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Reflections of Epcot

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Epcot turned 35 this week. I first visited EPCOT Center on October 3, 1983. It was more open then. Nothing in front of Spaceship Earth except a water fountain. No advanced dining reservations back then. You had to either go to the restaurant's podium early in the morning or use a video kiosk where a Cast Member would take your reservations "face to face". I rode Horizons that day only two days after its official opening.

Years later Disney renamed the park just Epcot. I finally got a digital SLR camera in 2006 just over 10 years ago. Let us return to that time now.

EPCOT in 2006, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
EPCOT in 2006.

From Left and Clockwise: Spaceship Earth had Mickey Mouse's wand with the word Epcot, Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps performed in front of the American Adventure, Off Kilter was on the Canada pavilion's stage and the Lights of Winter tunnel lead you from Future World to World Showcase during the holidays.

Except for Spaceship Earth, the other three can no longer be enjoyed at Epcot. Though Mickey's wand is gone, thankfully.

Fast forward to today...

EPCOT in 2017, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
EPCOT in 2017.

From Left and Clockwise: Disney is celebrating Epcot35 in the Odyssey Restaurant, Monorail moves over Flower and Garden Festival decorations, Spaceship Earth still is the icon of Epcot and Mission: Space has replaced Horizons.

I have watched Epcot change over the last 34 years. Have I always agreed with the changes? No, but change Epcot and Walt Disney World will always do, must and will.

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Personally, I liked Mickey's hand and wand.

Scott replies: I did, too, but they kept it up way too long. I prefer Spaceship Earth the way I first saw it back in 1983.

Steve Smith:

You should do composite picture postcards for Disney. Do they still have those?

Although it will definitely be taking the long way around, for this December I am contemplating taking the shuttle bus from A. S. Movies to the M. K. and then getting on the monorails, the proper way to arrive at Epcot.

Scott replies: I am sure they do and I know they have their own photographers. Maybe someday!

I have done that very thing so as to ride the monorail into Epcot and get the grand tour of Future World.

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The previous post in this blog was Disney Pic of the Week: Epcot 35th Anniversary.

The next post in this blog is Where in the World #505.

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