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Where in the World #167

Where in the World by Erin Blackwell

I have a few more shout outs this week: Thank you for the warm welcome from Carol and Gary Gamill; a big kudos to Lisa Berton for the most thorough answer imaginable. And David W.? You won. ;)

Now, this week's contest!

This was Challenge #166:
 Where in the World #166

And here's the answer:

Donald in Mickey's Philharmagic gift shop

Copyright © 2007 Erin Blackwell

Donald Duck in the overhead centerpiece at the gift shop for Mickey's Philharmagic in the Magic Kingdom!

Jennifer Harmon was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! But booyah! We had 300 winners all together! And here they are: Congratulations to Jennifer and all the other readers who got the answer right: Ansley, Caryn Schill, Julie Wickware, Larissa Huda, Ashley Deitchler, Dale Knight, Kathy Berry, Kathryn Perkins, Kris Nixon, Vicki Edwards, Mary Beth Tarbet, James Berry, Theresa Rucando, Josh Weiss, Bruce Jones, Chris Masse, Paul Dickson, Brenda Strohmeyer, Greg Strohmeyer, Paula Massarelli, Katie Wolfe, Diana Fitzgerald, Evelyn Wilson, Michelle Raimist, Rob Blundin, Lauren Proutt, Anna Mae Trievel, Sharon Pierce, Ronnie Mehelic, Judy Koslowski, Russ Morgan, Romie Brown, Rob Anderson, Christine, Karen Dresser-smith, Maureen Handy, Sherry Klinefelter, Linda Mac, The Perras Family, Cynthia Harrison, Brian Yesutis, Evanna Huda, Dave Wang, Mary Virginia Clause, Ronnie Lane, Beth Mcmeekin, Christine Dagney, Pollyanna Buff, Emily Dagney, Dillon, Kyle, Lee Anastasi, Donnie, Rich Esker, K.l. Beasley, Lori Rienhardt, Emma Poprock, Jennifer Tremley, Emily Currier, Kristen Mccoy, Carol Gamill, Steve Toponak, Peggy Saeger, Tiffany Gibb, Annette Nuenke, Bryan Timko, Christine Twomey, Cathy Skiba, Bruce Hinterleitner, Diane Furtado, Lisa Jones, Ronni Selzer, Phil Vickers, Joshua Swainston, Lindsay Coram, Angela Fennell, The Hicks Family, Jenny Wells, The Moore Family, Elaine Tomko-deluca, The Kahle Family, Nicole Ruzinski, John Agnew, Blake Schmidt, Brittany Siminitz, Kameo Crea, Tim Wingfield, Louise Barton, Laurie Walker, Barbie Lawless, Hannah Couture, Jane Bradley, Double Family, Kirby , Andrea Kruszewski, Amy Lucas, Chris Kelly, Donna Currier, Jim Thompson, Erica Sipich, Tom Koval, Gabriella Rizzo, Katherine Gast, Jessica Cutler, Megan K, Anastasia Macneil, Stephanie Newell, Betsy Silvestri, Bill Mckim, Kerry A., Luis Rodriguez, Marie Phillips, Daniel Record, Seth Walker, Paulnewman, Elaine Johnson, Spencer Hart, Angie Young, Hillary Waldroop, Diane Curfman, Natalie Baron, Joy Johnston, Marlene Hastings, Carla C, Danielle And Matt Murgia, Shaun Leake, Allison Burgess, Suzanne, Jennifer Mccurry, Doug Reichl, Tyler Worley, Amanda Woods, Christopher Barnes, Kevin Scott, Rich Kacprowicz, Angela Blevins, Jamie K, Brianne, Mike Malampy, Jason, A'lis, Hoekzema Family, Matthew Herman, Madi M., Joyce Tofflemire, Amanda Perkins, Sharon Dale, Erin Rix, Jennifer Horst, Elizabeth Akerley, Danielle Ciotti, Agnes Ciotti, Ashley Hill, Paul Knott, Clay Anthony, Walter N. Clark, Kelsi B., Tom Hermes, Leigh Mertz, Jeremy Hardy, Kevin, Millie Tenreiro, Carrie Kenney, Carrie Henderson, Bill Billy, Cara Richards, Emma Ford, Brian Gallant, Kelly Kobiela, Melesia Love, Alan Mize, Teri Jo Fuson, Heather, Anne Hainsworth, Doug Brigger, Rex Brigger, Elizabeth Scarborough, Tiffany W., Jennifer , Paul Ignudo Jr, Joanne Duddy, Wendy Faler, Ian Falk, Dawn Burns, Sandra Edwards, Karrie Duffey, Kim Steiner, Nicole Duddy, Steve Pocopanni, Dave Cole, Michelle Sunde, Tim Johansen, Dolores, Terry Garvey, Amy Kleinfieldt, Matt Holley, Jenn Steele, Sarah Smee, Kelly, Karen Desantis, Kevin Weidenweber, Erin Savoie, Wendy Snelgrove, Sarah Holodick, Diane Werwinski, Mike Haeberle, Chad Ryan, Caroline Dupre, Michael Hitzel, Denise Cayz , Dan Owens, Mike Venere, Meghan Parham, Kelly Smith, Barrie Brewer, Mike Pennington, Carolyn Como, Claire N, Douglas Dipiero, Les Whitten, Derek Carty, Eileen Miller, Joanne O'brien, Katie Murphy, Katerina Purdy, Cody Marschalk, Chad Rea, Lisa Pennie, Kristin Frascelli, Kelly Mager, David W., Millie Tenreiro, Chloe Albucker, Jared, Allison Caputa, Ken Fischler, Patty Carty, Kevin Miller, Eric Bouchet, Trina Lowry, Kristen Carde, Lisa Zitek, Heather Stevens, Hailey Gill, Laura Pranaitis, Daniel Diehm, Tom Carty, Jim Riley, Mark Kotarba, Robert Ross, Sharon Lee, Ed Suscreba, Danielle Quatrella, Amanda Gagnon, Patti Deluca, Heather Pedulla, Roye Ann Morris, Melissa Littman, Stacy Lee, Melissa Dye, Meredith Mumpower, Mary Connolly, Bill Gallagher, Robert P. Flaherty, Cameron Lange, Kristine Gallatin, Maureen Ohare, Michelle Bates, Dianne Gerth, Kate Fischer, Shannon Wright, Katie Bray, Bethany Mattiuz-king, Debbie Bolen, Emily Hailey, Kelly M, Bonnie Ford, Jay Bradford, Jeff Blank, Catherine Moore, Kerry Cormier, Chris Connors, C.j. Connors, Nancy Ahlsen, Kelly Zanauskas, Kirk Hardy, Heidi Summers, Lori Netti, Heather Meadows, Joseph M Zafia, Jody E, Edward Haja, Cheryl Buchanan, Colin Buchanan, Sirianna Dambrosio, Drew Deapo, Leslie Dameron, and Nancy Lam. Each of you are entered in the March winners' drawing.

Challenge #167: Where in the world is this?

This one is tougher, peeps:

 Where in the World #167

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Please send in your answer, before the end of the day on Thursday, March 10th, by clicking on the blue box below. Please do not post answers using the Feedback Form link at the bottom of this post. Remember to be specific with your answer - just naming a park will not get you into the drawing.

Click Here to Submit Your Answer

Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for some special AllEars® goodies and a cool Disney book!

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