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January 5, 2015

Hidden Mickeys in Carousel of Progress and on Main Street, Magic Kingdom

The props in the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland change from time to time, especially in the final scene. Salt and pepper shakers with black classic Mickey heads were added to the right side of the kitchen counter in front of dad. (Thanks to Kristen Bevacqua, and Brianna Alvarez).

The presents around the Christmas tree are moved or replaced at times, but recently the green classic Mickey on a gift wrap and the plush Mickey by grandfather have been easier to spot!

Do you believe in positional Hidden Mickeys? Like this image from The Chapeau shop on Main Street, U.S.A. You have to look up from below to line up the mouthpiece with the bells on the antique phone on a wall in the shop. (Thanks to Octavio Perez).

A mirror is on the wall just to the left of the antique phone in The Chapeau shop. Do you think the design at the top center of the mirror frame is a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Mallory Tonra).

Take a look at the lollipops in a display window of the Main Street Confectionery store; the window faces Main Street. Do the colorful lollipops form an upside-down classic Hidden Mickey (or upside-down Minnie Mouse because of the bow)? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez, and Kelsey Draves).

In the faux ticket window upstairs at the Main Street Train Station, the baggage ticket with the black Hidden Mickey markings on the letter "O" changes around at times, but at least it's still there!

Happy Hunting!

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January 15, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at the Polynesian Village Resort and in Tomorrowland

I look for new Hidden Mickeys whenever I can, so recently I checked out renovations at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. New lighting hangs in the lobby, and some rope knots securing the round lights resemble Mickey shapes. What do you think? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo).

A new painting is posted on a wall near the elevators.

What about the rock circles in the sand at the lower middle of the painting! Do some of the circles form Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Marc Lorenzo).

I don't think there's much debate about this image, which looks purposeful and close to proportionate to me. The Hidden Mickey is formed of three balls hanging high in the middle rear of the Moana Mercantile shop on the second level. (Thanks to Tanya Brooks).

Over in the Magic Kingdom, I wonder about this image near the end of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, just to the left of the lady with the belt buckle Hidden Mickey. Do the steering wheel and other adjacent control panel circles form a Hidden Mickey under the large blue-green circle? (Thanks to Devon Newport, and Tyler and Ryan Glynn).

I appreciate your opinions!

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January 26, 2015

Hidden Mickeys at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom

I stood in line for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. You guessed it: I waited quite a while in that line, but I did enjoy studying the impressive details around the Beast's Castle. What do you think about this image in the rock wall? It's on the back of the partial wall behind the check-in station, on the left side just as you walk onto the entrance bridge toward the restaurant. Do the three circles make a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Katie Allen, Denise Hoffmann, and Rachel).

Off the right side of the middle of the entrance bridge to the restaurant, you can spot these three rocks in the arch of the bridge that supports part of the walkway to Gaston's Tavern. Do the rocks in the left middle of the photo form a decent Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Brett Weldon).

At the right rear terminal as you enter the food order room, take a look at the stack of books. Two images seem to come close to forming Hidden Mickeys; don't you think? One is at the corner of the top book cover, and another is on the spine of the second book from the bottom. (Thanks to Rayanne Johnson).


Along the right side of the exit from the Ballroom hangs a tapestry with a unicorn. What about those three flowers at the middle of its neck; a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Suzanne Perez).

Many images on Disney Property can look like Mickey, if you stretch your imagination a bit. But some of the images do work!

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