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December 20, 2013

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

I journeyed to the World Showcase at Epcot to search for new Hidden Mickeys. Luck was with me as I discovered a few interesting images inside the Mexico Pavilion. First, I checked on old standards, like the Hidden Mickey that materializes at times in the smoke that rises from the volcano. You can admire the volcano from in or near the San Angel Inn Restaurante or from your seat in the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride. I hadn't been able to capture a decent photo in the past, and today, I almost got it! As you can see, a photo image a second or two after this photo might capture the entire Hidden Mickey, but I think you can see the image forming.

I snapped a photo of the blue necklace classic Mickey on the neck of the fifth person back from the end of the left wall as you enter the first tunnel in your boat, just after the volcano. The left "ear" of the classic Hidden Mickey is mostly covered.

In the "Fiesta Hoy" room

look up to your left at the blue circles on the yellow roof of this building. Is there an upside-down classic Mickey at the left side of the roof? Let me know what you think!

These next Hidden Mickeys can only be seen with a light from your camera or cell phone, etc. As your boat floats by the last scene of the ride with the map of Mexico on the wall, look down at tiles that line the base of the platform to your left. The tiles are just above the side of your boat. With my light on, I spotted two Mickey stickers on the tiles! They're located about one-third of the distance along the row of tiles. (Thanks to James West, and Alexis Miller). The first one is a full-body Mickey.

Several tiles further along is Mickey's face and ears.

I hope these truly Hidden images last a while!

December 27, 2013

More Hidden Mickeys in Fantasyland

Folks continue to unearth Hidden Images in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. What do you think about this depression in the rock ceiling? Is it a side profile of Mickey Mouse? Find it on the left upper part of an archway, as you first walk into the cavern part of the entrance queue of the "Under the Sea" attraction. (Thanks to Wesley Snyder).

Another questionable image is at the middle right of a painting on a wall inside Gaston's Tavern. Look to a right wall in the first seating room to your right as you enter. A clearing in the snow on a slope at the right side of a mountain resembles a classic Mickey. What do you think? (Thanks to Alena White).

Fantasyland is filled with loose rocks, embedded rocks, and images on rocks. This plentiful supply of rocks and stones enabled the Imagineers to have a field day with Hidden Images! At the bottom of a pond, three rocks seem to form a classic Mickey. Walk to the middle right of the bridge walkway entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant and search the middle of a creek to your right. Is this a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Denise Hoffman).

I've been debating this next image for years. It's the shape of the sign outside "it's a small world." Do you think it's a sideways classic Mickey, or maybe a Hidden Stitch? The shape of the "ears" is different on the sign at the left side compared to the sign at the right side of the outer railing of the attraction. This photo is of the sign at the right. (Thanks to Meradith McGee-Hale and Carter, Robert Anschuetz, Jeff Love, Nancy Ahlsen, and Christine Peruski).

Happy Hunting; the search for Hidden Mickeys never ends!

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