you enter from the special walkway that connects Oceaneer Lab to Oceaneer Club (both areas have the same age requirements: 3-12, so kids can run back and forth between the two areas as they like.) This classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is in a painting on the right wall as you enter the Lab. It's on a gold coin in a pile of treasure in a wrecked ship with sharks swimming in the background.

Turn left along the wall at the main entrance to the Lab and check out two paintings with Hidden Mickeys. The first is on the figurehead on the front (prow) of a sailing ship:

The second painting on this wall has a classic Hidden Mickey on an upper button of the sailor lady's (Captain Mary Oceaneer?) uniform. A parrot is perched on her shoulder.

On the wall opposite Captain Oceaneer is a painting of a ship with decorative gold on the bow and stern. Mickey hides in the swirls of the stern ornamentation.

At the rear of the Lab is a painting of a lady pirate with her sword drawn. She slams her boot down on a dining table and knocks off a plate of food. As the plate falls from the table, three green peas form a classic Hidden Mickey!

Be sure to check everywhere on the Disney Cruise Ships for Hidden Mickeys! The friendly Cast Members will help if they can; Happy Hunting!

October 20, 2012

Hidden Mickeys at Castaway Cay

Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay, is loads of fun, and I hope you include Hidden Mickey hunting as part of your experience there. Castaway Cay has great Hidden Images! After I disembarked from the Disney Dream, I saluted Sorcerer Mickey on the ship's stern.

I stopped in at the front counter of the Conched Out Bar to check out a favorite Hidden Mickey of mine. Look high to a shelf at the upper left for a full-body rusted Mickey Mouse. At least, he's protected from the elements!

I walked to the observation deck for the Pelican Plunge water slide to look for black rocks in a classic Mickey formation. They're still in place, in the shallow water just in front of the far left of the deck.

Castaway Cay is a perfect place for exercising, and I like to walk all around the island. I trekked to the Observation Tower on a side trail from the old airstrip. Several pelicans on the ground in back of the tower show off black classic Mickeys on the motors of their "vehicles." One pelican stands in a motorized bathtub.

Two other pelicans power their bicycle with a Hidden Mickey on their motor.

Andy Jackson told me about a Hidden Image above the roof of Castaway Air Bar on Serenity Bay Beach. I searched around the bar and even asked a nearby Cast Member, but he'd never heard of the image. This was my last stop and I was tired and ready to board the ship. I'd almost given up when ... there she was, up between the tree branches! An awesome image of Jessica Rabbit, above the sign "Daughters" that marks the women's restroom.

I really like Castaway Cay!

September 13, 2008

Hunting Mickey on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Deb and Steve Cruise Logo

I just returned from a 5-day cruise on the Disney Magic. Deb Wills and I were the hosts for our group.

On the second day, I gave an introductory talk on Hidden Mickeys in the Buena Vista Theater. I encouraged everyone to search the ship for Hidden Mickeys.

The next three days, I led 5 Hidden Mickey hunts on the ship and 1 hunt on Castaway Cay. On every tour, we found one or more new Hidden Mickeys! That was a reflection of the persistence and the discriminating eyes of our group.

We started each hunt on Deck 10, overlooking the bow classic Mickey. Linda Mac took this photo.

Steve Barrett and Disney Magic Hidden Mickeys

We found two new classic Mickeys on Castaway Cay! The first one is on a barrel at the first photo area as you leave the ship. This image is formed by three coconuts; it's not a perfect classic Mickey, but it's close enough! Linda Mac and Deb did not see this image on the barrel last December.

Castaway Cay Hidden Mickey

Another classic Mickey is inside the waiting area for the tram to Serenity Bay Beach. Several of our group say that this image is new, maybe within the last year or so.

Castaway Cay Hidden Mickey

Two other cool Hidden Characters on the ship were Mickey (a Steamboat Willie version) on a pail in a wall drawing on Deck 5:

Disney Magic Cruise Ship Hidden Mickey

and Donald Duck on a pail in a mural at the Port Adventures counter on Deck 3:

Disney Magic Cruise Ship Hidden Donald

The last day, I gave a wrap-up session and showed the audience many of the Hidden Mickeys we'd found during the cruise. We voted on several marginal images, and I'll soon post these and all the Hidden Mickeys we found on my website.

Steve's Hidden Mickey Wrap-up Talk

The Magic cruise was a wonderful experience!
I connected again with many terrific folks that I've met before, and I was honored to meet new Disney friends. What an amazing community! Many thanks to AllEars and the MEI-Travel team for putting this cruise together!

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