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September 4, 2014

More Hidden Mickeys in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Check out some cool Hidden Images in the gift shop of "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!" Walk to the counter at the right rear of the shop, just before the exit walkway. These Hidden Characters made of guitar picks are under a laminated surface and will likely stay in place for a while. Look for Mickey on the left counter top.

And Minnie on the right. (Thanks to Maya Perez, Brian Lake, and Alexander McClintick).

A Cast Member told me about this next image. It's made of wires behind the glass door of a cabinet on the right wall of the room that's at the left side of the gift shop. Do you think it's a Hidden Mickey?

What do you think about the following questionable Hidden Mickeys? To find this one, walk outside into the courtyard of "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster" and glance above the order windows of "The Rock Station" snack stand. Do holes in the "R" form a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Jared, and Stanley Arnold).

On the side arch at the left of the entrance to the Animation Courtyard, three subtle circles are in the sculpted design. They're close to the top of the opening in the arch, between two Native Americans at the top left corner. Is this image a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Amanda Hertel).

As you stroll through "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream," spot this image behind a window to your left and just before the entrance doors to the theater. It's made of three round paper wads at the bottom of a trash can at the left bottom of a display. A plush Tigger is near the can. Do you think the three paper balls form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Heidi).
Happy Hunting!

September 21, 2014

More Questionable Hidden Mickeys from Disney's Animal Kingdom

What do you think of these images? The first one is on the Rainforest Cafe sign. After you enter the park, turn left to the short walkway to the Rainforest Cafe. Stop at the sign at the beginning of the walkway (it's a popular photo stop!) See the growling cheetah at the far left of the sign? Step to the side of the sign and look on the top of the cheetah's head. Is that black spot near the cheetah's right ear (on your left) a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey? It's the second spot down from the very top and toward the left of the photo. (Thanks to Zach Souders).

At the far left room of the Disney Outfitters shop, look for the constellations above an inside doorway.

One of the constellations has these three stars (in the middle of the following photo.) A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Lydia Hall).

Stare at this image on a rock wall along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. Walk to the suspension bridge past the gorilla viewing area and look left, across from the Jafar rock. A profile of a possible character (Mufasa or Scar? from The Lion King movie) appears at the top right of the rock wall, in the top right corner of the photo. I think I see a forehead, nose, frowning mouth and chin in relief. What do you think? (Thanks to Kevin Booton, Kenzie Tapia, and Keith Hudson).

Enjoy the Hunt!

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