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November 6, 2017

Hidden Mickey Images in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom

Look for Hidden Mickeys during the Epcot Fall and Spring Festivals. Sometimes they're convincing images, and sometimes they're questionable. What about this image in this year's Food & Wine Festival? It's on Ratatouille's cheese just inside the front entrance of Epcot? (Thanks to Martha Tischler). DSC02303.jpg

The following two images in Epcot are not temporary. The first one is on the loading dock mural at "Living with the Land." A classic Mickey is formed by shrubs (the "head" has yellow dots on it) to the right of the brim of the farmer's hat near the top of the mural.

This second Epcot image is inside the "Character Spot." At the right side of the first greeting bay, a white Mickeyesque movie/video camera is on a blue and white monitor screen. (Thanks to the Hade Family).

On a wall along the inside entrance to "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin" at the Magic Kingdom, what do you think of this image? Do swirls on the right middle of the side of the 'Green Planet' form a classic (three-circle) Mickey? (Thanks to James Girard).

Enjoy the search!

October 8, 2017

More Possible Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Consider the following images. Are some of them close enough to be included as bona fide Hidden Mickeys?

As you approach the entrance to The Land pavilion at Epcot, check out these circles in the outside mural on your right. You'll find them just inside the beginning of the mural roof and close to the top of the mural. The group of three circles tilts to the left. (Thanks to Karen Dodson).

As you walk through the "Maharajah Jungle Trek" in Disney's Animal Kingdom, several wall carvings in relief are on your right, just before you reach the aviary. In one carving, a man appears to be dancing with his hands in the air. Directly to the right of the man are three circles (?groups of tree leaves) that might form a classic Mickey tilted slightly to the right. (Thanks to Abhilasha Khetan).

This next image seems pretty good to me. Inside the Riverside Depot on Discovery Island, walk to the rear wall opposite the entrance door from the walkway between the Oasis and Discovery Island. On an upper shelf in a tall merchandise cabinet at the middle of the wall, three baskets come together as a classic Mickey, tilted to the left. (Thanks to Matt Mellarkey).

Here's another image I rather like at Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge. In fact, over the years, I've looked for it, but I never found it until a few months ago! A classic Mickey is lightly traced in cement in the walkway from the Kidani Village main lobby to the Samawati Springs Pool. It's near the curb and about 25-30 feet before the parking directions sign. (Thanks to Sarah Barnes and son, and Ryan Gatewood).

Hoofprints are impressed in cement along the walkway to Winter Summerland miniature golf course. Do these three make a Mickey? They're just outside the reindeer shed on your left, before you reach the check-in area. Look to the right of the leaf. (Thanks to Ashton).

Have a blast with Hidden Mickeys!

September 20, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in Disney California Adventure

Let's examine a few images from California. "Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!" replaced "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" in the Hollywood Tower Hotel structure in Hollywood Land. This first image is high on an outside wall of the refurbished building. Small silver metal plates are scattered among pipes and other metallic items on one section of the wall. One of the plates with its three roundish projections might form a right-side up classic Hidden Mickey. (Other plates with round projections are not right-side up). Find the plate in question to the right of the large gold Tivan Group logo. (Thanks to Ethan Holmes).

Inside the "Guardians of the Galaxy" attraction building, toward the far side of the second floor of the "boiler room" (before you board the ride vehicle), two images of bolts and metal circles are in the middle of a large pulley and chain device hanging from the ceiling. The images are below the device's large hook. Are they Hidden Mickeys? (Thanks to Ethan Holmes).

At "Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters" in Cars Land, silver tire rims are displayed in three rows on a wall at the rear of the ride arena. (This tire rim display survived the re-imagining of this attraction). One rim, at the center of the bottom row, has three holes exposed (without bolts) in the middle of the rim that might form a classic Hidden Mickey tilted downward to the left. (Thanks to Steve Orme).

I've been debating about this image for a while. Find these three tires resting on the left side of the roof of a rickety garage at the rear of "Mater's Junkyard Jamboree" in Cars Land. What do you think - a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to LMD Hidden Mickey Finders, Martin Lee, and Kristen and family).

Another image has stuck around after the closing of "MuppetVision 3D" in Hollywood Land. Look high to the outside of a tower at the right rear of the seating area for Award Wieners to find two eyeballs sitting above a valve wheel. Is it Mickey? (Thanks to Ryan Ong).

