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June 4, 2018

More Questionable Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Take a look at the following images. Some seem closer than others to qualifying as Hidden Mickeys.

In Disney's Animal Kingdom, as you enter Pandora - The World of Avatar from Discovery Island, search along the right side of the walkway for these circular splotches on the lower side of a lamppost. You'll encounter them after the walkway splits, and you curve to the right. The image faces you as you approach the pole. Do the splotches in the middle form a sideways classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Max Weitkamp).

Along the entrance queue of "Na'vi River Journey" in Pandora, glance up at one or more of these light fixtures. From certain vantage points, the center large bulb seems to line up with smaller bulbs into a Mickey image, or does it? (Thanks to Sharon Smith).

At Winter Summerland, you'll walk past this blue and yellow gift box at the 16th (and 17th) hole of the Winter Course. Do you see a yellow Hidden Mickey on the top of the box (a yellow candy glob in the middle with two yellow suns for "ears"). (Thanks to Lindsey Stephens).

At Disney's All-Star Sports Resort, inside a display case on the wall to the right of the entrance to the Sport Goofy gift shop, some Mickey images are drawn on the front of a cereal box. An obvious classic Mickey is above the "S" in "CHAMPS," but notice the small black Mickey shapes at the bottom of circles above the "CH." For some reason, it's difficult to get a crisp photo through the covers of the display case and over the cereal box. Are there Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to James and Alana Girard).

This last image seems more decorative to me, but if anyone thinks that it qualifies as a Hidden Mickey, please let me know! It's on top of a candy rack at the rear of the gift shop at Disney's All-Star Music Resort. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki).

June 7, 2018

Possible Hidden Mickeys at Disney's All-Star Resorts

Consider the following images. Some may qualify more than others as bona fide Hidden Mickeys.

At Disney's All-Star Music Resort, walk to the Country Fair Section to find this blue Mickey image. It's in a repeated decoration on the outer railings of the balcony walkways. (Thanks to Justin Lewicki.)

Inside the gift shop of Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, a few decorative colorful movie reels can be seen high up along the walls. A definite classic Mickey hole sits in the center of this red movie reel. Is it Hidden or Decorative? (Thanks to Leah Lakatosh and Stephanie Harrison.)

While wandering the grounds of the All-Star Movies Resort, check out the inside ceiling of The Reel Spot, a small enclosed room for events outside near the Food Court. Holes of different sizes are in the ceiling design. Any classic Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Toni-Lynn Miles.)

Keep strolling to Andy's Room at the All-Star Movies Resort. Classic Hidden Mickeys are inside the checkers strewn about on the ground, but do these three checkers arranged together form a classic Hidden Mickey? They're at the feet of a huge Buzz Lightyear. The center red checker appears to be slightly larger than the two outer "ears." (Thanks to Elton Hughes and Jill Sullivan.)

Keep searching!

June 20, 2018

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot

I finally snapped a somewhat decent photo of this Hidden Mickey. In the first part of the "Living with the Land" ride, look for a female Cast Member on the last video screen on your left. I think I can see a faint dark classic Mickey on the upper part of her name tag.

What about this arrangement of small rocks? Find them on top of a rock wall on the right side of the "Living with the Land" ride, in the middle of a water garden section and near the lily pads. Does it qualify? (Thanks to April Beisser).

Here's a photo of the tiny black Tinker Bell silhouette on the upper shelf along the right side of the entrance queue of "Journey Into Imagination with Figment." Look through the front hole of a pyramidal container directly above the Hidden Buzz Lightyear. Tinker Bell is on the right side of a group of silhouetted figures. You can spot her wings, and someone with Mickey ears is two figures to her left!

Banners of different colors hang inside the Mexico Pavilion. As you enter the inside plaza, walk to a merchandise stand that sells mugs and drink glasses. In the detail of an orange banner hanging at the left side of the outer top of the stand are three roundish images - a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Parker Faria).

Enjoy your summertime!

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