September 10, 2017

Hidden Mickeys on Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A.

Many compelling Hidden Mickeys can be found in Disneyland, California. We also come across a few questionable images at times. Let's begin our search on Main Street, U.S.A.

A subtle classic Mickey shadow hides in the Disney Gallery, which is right next to the "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" theater. Find the image in a drawing of a Euro Disneyland Railroad car on a wall to the far right as you enter the gallery from Main Street. The railroad car has a "Coney Island" label on its side. In the fifth window from the left, the shadow of a person's head resembles Mickey. (Thanks to Mari H.)

The Mad Hatter store is on the corner to the left of the Disney Gallery. A few second-story windows to the right of the Mad Hatter store sign is a window commemorating Disney Legend Blaine Gibson, an animator and sculptor. (One of his creations is the "Partners" bronze statue of Walt and Mickey.) Classic Mickey ears form the right side of a soap carving that is painted in the window. (Thanks to Jason Gall).

What do you think about the following images? Circles in wallpaper in the Chester Drawer's children's store, next to Disney Clothiers, might approximate a classic Mickey. Circles behind the "C" in the wallpaper seem closer to a Mickey image than those behind other letters. (Thanks to Josh Burch).

A chandelier in an embroidery shop, near the Disney Showcase store, has small projections that might resemble Mickey. Is it close enough? (Thanks to Justine Mikhail and Mark Treiger).

You can still find the Pinocchio game machine with its classic Mickey in the Penny Arcade. It's been sitting at the rear of the Arcade for a while now. The small Mickey sits between the play buttons on the machine.

Enjoy the search!

August 16, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Various paintings hang on the walls in The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. This painting is on a rear wall to the right as you enter. Two sets of small circles on the front of this woman's dress suggest classic Mickeys. One group of circles is near and below her right hand. The other sets of circles repeat down the middle of her dress. Any Hidden Mickeys here? (Thanks to Wayne and Angie Vaughn).

On the Living with the Land ride in Epcot, groups of bushes in the field to the right of the farmhouse on the left side of your boat might come together as classic Mickeys? (Thanks to Kelsey Knee).

When you board The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, look down over the left side of your clam shell and spot this image on the bottom platform of your vehicle. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to James Girard).

Large sets of gears, partially covered, are in the outside walls on both sides of the rear entrance (the doors facing toward World Showcase) to the MouseGear shop. This one seems to be a pretty good classic Mickey image to me. (Thanks to Kolding Rasmussen).

What about these circular stones in the ground? Find them in a painting on the first floor lobby of the Polynesian Village Resort, near the elevators. A Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Rebecca Friedman).

Long live Hidden Mickeys!

August 7, 2017

Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

A black Mickey-shaped image is suspended in front of the left side of an upper-story window along the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in the room with women chasing men in circles to the left of your boat. I'm not sure what it is; maybe it's the end of a bar or pipe? I don't think a Mickey balloon would've been frozen in place - unchanged - for several years. (Thanks to Donna McMurrey).

Outside, along the exit walkway of Swiss Family Treehouse, is an isolated wooden chair with a basket of fruit in front of it. Do the green apples (or whatever the fruit is) form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Terry Berringer).

In front of The Barnstormer, a pile of cannonballs sits at the base of a cannon. A Hidden Mickey anywhere? (Thanks to Anthony Bartiromo).

Inside the Plaza Restaurant, a mirror hangs on the wall near the main entrance door. Is there a Hidden Mickey in the design, at the top of the mirror frame? (Thanks to Louise Lloyd).

Keep searching!

July 23, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I'm updating the Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys book, so I'm visiting frequently. I check out potential new Hidden Mickeys and verify if old ones are still in place. Here are some images that I'll add to the book.

This first Hidden Mickey has stayed around a while, thankfully. At America Gardens Theatre, classic Hidden Mickeys are stuck on both sides of the stage apron / forestage, near the short brick wall that borders the front of the main stage. (Thanks to James Hansen).

What do you think about this image at Typhoon Lagoon? It's in a painting on the right wall inside the Board Room, which is a shed on a small deck that faces the front of the surfing lagoon. Imprints in the middle of a sand dune resemble a classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Jonathan Hoyle).

Deb discovered this great Hidden Mickey (actually two Hidden Mickeys), and they've stuck around for a good while. Find them in Fort Wilderness, across the walkway in front of the Bike Barn in the Meadow Depot area. (Thanks to Deb Wills).

This image is subtle and difficult to photograph! A tiny classic Mickey is indented in the lower right leg of the first letter "A" in "Trattoria al Forno." These words are engraved on the wall behind the check-in counter for the restaurant. (Thanks to Areyna).

Inside the Intermission Food Court at Disney's All Star Music Resort, a painting of an animal orchestra, with Mickey conducting, is on the wall to the right as you enter the food order area. Classic Mickey notes are on three of the music sheets in the painting. Here's one of them. (Thanks to Riley Swanson, and Scott Trask).

Have fun with the search!

July 3, 2017

Possible Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

Some of the following images come close - I think - to forming classic Hidden Mickeys. Of course, some collections of circles are more convincing than others. What do you think of these?

In Epcot, along the "Frozen Ever After" Standby queue, at one point you walk through Oaken's Tokens shop. Circular impressions on the fireplace might form a Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Samantha Ann).

Along the Standby queue of Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom, the bottom of a necklace in a display has circular elements that may suggest someone we know? (Thanks to Frankie DaSilva).

Many of us are scouring Animal Kingdom's Pandora for Hidden Images. What about these large circles on the ground not far from the entrance to "Avatar Flight of Passage" - a Hidden Mickey?

Inside the Welcome Center at The Landing in Disney Springs, a painting entitled "Expo 1950" hangs high on a rear wall. At the left side of the painting, three of the balloons in a cluster suggest a classic Mickey, or not? (Thanks to Iris and Zachary Herron).

This next one looks convincing to me. Find it at the Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom. In the last scene, one of the final images you see to Mom's right as you rotate away is a small fruit basket with a blue ribbon on top. A tiny black classic Mickey is in the basket at the left side. (Thanks to Jack Lynch).

On with the Hunt!

June 26, 2017

Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

I'll begin with a few images from Disney's Animal Kingdom. We should find at least a few Hidden Mickeys in the new Pandora, right? How about this image? Look for these small indentations in the rock wall (in the middle of the photo) along the lower exit walkway from "Avatar Flight of Passage," near the floor on your left as you walk out. (Thanks to Brooke Boyd).

Just before you enter the Standby queue for "Expedition Everest," check out these round objects on top of a small table to the left of the entrance. A Hidden Mickey when viewed from above? (Thanks to Carlos).

At the water's edge of one of two seating areas for "Rivers of Light" (the one near "Finding Nemo - The Musical"), search for these rocks embedded in a short cement barrier. Are the rocks arranged to be a classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to onthegoinmco).

In the waiting room of Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at Disney's Hollywood Studios, a small container on the lower shelf of a display bureau near the restrooms is painted with grapes. Any Hidden Mickeys in the cluster of grapes? (Thanks to Charles Tyner).

I've heard that the images of a Prince and Princess are hidden in the entrance queue wall mural at "Living with the Land" in Epcot. I've studied the various murals here for years. Have I finally found the two royals holding each other? (Thanks to Craig Canady).

June 4, 2017

Questionable Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World

In Disney parks everywhere, new attractions bring new images to ponder, and fresh images pop up sometimes in established areas. Or maybe no one has spotted them before? Remember, Disney usually doesn't notify us when new Hidden Mickeys are created.

In Epcot's Norway, consider the following two images. The first is in The Wandering Reindeer store. Look at these nails at the left end of a wooden brace holding skis on the wall near the end of the exit hallway from Anna and Elsa's Meet and Greet. Suspicious for a sideways classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

This second possible one is also in Norway, in the shop right at the exit from "Frozen Ever After." It's along the top of the merchandise stand at the end of the room near the door with the exit sign. Check out the yellow flowers on the horse's nose. A classic Hidden Mickey? (Thanks to Larry Brooks).

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, in PizzeRizzo Restaurant, holes in a slice of cheese in the lower left of a display in the wall to your left as you enter (opposite the food order counter) might suggest a classic Mickey? (Thanks to Sarah Weinberg, and Justin Lewicki).

In Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom, laugh with the monkeys swinging around in their outdoor protected playground. This dark marking on the bark of a tree in a corner of the scaffolding (near the walkway from Expedition Everest) resembles Mickey, sort of?

At Disney, you never know when or where you'll stumble across Mickey!

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